Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Faust and Najeeb Jung
I have described Najeeb Jung as a Faust who has sold his soul to a Mephistopheles ( the devil's representative ). Some people asked me who was Faust. So let me explain.
Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend, and is the central character in the play ' Dr. Faustus' by the renowned German scholar and writer Goethe, and also of the English playwright Christopher Marlowe.
 Faust is a scholar who is highly successful yet dissatisfied with his life, which leads him to make a pact with the Devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. Faust and the adjective Faustian imply a situation in which an ambitious person surrenders moral integrity in order to achieve power and other worldly benefits.
 Najeeb Jung is like Faust, who has abandoned all sense of morality for holding on to the chair of Lt. Governor of Delhi. I have called for his resignation,  but since he has no shame he will certainly not resign.
Interview with Rahul Kanwal just concluded. He will send me a link as soon as it is aired. I will then post it.
 I said that on this issue Kejriwal is right since we are living in a democracy in which the people are supreme, and the people operate through their elected representatives in the legislature. How can an elected government function if it cannot have officers in whom it has confidence ?
I called Najeeb Jung a shameless man, a Faust who has sold his soul to a Mephistopheles
Bazzat Kashmiris
This well known Pashto proverb applies to me too, being a Kashmiri :

" Agar kahat ul rijal uftad, azeshan uns kamgiri
Awwal Afghan, doyam Kamboh soyam bazzat Kashmiri "
" Although a scarcity of men should happen, do not cultivate the acquaintance of these three kinds of people:
 1st, an Afghan, 2nd, a Kamboh, and 3rd, a wicked Kashmiri "

My elders used to tell me it applies only to wicked ( bazzat ) Kashmiris, and not all Kashmiris !
 But it is for you all to decide
The Chinese chors
 Apart from becoming very aggressive in capturing foreign markets, like European imperialists in colonial days ( see my blog ' Getting kicked out of China ' on ), the Chinese have in recent years become some of the biggest chors in the world. With their huge amount of corruption money from China, many of them have bought valuable real estate in the Bay Area in California, New York, Vancouver and indeed all over North America.
  For a property worth 2 million dollars they will offer 3 million. Moreover they will pay the entire sale price immediately in down payment, instead of taking a mortgage, as most North Americans do. Naturally the sellers prefer their bids.
  A relative of mine in Vancouver where I stayed recently for a few weeks told me that a house in front of his was bought by a Chinese for 12 million dollars an year back, but the Chinese has not lived in it for a single day. Obviously the Chinese are using such real estate for parking their ill gotten wealth. They usually buy these properties not in their real name, say Li Ti Chang, but under some assumed name e.g. Thomas Liu, to avoid detection.
  Moreover the tax laws in North America are such that while one has to disclose his other assets in his tax returns, e.g. bank accounts, fixed deposits, shares, etc one does not have to disclose his real estate assets.
 The result of all this is that real estate prices have shot up in many cities in North America, and the local people are facing difficulty in buying houses, as they have become too expensive.
India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are uncivilized countries
This is an email I have received from a Muslim. I have deleted the name of the sender

Dear honorable Justice Katju,
Greetings from India!!!
I hope you are enjoying your stay in Vancouver. I am --- from Mewat(Haryana), famously known as  the land of Meos which is just 50 to 60 Kms from our Capital city.
I have been following your Facebook page since last couple of months. I am really impressed by your uncompromising stand against injustice, tyranny, oppression and uncanny desire to convey the truth fearlessly. Though I don't agree on everything that you say.
I have started to see my own country through the eyes of a victim as there has been constant threat for the existence, property and dignity of minority communities like Muslims, Christians and Dalits.
Anti-minority sentiments are rising exponentially and our great nation has been polarized like never before. I can give you many evidences to validate this statement.
Yesterday while Modi Ji was busy in celebrating Modiversary, the plundering and burning of Muslim homes, places of worship and killing of innocent children and women was going on in Ballabgarh(Haryana). This inhumane act was not even covered by mainstream media.
Another horrific incidence took place against Dalits on 16th May in Nagaur district of Rajasthan. The people of Jat community crushed 3 Dalits under tractor and derobed their women publicly. I can go on and on.
As I have started to consider you as a fighter against injustice and oppression. I ask you how we can totally stop these barbaric acts against minority communities and secure justice to all.
I look forward to receive permanent solutions to stop these inhumane and barbaric acts.
Thanks and Regards

