Monday 23 April 2012

Ten ways of being foolish

90 per cent of Indians have an unscientific temper. The facts bear it out
After my article ‘The 90%’ was published in The Indian Express on April 4, I got a call from the Delhi correspondent of The Wall Street Journal asking me on what basis I had mentioned the figure 90 per cent when I said that 90 per cent Indians are fools. I replied that it was not a mathematical figure, what I meant was that an overwhelming number of Indians were fools. Therefore the figure might be 85 per cent, on the other hand it could be 95 per cent. Consider the following facts:
One,Tamilians are some of the finest and most intelligent among Indians. They have done the country proud in various fields — scientific research, mathematics, IT, medicine etc. In the US and Europe, the science and mathematics departments of many universities and institutes are full of Tamilian professors.
Yet Tamilians are some of the most superstitious people in India. This may sound like a paradox, but it is true, and this just shows that scientific and unscientific ideas can co-exist in the same head. When I went to Chennai to take oath as Chief Justice of Madras High Court in November 2004, I was told not to take oath in Rahukalam time. I asked what this Rahukalam was, and was told it was the inauspicious time according to astrology. Now, Rahukalam is all nonsense (as is all astrology), but over 90 per cent of Tamilians believe in it. To give an example, a very senior south Indian lawyer practising in the Supreme Court told me that his Tamilian clients tell him not to begin reading their briefs during Rahukalam time.
Two, most ministers and even many chief justices of high courts take oath at the “auspicious” time, as advised by their astrologer.
Three, judges of the Supreme Court are allotted houses in the Supreme Court Judges pool. One of such houses was 7, Tughlak Lane. Unfortunately some mishaps happened to some judges who occupied this house, and thereafter no judge would accept it, thinking it was inauspicious. Ultimately, the then Chief Justice of India wrote to the concerned authority to remove that house from the judges pool, which was done, and another house allotted to the pool.
Four, some years back it was announced in the media (which plays a prominent role in spreading superstitions) that Lord Ganesh was drinking milk. There was a rush of huge crowds in many cities in India to offer milk to idols of Lord Ganesh. Similarly, some years back a miracle chapati was announced. Many such “miracles” keep happening from time to time, and most people believe them.
Five, this is a “baba-bound” society. Consider the number of “godmen”, their huge following and huge properties they amass. The latest one claims to have a third eye, like Lord Shiva. It was published in a leading English newspaper (April 18) that he had told people in Raipur not to keep shivalingams at home for their welfare but to put them in temples. As a result, temples in Raipur were flooded with Shivalingams. He had also advised eating kheer, samosas, golgappas etc for various problems. And much of all this was lapped up by his followers, who have donated huge amounts to him.
Six, when I was a judge in the Allahabad High Court, it was announced that someone in Tamil Nadu had discovered a method of converting water into petrol. Some of my colleagues said that now we will get cheap petrol. I told them this was a fraud, because in science there is a principle that everything moves from a higher energy level to a lower energy level. Petrol is at a higher energy level, whereas water is at a lower energy level. Water (H2O) is really burnt hydrogen, it is like ash. You can convert wood into ash by burning it, but how can you convert ash into wood? And later it was found to be a fraud.
Seven, before finalising a marriage most parents consult astrologers, and it is only if the “kundali” matches that the proposal is finalised. The poor “mangalik” girl is often rejected for no fault of hers.
Eight, every day, a large number of TV channels show astrology and all kinds of superstition. The Broadcast Editors Association announced that they will stop all this shortly, but how can they? The members of these bodies are only employees, not owners of the channels. Their pay packages (sometimes going up to two or three crores per year) are often linked with the TRP rating. Their owners have given one simple instruction to them — keep the TRP rating high.The owners only want profits, profits depend on advertisement revenues, which in turn depends on viewership.
Unfortunately, the intellectual level of the middle classes (who are the main viewers) in India is very low. All they wish to see is the lives of filmstars, fashion parades (often with half-naked women), cricket (which is opium for the masses) and of course, astrology. And so this is dished out day after day to get high TRP ratings.
Nine, most Hindus are communal, and most Muslims are also communal. As I have repeatedly pointed out, they were not communal before 1857. Before 1857, Hindus used to celebrate Eid, and Muslims used to celebrate Holi and Diwali. Muslim rulers, like the nawab of Avadh, Tipu Sultan etc used to organise Ramlila, give grants to Hindu temples, etc. It was after suppressing the Mutiny that the British decided that the only way to control India was by divide and rule. Hence a deliberate policy was laid down by the British to generate hatred between Hindus and Muslims. All communal riots started after 1857. The English collector would secretly call the local panditji, give him money, and ask him to start speaking against Muslims, and he would also call the local Maulvi secretly and give him money to speak against Hindus. This poison was systematically spread year after year, decade after decade, until it culminated in the Partition of 1947 (see ‘History in the Service of Imperialism’, and my articles ‘What is India’ and other articles on and the articles and the video on the website Even now, there are powerful vested interests promoting communal hatred. The truth is that 99 per cent people of all communities are good, but it will take a lot of time to remove the communal virus from our body politic. Today the situation is that whenever any bomb blasts take place, immediately Muslim individuals or groups are blamed for it.
Ten, social evils like honour killings, dowry deaths, female foeticide are still widely prevalent in India.
I have said all this not to demoralise Indians, but to point out to them the correct path to prosperity. It is only scientific thinking that can save us from the disaster to which we are headed.
India has a strong scientific heritage (see my article Sanskrit as a language of science ). It is only when we go back to the path shown by our great scientific ancestors, Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta, Sushrut, Charak, Ramanujan and Raman and spread scientific thinking widely that we can recover our former glory.
The writer, a former judge of the Supreme Court, is chairman of the Press Council

Published in The Indian Express


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    1. Reply to Mr. Yashwant singh

      Please maintain some dignity while commenting .. i think you are editor of and this sort of language is not accepted when you want to discuus an issue..

      I am regular visitor to your site and I like it.. But one should restrain while commenting on a public platform.

      What is this "Katju Congress Agent n all" Shame on you for this indescent language.

      Perhaps may be beacuse of morons like you Justice katju had deactivated his twitter account.. go get a life

    2. @Anonymous : Thanks for all your complements to me I return the same back to you.I will promote whatever I will see as right,similarly you are free to promote as per your choice.why I should feel ashamed if I feel his acts have motive to protect the corrupt UPA Government . It is democracy nobody can stop anyone to express his/her views,I Hope you understand my request.You shoul feel shame to protect corrupt forces. btw here is new link in the same perspective

    3. काटजू का सुझाव गलत, मीडिया पर अंकुश ठीक नहीं : खुर्शीद
      फर्रुखाबाद। केंद्रीय कानून मंत्री सलमान खुर्शीद ने मीडिया खासकर इलेक्ट्रानिक समाचार चैनलों पर अंकुश लगाने संबंधी भारतीय प्रेस परिषद के अध्यक्ष न्यायमूर्ति मार्कण्डेय काटूज के सुझाव का विरोध किया है। उन्होंने इलेक्ट्रानिक समाचार चैनलों को परिषद के दायरे में लाने की मांग का विरोध करते हुए रविवार को यहां कहा कि किसी बाहरी अंकुश के बजाय मीडिया को खुद अपने ऊपर अंकुश रखना चाहिए। उन्होंने सूचना एवं प्रसारण मंत्री अंबिका सोनी की प्रेस को अधिक आजादी देने की बात का खुलासा करते हुए कहा कि चुनाव के दौरान ‘पेड न्यूज’ की बढ़ती प्रवृत्ति पर लगाम के लिए मंत्रियों का समूह बनाया गया है जो पत्र प्रतिनिधियों से बात करके अपना मत सरकार के आगे रखेगा।

