Sunday, 6 November 2016

Early Voting System in USA

Although voting date in the U.S. Presidential election is 8th November, I heard that there is a system in USA and other countries known as early polling system, which enables a voter to cast his/her vote long before the voting date. This is to avoid congestion in voting booths, to enable people who have a problem coming to the voting booth, etc.

Since I was not clear about this system I sent an email to my American friend Bill Tammeus who lives in Kansas City to help me understand ( Bill and I were classfellows in Boys High School, Allahabad in 1957 or so when he came with father, and we have been in touch since then ).
This was my email :

Dear Bill,
Although voting date for the US President election is 8th November, I was told by someone that voting has already started under some early voting system. Is that correct.? Has it started in Kansas too ?
Please send a me a short note about this, which, if you permit, I will put up on my fb page to enlighten Indians. And, if you permit, I will also mention your name and email id, which may give you the pleasure of interacting with some young Indian ladies who may email you !

This is his reply which came just now

Bill Tammeus>

Yes, tens of millions of votes for president of the U.S. already have been cast. Thirty-four states permit no-excuse early voting (including Kansas, but not Missouri, where I live), and all allow absentee voting, meaning you can vote early because you, for instance, may be out of town on election day or otherwise unavailable. For details see:

Early voting is a good thing for many reasons, although those interested in suppressing the vote (like some Republican Kansas officials) aren't generally in favor of it.


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