My reply was :

 A hallmark of a civilized society is that minorities therein can live with dignity and honour. It is the duty of the majority community everywhere to ensure that minorities can live with dignity and honour.
 From that standpoint India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are not civilized societies, because minorities cannot live with dignity and honour in any of these countries
A Time to Resign
After the Delhi High Court verdict, it is time for that shameless man Najeeb Jung to resign.
He has been behaving like His Master's Voice, and like Faust, has sold his soul to a Mephistopheles

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The penalty for speaking the truth
Kabir has said :
" Saanch kahen to maare dhaawen
Jhoothen jag batiyaana "
" If you tell the truth people will run to beat you
  The world loves to tells lies "
Consider the abuses I get regularly for speaking the truth. I am giving just one sample, contained in a fb message I got recently about my comment that there is nothing wrong in eating beef :

May 26th, 5:21am

Ravi Sehgal U r an idiot
May 24 at 2:28pm · Unlike · 2

Pawan Kumar Gupta Markandey Katju is king of all idiots.Wonder that he was chief justice.Bastard no. 1.
May 24 at 2:31pm · Unlike · 3

Varun Handa kuutte ka baacha hai ye saala
May 24 at 2:35pm · Unlike · 4

Varun Handa ye apni maa ko bhi chood sakta hai
May 24 at 2:36pm · Unlike · 3

Akash Bansal Chutiya hai
May 24 at 2:38pm · Unlike · 2

Varun Handa es kuute ko pakistan bhejdo
May 24 at 2:39pm · Unlike · 2

Varun Handa kaata ya hai saala side pakstani kr leta hai
May 24 at 2:39pm · Unlike · 3

Varun Handa haraami
May 24 at 2:39pm · Unlike · 3

Vinod Chawla Harmjade ko goli maro
May 24 at 2:43pm · Unlike · 2

Varun Handa es kuute ko batao ke ye india mai hai es liye zinda hai pakistan mai hota tu aur wha par pig marpote karta tu is ke gaad mai goliyo ke dukan khul gayi hoti aab tak
May 24 at 2:47pm · Unlike · 1

Pardeep Gupta Katju ji Hinduo ke emotions se khelna kitna aasan ha. Aisa hi koyi kaam karo jo islam ke khilaf ho aur fir isi tarah se khul ke bolo to jaane. Aapko jaan ke laalle par jayenge. Aap jaise logo ke karan hi Hindu, Hindustan me hi kamjor ha bechara.
May 24 at 2:50pm · Unlike · 3

Aushutosh Singh katju is perhaps the best way to call Idiot
May 24 at 2:52pm · Unlike · 2

Varun Handa gupta ji hindu ke chupi ko is bhenchood ne kamjori samajh liya hai
May 24 at 2:54pm · Unlike · 2

Jai Gopal Gupta Mad man
Lost mental balance.
May 24 at 2:54pm · Unlike · 2

Pardeep Gupta Handa ji aise kamzor aadmi ke liye apni jaban gandi mat karo. Kamzor ha is liye ghar walo ke against hi bol sakta ha, baharwalo se panga nahi le sakta.
May 24 at 2:56pm · Unlike · 2

Mukesh Kaushik This fellow likes to live for publicity can go to any extent for it. I think he lost his brain due to beef eating need mental doctor to cure him of shitani acts. Shocks too can be tried
May 24 at 2:57pm · Unlike · 2

Aushutosh Singh shocks nahin halal karo ya jhatka. dono chalega
May 24 at 2:58pm · Unlike · 2

Sandeep Bhardwaj Harami
May 24 at 2:59pm · Unlike · 2

Varun Handa gupta ji ur right ye saala galiyo k bhi lyak nhi hai
May 24 at 2:59pm · Unlike · 2

DrMadhupkumar Bhagwansahai
Markandey Katju ji aapkay cranial vault ke ander ka material jagah se hill gaya kya ? Aisa pakshvirodhi statement kaisay aa raha hai aapki taraf se jaisa ki virodhi musalman aur pakistani bhi nahin detay. Yahan aapki niji soch, logik aur vivek ka koi m...See More
May 24 at 2:59pm · Unlike · 1

