Sunday, 4 October 2015

Ban these too
A Rat is Lord Ganesha's ride.. everyone kills rats by
poisoning them, or they are killed/used in lab testing..
no one blinks an eye-lid..
Monkeys are a roop of Hanuman.. they are
mistreated in circuses and are killed in lab testing..
no one bothers..
The snake is revered too as it is around Shiva's
neck and also there is a festival called Nag
Panchmi.. but snakes are killed the moment
people spot them..
Pigs are killed for ham and bacon, but Varaha devta is worshipped by Hindus.
Fish ( matsya ) is the first avatar of Lord Vishnu
Buffalo is the sawari of Lord Yamaraj
Owl is the sawari of Lakshmi
Crow is the sawari of Shani ( Saturn ), one of the navgrahs or 9 planets
Frog ( manduk ) is the name of one of our Puranas
I suggest a law should be made immediately banning maltreatment or killings of these animals as that is hurting Hindu sentiments

Bihar Elections: Sweep in favour of the Mahagathbandhan

I predict not just a bare victory but a sweep in favour of the Lalu-Nitish alliance in the coming Bihar elections. This is based on simple mathematics.

As I had said in an earlier post, voting in most states in India, including Bihar, is on the basis of caste and religion. The exception to this rule is when there is a wave.

In the May 2014 elections there was a Modi wave, as people, particularly the youth, were captivated by the magic slogan of 'vikas', which promised millions of jobs to our huge population of unemployed youth, whose voting age had been reduced from 21 to 18 by a Constitutional amendment of 1988.

This slogan, however has proved hollow, as jobs have not been created, and the youth have been left high and dry. While there has been a lot of big talk, hardly anything has been done by Modi except stunts like 'Swatchata Abhiyan' ( I visited Varanasi yesterday and found it as dirty as ever, and I spoke to many citizens there who said the same ), Yoga Day, etc and meaningless foreign trips which must have cost a huge amount of money and whose end result is ' khoda pahaad, nikli chuhiya'.

So the Modi wave has totally dissipated, and now voting in Bihar will be on the traditional lines of caste and religion.

Here are the caste demographics of Bihar which I got from the net :
Population (%)
OBC/EBC 51% ( Yadavs -14%, Kurmis- 4%,[24][25]( EBCs - 30%[26][27][28][29][30] -includes
kushwahas - 6% Koeris -8%,[31] Teli-3.2%))
Mahadalits* + Dalits(SCs) 16%[32][33]
Muslims 16.9%[10]
Forward caste 15% [34](Bhumihar -3%, Brahmin-5%,[35] Rajputs- 6%, Kayasth- 1%)
Adivasis(STs) 1.3% [36][37]
Others 0.4% (include Christians,Sikhs,Jains)

As per, 2011 Census of India , Scheduled Castes constitute 16% of Bihar's 104 million population.[38] The census identified 21 of 23 Dalit sub-castes as Mahadalits.[39] Mahadalit community consists of the following sub castes - Bantar, Bauri, Bhogta, Bhuiya, Chaupal, Dabgar, Dom (Dhangad), Ghasi, Halalkhor, Hari (Mehtar, Bhangi), Kanjar, Kurariar, Lalbegi, Musahar, Nat, Pan (Swasi), Rajwar, Turi, Dhobi, Pasi, Chamar and Paswan (Dusadh).[40] Paswan caste was initially left out of the Mahadalit category.[41][42] Adivasis (Scheduled Tribes) constitute around 1.3% of Bihar population.[43][44] Tribals include Gond, Santhal and Tharu communities in Bihar.[45][46]
Extremely Backward Class (EBCs) are also sometimes referred to as Most Backward Class(MBCs). There are 130-odd EBC castes in Bihar.

Yadavs and Kurmis constituting 19% and Muslims about 17% will solidly vote for the Lalu-Nitish alliance, which makes it 36%. Muslims will vote for it ( despite Owaisi, who is regarded as a BJP vote splitter by Muslims, and who will therefore not be misled by him ) because Muslims are feeling very insecure after love jihad, ghar wapasi, speeches of Adityanath, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti ( calling them haramzadas) and incidents like in Muzaffarnagar, Ballabhgarh, and the latest one at Dadri.. So they will solidly vote for the alliance.

