Saturday, 20 December 2014

The soil of India is such that India can never be a Hindu Rashtra or Muslim Rashtra or Rashtra of any other religion, but always be a  a secular Rashtra. No doubt there may be temporary aberrations, but after some time it will again revert to secularism.
 Secularism does not mean that one cannot practise one's religion. Secularism means that religion is a private affair,unconnected with the state, which will have no religion.
Rashtriya Nirmaan Shaastra
 I am a master and teacher of a subject of my own creation,which may be called ' Rashtriya Nirmaan Shaastra ', or the 'Science of the Construction of a Nation'. You will not find this subject in the curricula of any University.
  In this subject, I have super specialized about India, and my burning passion is to see India emerge as a modern, prosperous, highly industrialized, nation, with its people enjoying a high standard of life.
 I am now 68 years old. It took me over half a century as a student before I could graduate in this subject, half a century of intense study in libraries and in my home, cool and fiery discussions with my contemporaries, and listening to some of the great masters, who remained anonymous, and most of whom are now dead.
  This half a century was a period of intense pain and mental turbulence, when conventional ideas and prejudices in my mind were all thrown into turmoil. That I have emerged alive after going through this furnace is perhaps itself a miracle.
 To be a master and good teacher of a subject one has to first be a good student, and to be a good student one has to have modesty and humility. Nowadays I often see people who arrogantly behave like teachers, but who were never willing to be students, people holding strong opinions, but opinions which are often unscientific, half baked, and formed without going through the intense, rigorous study which should precede formation of such opinions.
 In my half a century as a student I kept learning, learning, learning.  Since the subject ' Rashtriya Nirmaan Shaastra ' is not to be found in any formal curriculum, I could pick up knowledge about it only in bits and pieces, reading books at home and in libraries, hearing people in the Allahabad University, the Allahabad High Court Bar Association,the Coffee House, and in other places, mostly in Allahabad ( because most of my life was spent there ). My eyes and ears were always open to acquire such knowledge, which usually came in driblets, and never in an organized manner.
 Also,this subject, by its very nature, required knowledge of several other specialized subjects, like history, economics, political science, philosophy, law, the natural sciences, literature, etc. Nobody can be a master in all these subjects, because each of them is nowadays so  specialized that often one cannot in his lifetime even become a master in the whole subject, but in only one particular branch of it.
 But while I could not possibly be a master in all these subjects, I had to have a rudimentary idea of most of them in order to graduate in Rashtriya Nirmaan Shaastra. So I studied these subjects as thoroughly as I could.
 My command over English, which was principally due to being educated in an English medium school, gave me access to world knowledge, especially Western knowledge, due to which I am quite comfortable discussing European and American history, Western philosophy, literature, political and economic thought, etc.
 At the same time, my Indian 'sanskars' made me study Indian history, philosophy,literature etc.
 So I am equally comfortable in Indian and Western culture and history, which again was a necessary prerequisite for graduation in my own specialized subject.
 It is only in recent years that I became a teacher, after being a student for over half a century. I started teaching initially through some judgments which I delivered in the Supreme Court ( e.g. Hinsa Virodhak Sangh vs. Mirzapur Moti Koresh Jamaat, Kailas vs. State of Maharashtra, etc which can be seen online ), and continued to do so after my retirement from the Supreme Court through my blog and facebook posts.
  On my blog,there are 82 posts in 2012, 79 in 2013, and a massive 320 ( till now, this being the 321st ) in 2014.
 It may be noted that between October 2013 when there were 10 blogs, and May 2014 when there were 8, there is no blog. Even before October 2013, there is no blog in August and September, 2013. Before that there are 3 blogs in May 2013, 1 in June, and 7 in July. This was a period when I was very dejected because of the vicious, virulent and often abusive, attacks launched on me by some people, and so I had decided never to speak out again on any public issue. Between October 2013 and May 2014 I had retreated into a shell.
 However, I came out of it thereafter, and am now teaching in full swing This is very much needed by the people of India in the rapidly changing political and social scenario