      संसद में लंबित विधेयकों का जिक्र करते हुए उन्होंने कहा कि मानसून सत्र के दौरान लोकपाल विधेयक सहित आठ विधेयक पारित कराए जाएंगे। उन्होंने कहा कि अन्ना को इस विधेयक का समर्थन करना चाहिए क्योंकि उन्हीं की पहल पर सरकार भ्रष्टाचार केखिलाफ कानून बनाने की कोशिश कर रही है। उन्होंने कहा कि सरकार प्रयास करेगी कि यह विधेयक राज्यसभा में आम सहमति से पारित हो। खुर्शीद ने कहा कि विदेश में जमा कालाधन मसले पर नजर रखने के लिए केंद्र सरकार ने पहले ही एक अलग विभाग स्थापित कर रखा है और इस मुद्दे पर बाबा रामदेव के अनशन पर किसी को कोई आपत्ति नहीं है। उन्होंने कहा कि संसद में पारित होने वाले विधेयकों में एक विधेयक भारतीय दण्ड संहिता में संशोधन का भी है जिसमें महिलाओं पर होने वाले अत्याचार के खिलाफ सख्त सजा का प्रावधान है। इसके अलावा न्यायपालिका में भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ कानून बनाने संबंधी विधेयक भी इनमें शामिल है। (एजेंसी)

    4. If 90% of Indians were not idiots, Justice Katju would have never got that job.

    5. Prof. Katju, Never fear for these harsh comments. They are all armchair warriors. You are doing a great job. Proud of you.Will write other comments later.

    6. Dear Sir, what ever has been said by Mr. Katju is true , if we are electing these corrupt paople to rule over a large country like India are we wise?

  2. Dear sir ,you belong to which category 90 % Fool indians or 10% intellegent indians ? Don't you want to be in extra limelight since you joined Press Council of India after retirement,You should better join politics ,no doubt you and family have good political connection since time of Nehru when your grandfather was C.M of M.P

    1. Subhajit Biswas23 April 2012 at 21:07

      Dear Mr. Ajeet, sorry for barging in your question to Mr. Katju. But please note all people in limelight are not politicians. You too are in limelight now publishing your views, may be not extra, in your words. Second, it is not important whether you belong to the 90% category, i too belong to it but what important is am i striving to go into the 10% category. We humans did not become civilize in one day right, hope you agree. With regards to your other question of Mr. Katju joining politics, i have to admit that is an interesting one and would love to read his comments.

    2. Dear Mr Subhajit ,Please don't defend Justice Katju without knowing the things fully, I know Katju Sir for quite long since his days at Allahabad Highcourt ,His daughter Vandana was my classmate in the Allahabad University and Aptech,I know his son Vikram also very well,both are well settled in USA ,though they were quite intelligent but Justice Sahib helped them a lot to move to USA.he is a very big well known hypocrite always giving long statements doing nothing for charity ,why he refused to help NGO's for poverty elemination projects in Allahabad in 90's, .He will comment on everything ,he will even Crirtisize Anna Hazare and Lokpal,But why he is always reluctant to give his views againt black money stocked at various overseas places like Swiss banks & other black money heavens like Liechtenstein, Luxumberg,Jersey and Channel islands ,St Kitts, Mauritious etc.when he gives his unsolicited comments on every topic like Lokpal, Anna, Corruption etc he should give view on the issue of Black money.I can provide even more details to prove his hypocracy.

    3. Subhajit Biswas24 April 2012 at 10:08

      Dear Ajeet, don’t you think that is what every father or parent would like to do i.e. give a better life to his/her kids? May be you know him more than anyone here, but is it right to accuse and share private information here? Rather than having a constructive and thoughtful argument, you prefer to go personal, so I guess I have lost and do not want to further this discussion anymore.

    4. @ *Not Dear* Ajeet Singh,

      So what if Katju saheb didnot help some jholachhap NGO for poverty elimination?
      So what if Katju saheb didnot force his children to stay in India/ about their career choice?
      That doesnot make him a hypocrite.
      If Justice Katju was really a hypocrite, he'd have deleted your comment in the first place.

      Can't a retired man even run a blog, without bringing the wrath of self proclaimed "intellectuals"?

      Old and cliched trick of 'secular brigade': first ask Justice Katju about his opinion for Ramdev, then ask him about Godhara and Modi. No matter what he says, these fellas will highlight only selected lines from his article and say "oh Justice Katju is a hypocrite and fundamentalist."

      If Justice Katju starts to write articles / opinions on every critique's demands, he will not even have a spare minute to drink water. He need not write anything on any subject that you demand, because he is running a BLOG, he writes on topics he cares about, as and when the time permits him.

      You said,
      I can provide even more details to prove his hypocracy.
      If you're so concerned exposing about his 'hypocracy', run a blog on your own, then we'll see how many visitors you get per day.
      Just because Justice Katju cannot be countered for his valid arguments about superstition/ Jan Lokpal etc, now people have started attacking him for his personal life.

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    7. @Mrunal Patel & @Subhajit Biswas : Thanks,

      1:) I have not given invitation or request to you guys to preach me. Its talk between me and justice sahib,please don't poke your nose in between.
      2:) I can also reply in even more aggresive tone to anybody there.please don't force me to cross my limit and start talking in indecent language.
      3:) I will contionue to believe that Justice sahib is hypocrite ,just forcing his thoughts,though many things in this articles are true.its my choice none can force me to change my opinion.
      4:)Just like you guys are freely giving your views ,please let me post my opinion.
      5)Also please don't underestimate the works of Jholachap NGO's like PRADAN and ORBIS who sacrifice their lucrative Corporate careers to go and work in rural and poor areas.I am also working in PRADAN at rural areas of Allahabad and Mirzapur like Bara and Churk for last 5 years after working 5 years in IT sector at HCL and TCS.
      6:)I regret if I have hurt anyones feelings but I believe in nationalist revolutionary thoughts preached by Sway Ramdev and Anna Ji and have suffered a few times due to this when I got arrested from Allahabad University Hindu Hostel and management faculty 2 times , but i don't regret it if I am doing a small thing for the nation.

      please let me pass comment directly to justice Katju Sahib.

      Jai Hind

    8. Subhajit Biswas24 April 2012 at 17:16

      Duly noted Ajeet. Nobody is stopping you to argue (which you are unfortunately not doing), but that doesn't mean in the name of argument you start throwing dirt and threaten your opponents.

      Nationalist or revolutionary thoughts are fine but don't think that you can push your opinion down on your opponent's throats just by screaming at the top of your lungs. This is a democracy and we won't let another Hitler our emergency like situation prevail again (we all have somehow face the burnt of it). So cool down, it is good for your health as well and think rationally. You are free to address your queries but try to maintain your and the other person's dignity.

      Lastly I appreciate your contribution towards the society and keep up the good work.

      Peace Brother,there is no point in being so aggressive :)

    9. Ok Subhajait da, Its just my opinion I am not forcing anyone but I just want to convey my message to Justice Sahib that not everyone is agree with his each and every word which is being reported by media on frontpage,like his statement in January 2012 that 80 % of Indians are immigrants ,( )if India starts following this approach then we will should grant citizenship to the millions of Bangladeshis living illegally in India and let them change demographies of states like they did in Assam and border areas of West Bengal like Siliguri,Malda ,Kishanganj (Bihar) putting security of India at risk ,by welcoming people who caused numerous massacres like 1946 Noakhali ,Kolkata 'Direct Action Day' etc and persecution thus forcing Bengali Hindus out of their region.

