Tuesday, 29 December 2015

What has happened to AAP ?

An email I received recently. I have taken the permission of the sender to post this on fb

Rohit Handa
Respected Sir,
I am writing this letter regarding AAM AADMI PARTY. If you think what I write is right, please post the same on your facebook and also if possible pass this to Sh. Arwind Kejriwal

Sir, I am one of the volunteers of AAP who wanted that our country to be free from corruption of any type. I joined AAP with a thought that we try to start reducing the corruption and have a great country where all will live happily.  I know Sh. Arvind Kejriwalji is alone, but he is not following the rules to be non-corrupt. 

We Volunteers of Kasturba Nagar Informed him about the non functioning of our MLA during the 49 days of AAP Sarkar in Delhi even after MLA got the fund for the area which was Rs. 4 Crore. We met him 4 times exactly for the same issue. On our first visit he said that he is aware of the issue and his own Assembly observers reported the same. Next time when we met him, he was with Atishi Marlena (one of the AAP leader) who said that everything is all right. 3rd time he ignored us, if we talk about anything about the non working of MLA he went to other side. We were about 100 (Pure Volunteers who devoted their time and money on AAP) just few are left now who still think that some day it will change. However, nothing is happing at all. 

Even during Arvind Kejriwal's Speech in Constitution Club after he came out of Jail, he said now what ever volunteers are going to bring about the work in their respective area it will be looked into and first priority will be given to that
I with some other volunteers made a report and collected photographs of the work to be done in our Assembly and submitted the same to the MLA through email, direct handover (a letter to MLA), even reported the same to then In-charge Dilip Pandey through Email and to Ashutosh Ji, however nothing happened at all. Once we requested after the end of 49 days of AAP Sarkar in Delhi that to think before choosing the Candidate for Kastubra Nagar again. But nothing happened and again the same candidate was chosen who is now MLA of the Area (Sh. Madan Lal Ji). The area of Ward 160 in his assembly where I live is not taken care of at all. We even reported about the issues on Whatapp chat group where the respected incharge are there, however, no action till date is being taken.
So, I request you, please do mention this comment as a post by you.. Hope Arivind Ji, reads it and if possible send a letter to Arvind Kejriwalji about what is actually happening in the area. Most of the Volunteers who had faith in AAP have lost it totally. I request you to mention this to Arvind about what is actually happening on the ground level. And where the AAP is going at present. 

 AAP party was made with a commitment towards Mohalla Sabhas, It is never done.  Even if it is done it is with some RWA members who are nothing but political persons and collectors of the area who actually do nothing but share the money of corruption among themselves.

Arvind has said once "Hamare Andar Ahankar Nahi Aana chahiye", though it seems it is now a Jumla by AAP.
with regards

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