Friday, 19 December 2014

The Chinar Foundation

A preliminary meeting of the Chinar Foundation was held today at my residence in Delhi at 11 am, and was attended by about one dozen persons.
This organisation will include Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmiri Muslims, Kashmiri Sikhs etc, persons married to Kashmiris or descendants of such mixed marriages, and also persons who are non-Kashmiris but believe in the Kashmiri cosmopolitan spirit. This will be a historical organization, because no such organization uniting everyone was ever created before.
I informed the persons attending the meeting about my efforts for quite some time to create such an organisation, about which I have put several posts earlier on Facebook.
The objects of the organisation are as follows:
1) To preserve and promote the rich, composite Kashmiri culture, including Kashmiri sufi poetry, Kashmiri music, Kashmiri philosophy, etc.
2) To help Kashmiris in matters such as flood relief, creating job opportunities and careers for Kashmiri youth, sustainable community development work in Kashmir, etc.
3)To promote the Kashmiri language, and to do all that is necessary for this purpose.
As regards relief to displaced Kashmiri Pandits, there are already several organizations which have been working for this for two decades or so, and a large amount of benefits have already been given e.g. reservation in Medical and Engineering colleges, reservation in jobs etc.Those organizations doing such work, including government organisations, have lots of funds for this purpose, whereas we have presently nothing. Therefore, while sympathizing completely with the displaced Kashmiri Pandits, we can only play a supplementary role.
It was decided that the name of the organisation will be 'The Chinar Foundation', subject to any legal objection. Chinar is a tree which symbolizes Kashmir. It is huge, and gives shade to comfort people. Its leaves and bark have medicinal properties. So our organization will act a balm and give a healing touch to the wounds of both Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits who have both suffered a lot.
It was made clear that this organisation will be purely non political and will have nothing to do with politics. People having political views can be admitted to the organisation, but that will remain their own personal political views, and shall not be the views of the organisation.
I will be one of the patrons of the organisation. The President will be Colonel Valmiki Katju ( , resident of Saket, New Delhi, and the General Secretary will be Mr. Iftikhar Gilani ( , Senior Journalist with DNA newspaper, Delhi. The other office bearers e.g. Vice-Presidents, Joint Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, Treasurer etc. will be decided later. The Foundation will be registered as a trust.
The next meeting of the organisation will be held at the residence of Mr. BVR Subbu resident of Shanti Niketan, New Delhi on 11-01-2015 at 11:30 am. He is an Andhrite married to a Kashmiri
Some Kashmiris living in Kashmir  expressed some apprehension as to whether they should join this new organisation because of my political views about Kashmir. I have clarified on an earlier Facebook post that my political views are my personal ones and are not those of the organisation. In fact the organisation will not have any political views at all. I have put up this clarification on Facebook.
A  meeting of the Kashmiris living in Kashmir is likely to be held on 22nd December at some place in Srinagar. I have requested that this clarification should be placed in the meeting, and they are requested to join us.
A memorandum of statement of objects of the organisation is being prepared by Mrs. Meenakshi Behara w/o Mr. Subbu,whose email id is:
 Before concluding the meeting, a resolution was passed congratulating the J&K cricket team for its historical victory over Bombay, the 40 times winner of the Ranji Trophy.
I will keep updating you about the further developments.
99% Pakistanis are good people
 Sometimes I am really sad on reading your comments on fb.
 I have repeatedly said that 99% Pakistanis ( like 99% Indians ) are good people.
 In response some of you furiously attacked me, saying that we can never be friends with Pakistanis, that they are barbarians and terrorists, that they never sympathised with the 26/11 killings in Mumbai, that they persecute Hindus, Christians, etc, some asking where did I get the statistic of 99%, etc
 I told you that I am a humble disciple of the great French thinker Rousseau, and my teacher taught me that men are good by nature, and my experience in life has confirmed the truth of Rousseau's statement. I found from my 69 years experience in life that 99% people are good.
 However, my teacher also said that good people are often corrupted by society and wicked people, and that is why some Pakistanis do bad things ( like some Indians ).
 As for statistics, these can always be manipulated. So I often do not rely on them,but choose to rely instead on my own experience in life.
 So I often get sad and exasperated when you people make such silly comments.
 I am your teacher, who wishes to teach you the truth and good things. I am your teacher not because I am inherently superior in intellect to you ( I am sure that when you reach my age many of you will become far superior to me ), but because of the knowledge I have acquired after tremendous study and reflection over half a century
But when you people do not understand what I say even after I have repeatedly and patiently explained all this to you I sometimes feel that I am wasting my time, and that you are unworthy pupils who will never learn.
 But then I think, these are good people whose minds have been brain washed by decades of false propaganda, so i must continue to be patient and not loose my cool, and must continue patiently explaining the truth. It is because I really love you and am really concerned about your welfare that I continue on this path. Otherwise I would have abandoned you long ago, and retreated into silence and solitude. After all, I am not getting any personal benefit by teaching you, and often even get brickbats.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Renaming Delhi: Indraprastha or Hastinapur.