    10. Subhajit Biswas24 April 2012 at 20:27

      Agreed my friend but did he say that all of us were illegal immigrants, of course not. With regards to Bangladeshi immigrants I also agree with the current situation. However, I have no issues if they come and settle here in India legally and do not harm our social fabric. Please do not forget we too form a large population abroad. So, as long as it is done in a legit way, there should not be any issues. Past is important for learning but we should not keep on hinging on it. If we behave in that way, we have to stop our trade ties with China (our largest trading partner), US, Israel, Pakistan. So we have to be progressive in thinking but at the same time as cautious. Fyr i am a Bengali Hindu from Assam and my family has bear the burnt of persecution in erstwhile East Pakistan. Anyways friend i think i am taking too much space of Mr. Katju's personal blog. So i hope you receive your answers from Mr. Katju but I earnestly request you to detest from making any derogatory comments.

    11. @AjeetSingh
      you wrote that

      I can also reply in even more aggresive tone to anybody there.please don't force me to cross my limit and start talking in indecent language.

      You threaten others with use of indecent language And you call your self a Desh-Bhakt? What kind of patriotism is this?

    12. Two of Ajeetsingh's earlier comments read
      "This comment has been removed by the author."
      Meaning he may have used indecent language in his comments, hence Justice Katju them from his blog.
      Ajeetsingh thodaa gussa control karo yaar. Itni bhi kya dushmani Katju saab se? :-)

    13. Any patriotic person will get angry upon his statements against Anna and writing letter to Ambika Soni and Kapil sibbal to regulate and control social media sites like facebook ,why ? is Anna and his acts bad for nation ,and Facebook etc shared alleged s-e-x tape of Abhishek Manu singhvi despite Hinghcourt ban, othewise the nation wouldn't have been seen the truth of the whole episode.
      There are some well written articles against his recent acts ,with details in the later section of comments here in both english and hindi

    14. So much I adore you sir that even I can't explain for your stern language against stupid Indian believes! Everywhere is chaos and ruckus and Indians keep on living in fools paradise, our economy is sinking, rupee is nose diving and millions are condemned to live in poverty due to sham economic policies by democratically elected MPs and MLAs but no one really seems to bothers, neither media nor the common men! Fortunate are we that at least we have enlightened souls like you.

    15. I am fully agree with the thoughts of former justice. You have rightly pointed out various important believes of Indian society. unfortunately whatever you have mentioned in your articles are bitter truth of indian society. Apart from this I really feel very sad that you need to explain again & again that how you have reached to arithmetic conclusion of 90%. I don't understand that inst-id in looking into the important message behind your writings, people are more concerned about this 90% figure.
      I further like to add while going contrary to the remarks made by Mr. Ajeet, by again & again asking that why former Justice is not raising other issues related to black money & all. The reason behind this is very simple as he is not a politician, who will go on criticizing Union Government, rather he is an intellectual citizen of this nation who has only raised important social issues by showing reality to us.

  3. 1 more kind request sir, you have raised question about Team Anna's Jan Lokpal , but what is your view regarding Baba Ramdev's Demand of bringing back Black Money from Swiss banks and other black money heavens like Liechtenstein,Luxumberg,Jersey and Channel islands ,St Kitts,Mauritious etc

  4. 1 well written nice article in hindu about you

  5. Sir, I am impressed with your article.

  6. Respected Mr. Katju, in today's IE editorial I read your corollary of 90% Fool. I adore your statements and your sense of restraints in writings
    I feel happy reading your article mainly because while you comment you strictly keep debunking various myths created across India by various lobbies and pressure groups and money sharks and their agents. I am greatful that you highlighted the right flaws, if Lokpal is spread in each states and in each districts .So, need of the hour is social movement.What is need is quality and not quantity.

    Before I conclude, I would like to point out one critical point missed out in your article -It is FOOD RACISM.

    Non-vegetarians living and mingling with vegetarians in a state called the laboratory of Hindusim, whether one is a Muslim or a Hindu,or Parsi, are socially harassed or vegetarian neighbours would discreetly boycott those families. Being a Hindu, and a Brahmin as I am, I too am facing and watching this discrimination for over 2 decades. I have seen NEED OF THE HOUR is to create a healthy attitude towards foods if India is to remain an integrated cultural cosmos. Unless people sit together and eat each one's food of liking together without any racist comments,would lead the way for NEW INDIA. The balm is this one only. Let's begin from this point. Let untouchability of religion and of food get eradicated. Lokpal may come later.Dignity of people and protecting the same is of more importance than corruption. I can swear even if we have Anna like in each city, still corruption cannt be removed. Let India come of age with modern mind then only it will work.

  7. Subhajit Biswas23 April 2012 at 20:58

    Dear Sir, it was one of the best articles I have read on our philosophy of thinking. It was enlightening to read but it pained to read the comments in Indian Express. We Indians in general have an uncanny habit of not being able to face criticism be it team Anna or firebrand leader from East of India. In addition to the points cited by your good-self, I would like to point the double standards we Indians apply in general. For example, if an Indian is assaulted abroad, we waste no time in terming it racial before even the facts come out but in the same breath we are at our best in discriminating on the basis of caste, colour, origin (read chinky, mallu, bong, etc)in India.

    But an average or the middle class Indian is so proud of being Indian that he would brand anybody with opposite views as anti-national. In gist we are becoming more and more vocal every passing day but we are losing on the most important past i.e. active listening and introspecting.

  8. SIr,
    your article was an eye-opener, and i hope that good sense would prevail amongst all Indians. The way you stated the 'Divide and Rule" policy, the seeds sown by the Britishers, (i would like to add that Lord Mc Caulay should be the real culprit), how our own people starting making the trends of ousting the other community, etc.
    Unfortunately, I was also really surprised to see that the same day, another Division and Cheating taking place within our country -- . The main headlines in the Indian Express of the day ...." Muslim face out : Team Anna biased" about removing Mufti Shamoon Qasmi from the meet.
    I expect that both sides should introspect and find out the real brain behind such a move. I am sure it would be some politician. When you have stated that we were staying as one society, I do remember that in our childhood, we used to play together, we used to visit their homes, (you said superstition, but it is a fact that too they had some powers like our spiritual gurus that I too had witnessed). Under such a circumstance, I feel that we Indians (as you said 90%) are being cheated by such criminal-minded power lobbies.
    I hope that good sense will prevail and we Indians stand united again one day.

  9. Sir

    I read your article today in the newspaper and couldn't resist myself from not replying to it. I am 22 yrs old and certainly not as educated, qualified, experienced or wise as you are but still I would like to give my views on your article. Out of the 10 reasons, 8 of them are related to superstition in some way or the other and you try to give a scientific counterpoint to it, which is actually very good, but something which is superstitious to you may not be to others, even if one is not able to give any scientific proof for it. Let me tell a short story which is quite popular on the internet and might help you to think again about your views on superstition.