Satish Sharma I propose.... If u have u call someone Idiot or Chu.. ya.... Pls call him... Katju.... Or Katjupanti mat kar.... What say.... Make this proposal viral
May 24 at 3:00pm · Unlike · 4

Kamal Dang ye saala pagal hai yeh to mental hospital mein hona chahiye is ne judge bane hue bhi khoob pagalpan ke faisle kiye honge.
May 24 at 3:03pm · Unlike · 1

Viresh Gaur Some corrections 1. Dogs felt insulted and requested to consider him son of a pig 2. He need to know what is meaning of mother. 3. Please pray for him for recovery
May 24 at 3:04pm · Unlike · 2

Yoginder Singh Idiot. Hai ye....
May 24 at 3:09pm · Unlike · 1

Binod Kumar Pagal hai ye, dont waste ur energy on a mentally retarted person.
May 24 at 3:10pm · Unlike · 1

Nawneet Somani What ever you do wrong but you should have arguments to prove it right !!!
May 24 at 3:22pm · Unlike · 1

Anil Khaneja Maaro saale ko
May 24 at 3:23pm · Unlike · 1

Shailesh Shah 90 percent indians r idiot rite beacause they pay importance to u
May 24 at 3:25pm · Unlike · 2

Jazz Chadha Right
May 24 at 3:36pm · Unlike · 1

Manoj Gupta Agar katju me himmat hai to ye hi bat pork(suwar beef)ke bare me bol ke dikhaye.
May 24 at 3:38pm · Unlike · 1

Prahalad Khunteta Mr raja some comment on katju wall against mr naqvi first u read than we reply
May 24 at 3:47pm · Unlike · 1

Prahalad Khunteta Pls dont like only comment for this post
May 24 at 3:48pm · Unlike · 1

Virender Biala Markandyes
May 24 at 3:49pm · Unlike · 1

Arvind Singh 90 percent world also eat suar to mulle q nahi khate hi qki o suar se nafarat karte hi aur Hindu cow se pyar karte hi.
May 24 at 3:50pm · Unlike · 1

Virender Biala Markandyes you are not a Hindu you are a black spot of hindues
May 24 at 3:52pm · Unlike · 2

Madanmohan Gopalakrishnan Black sheep and Black cow of a Hindu.
May 24 at 4:04pm · Unlike · 1

Chander Sain Gupta Really very bad comments by katju
May 24 at 4:06pm · Unlike · 1

Lalit Arora He should also say i eat Pork , then ?????
May 24 at 4:10pm · Unlike · 1

Anil Chokhani inlogo ko gadhey par baithakar pakistan chod kar aana chahiye
May 24 at 4:11pm · Unlike · 1

Surinder Jindal Gandey baap ki gandi aulad he yhe
May 24 at 4:19pm · Unlike · 2

Rajeev Ghai Apni maa se puchh ke dekh too hindu ho hi nahi saktaa . D NA Karwaa apna
May 24 at 4:28pm · Unlike · 1

Sunil Thakur Iske pure paribar ko beep khilo aur Pakistan bhej do.
May 24 at 4:29pm · Unlike · 1

Ravi Babbar Cow ka maad khata hsi tau samaf tu apni maa ka maad kha rsha hai.aur tab apne ko hindu hindu soach ker dekh.
May 24 at 4:35pm · Unlike · 1

Devendra Gupta Manojji agar pork ke bare me bole to ye jante hai ki wo zindgi kr aakhri bol honge
Katju saheb itne bhi mental nahi hai
May 24 at 4:41pm · Unlike · 2

Rajiv Garg Why nt he eat his family flash
May 24 at 4:43pm · Unlike · 1

Ravi Babbar Jute maraa hazar aur hazar marne ke baad gino ek.
May 24 at 4:46pm · Unlike · 3

Aditya Verdhan Shame on him calling vegetarians idiot.
May 24 at 4:49pm · Unlike · 3

Vipin Gadhok Markande tere jaise logon par laanat hai
May 24 at 4:50pm · Unlike · 2