A section of the other backward castes, say 8-10%, will also vote for the alliance, as Lalu has successfully described it as a fight between the backwards and the forward castes.

Thus the tally of the Nitish-Lalu aalliance comes to about 45% votes, which represents a sweep ( BJP got a majority in the Lok Sabha with only 31% votes )

As regards, the NDA, its support is from the upper castes, and a section of EBCs( also called MBCs ) and a section of dalits, because of Paswan, Manjhi and Upendra Kushwaha.

The upper castes in Bihar, as can be seen from the above chart, are altogether only 15%. Paswan does not have the support of all the dalits ( who are divided into a large number of sub castes) in Bihar, unlike Mayawati who has the support of almost all the dalits in U.P. So he may get the NDA about 6-7% votes. Manjhi may get 7-8% MBC votes, and Kushwaha may get 4%votes.

Thus the total tally of NDA votes is 15+7+8+4=32%
There is clearly going to be a sweep in favour of the Mahagathbandhan in Bihar

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Sweep away all feudal filth

I have often been asked by patriotic people, particularly the youth, what contribution they can make for India's upliftment from its present miserable plight.

 My answer is : help to sweep away all feudal filth, in the form of feudal and backward ideas and practices which have accumulated over the centuries, and are acting as shackles on our progress.
 Our national aim must be to abolish poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, lack of healthcare and good education, etc and make India a powerful, modern, highly industrialized country with its people enjoying a high standard of living

 For achieving this end a powerful cultural struggle must be launched by our patriotic, modern minded intelligentsia, who are the eyes of society, and without whom society is blind.

 What must you therefore do ? You must patiently spread scientific and rational thinking among the masses and attack feudal backward ideas and practices.

In particular I recommend the following :

1. Attack the caste system which is still strongly entrenched in the minds of most of our people, and which is a curse on our nation. The youth should go in for inter caste and inter religious marriages, in particular marriages between dalits and non dalits, despite objections and threats by your parents, relatives and caste members and caste panchayats.

2. While strongly upholding freedom of religion and secularism, tell people that all religions are superstitions, and the truth lies in science, which is constantly developing.

3. Criticize burqa and oral talaq, which are feudal backward practices and support complete equality between men and women. Condemn female foeticide as a barbaric practice

4. Criticize belief in astrology, which is pure superstition and humbug.

5. Criticize and expose babas who are hoodwinking the public.

6.Support the right to eat what one likes, including beef. Most of the world eats beef, so surely they are not wicked people. If some people say it is against Hindu culture explain to them that while there are many good things in our culture, there is much filth in it too, e.g. caste system.

7. Expose the present politicians in India who are mostly selfish rogues and rascals who have looted the country and have no genuine love for it, and run politics on the basis of caste and religion

Friday, 2 October 2015

The dark days ahead

" Hai maujazan ek kulzum-e-khoon kaash yahi ho
Aata hai abhi dekhiye kya kya mere agey "
-Mirza Ghalib

" A turbulent sea of blood is before me, I wish it were only so...
But see what all is coming in the times ahead "

This sher ( couplet ) of the great Urdu poet Ghalib is portentous and ominous for the coming days in India

Since 'vikas' has proved to be a fake, fraudulent and sham slogan, the only recourse for some people to retain their popularity will now be to instigate and organize large scale attacks and massacre of minorities, as Hitler had done to the Jews.

Since 80-90% Hindus are communal in India ( just as 80-90% Muslims are communal ), massacre of Muslims will be cheered and applauded by many Hindus, who are 80% of the Indian population, and who will shout ' Hurray ' when this is done, just as most Germans did when Jews were being persecuted in the Nazi era.

And of course it will be useful in the elections
Hari Om

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Islam and Indian Muslims

 Islam spread from Spain to Indonesia because of its great message of equality. People who were oppressed converted to Islam as it gave them social emancipation. Only 5% conversions may have been forcible, but 95% were voluntary.