    One day a professor challenged one of his students with a question.
    Prof: So you believe in God?
    Student: Absolutely, sir.
    Prof: Is God good?
    Student: Sure.
    Prof: Is God all-powerful?
    Student: Yes.
    Prof: My brother died of cancer even though he prayed to God to heal him.Most of us would attempt to help others who are ill.But God didn’t.How is this God good then? Student was silent.You can’t answer, can you? Let’s start again, young fella.Is God good?
    Student: Yes.
    Prof: Is Satan good?
    Student: No.
    Prof: Where does Satan come from?
    Student: From God.
    Prof: That’s right.Tell me son, is there evil in this world?
    Student: Yes.
    Prof: Evil is everywhere, isn’t it?And God did make everything.
    Student: Yes.
    Prof: So who created evil?Student does not answer.Is there sickness? Immorality? Hatred? Ugliness? All these terrible things exist in the world,don’t they?
    Student: Yes,sir.
    Prof: So, who created them? Student has no answer.Science says you have 5 senses you use to identify and observe the world around you. Tell me,son Have you ever seen God?
    Student: No,sir.
    Prof: Tell us if you have ever heard your God?
    Student: No,sir.
    Prof: Have you ever felt your God, tasted your God, smelt your God?Have you ever had any sensory perception of God for that matter?
    Student: No,sir.I’m afraid I haven’t.
    Prof: Yet you still believe in Him?
    Student: Yes.
    Prof: According to empirical,testable,demonstrable protocol, science says your GOD doesn’t exist.What do you say to that,son?
    Student: Nothing.I only have my faith.
    Prof: Yes.Faith.And that is the problem science has.
    Student: Professor, is there such a thing as heat?
    Prof: Yes.
    Student: And is there such a thing as cold?
    Prof: Yes.
    Student: No sir.There isn't.Sir, you can have lots of heat, even more heat,superheat,mega heat,white heat,a little heat or no heat. But we don’t have anything called cold.There is no such thing as cold .Cold is only a word we use to describe the absence of heat. We cannot measure cold.Heat is energy.Cold is not the opposite of heat,sir,just the absence of it .
    Prof: So what is the point you are making,young man?
    Student: Sir,my point is your philosophical premise is flawed.
    Prof: Flawed?Can you explain how?
    Student: Sir tell me, do you teach your students that they evolved from a monkey?
    Prof: If you are referring to the natural evolutionary process, yes,of course,I do.
    Student: Have you ever observed evolution with your own eyes,sir?
    Since no one has ever observed the process of evolution at work and cannot even prove that this process is an on-going endeavor, are you not teaching your opinion,sir?Are you not a scientist but a preacher?Is there anyone in the class who has ever seen the Professor’s brain?The class breaks out into laughter.Is there anyone here who has ever heard the Professor’s brain,felt it, touched or smelt it?No one appears to have done so.So, according to the established rules of empirical,stable,demonstrable protocol,science says that you have no brain, sir.With all due respect,sir,how do we then trust your lectures?
    Prof: I guess you’ll have to take them on faith,son.
    Student: That is it sir… The link between man & god is FAITH .That is all that keeps things moving & alive. There is no superstition to it, but just faith and belief.

    By the way the student was none other than Albert Einstein, a scientist.

    1. That was a nice story

    2. If I suppose you are not lying and the above story is true about Albert Einstein. I would like to concede that Einstein had know understanding of biology. The theory of evolution, was based on experimental deduction, and the still considered the most beautiful theory even surpassing any of the Einstein's own. The theory of evolution has proved to be true deeper down to the molecular level, which incidentally was not known in the days of Darwin. I pity people who die without appreciating the beautiful line given by Darwin which sums it all "Random mutation & natural selection"

      "Atheism for a better India". There is no god. :-)

  10. Amazing thoughts from a fellow Kashmiri. We should begin countering these superstitions from our homes and citing an example, my mother now never stops me from going out even though someone sneezes at that moment.Though she unwillingly agreed first and but gradually overcame her fears and i must admit it took a long time. I wonder how these superstitions come up in our societies and then entrench themselves so strongly.
    And i never found any superstitions in our scriptures.I have a huge interest in Kashmir Shaivism about which Rabindra Nath Tagore said "Kashmir Shaivism has penetrated to that depth of living thought where diverse currents of human wisdom unite in a luminous synthesis."
    But unfortunately i read today in the "Daily Excelsior" which is a daily from J&K that the place connected to this great philosophy known as "Abhinavgupta Cave" is under threat from mining.I wonder how can an absent minority community of Kashmiri Pandits protect their great cultural heritage??
    We want to learn Sanskrit and the great philosophy of that time but there should be a sense of belonging that needs to be projected from the primary education,media and culture. I read about Pythagoras theorem and sine,cosine and about planets in school glorifying west but no book told me that 'Sulab Sutras' preceeded pythagoras theorem, sine cosine derive their very name from India and "Surya Siddhanta" predicted even the diameters of planets correctly centuries ago and much more..

    On the contrary when the very places where these great thoughts emerged like the " Abinavgupta Cave " in Kashmir lie in shambles, about to be destroyed for ever and we dont hear even a feeble voice from our Indian society about it, it forces the youth to take refuge either in superstitions which are outward signs of inward hollowness or in extremism.

  11. One more example of How superstition has ruined India:
    Why there are no horses in South India?

    This is how Marco Polo saw Medival South India-

    ".....this country (South India) does not breed horses. Hence all the annual revenue, or greater part of it, is spent in the purchase of (Arabian) horses. This (Chalukya ) king buys 2000 of them or more every year, and his brothers as many. And by the end of the year not 100 of them survive. They all die through ill usage, because they have no veterinarians and do not know how to treat them. You may take it from me that the merchants who export them do not send out any veterinarians or allow any to go, because they are only too glad for many of them to die in the king’s charge."

    But why didnot Indians goto Middle east to learn the veterinary science or find a Veterinary doctor on their own?
    Because as you know, in the medieval times the Caste-Rules had prohibited Hindus from crossing the ocean.

    1. “The Travels of Marco Polo”, translated by Ronald Latham, Penguin, 1958.
    2. "The Indian renaissance", Sanjeev Sanyal, 2008

  12. Mr Katju, I highly respect you as a supreme court judge and an excellent human being. I suppose your criticism of the intellectual standard of the Indian masses comes from the frustration felt at the sorry state of affairs in our motherland, which was once considered the fountainhead of knowledge, religious thinking and refined philosophy. But supertitious masses and unscientific thought are not unique to India. Even in the US, a highly developed nation, astrologers, psychics are quite popular and Linda Goodman's Zodiac signs is a best seller. The lamentable level of general knowledge of the masses in US has always been a butt of popular internet jokes. Whether a candidate believes in "darwinian evolution" or "intelligent design" is still a poll issue in USA. The people in almost all the countries of the world are crazy for one kind of sports or the other. But, the culture of peaceful co-existence, a desire not to inconvenience your fellow beings and a basic honesty in your dealings is what distinguishes a developed society. These societies have largely kept their public institutions transparent and free from nepotism and undue favoritism emphasizing merit. Thus, what unfortunately is weighing us down are our deplorable standards of morality and contempt of the law. I would much rather have 90% of the masses as God-fearing superstious "fools" who would be afraid to lie, steal or harm their fellow human beings. The general lack of scientific temper can always be compensated by a few "Galileo"s" ready to challenge authority, however, the loss of morality in public cannot be replenished.