Vipin Gadhok Yeh misalmano ka numaindal hai
May 24 at 4:51pm · Unlike · 1

Ajay Kumar Sharma kuta kahi ka
May 24 at 4:53pm · Unlike · 1

Ram Kumar Koushal You are not hindu you just pithoo like animal.
May 24 at 4:54pm · Unlike · 1

Rakesh Puri Hinduo ke na par Kalank hay Katju.
May 24 at 4:59pm · Unlike · 1

Shankar Giri Goswami sale is kutte ko itna ni pta 33 crore Devi-Devta, cow m niwas krte hain... Hidu k nam pe kalank hai sala...!!
May 24 at 5:04pm · Unlike · 2

Pankaj Gupta He is a bloody ass hole
May 24 at 5:05pm · Unlike · 2

Sudhir Pattnaik Let him eat pork if he desires
May 24 at 5:13pm · Unlike · 1

Arun Wahi Hahahha wat a say
May 24 at 5:15pm · Unlike · 1

Navin Kapoor He is generally senseless.Excuse him.After all he is Hindustani
May 24 at 5:16pm · Unlike · 1

Binod Kumar Yes, Pankaj Gupta ji had choosen a very appropriate word for kaatzu " a bloody asshole".
May 24 at 5:16pm · Unlike · 1

Pankaj Jain ये ही सबसे बडा बुदीहीन हैं ।
May 24 at 5:26pm · Unlike · 1

Tejinder Singh Some people like to create controversies and he is one of them.
May 24 at 5:34pm · Unlike · 1

Awanish Mishra Idiot speak idiot. Katju is a complete idiot.
May 24 at 5:42pm · Unlike · 1

Awanish Mishra Anyway post deleted by administrator.
May 24 at 5:42pm · Like

Ram Rang Aneja Very bad& sorry for Mr katju
May 24 at 5:58pm · Unlike · 1

Bhupesh Chadha He is an insane person
May 24 at 6:14pm · Unlike · 2

May 24 at 6:20pm · Unlike · 1

Jc Nagpal Mr Katju- U have ur own likes n dislike , as all others have.No problems-- but how can u call those others idiots??
May 24 at 6:40pm · Unlike · 3

Virender Singh Khokher Katzu sahab gobar bhi khao
May 24 at 6:57pm · Unlike · 1

Nirmal Mehta Pagal hai harami hamesha aisi hi bakwas karta hai suwar
May 24 at 7:10pm · Unlike · 2

Sudhir Patel Kutte ke samne kuchh bi dalo kaya fark pasta he?
May 24 at 7:16pm · Unlike · 2

Vivek Srivastava Agreed
May 24 at 7:46pm · Like

Mintoo Mahajan Pure dirty pig
May 24 at 7:50pm · Like

Sheel Vashishath Sham on u Katju
May 24 at 7:56pm · Unlike · 2

May 24 at 7:58pm · Unlike · 2

Rajan Malhotra Markandeji aisa parteet hota ki aap abhibe demagi toar per mugalon ke adhien ho. Bahar niklea.
May 24 at 8:00pm · Unlike · 2

Rajeev Maheshwari Joote Ki Bhasha Samjhega Yeh............
May 24 at 8:35pm · Unlike · 2

Vinod Kapoor Just because of people like this Kattu ..we experienced slavery for centuries
May 24 at 8:46pm · Unlike · 2

Surinder Sher See how this dog loos
May 24 at 8:58pm · Unlike · 2

Surinder Sher See how this dog looks with pig shape
May 24 at 8:59pm · Unlike · 2

Suboadh Rathore Ignorance is best punishment for him. Ignore him and he will die.he is doing it for cheap publicity.
May 24 at 9:03pm · Unlike · 2

May 24 at 9:12pm · Unlike · 1

Devendra Kumar Garg It will be absurd idea to comment on such bullshit !
May 24 at 9:24pm · Unlike · 1

Inderpal Singh Y g yaha pr aadmi ko marny pr kuj ne hota pr janwar ko marny py quatil ho jaty hai. Yeh merA india
May 24 at 9:26pm · Unlike · 1

Pankaj Gupta U r born idiot
May 24 at 9:35pm · Unlike · 2

Omvir Singh You r a donkey n donkey has no sense. no matter you can say anything. ....n keep in your mind. ...Mukhtarabbas nakvi is real Hindustani n real Muslim
May 24 at 9:45pm · Unlike · 2

