Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A clarification

Some people have sought to infer from my recent criticism of Muslim Personal Law that I am against Muslims or Islam. This is totally incorrect. Many of my best friends are Muslims, and I respect all religions including Islam, as I have repeatedly said. I am totally secular.

In the recent calamity in Kashmir, I was the first person to stand up in support of Kashmiris who are mostly Muslims, and tried to help them in every possible way. I also criticized the atrocities on Muslims in Gaza, etc.

However, I certainly regard stoning a woman to death for adultery as barbaric, and I regard oral talaq as gross injustice and discrimination against Muslim women.

I had earlier also criticized the caste system among Hindus (see my blog, and the old Hindu law (prior to 1955) which discriminated against Hindu women. 

I am against all kinds of injustice, whether in Hindu society or Muslim society or any other society.

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  1. I on behalf of 50 Lacs accused under S.138 of Negotiable Instrument Act pray to you, to take up the issue as stated in below post. The judiciary has goofed up the interpretation of S.139 of NI Act.....and people are suffering. My mails to SC and law commission has gone to deaf ears.