The Union Urban Development Minister, Venkaiah Naidu, has reportedly suggested that Delhi should be renamed Indraprastha or Hastinapur.
To my mind it is an excellent suggestion. But I would go further. 
I suggest that unemployment should be renamed as full employment, malnourished should be renamed as well fed, sick should be renamed as healthy, illiterate should be renamed as highly educated, farmers' suicides should be renamed as farmers' festivals, and poor should be renamed as rich.
That will solve all our country's problems.
Hari Om

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Starting a Kashmiri Organization

I recently got this message on facebook from a Kashmiri Muslim ( I have deleted his name ). My reply is given below it

 " Dec 17th, 5:54am
I was going through your timeline after the Fajr prayers and ended up reaching September where you'd posted non-stop concerning the recent floods in J&K. I don't know whether any Kashmiri has thanked you for your help, Sir, and I'd like to take this opportunity to do just that.

So, Thank You... for that, for all the reasons in the world.

P.S. :- I admire you very much and having taken the risk of boring you with my "fan-ness" already, I'd also like to say that you are hilarious.

Hari Om

Markandey Katju
Sent by Facebook Mentions
Dec 17th, 6:03am
Thank you. But I did not need any thanks. Kashmir is the land of my ancestors, and Kashmiris, whether Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, are my flesh and blood. So by helping them, I was helping myself "

 Being a Kashmiri myself,  I wanted to start an organization in which all Kashmiris, whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, etc, and even some non- Kashmiris are members.
 So about an year or so back I met a Union Minister in the UPA government, who is a Kashmiri Muslim, and broached the idea with him. As is usual with politicians, he apparently welcomed the idea, but  quickly forgot about it thereafter.
 At present, Kashmiris are totally divided, and my aim is to unite them. Not only is there a division between Kashmiri Hindus and Kashmiri Muslims, there is also a division between Kashmiri speaking and non- Kashmiri speaking Kashmiri Pandits, and they have separate organizations ( Kashmiri language is very different from Hindi ).
 The Kashmiri speaking Kashmiri Pandits ( perhaps numbering from 3 to 4 lacs ) have an organization known as All India Kashmiri Samaj. with headquarters in Delhi. Such Kashmiris had remained behind in Kashmir until their exodus from 1989 onwards due to persecution by fanatic elements in Kashmir.
  The non Kashmiri speaking Kashmiris ( altogether about 2 lacs in the whole of India ), like myself, are descended from those Kashmiri Pandits who had migrated gradually from about 200 years back, getting jobs in the Courts of some Maharaja or Nawab. They all migrated in this way. None left Kashmir because of persecution, but to get jobs, which they got because they were very proficient in Urdu and Persian, the Court languages in Rajwaadaas.
  The non Kashmiri speaking Kashmiri Pandits have an organization called the Kashmiri Pandits Association, whose present President is my elder brother Col. Valmiki Katju. I suggested to him that at least all Kashmiri Pandits should unite, but he said that his committee members are totally against the idea. I asked him why. He said that the Kashmiri speaking Kashmiris only wish to talk about the atrocities on them, and how they can get compensation for their sufferings and lost properties, but non Kashmiri speaking Kashmiri Pandits, while sympathising with the victims of atrocities, want to move on, and to discuss other issues also.
 Since I am a non Kashmiri speaking Kashmiri Pandit, while my wife is a Kashmiri speaking Kashmiri, I am associated with both groups. And  I have a lot of Muslim friends ( my friends Asif Azmi and Adil Shahnawaz, who though not  Kashmiris, are like  younger brothers to me ), and I have found them to be fine people.
 So I have decided to start an All India Kashmiri Association, whose members can be (1) Kashmiris, whether Hindu,Muslim,or Sikh (2) Non Kashmiris married to a Kashmiri, and their children or grandchildren (3) Some non Kashmiris, who have an interest in Kashmir.
 The object of this organization will be purely cultural and social, and no political activity will be permitted. The main object will be to preserve and propagate the rich composite culture of Kashmir, its contribution in philosophy, poetry, music, etc. Another object will be to help the people living in Kashmir, e.g. during floods, etc. Help to displaced Kashmiris must, of course, also be an objective, though there are already organizations doing this work, and so we can play only a supplementary role.
  Since I will be out of India from mid January onwards for several months, this will only be possible on my return ( probably in June ). However, I do wish to know what people, especially Kashmiris, whether Muslims, Hindus or Sikhs, think of the idea