Ashit Bajpai You are born idiot who takes pride in ideosynchracies . By birth kinks can't be repaired, so no need to waste time with you, remain happy & irrelevant in democratic INDIA. VANDE MATARAM.
May 24 at 9:57pm · Unlike · 1

Vijay Nagpal He is not a HINDU. He is son of bitch
May 24 at 10:07pm · Unlike · 2

Kamesh Chouhan he was already mindly disturb. Kal kahega ki mother ko biwi banana bhi sahi hai.
May 24 at 10:10pm · Unlike · 1

Virender Biala Markandyes u r mad man u are not a man
May 24 at 10:25pm · Unlike · 2

Naresh Goel he should be hanged to death through neck and his body should be thrown to eagles they will enjoy the taste haramjada kutta
May 24 at 10:39pm · Unlike · 1

Rajeev Kumar Sharma सुअर के आगे कुछ भी दाल दो खा लेगा
काटजू सूअर को भी खा लेगा
May 24 at 10:42pm · Unlike · 3

Arjun Kumar Jo kutte hote hain wahi beef khate hain. Aur Hindustan mein kutte ke liye jagah nahi hai. Shame on you to be called hindustani.
May 24 at 10:49pm · Unlike · 1

May 24 at 10:58pm · Unlike · 2

Yaj Kumar Same katju
May 24 at 11:18pm · Unlike · 1

Onkar Singh D $/4$$$dddfdccf
May 24 at 11:29pm · Unlike · 1

Navin Kapoor Arre ye katjuji chootiyape kee baat karte hain
May 24 at 11:56pm · Unlike · 1

Suresh Dhawan Kutee ki aulad
Yesterday at 12:06am · Unlike · 1

Jawahar Singh Get Well Soon, Markandey Katju
Yesterday at 9:19am · Unlike · 1

Sushil Kumar Srivastava Get your DNA tested I am sure it will match with some muslim/christian
Yesterday at 10:05am · Unlike · 1

Rakesh Jain Is ullu ko judge b Congress walo ne bnaia hoga. Isko to itna b akal nhi. That his stomach is not a grave yard. To fill with dead stupid apni mother ko b mrne k baad kha skte hai.
Yesterday at 10:26am · Unlike · 1

Sandeep Bhatnagar i want to remain idiot
Yesterday at 10:27am · Unlike · 1

Rakesh Puri Sathia gaya hay idiot.
Yesterday at 10:32am · Edited · Unlike · 1

Vishwanath Pathak sale tum jese hindu hi desh ka bera gark kar rakha hai
Yesterday at 10:32am · Unlike · 1

Vishwanath Pathak tumhe jab apne hindu dharm ka pata nahi hai to juaj jarur ghus dekar bana hoga
Yesterday at 10:34am · Unlike · 1

Vishwanath Pathak sarm kar tere mare huye maa baap ko aaj sharmindigi ho rahi hogi
Yesterday at 10:35am · Unlike · 2

Ramkumar Chinni Telling 90%of indians as idiots shows the persons mentality. It is better to ignore this person.
Yesterday at 10:35am · Unlike · 4

Prema Anand killing animal is a sin so we must be vegetarians it is always good to be veg since our body and mind will think goodthoughts only
Yesterday at 11:12am · Unlike · 3

Savy Godzila He does nt deserve to be hon'ble and he is an idiot.
Yesterday at 11:57am · Unlike · 2

Arvinda Kumar Srivastava One can imaging What kind of Supreme Court Judge he would have been in past whose thinking is like this?????
Yesterday at 11:58am · Unlike · 2

Gour Kanjilal apna apna bichar
Yesterday at 11:59am · Unlike · 1

Saroj Swain He is a moron. Mr. Katju, keep your thoughts to yourself
Yesterday at 12:55pm · Unlike · 1

Yesterday at 1:25pm · Unlike · 3

Umesh Johar So arrogant.
God bless you.
Yesterday at 1:29pm · Unlike · 1

Wazir Singh Who are you to certify that 90% Indian are idiots. Mind your language. Who is compelling you to issue such statement. You are putting Ghee in the fire.
Yesterday at 1:43pm · Unlike · 2