  13. Abhishek Manu Singhvi Sex CD (8) : [B]कांग्रेसियों के बीच नंबर बढ़ाने के लिए सोशल मीडिया पर किटकिटाने लगे काटजू [/B]Written by यशवंत सिंह
    : [B]सच में कांग्रेसी एजेंट लगने लगे हैं मिस्टर काटजू : कारपोरेट मीडिया का कुछ उखाड़ नहीं पाए, अब कांग्रेसियों के आंख का तारा बनने के लिए बेवजह सोशल मीडिया को दुश्मन मान रहे .मिस्टर काटजू, हम आपको उन नब्बे फीसदी भारतीयों में शुमार करते हैं जिन्हें आप मूर्ख कहते हैं :जस्टिस काटजू के पिछले कुछ महीनों की गतिविधियों को अगर आपने ध्यान से देखा होगा तो उसके कई नतीजे निकाल सकते हैं. जैसे, अन्ना के आंदोलन के बाद कांग्रेस सरकार ने मीडिया पर निशाना साधा तो कांग्रेस के प्रवक्ता की तरह काटजू भी उस अभियान को चलाते बढ़ाते दिखे. टीवी वालों से आमतौर पर लोग नाखुश रहते हैं इसलिए कोई भी चैनलों के खिलाफ बोलता है तो लोग उसका समर्थन ही करते हैं. सो, काटजू का समर्थन हुआ.

    वही काटजू जब बिहार में जाते हैं तो उनको वहां की मीडिया कैद में है बुलबुल टाइप लगती है लेकिन जब वे यूपी जाते हैं तो मीडिया वालों से कहते हैं कि अभी अभी तो अखिलेश जी आए हैं, क्यों आलोचना लिख रहे हैं आप लोग, वक्त दीजिए. मतलब, दो स्टेट और दो पालिसी. मीडिया का काम वक्त देना नहीं होता है मिस्टर काटजू, मीडिया का काम हर वक्त अपना काम करना होता है. खैर, अब काटजू सोशल मीडिया के पीछे पड़े हैं. तो क्या, पापी सिंघवी का वीडियो जो सोशल मीडिया ने रिलीज कर दिया. अरे काटजू भाई, कांग्रेसियों के नंगेपन को ढंकने की आप चाहें जितनी कोशिश कर करा लें, लेकिन ध्यान रखिएगा, जनता सब समझती है. आपको आपके तेवर व सोच के हिसाब से सोशल मीडिया को थैंक्यू बोलना चाहिए कि इस मीडिया ने आपके कोर्ट और आपकी सत्ता के डर भय के बिना सच को सामने लाने का साहस किया.

    आखिर कोई नेता किसी वकील को जज बनाने का प्रलोभन देकर सेक्स कर रहा हो तो उस वीडियो को कैसे पब्लिक में आने से आप रोक सकते हैं. आपकी न्यायपालिका भी न, बड़े लोगों के मामले में तुरंत स्टे टाइप की चीज दे देती है और छोटे लोग मर जाते हैं, कोई सुध लेने नहीं पहुंचता. आप हम सोशल मीडिया वालों को जेल भिजवा दीजिए या फांसी दे दीजिए, बहुत फरक नहीं पड़ेगा, चार मरेंगे तो चार सौ पैदा होंगे. और, जब सोशल मीडिया व न्यू मीडिया को अमेरिका जैसा सर्वशक्तिमान नहीं कंट्रोल कर पाया तो आप किस डाल की चिड़िया हैं. विकीलीक्स अगर अमेरिका में बंद किया गया तो वह स्विटरलैंड से आन हो गया. न्यू मीडिया व सोशल मीडिया की ताकत का दरअसल आपको अंदाजा है ही नहीं. हो भी कैसे, आपके लिए तो सत्ता व सिस्टम की ताकत सर्वोच्च जो है.

    पर आप इस भ्रष्ट तंत्र से जो अनुरोध कर रहे हैं कि वह सोशल मीडिया पर लगाम लगाने के लिए कानून बनाए तो यह आपके वैचारिक दिवालियेपन की ही निशानी है. इस देश में सैकड़ों ऐसे कानून हैं जो पूरी तरह अनुपयोगी हैं और हम सभी उसका हर रोज किसी न किसी रूप में उल्लंघन करते हैं, पर वे बने हुए हैं. आपको कानूनों को कम करने की लड़ाई लड़ना चाहिए. कानून व बंदिश से अगर समस्याएं हल होनी होती तो जाने कबकी हल हो गई होती. और, आपको भी पता है कि कानून सिर्फ आम लोगों के लिए बनाए जाते हैं. बड़ा आदमी कानून का अपनी मनमर्जी के हिसाब से उपयोग व व्याख्या करके राहत छूट पा लेता है. पर आम आदमी तो कानून के नाम से ही डर जाता है और अपना दोनों हाथ हथकड़ी की तरफ बढ़ा देता है.

    आप अंबिका सोनी और कपिल सिब्बल जैसों से उम्मीद करते हैं कि वे देश के सिस्टम को सही करेंगे तो यह आपकी एक और दृष्टिविहीनता है. जिस निर्मल बाबा पर अंबिका सोनी चुप्पी साधे है, उस अंबिका सोनी से कोई उम्मीद नहीं की जा सकती. निर्मल बाबा मुद्दे पर चैनलों को एक नोटिस तक जारी करने की इस अंबिका सोनी में हिम्मत नहीं है. अंधविश्वास को बढ़ाने का धंधा रोज रोज जारी है पर सब आंख वाले इस कदर आंख मूदे हैं गोया जन्म से अंधे हों, बहरे तो खैर ये हैं ही. और रही बात कपिल सिब्बल की तो जिसका काम ही गलत को सही और सही को गलत साबित करना है, उससे सही गलत के लिए गुहार लगाना सावन के अंधे को हरियाली दिखाने जैसा है. अंबिका सोनी, कपिल सिब्बल आदि इत्यादि कांग्रेसियों व उनके कैरेक्टर को तो दुनिया जानती है काटजू साहब, आप क्यों अपने अच्छे खासे अतीत की वाट लगाना चाहते हैं. contd...

    1. I dislike Congress as much as you do, but I disagree with you on your opinion that Justice Katju is working for Congress. If Justice Katju was really Pro-Congress, he would have welcomed Allahabad HC's gag order on Troop Movement and lashed out at IndianExpress. But he didn't.

    2. See above given detailed article is view point of the Journalist Yashwant Singh whose blog site is one of the most polpular journalism blog , who disclosed many hidden thing in India like Amar singh Tapes, M.P Iron ore mining scam,Abhishek Manu Singhvi s ex tape etc.
      Regarding Allahabad Hc Order you are refering,it was aimed to stop news like Express published claiming alleged troup movement ,which was later alleged to be brainwork of One Senior Congress/UPA minister P Chidambaram to push for removal of Gen VK Singh, Please see sunday Guardian article below:Please see these UK guardian report

    3. Ek dhum barabar chhe ,aa doso katju to government no dalal chhe.... government na virodhi o ne oppose kari ne politics ma ava mange chhe..bencho% bhosa$i na..

  14. contd ..part 2 अभी हाल में ही एक तस्वीर छपी थी जिसमें एक अफ्रीकी नेता बुढ़ापे में छठवीं शादी के लिए टाई कोट के साथ साथ कमर कसे दिखा था. सो, नैतिकता पर कोई यूनिवर्सल कानून नहीं है, यह देश काल समाज के हिसाब से परिभाषित किया जाता है. इसलिए इसे छोड़िए. बताइए यह कि जज जैसे पद पर कोई आओ सेक्स सेक्स खेलें खेलकर पहुंच जाए तो उस देश के आम आदमी को कैसा इंसाफ मिलेगा? इस मुद्दे पर आपकी क्या राय है काटजू? पार्टनर, आपकी पालिटिक्स सिर्फ कुछ को खारिज करना नहीं होना चाहिए. आप उन्हें खारिज करें जिनके कारण इस समय का देश समाज और जनता खारिज हुई जा रही है, अपनी जिंदगी, जमीन, आत्मा से.... आप उन्हें खारिज करें जिन्हें दुखों की मारी जनता खारिज कर रही है तो समझ में आता है कि आप जनता के साथ खड़े हो.