The Indian Constitution and My Teacher Rousseau ( 1712-1778 )

" With Voltaire triumphant throughout Europe, and Rousseau hiding in  fear in a dark room in obscurity, the Age of Rousseau began "
Will Durant : The Story of Civilization : Rousseau and Revolution

What I inherited from my teacher Rousseau was a hatred of injustice. Rousseau saw through, hated, and raised his voice against every kind of injustice. While denouncing feudal despotism ( see his ' Social Contract ' ), he also realized that formal democracy ( universal franchise, etc ) and political liberties are empty shells unless accompanied with economic and social justice. Liberty, freedom of speech, the right to vote, etc are meaningless to a hungry or unemployed man.

 While Locke never attacked inequality in wealth, and Voltaire obfuscated on the issue, Rousseau, in his ' Discourse on Inequality ', clearly said : " It is obviously contrary to the law of nature, however it be defined, for a handful of people to gorge themselves on superfluities, while the starving multitudes lack the basic necessities of life "

 Thus Rousseau realized  that the ' natural rights ' of which Locke and others had spoken, were all meaningless to a poor man, because poverty is destructive of all rights.

 Rousseau would have found the Indian Constitution as an empty shell, because the socio-economic rights, without which the Fundamental Rights guaranteed in Part 3 ( freedom of speech, freedom of religion, liberty, equality, etc ) are meaningless, have been placed in the Directive Principles in Part 4, and have been specifically made non enforceable ( vide Article 37 ). Thus what has been given by one hand, has been taken away by the other.

  The Indian Constitution, though no doubt doing some good for some time, by providing for civil liberties, secularism, etc has also , by not ensuring socio-economic justice to the poor masses in India ( see my articles ' Healthcare in India ', ' Malnutrition in India ', ' Unemployment in india ', ' Vikaas', etc on my facebook page and on my blog ), and rather permitting further widening the gulf between the handful of rich and the vast majority of poor, has now exhausted itself. It can now no longer serve the Indian people, and has to be replaced by a Constitution which ensures real justice, which includes socio-economic justice, to the people, and not a mere fig leaf.

 This,however, will only be possible after a great and drastic historical change in the social system prevailing in India

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Reaping the Whirlwind

A Taliban attack on an army public school in Peshawar left 84 children and 20 others dead. The death toll continues to rise. The attack is allegedly in retaliation to the Pakistan army attack in North Waziristan.

 In my opinion such incidents are a direct and inevitable consequence of creating a theological state in a sub continent of such diversity. We shall witness more such incidents in the future, often of a greater intensity and bloodshed.

  At the time of Independence, despite the sane voices of Maulana Azad and Badshah Khah, a large number of Muslims in India became   berserk, and insisted on creating Pakistan. Some even threatened to kill Maulana Azad. Like the children following the Pied Piper of Hamelin, they blindly accepted the two nation theory propagated by that rascal Jinnah, and now their children( or rather grandchildren ) are paying for their ancestors' sins, both in India as well as in that fake and artificial entity ( I refuse to call it a country ) called Pakistan.

 As the Bible says : " They have sown the wind, and now they will reap the whirlwind " ( Hosea 8:7 )

My samaadhi

The T.V. shows that a Patiala Court directs the CBI to record former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's statement regarding coal scam. Stormy session of Parliament over conversion, Ram Mandir, etc. Shouting and screaming in both Houses. P.M. tells Opposition not to cross Laxman Rekha, but who is listening, and where exactly is that Rekha ? The only Rekha I know is Rekha the film actress ( and now an excellent Parliamentarian )
  I can't stand all this. There is a limit to everything. So instead of going mad I am going into akhand samaadhi. Hari Om

My bad habit

One illusion on which we are constantly being fed by some people is that the solution to our economic problems is foreign investment. This is a myth. Foreign investment can only make a marginal difference. The real solution is to develop our indigenous economy.
 Moreover, foreign businessmen are not fools. They will invest if they are likely to have profits, not for charity. And why should they invest in a country where the infrastructure is terrible in large parts of the country ( poor roads, shortage of water, electricity, etc ), where corruption is deep and widespread, and where laws and regulations stifle business ?
 But people like dreams, and I have this nasty habit of waking up people having sweet dreams. So sad