Umesh Johar Wazir Singh you are right.
Yesterday at 1:47pm · Unlike · 1

DrMadhupkumar Bhagwansahai Mujhay toh lagta hai ki is-sambandh main kuchh kanuni karyawahi bhi karani chahiye apman lekh aevam dharmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchanay wala lekh prasaran ko lekar aur mansik rup se vikshipt hokar community ke liye ghatak honay ke aadhar par inhen manasik aarogyashala ke closed ward main bharti kiye janay ka aavedan bhi karna chahiye.
Yesterday at 2:27pm · Unlike · 2

Satyawan Dhanda mujhe aadmi nahi aap kute lagte h jo itni badi bat kaf rahe h
Yesterday at 2:32pm · Unlike · 1

Ashraf Khan It is really a remarkable statement of Mr Markandey Katju. How long the people of India wil become intelligent from Idiots.
Yesterday at 2:45pm · Unlike · 1

Sundaram Nagappan 100 percent agreed. We feel bad about born in india. But we have to fight and overcome religious politics. Then we will be proud Indian
Yesterday at 2:48pm · Unlike · 1

Ashraf Khan The great conspirator like ASA RAM, BABA RAM DEV, DERA SACHCHA have raised a grand Ashram/Mahal/Assesst in such shuch short span of time to make fool of innocent Indians. They can be easily persuaed/tortourched/harrassed/duped/deprived on the basis of relegions.
Yesterday at 2:50pm · Unlike · 1

Pawan Kumar Gupta Ashraf Khan katju is important for beef eaters bastards only and not for those who stand by great culture of Hindustan and love Hindustani sentiments.
Yesterday at 2:51pm · Unlike · 1

Ashraf Khan Mr Subramanian Raja you also deserves appreciation for uploading such a meaningful post of learned man.
Yesterday at 2:53pm · Unlike · 1

Neeraj Khattar If he agrees to beef eating then I am 100% sure that he must have eaten PIG (SUAR - SHIKAR) meat a number of times because it is a cheap variant & is easily accessible.
Yesterday at 2:59pm · Unlike · 2

Ashraf Khan Mr Pawan Kumar Gupta question is not about beef eaters, the question is who is responsible for brutal assassination of animals. When the cow is fruitful it is our mother when it is become redundant then it will be sold for beef eaters. If it is your mother so why you do not keep it till the life. Moreover we must raise the standard of Indian people in the world with substantiated efforts.
Yesterday at 3:02pm · Unlike · 1

Pawan Kumar Gupta Mother or not it represents the sentiments of all Hindus and anyone eating or advocating beef can settle abroad where beef is not a matter of sentiments. We won,t mind even if crores leave India on this issue.
Yesterday at 3:07pm · Unlike · 2

Sagar A Sharma saithiya gaya hai ye budha..... sorry to say this words.. but uss pare likhe insaan ka koi fayda nahi jisko kya baat karni hai ye bhi akal na ho
Yesterday at 3:13pm · Unlike · 2

Yesterday at 3:17pm · Unlike · 1

Ashraf Khan The sentiments of Indian People proved that ASA RAM is the God of India. is it the reality ?
Yesterday at 3:22pm · Like

Pawan Kumar Gupta Don't talk rubbish Ashraf Khan .Only today I have read that ISIS is thankful to Allah that he allow them to rape non believers.Is it true.Please speak about pork also.
Yesterday at 3:25pm · Unlike · 1

Anil Sapra How can a big Idiot comment on others.
Yesterday at 3:30pm · Unlike · 2

Jayesh Premchand Doshi NONSENSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday at 3:53pm · Unlike · 2

Aushutosh Singh As idiotic as katju.
Yesterday at 3:53pm · Unlike · 2

Ashraf Khan The pork is consumed in most part of the country. The consumers are devotees of ASA Ram
Yesterday at 3:57pm · Like

Kailash Pandey View of a sick mentality...
Yesterday at 5:26pm · Unlike · 2

Akhil Sharma It is difficult to decide between pappu,kejriwal and katju....who should get the Oscar for the comedian of the year?
Yesterday at 5:33pm · Unlike · 2

Umesh Johar Ashraf,you have compared katju with baba ramdev.
You seem to be in line with Katju.
23 hrs · Unlike · 2

