Friday, 3 July 2015

The baby vulture eats human flesh

एक बार हिंदुस्तान में  एक गिद्द के बच्चे ने अपने बाप से कहा
 " पिताश्री, मुझे इंसान का गोश्त खाना है ". गिद्द  बच्चे के लिए सुअर का गोश्त ले आया ई
बच्चे ने कहा " मगर यह तो सुअर का गोश्त है " और यह कह कर खाने से इनकार कर दिया
तब गिद्द बच्चे के लिए गाय का गोश्त ले आया
बच्चे ने कहा " मगर यह तो गाय का गोश्त है " और यह कहकर खाने से इंकार कर दिया
तब गिद्द गया और सुअर के गोश्त को मस्जिद में, और गाय के गोश्त को मंदिर में रातों रात फेक आया
अगले दिन इंसानों की लाशें शहर में बिछ गयीं, और गिद्द के बच्चे ने कई हफ्ते जम के खाया
उसके बाद उसने अपने बाप से कहा " पिताश्री, इतनी सारी लाशें इतनी जल्दी  कैसे मिल गयीं ?"
गिद्द ने कहा " बेटा, यह हिंदुस्तान है, जैसा कि एक मनफिरे जज ने कहा था, यहां ९०%  लोग पागल होते हैं "
Rajiv Gandhi's killers should be freed
 Rajiv Gandhi's killers have been in jail for 24 years now. That is 6 years more than the time Dr. Manette spent in the Bastille ( see Dickens' ' A Tale of Two Cities ' ). I think they should be now pardoned and set free, like Abdul Qadeer who is in Hyderabad jail,  Devinderpal Singh Bhullar in Tihar jail, and Zaibunnisa Qazi, in Yeravda jail, for whom I have issued appeals for their pardon earlier ( see my blogs on )
 I am not justifying the assassination. But what business did Rajiv Gandhi have in sending the Indian army into Srilanka, causing the deaths of thousands of Tamilians, apart from 3000 of our soldiers ? Would that not have given rise to a strong sense of resentment among Tamilians ?
 Rajiv Gandhi's ordering massacre of Sikhs in 1984 after the assassination  of his mother ( see my blog ' The Sikh 'riots', 1984 on ), and saying ' Jab bada ped girta hai, to dharti hil jaati hai ' showed that he had a criminal bent.
 In any case, enough is enough. The convicts should now be freed.
 If they are not, I am setting up a ' Court of Last Resort ' ( see my blog with that title ) on my return to India for attaining this objective, and for this I will appeal to the patriotic Indians for help.
 If the Government behaves callously and like a Kumbhakaran, we know how to awaken it.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Shameless AAP
This is the height of arrogance by Kejriwal and his chamchas. They are shamelessly spending public money for self promotion.
 When I called Kejriwal a Don Quixote, and his chamchas like Ashutosh as Sancho Panzas, I was furiously attacked by many people.. Now Delhiites are realizing that I was speaking the truth.
 Kejriwal will shamelessly stick to his gaddi till he is kicked out by the public

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Differences with Taslima Nasreen
I had differences with Taslima Nasreen on Twitter today, pursuant to my appeal to non Muslims to observe one day's roza on 4th July ( and to non Hindus to observe one day's fast during Navratri ).
 I admire Taslima for her bravery in highlighting the atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh in her novel ' Lajja '. Like her, I too am against atrocities on anyone, and like her, I too am an atheist.
 But with respect to her I wish to say that she has no scientific understanding of the social basis of religion.
In her tweet she says " Religion is anti women, anti science, anti human and anti progress "
 Even assuming that much of what she says is correct, what she overlooks are two things :
1. Most people in the world are very poor and live in such terrible and miserable conditions that were it not for religion they would go mad. Religion gives them the psychological support, without which they would go crazy or commit suicide.
 So we cannot abolish religion : it will disappear automatically when people get decent lives. Then they will have no need for religion or God.
2. Even for people who are not poor, e.g. businessmen, the chance factor is such an important factor that it gives rise to the belief in supernatural forces which control our lives.
For example, there may be losses in a business for various reasons beyond the control of the businessman. So he believes in some god and propitiates him, to avoid losses.
 The chance factor is still a very powerful factor in our lives. We plan something, but something else happens. So we believe that there is some supernatural force ( or forces ) controlling our lives.
 The truth is that the chance factor is still important because we are still at a very primitive stage of scientific development, as compared to the situation 100 years or 200 years hence, when science will have grown enormously. Then we will be able to largely control our lives, and what we plan will happen. And then there will be no need of god or other supernatural entities.
 Taslima, though a brave person, has no understanding of all this, and by her sometimes emotional intemperate remarks damages the great cause ( of women's emancipation and scientific thinking ) which she is fighting for.
 I have said that all religions are superstitions. But I have also said that I respect all religions. Some people find a contradiction here. I submit there is none.
 When I say I respect all religions, I mean that I respect the right of everyone to believe whatever he/she wants to believe, and therefore I am a strong supporter of religious freedom. But as for myself, I am a purely scientific person, and so have a materialistic belief
Are these the conditions in Punjab ?
A fb message. The sender has asked me to delete his name