 In Bengal about 60% Hindus converted to Islam because the caste system there had become totally inhuman ( see the novels and stories of the great Bengali writer Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyaya ). . So the 'lower' caste people converted to Islam in large numbers. If people are treated like dogs they will surely embrace a religion which treats them as humans.

 If one reads Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyaya's short novel ' Palli Samaj ' ( also known as Gramin Samaj ) one will see how Muslims had social cohesion among themselves. If some Muslim fell ill or had some other trouble or calamity, other Muslims of the village would all rush to help him, but that rarely happened among Hindus. The same social cohesion was there among early Christians ( see Gibbon's ' Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ' chapters 15-17 ).

 In Kashmir too there was horrible caste oppression ( see Kalhan's ' Rajtarangani ' translated into English by Ranjit Pandit ), and so the vast majority of Kashmiris voluntarily converted to Islam to get social emancipation.

 So Islam, by its message and practice of equality was of great benefit to mankind at one time.
 But what is Islam as practised in India today ? The truth is that the so called ' upper caste ' Muslims, the ' ashrafs ', i.e. Syeds, Sheikhs and Pathans, regard themselves as superior and look down on Ansaris ( bunkars or weavers ), Qureshis ( butchers  or kasais ), Abbasis ( water carriers ), Gaddis, Darzis, Telis,  etc

  When I was in Allahabad my daughter had a school friend who was a Syed. When she grew up I went one day to her parents and said that I regarded their daughter as my daughter, and so could I suggest a match for her for marriage. They agreed. I found an Ansari boy whose family had a huge carpet business in Bhadohi, which is a carpet belt near Varanasi. and I suggested his name. The parents told me ' Sorry, magar hum chamaron mein shaadi nahin karte ". I was shocked, and told them that I had thought there is no caste system among Muslims. They replied that they had to live in their ' biradari ', and so could not marry their daughter to low caste Muslims.

 I may mention another incident. In Banda, U.P. there was a dalit young man who fell in love with a Muslim girl. That Muslim girl's family were Rajput converts. The young man converted to Islam to marry the girl, but the parents and relatives told him they would kill him if he does not stop meeting the girl. " Humne apna mazhab badla hai, jaat nahin ", they said.

 In a lighter note I may mention an incident in Pakistan, which was related to me by a relative of mine in the Indian Foreign Service who often dealt with Pakistan affairs.

 There was a Muslim gentleman in Pakistan whose surname was Chauhan. His son fell in love with a Muslim girl, and wanted to marry her, but for some reason the girl's parents refused. Mr. Chauhan then told his son " Hum Chauhan hain. Hum log ladki ke parents ki permission nahin lete, ladki utha laata hain " ( an obvious reference to the abduction of Sanjogita by Prithviraj Chauhan )
  This is the reality of Indian Islam today.
Is this what the Prophet taught ?

Guru Nanak and the Sikhs

I addressed a huge gathering of lawyers for about 2 hours in the Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh on 28th September.

 Among the various topics I spoke on was the caste discrimination among Sikhs ( there were many Sikhs in the crowd ).

The Sikh religion preached by Guru Nanak was a revolt against the inhuman caste system. But do the present Sikhs follow his teachings ?

The dominant section of Sikhs are the Jat Sikhs, who are also big land holders. They look down on Mazhabi ( scheduled caste ) Sikhs, who are usually poor, and there is no intermarriage between the two. The gurudwaras of Jat and Mazhabi Sikhs are often separate, not only in India but even in England.

 In the Indian army, the Sikh Regiment has Jat Sikhs, while the Sikh Light Infantry has Mazhabi Sikhs.

 I was told that one Mazhabi Sikh, Nirmal Singh, who is known to be very pious and erudite, was refused the post of Jathedar, the highest post among Sikhs ( like the Pope among Catholics ) in the Golden Temple ( Darbara Saheb ) only because he was a Mazhabi Sikh.

 Is this what Guru Nanak taught ?

Hari Om

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Lalu Yadav

 I like this man Lalu Yadav. No doubt most politicians are rogues and rascals who have no genuine love for their country, but at least Lalu makes me laugh,
While other politicians  all give tall promises which are forgotten the day the election results are declared, I get some momentary happiness in hearing Lalu

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Kings and queens may come and go but clowns and pimps go on forever

Many top level media persons who were earlier strongly anti-Modi have suddenly changed their colors and have become pro-Modi after he became Prime Minister.