Balajicargocarriers Balajicargocarriers some people wants to live in center of attarction(actualy they are sick) gives comment like this
23 hrs · Unlike · 1

Parvesh Sawhney go to hell pakistan
22 hrs · Unlike · 1

Ali Shahanshah If you are convinced no one can stop yoyu!
22 hrs · Unlike · 1

Kishore Kumar Sharma Mujhe toh aap sab se bade idiot lagte hein...kyoon ki aap ko yeh maaloom hi nahi k gau ko maata kyoon kahan jata hai...kash aap ki maataji aap ko yeh sikhsa de jaati toh acchha thha... Ayurved ved mein Gau se milne wala paanch favours ke baare mein likha gaya hai jise PANCHGAVAYA kaha jaata hai...poori detail phir kabhi,kuch toh khud maaloom kar lo...akhir juge rahe ho.
20 hrs · Unlike · 2

Vipin Sharma इसे पूछो जब होटेल में खाने में बाल भी निकल आता है तो यही लोग कैसा शोर मचा देते हैं. अरे, अगर बाल से इतनी नफ़रत करते हो तो गौमाँस कैसे खा लेते हो?
19 hrs · Unlike · 2

Pradeep Kumar he can take her mother meat also
18 hrs · Unlike · 2

Ashok Pimple I donot like on Commenting on foolish statement
7 hrs · Unlike · 1

P.k. Sharma Insaan bhi to pehle bander hi tha
4 hrs · Unlike · 1

Jaswant Singh There are some certain idiologies of our life which always must be followed.Hum har jagah apni marji nahi chala sakte.
18 mins · Unlike · 1

Arjun Kumar Gande log Gande logon ka hi support karenge .
18 mins · Unlike · 1

Narendra Kumar Mudgal Markandy Katju, If Cow is not our mother than what will you call, Ganga,Yamuna Sarswati,Kavri and other rivers to whom we call our mother and provide us the ELIXIR of life ? Pl. reply .
13 mins · Unlike · 2

Aligarh Muslim University and Benares Hindu University

The British policy in India was divide and rule, i.e. dividing Hindus and Muslims ( see online ' History in the Service of Imperialism' by B.N. Pandey, and my article ' The Truth about Pakistan ' online and on my blog ). Whoever furthered that policy was objectively a British agent.

Setting up Universities on religious basis was part of the British policy of divide and rule, just like separate electorates created by the Minto-Morley 'Reforms',1909. A University is by definition something universal. How can it be Hindu or Muslim ? So those who set up AMU and BHU were objectively British agents ( whatever they may have regarded themselves subjectively, and whatever others may have regarded them ).

Monday, 25 May 2015

Bengalis out of the frying pan (CPM) and into the fire (TMC ) !

This is a fb message I received, and my reply. I have deleted the name of the sender :

Sir. Your opinion about the West Bengal govt and Mamata Banerjee please. No companies no jobs. We Bengalis have to stay out of home and work elsewhere after education.

Markandey Katju
Sent by Facebook Mentions
May 25th, 9:57am

Mamata Banerji is nuts. She is dictatorial, arrogant, and with nothing in her upper storey.
I had earlier supported her, under the impression that she was honest, but  later changed my opinion about her when she displayed her true colours, e.g. by victimizing an upright lady police officer ( Damyanti Sen ), getting Shiladitya Choudhary arrested ( falsely accusing him of being a Maoist ), getting a Professor of Jadhavpur University, Prof. Mahapatra, arrested because he put up some cartoons about her on the social media, and behaving whimsically and like an idiot on several other occasions. This is apart from the financial charges made against her about chit funds etc
You Bengalis have gone from the frying pan ( CPM) into the fire (TMC )

Long live Kazi Nazrul Islam !

Today, 24th May is the birthday of one of my heroes, the great revolutionary Bengali poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, who fought against British rule, casteism, religious bigotry, womens' oppression, and other social evils.

 The organization of which I am a patron ( Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice of India, is the Chief patron ), the Kalidas Ghalib Foundation ( see the website ) held a function in his honour in Kolkata a couple of years back, which I attended. We gave a momento to some relatives of Kazi Nazrul Islam who also attended the function.

 Long live Kazi Nazrul Islam !