 I request you to comment on whats happening in Punjab.
Our CM is not just CM, he is biggest businessman of the state. From hotels, factories, buses to land acquisition to everything, he is involved. He would ask for stake in every successful running business otherwise he wont let them do business. Punjab's youth is being destroyed with drugs and total unemployment. Government's higher education is just for formality, middle class families are forced to pay huge fee eg in MDS there is only 1 seat for general(fee 1.5 lakh) and ~60 seats in private college(fee 6 lakh), even after paying huge fee salary of MDS doctor is 20k and there are no jobs for BDS doctors. Middle class families are forced to take huge loans. CM just doubled his salary and halved the salary of doctors. Why no one see how Badal sarkar is exploiting Punjab and ruining lives of people. Why Modi ji keep on saying beti bachao beti padhao when he doesnt know whats actually happening states with such CM's ?
Justice P.Devadoss of the Madras High Court
 Recently there was a lot of controversy about Justice P.Devadoss of the Madras High Court who ordered a case of a rapist and his victim to be sent for mediation, evidently to see whether the victim would marry her rapist.
 I myself think the Judge should not have sent the case for mediation unless both parties wanted it. In the case in question the victim has resolutely refused mediation, and has refused to marry the man who raped her. Hence the order sending the case for mediation was clearly uncalled for.
 Perhaps realizing his error, the Judge, in a subsequent case where a grown up man had raped a 4 year old child, upheld the 10 year sentence awarded by the lower Court, calling the accused a 'vulture'.
 I remember P.Devadoss when I was Chief Justice of Madras High Court ( 2004-2005 ). At that time he was perhaps the Principal District Judge of some District Court in Tamilnadu.
 He was a legendary Judge, having the highest level of integrity, so much so that he had prohibited several relatives who were in politics from entering his house, as he did not want anyone in Tamilnadu to think that he was allied or close to any political party or politician. I had a very high opinion of him.
 I am saying this to request the public to forgive him for his bona fide mistake, and move on. Such Judges of such high integrity are becoming rare now.
 Lord Denning, the celebrated British Judge once said " The Judge has not been born who has not made a mistake ". Critics of Justice Devadoss should ponder over this statement.
Ahmedabad has disgraced the nation
If this story, sent to me by a fb message, is true, Ahmedabad has disgraced the nation. The sender has asked me to delete his name :
Jun 30th, 4:51pm
I was on internship at Well Stimulation Services, ONGC, Ahmedabad, and was excited about the internship because of ONGC and Ahmedabad. It was going to be my first time in Ahmedabad.
 I reached Ahmedabad, and liked everything, like ONGC, Ahmedabad city, etc. The weather was perfectly fine. Me and one of my college frnd, A Saxena, took a flat at Visat chawraha, adjacent to ONGC. The owner, 65 yrs aged, stayed with his wife. He was very nice and supportive. 2-3 days passed and everything was smooth, until he came to know that I am a Muslim.
From that very moment everything changed, he was no more nice to us. He started scolding us at everything like wasting water n all, talked nonsense and still we ignored. 2-3 days passed this way. Finally when he was done with all his nonsense and truth came out of his mouth, he called my friend Saxena and told him directly "dekh Saxena Tera dost Muslim hai.. Is colony me Muslims allowed nhin hain.. Colony waale jaan gye toh kya bolenge..".
These are some of his statements. My poor friend Saxena, from a good family background, being a little unaware of these communal hatreds and differences took him lightly and never told me. 2-3 more days passed when the owner couldn't resist his anger and called me finally at 1am night. He told me "dekh ---, Teri saari hoshiyari nikal jayegi. Over smart nhin ban.. Yeh Tera UP nhin hai.. Yeh gujrat hai Raat-o-raat gayab ho jayega pata bhi nhin chalega.. Samaan tak nhin wapas le ja payega Ghar.."And I was like "what the hell happened to him.. What's my fault?" but still seeing the conditions and taking care of his age I managed to ask him politely "I am a Muslim and it can't be changed.. What do you want me to do?".
 Then he spoke his mind, which he should have said at the time of giving us the flat to avoid all these insults "leave the flat.. Muslims aren't allowed in this colony" then I remembered remarks of my father when I told him about my internship at ONGC, Ahmedabad which is "arey Ahmedabad me toh badi dikkaten hotin Muslims ko"..Then I realised how right he was.
I left the flat at that very moment. Stayed with my other college friends illegally. Searched for another flat/room but the same response "we don't give rooms/flats to Mohammedans".. Tired of all these.. I left Ahmedabad on my ninth day of internship.. Joined Institute of drilling technology, ONGC, Dehradun. Dehradun, a beautiful place with awesome people with awesome thinking.
Ryt now m in Dehradun, happy.
But when I look back I can't decide who's fault was that.. Mine? Coz I was born in a Muslim family.. Or the landlord's? I don't think so Coz he was a nice person until he knew my name.. I still wonder "WHO'S FAULT WAS THAT?"
P. S: Modiji is right in building "Statue of Unity" at Ahmedabad.. Ahmedabad really needs unity.
Achche din aa gaye
A fb message. The sender has asked me not to mention his name
Hi sir how r u.In hyderabad snatching crime increases day by day due to unemployment lakhs of student specially from btech stream.iam 2013 batch passout still searching for jobs kindly sir post about it and ifbu can do anything