These media persons (including TV anchors and Editors) are paid huge packages of several crores per year by the owners of the media houses and have acquired huge bungalows (one is alleged to have a farm house of Rs 50 crores and another is said to have recently bought a bungalow of Rs 52 crores). They have huge foreign cars and bank balances (while 95% of media persons are paid a pittance as stringers etc., ignoring the recommendation of the Majithia Commission which was upheld by the Supreme Court) .

These top level media persons change their colors, like chameleons, seeing the direction in which the wind is blowing. 

When the wind will start blowing against the government of the day, which is bound to happen soon as 'Vikas' has proved to be illusory, and people, especially the youth, feel that they have been taken for a ride as there are no jobs for them, then like chameleons these media persons will shamelessly again quickly change their colors. 

As the proverb goes: :
" Kings and queens may come and go but clowns and pimps go on forever"

Jayalalitha's funeral

If Jayalalitha does not soon accept my reasonable request to make Tamil a language which can be used in the Madras High Court ( just as Hindi is permitted in 4 High Courts ), there will be massive agitations all over Tamilnadu against her and that will be her funeral.

 And don't worry other Chief Ministers in India . I am coming to you too as soon as I am done with Tamilnadu.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Letter to the Tamilnadu Chief Minister

Dear Madam,

  As the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu it is your duty to work for the welfare of the people of Tamilnadu.

 As you know, Tamilnadu lawyers have been agitating for a long time demanding that Tamil should be permitted in Madras High Court. This demand is totally justified  In fact Hindi is permitted in 4 High Courts in India, Allahabad, Patna, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. So there is no justification for not permitting use of Tamil in the Madras High Court

 Tamil is a great language with a very old and rich literary heritage. Who has not heard of Tirukkural, Silapathihaaram, Manimekhalai, Kambar Ramayanam, Tiruppavai, etc and the modern great writers like Subramania Bharathi ? So Tamilians are proud of their language, and are justified in demanding that it be permitted in law courts. When I was a lawyer in Allahabad High Court I would often argue in Hindi, and as a Judge of the High Court I would often hear arguments in Hindi. Some Allahabad High Court Judges like Justice P.S.Gupta gave judgments only in Hindi, and some Allahabad High Court lawyers like Pt. Daya Shanker Mishra argue only in Hindi.

 When I was Chief Justice Delhi High Court and even in the Supreme Court I would often speak in Hindi, and even a few sentences in Tamil

 I may mention that Article 348(2) of the Indian Constitution provides that proceedings in a High Court can be in the local language if the Governor ( meaning the Chief Minister, since the Governor acts on the advice of the C.M. ) so orders with the permission of the President of India. Section 7 of the Official Languages Act, 1963 even permits judgments and orders in the local language if the Governor permits.

 I am surprised that as yet you have not recommended to the Tamilnadu Governor and not spoken to the President of India to permit use of Tamil in the Madras High Court.

 I therefore call upon you to do so immediately or quit your post as Chief Minister.

The situation is worsening as the Bar Council of India has stupidly suspended 15 High Court lawyers including the President/Secretary of the Madurai Bar Association, which is an asinine and dim witted decision as it will certainly aggravate the situation and lead to agitations by lawyers all over Tamilnadu and resultant closure of all Courts  No doubt some lawyers did some untoward things during this agitation, but then one must also understand the strong sentiments and emotions prevailing.

 The only way to salvage the situation is for you to immediately advise the Governor to permit use of Tamil in all Courts in Tamilnadu, including the High Court, and to speak to the President of India too in this connection. Use of Tamil should of course be optional, and if a lawyer wishes to argue in English he should be allowed, and if the Judge does not know Tamil as he has come from outside the lawyer should argue in English, otherwise the Judge will not understand.

The ball is now squarely in your Court. Either give the advice to the Governor and speak to the President under Article 348(2) and s.7 of the Official Languages Act as suggested immediately, or quit as Chief Minister

 Justice Markandey Katju
Former Judge, Supreme Court.
Former Chief justice, Madras High Court