    पर आप बेहद चालाकी के साथ, बेहद ब्यूरोक्रेटिक एप्रोच के साथ जो खेल खेल रहे हैं, वह अब लोगों के समझ में आने लगा है. न आ रहा होगा तो हम जैसे लोग समझाएंगे क्योंकि काटजू साहब, इस देश को आप जैसे पढ़े लिखे चालाकों की नहीं बल्कि कम पढ़े लिखे और लड़ने भिड़ने वाले अन्नाओं की जरूरत है. अन्ना में कमियां हो सकती हैं लेकिन कांग्रेस के भ्रष्ट राज काज के मुकाबले हजार गुना कम कमियां होंगी. फिलहाल तो आपको बधाई कि आपने सोनी-सिब्बल को पत्र लिखकर अपनी पक्षधरता के बारे में बता दिया है. आप कारपोरेट मीडिया वालों का तो कुछ उखाड़ बिगाड़ नहीं पाए, हां, अब गरीब मीडिया वालों जिसे लोग सोशल मीडिया और न्यू मीडिया कहते हैं, पर डंडा बरसाने की व्यवस्था कराकर खुद को भ्रष्ट तंत्र का जो पहरेदार साबित कर रहे हैं, वह आपकी राजनीति को स्पष्ट करता है.

    मिस्टर काटजू, इंटरनेट महासमुद्र है. पहले भी वहां पोर्न था और आज भी वहां खूब पोर्न है. पहले भी वहां ज्ञान था, आज भी वहां खूब ज्ञान विज्ञान है, पहले भी वहां गासिप और अफवाहें थी, आज भी वहां खूब गासिप व अफवाहें हैं. पहले भी वहां विद्रोह था, आज भी वहां खूब क्रांतियां है.... जाकी रही भावना जैसी के अंदाज में हर आदमी अपनी अपनी जरूरत का माल खोजता देखता सीखता है. आप क्यों चाहते हैं कि इस माध्यम पर जो माल पड़े, वह आपकी रुचि-अरुचि के हिसाब से हो. आप दरअसल खुद को भले ही वैज्ञानिक दृष्टिकोण से लैस डेमोक्रेट बताते हों लेकिन सच तो ये है कि आप अरिस्टोक्रेट की तरह जीते, व्यवहार करते और काम करते हैं. खुद के अंदर झांकिए. वैसे, हम लोग अब आपको उन नब्बे फीसदी भारतीयों में शुमार करने लगे हैं जिन्हें आप मूर्ख बताते हैं. इस मुद्दे पर बहस जारी रहेगी. आपके जवाब का इंतजार रहेगा. सोशल मीडिया और न्यू मीडिया के साथियों से अपील है कि वे इस बहस को अपने अपने मंचों पर ले जाएं और ज्यादा से ज्यादा प्रचारित प्रसारित करें ताकि दूसरे लोगों के भी विचार सामने आ सकें. contd..

  15. contd part 3..आखिर में, काटजू साहब, आपको सोशल मीडिया के लोगों को खुलकर धन्यवाद देना चाहिए, जिनके अभियान के कारण निर्मल बाबा एक्सपोज हुए और मेनस्ट्रीम मीडिया को भी मजबूरन निर्मल बाबा के फ्राड का खुलासा करना पड़ा. और फिर सिंघवी के बहाने जज बनाए जाने के इस सेक्सी सिस्टम की कलई खोलने का काम सोशल मीडिया ने किया. इसी कारण सिंघवी को प्रवक्ता पद से हाथ धोना पड़ा, कांग्रेस के अन्य शीर्ष पदों से भी हटना पड़ा. अगर सब कुछ सही था तो आखिर कांग्रेस ने क्यों सिंघवी को हटाया. बने रहने देते और रोज रोज प्रेस ब्रीफिंग करने देते. सच तो ये है कि कांग्रेस, सिंघवी और आप जैसों ने पूरी कोशिश की कि सिंघवी का सच कहीं सामने न आ सके, सेक्सी सिस्टम की सच्चाई न खुल सके, इसी कारण अदालत के नाम पर सारे मीडिया वालों का मुंह सील दिया गया. लेकिन सोशल मीडिया वालों ने बिना डरे सारा सच सबके सामने परोस दिया. और, फिर कलई खुलने से कालिख पुती कांग्रेस के पास कोई चारा नहीं बचा. ऐसे में आपको सोशल मीडिया व न्यू मीडिया के लोगों का इस्तकबाल करना चाहिए था, भले ही चोरी छुपे, लेकिन आप तो पूरी तरह से सिस्टम परस्त ही नहीं बल्कि एक पार्टी परस्त निकले. मिस्टर काटजू, मैं भी भाजपाई नहीं हूं, संघी नहीं हूं. लेकिन मैं इस डर से कांग्रेस के करप्शन, कांग्रेस की गंदगी का समर्थन नहीं कर सकता कि ये गई तो भाजपा आ जाएगी. भाजपा कोई भूत नहीं. अगर आपने जो डेमोक्रेटिक व इलेक्टोरल सिस्टम बनाया है, उसके माध्यम से भाजपा जनमत लेकर आती है तो उसे सरकार बनाना चाहिए. और, तब भी हम लोग उस सरकार की कलई उसी तरह खोलते रहेंगे जैसे आज खोल रहे हैं. सोशल मीडिया और न्यू मीडिया किसी का सगा नहीं होता, खुद अपना भी. और आपको शायद पता नहीं होगा, क्योंकि यह कानून की किसी किताब में नहीं लिखा है कि आप और आपकी सरकारें लाख चाहें, इस सोशल मीडिया और न्यू मीडिया को मैनेज कर ही नहीं सकतीं, पैसे के दम पर भी नहीं और कानून के डंडे के बल पर भी नहीं. हां, लेकिन आप जरूर एक्सपोज हो गए मिस्टर काटजू. आपके प्रति जो थोड़ा बहुत साफ्ट कार्नर था अब खत्म. अब आपसे हर मुद्दे पर बात होगी, और खुलकर बात होगी. मैं ही नहीं, हर सोशल मीडिया वाला और न्यू मीडिया वाला अब आपसे मुखातिब होगा. जय हिंद.
    फिलहाल यहां वो पत्र डाल रहा हूं जिसे काटजू ने सिब्बल को भेजा है, सोशल मीडिया पर लगाम लगाने का अनुरोध करते हुए...


    एडिटर, भड़ास4मीडिया

  16. [B]April 23, 2012

    Shri Kapil Sibal,

    Hon’ble Minister for Communications and Information Technology

    Shastri Bhawan,

    New Delhi.

    Re: Regulation of Social Media.

    Dear Shri Sibal,

    I had sent a letter yesterday to Mrs. Ambika Soni recommending a committee be set up by the Government of India consisting of legal and technical experts for placing some restrictions on the social media as it is often acting in an arbitrary and irresponsible manner. A copy of the letter is enclosed.

    Mrs. Ambika Soni wrote back today that I should write to you in this connection as your Ministry is the relevant Ministry. A copy of the letter is enclosed.

    I, therefore, request you to immediately set up a committee as proposed by me so that the social media can be regulated and suitable legislation be initiated on the basis of the recommendations of this committee. Unless this is done irreparable damage may be done to individuals or to society, as the material shown may be inflammatory or defamatory or otherwise harmful to people.

    With regards,

    Yours faithfully,

    Markandey Katju[/B]


  17. और ये शुरुआती पत्र है, जो अंबिका सोनी को काटजू ने भेजा, सोशल मीडिया पर लगाम लगाने का अनुरोध करते हुए....


