Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Visiting Pakistan
I spoke on skype some time back with a Pakistani friend who lives in Lahore.
I said I was planning to come to Pakistan, a country ( or rather a part of India, since I refuse to recognize that historical British swindle called Partition ) which I have never visited before.
But I told him now I am scared seeing what happened to Mashal Khan recently. I am an atheist who believes all religions are superstitions. At the same time, I am a strong supporter of religious freedom, and support the Ahmediyas' right to believe what they want, as Mashal Khan did. So, I told him, I may meet the same fate as he did if I go to Pakistan..
My friend replied that I should not worry. He said what was done to Mashal Khan was done by Pathans, and Pathans are somewhat crazy people. He said he condemned what was done to Mashal Khan, and people in Lahore, where he lives, also condemn it.
On this assurance I will come to Pakistan, but only visit civilized places like Lahore and Karachi.

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