What can I say to this young man except that ' Achche din aa gaye '

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Here is my real hero, Bhagat Singh.
No wonder that the Britishers set up the statue of their running dog Gandhi in London, instead of setting up the statue of their enemy, my hero Bhagat Singh, who really fought against them
 Long live Bhagat Singh, may he shower his blessings on the Indian people from heaven
Shame on the traitor, the loyal British agent Gandhi
An Appeal to all non Muslims to observe roza on 4th July
After discussing with many friends in the Bay Area in California, I hereby appeal to all non Muslims all over the world to observe one day roza on Saturday, 4th July as a token of respect for and solidarity with our Muslim brethren during the holy month of Ramzan.
 The exact time before which sehri ( breakfast ) must be taken, and of iftaar,( the time in the evening after which alone dinner can be taken ) may be ascertained from some Muslim friend. These timings change by one minute every day, and must be strictly observed.
 I may mention that in India for several years I have been keeping one day roza during Ramzan. The wife of my friend Asif Azmi, who is like a younger brother to me, telephones me very early in the morning when it is still dark and informs me that the time by which I must do my sehri is approaching, so I quickly eat some bread and drink a lot of milk and water, because I can have none thereafter till the time of iftaar.
 This year I will have iftaar at the residence of a Muslim lady in Fremont, California, USA  with a group of about 25 others, Muslims and non Muslims. The lady has very kindly consented to have the iftaar at her residence, and provide food for all of us.
  The other non Muslims can form groups and have iftaar at a place of their choice on 4th July.
 Please note that you must not eat or drink after the time of sehri is over, and before the time for iftaar. This is absolutely crucial.
 If this succeeds, it will be a historic step at removing misunderstanding between  different communities. When Navratri begins, I will appeal to non Hindus to keep one day fast during that period.
 It is clarified that by keeping one day roza a non Muslim does not become a Muslim, just as by keeping one day fast during Navratri a non Hindu does not become a Hindu. It is just symbolic of showing respect to other communities