    Mrs. Ambika Soni

    Hon’ble Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting

    New Delhi

    Dear Mrs. Soni, I am deeply distressed that a new practice has developed in the social media of its misuse for defaming people /groups /religions /communities. The recent example is of dissemination of a CD which even the author admitted had been distorted for defaming a reputed senior lawyer of the Supreme Court and Member of Parliament, and the threat to defame a Union Minister.

    The social media kept uploading the CD despite a Court injunction against it and despite the author admitting that he had doctored it. In my opinion unless some curbs are placed on the social media nobody’s reputation will be safe in India. I have repeatedly said that while there is freedom of the media in our country, no freedom can be absolute, and has to be coupled with responsibilities. The reputation of a person is a valuable asset, and cannot be permitted to be trampled upon by mischievous people. The social media often acts irresponsibly, which can irreparably damage a person’s reputation.

    I would therefore request you to set up a team of legal and technical experts to find out ways and means of checking this menace, including, if the government thinks fit, initiating suitable legislation for this purpose, for filtering out such offensive material.

    Yours sincerely,

    Markandey Katju


    Press Council of India[/B]

  18. aa doso katju to government no dalal chhe.... govenment na virodhi o ne oppose kari ne politics ma ava mange chhe..bencho% bhosa$i no..

  19. I TOTALLY agree with you on your points regarding astrology/supersition. It makes me rile when I see families matching horoscopes...its complete nonsense.

    The worst part is that its a complete money-making racket created by when horoscopes dont match....they go on to give remedies...for which guess what, you have to pay more money !!

    PEOPLE PLEASE WAKE UP AND READ WHAT THIS GENTLEMAN IS SAYING. Astrology & numerology is complete hogwash created by people to fleece naive/ignorant people...

  20. All the points mentioned by Justice Katju are about mindless superstitions and other irrational habits of people. Sadly, intelligence has nothing to do with rationality. Which is why we often find the most intelligent of people are also very religious and also superstitious. Even those who follow religious rites and rituals follow them out of fear. Hence, perhaps the word god-fearing, not god-loving. All the Babas and godmen play with this fear psychosis within people and exploit them thoroughly.
    People who practice religious rituals often say that science can't prove/disprove their beliefs. But then one can always be rational and think before following traditions blindly. Only those, like Raja Rammohan Roy, who think rationally and challenge the very basis of such age-old superstitions can bring about radical change in society. We need more such people, who are willing to go against the tide.
    In my view, even religion should be practiced privately, not flaunted in public, causing friction and disharmony among communities. But then, in India people intoxicate themselves in religion so much that they become oblivious to its adverse effects. Karl Marx has rightly said that religion is the opium of the masses.

  21. Sir,
    I believe media has to be cleansed first.
    Media runs after TRPs and this makes them do all this nonsense. TRPs are given weekly . If only, they can be changed to monthly, this trend will decrease.
    Second, we need to liberalise and enhance our education system.

  22. As long as money a monetary system prevail true democracy will be nothing more than illusion.

    People of the world must head towards Resource Based Economy :

  23. Justice Katju, you are right 90%. 1. Taking oath itself is a superstition, which you admittedly did. 2. There could be many argument against the deluded 'past glory'. 3. Science is about progress and not going back to past, as you seem to suggest.

    I solicit your comment on "Atheism for a better India"

  24. However, Justice Katju is right, even I have found Tamil professors & scientists to be honest and truly dedicated to their duties as compared to north Indians, but then they are a bit more selfish than north Indians. Life is a puzzle still. But any idea is welcome as far as democracy of freedom of speech is maintained. And no physical harm is meted out to humans who is propagating his/her idea.

  25. i fully agree with katju sir. the present society of India is not having the iq level to think about what they are doing and why they are doing....
    my father stated me in my childhood that 80 % peoples are fools around you so be worry and take decision by using your brain not others
    now the figures is increased from 80% to 90% its also indicates where our country is going
    thank you for this good article
    have a good time

  26. Sir you may be a little brutal/insensitive in your words BUT it’s the truth...totally agree with ever word you have written. Great that people like you who are in influential positions are candid and able to call a spade a spade without holding it back.

  27. I am fully agree with Justice Katju. Friends Please read properly i think u will learn a lot from this blog.What ever Katju sir mentioned it 100% correct.Don't blame him.


  29. देश के साथ प्रेम जताने के दो तरीके हैं। एक है अपनी वाह-वाही करना और दूसरा है अपने दोषों को देखना। हमें सिर्फ ऐसे लोगों की ज़रूरत नहीं जो भीड़ को भावनाओं को लहरों में बहा कर ले जाएं, बल्कि कबीर की तरह भीड़ को डाँट लगाने वालों की ज़रूरत भी है। यह काम आसान नहीं है, खासतौर से जब भीड़ नासमझों जैसा बर्ताव कर रही हो। तब और ज्यादा मुश्किल है जब वह नादान हो। हमें जानकारी की रोशनी चाहिए और अपनी आलोचनाओं का स्वागत करना चाहिए। आने वाला समय जबर्दस्त प्रतियोगिता का है।

  30. I am fully agree with Justice Katju. Sorry, but we don't have enough courage to accept the facts.

  31. Indians by and large lack critical thinking.Our rote based education is at the base of this.Babas take advantage of this. I agree with Shri Katju.

  32. what ever mr katju is saying abt bitter but a big truth.someone may hv hurt by his statement,but it is better to accept reality than to pretend everytime in the name of communalism,secularism,poverty,female foeticides ,dowry and many more social evils..
    and for those who points finger on mr katju...
    i may not kno mr katju for long time but so far as i kno abt him ,he has always raised his voice against social injustice.....think how many people really serious n think abt india's well being.nobody thinks beyond earning breads n butter...and if somebody(mr.katju) raising his decibels against wrongdoings to uproot social evils or to make people aware of that , we then start pulling his legs(as mr ajit is doing).i would like to say to those who call mr katju a hypocrite,that you may hav some personal contrasts but that are not facts....we must face ground realities as mr katju talks abt ...we must answer so called Needham's grand questions if we really want india to shine...

  33. Read both the articles sir. Just felt that I read the work of Subramania Bharathi who criticised slumbering Indians of the then colonial India comparing them with senseless king cobra which snoars even when its tail catches fire. Likewise colonial Indians too were fatty, egoistic and sluggish and indolent. What you said about 90% are 100% true.

  34. Justice Sahib, I agree with your general point about Indians being irrational but you've chosen the wrong examples. The head of the US Narional Instt of Health is a distinguished scientist - and a devout Catholic who believes in the Virgin Birth. 60% of Americans believe the Bible in literal terms - and that the universe is 6000 years old. All of this does not come in the way of establishing and maintaining an advanced society. What India needs is sound policy and the strict enforcement of the law, uniformly, on all, irrespective of religion. But you don't seem to want to support that.

  35. Katju Saheb! Sir,

    This by way of feed back as you also are a lone ranger. Satyam Bruyat… Logic looks formidable. But it is not. Why? I jot down some of our observations for your consideration. They are

    1. Casteism: You have based your observation on electoral patterns. This group is from Bihar and we are considered as the most cattiest state in India. But We have seen that when ever a criminal is caught by a mob he is promptly killed. No one asks his caste etc. The caste comes into play once a police station/ Neta/ Court comes into picture and whole lot of books are thrown around. The 90% fools voted against Mrs Gandhi in 1977. Laloo never secured majority seats in Bihar Legislative assembly. He was installed in power because of 10% people with mind sitting in Delhi. As regards electoral pattern I would put a simple question to you. What we understand by word choice. Dish TV relaying 400 channels gives us a choice! Or four dozen political parties give us a choice! We can list n number of issues from adulterated food/ medicine/ under weighing/ over pricing, non performance of all three wings of Indian State gives us a choice.
    2. Criket: Indian because of your 10% smart people have suffered so much that we are starved of victory. We are dying to celebrate victories and crocket gives us the chance to celebrate. Hence the dewangi.
    3. Anna Hazare: Mr. Katju can you tell the 90% idiots of which I am a part, the last time Indian Government introduced/ promoted life changing innovation in India. & please don’t say Manrega. To the best of my knowledge Chankya and Gandhi gave us innovation (chankya successfully and Gandhi sabotaged by Nehru) through our history. Both contributed as agents out side Government. You say that the recipe suggested by Anna or Arvind is not likely to succeed. It may be so. But I don’t think as a Judge you came any where closer to wipe out back logs in the Courts and some 6 crores cases are pending in High Courts/ Supreme Court. None of your 10% crowd has contributed in any way to improve Indian polity. They certainly have contributed to its degeneration.
    Satyam Bruyat is a part of subhasitani and not part of any sastra as you said. I will certainly like to know from which sastra it is taken to subhasitani. And in my personal opinion you are speaking without proper observation of social reality. It is neither satya not an exercise to improve out lot.

    Lawyers against corruption

  36. I am a law student, whatever was discussed above enlighten me a lot. Mr. Katju point of view is correct but I totally disagree how the man is politically and socially behaving. Sir, kindly make a proper use of your position,you can contribute a lot to society.

  37. spoke truly like the government plant like you is expected to speak

  38. Si
    Sir,with due respect,believing in rahu kalam etc is not superstit ion.By the way I am south indian.I believe that there are areas n the electromagnetic spectrum we are not aware of and these beliefs are eons old-so one cannot brush them away summarily.It is true that in this age such views may be inconvenient.Personally Ido not force anybody to act according to the almanac but have a personal faith in it.

  39. The basic problem in India is that, the person who gets power, think that he/she is the most intelligent and rest are fool. Mr. katzu you are also belong to this category.
    We Indians are really fool, that's why you are here. Crores of youth are un-employed and you are shamelessly enjoying post retirement job. yes we are fool, not throwing you from this chair.
    Yes, we Indians are fool, that's why we are following your un-constitutional order of adding 302-IPC with every 304B-IPC without questioning that "how a suicide can be a murder"?
    you are very much concerned about dowry & dowry death, but never passed any order to stop it, at the time of occurrence of crime (the marriage) and surprisingly involve in it, why? are you waiting for the crime and cases? Why no action for not registering the marriage inspite of SC order? Why Dowry givers are not punished while it is a crime?
    you have seen in court that, women are burned for dowry but not told how many women in your family are burned for dowry?
    "Judiciary is the doctor of society", and presently both are sick. So, before pointing a finger on society see the three finger pointing on yourself also. It is only because of judiciary, we Indians are facing problems. So it is my humble request that, clean your judiciary to save India or leave us on our fate, otherwise if we the fool of India, ................
    Our judiciary is heavily loaded with the false cases running for several years, but these false complainants are never punished, because cases are the product of this judicial business. Everyday, in 90% courts, In front of judges money exchange is going on and we fool are giving. No advocate gives receipt and we fools are paying. Advocates are fighting cases in the family court without provisions. we fool are not raising the voice, due to fear of "contempt of court". yes we are fool, because we don't know, "contempt of court" can be exercised only after the good certificate of "character of court".
    I hope you will take this fool seriously and first clean your home (Judiciary) and then clean and make this society healthy.
    God may bless you the wisdom.

  40. Dear sir

    Your analysis is perfect. When the Supreme court judges are so superstitious how can an ordinary citizen of India be expected out of the clutches of the superstition. In this it is to be seen that while delivering the Judgement in Mandal commission (Indra Sawhney) case one Judge pointed out that the other caste people are made to believe that they are below the Brahmin community. You may be aware of the fact that this was faught tooth and nail in Tamilnadu by the Diravidian forces which had been projected in bad light by the media which was loaded with Brahminical minds. You may also aware of the fact that the speech of the nobel laurete Venkatraman ramakrishnan was vehemently opposed by the same community which keeps the flock as fools. The works of Narayana Guru, Jothiba phule, Ramalinga adigal(Vallalar), Rajaram Mohan roy, Sahu Mahraj, thanthai periyar, Vaikundar etc being sidelined by the great media. Some times they being projected as villains (evil forces)of the society..which happens for your comments also.

  41. Other lines of the sloka quoted are 'priyancha naanRtam bruuyat, yeshaa sanatana dharmah' these lines are intended to develop harmonious social and human relations. The author warns not to tell lies and falsehood at any cost, even if they sound sweet and dear; but if it is bitter, refrain from telling truth, for e.g. a sudden calamitous news to a very old man, or sentimentally weak person, or to heart patient, etc. But the first line is the real guideline. Tell truth only and that should be sweet and dear. It can also mean you can tell truths not in a harsh manner but in a sweet and dear manner. Be that as it may, I can only agree with Sri Katju if he includes himself among the 90% to which he referred because only such persons as he refers can talk in such a cavalier fashion.

  42. I commend Mr Katju to read this:
    04-02-2011, 03:40 AM #1 Shridhar Bhatt
    Geetham Contributor
    Join Date
    Mar 2007
    Satyam Bruyat Priyam Bruyat Na Bruyat Satyam Apriyam

    Satyam Bruyat Priyam Bruyat Na Bruyat Satyam Apriyam

    satyam bruyat priyam bruyat na bruyat satyam apriyam
    priyam ca nanrutam bruyat esha dharmah sanatanah

    Speak truth in such a way that it should be pleasing to others. Never speak truth, which is unpleasant to others. Never speak untruth, which might be pleasant. This is the path of eternal morality, sanatana dharma.

    To speak truth is an eternal value irrespective of time and place. But the expression of truth should be accompanied by two conditions. Firstly, it should be presented in a loving manner and secondly it should be spoken for the betterment of others. How you speak is as important as what is said. Priyam means speech that does not hurt others. Hitam is something that is said for the good or betterment of others. One should be careful of speaking truth but not hurting others.

    We should be careful in speaking the truth. The purpose should be good and the words used and the manners in which they are spoken are important. So the value of truthfulness is relative to a situation. According to the Indian scriptures while living in the world of relativity truth can be interpreted in many ways.

    The King And The Astrologer

    A king produced his horoscope before an astrologer and asked him about his future. The astrologer pondered the positions of the planets and consulted the Shastras and finally gave his verdict: .Maharaja, all your relatives will die before you, you will perform their obsequies with
    your own hands.. The king became furious. He was very much attached to his relatives and could not tolerate such a verdict. The king at once ordered that the poor astrologer should be given imprisonment for life.

    Then the king sent for another astrologer. This man was more tactful than the first. He found that the previous astrologer’s readings were absolutely correct. So, he tactfully put the same truth the other way round. He said: .Maharaja, you have a very long life. You will live longer than all your relatives.. This also meant that all his relatives would die while the king was alive. The same fact had been very tactfully told to please the king. The king was highly pleased with the astrologer and gave him rich and costly presents.

    Therefore it is said that even while telling the truth, one should tell it in a pleasant manner. Even a truth should not be told in a way that will hurt the feelings of others. If it is told so, it is tantamount to untruth only. Your speech should be truthful, pleasant and beneficial. - Shridhar Bhatt

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