Sunday 26 March 2017

Fascism is coming in India

History bears witness to the fact that when popular agitations, demonstrations and unrest rise above a certain level in a country, and the existing regimes feel threatened that they may be toppled by these, they crush all democratic freedoms and impose fascist rule. The fascist regime of Mussolini, and the demise of the Weimar Republic and advent of Nazi rule in Germany are glaring examples of this.

I believe that some kind of fascism is inevitably coming in a year or two in which democracy, freedom of speech and of the press, and civil liberties will all be totally India.

Consider the facts :

1. The present Indian government came to power on high expectations with the slogan of ' vikas ' or development. This meant, or at least was perceived as, millions of jobs for the youth, industrial growth benefiting businessmen and others, and general prosperity for the public.

2. We are now three years since the new government came to power, but one can see no traces of vikas ( see my articles ' The Shape of Things to come ', ' Vikas ', 'Healthcare in India', ' Malnutrition in India ', 'Unemployment in India;, ' The Trickle Down Theory ', ' The Dream has evaporated ' etc on facebook and my blog ), but only stunts like Swatchata Abhiyaan, Ghar wapasi, Good Governance day, Yoga Day, Demonetization, etc. In these articles I have demonstrated that under the economic policies being pursued by this government ( the trickle down effect ) there is bound to be further economic recession and further unemployment, malnutrition, lack of healthcare, farmers' suicides and poverty, though a handful of big businessmen may benefit. Prices of many essential items like dal have already gone up the roof, and will in all likelihood shoot up higher.

1 crore youth are entering the job market in India every year, but in 2016 only 1.4 lac jobs were created in the organized sector of the Indian economy. Where do the remaining 98.6 lac go ? They become hawkers, street vendors, bouncers, stringers, criminals or suicides.

50% of Indian children are malnourished, and 58% children below 5 are anaemic. 

Proper healthcare is almost non existent for our masses, and so quackery is flourishing
Lacs of farmers have committed suicide in India, and Tamilnadu farmers are sitting in Jantar Mantar, Delhi with skulls of the suicides, but our leaders are hardly bothered.

3. Consequently this government will become increasingly unpopular day by day, as people, especially the youth, get disillusioned and realize that they were befooled and taken for a ride by our superman who promised a paradise and Shangri-La in India in the name of 'vikas' , but after his accession to power has left people in the lurch.

4. This disillusionment and disenchantment, coupled with the terrible economic hardships and distress the Indian people are facing, with rising prices, rising unemployment, widespread malnutrition, farmers suicides, etc, is bound to lead to widespread and massive popular agitations, disturbances, and turbulence all over the country

5. To deal with these, attempts will first be made, as they have already been made, to do stunts like the anti-Romeo drive in U.P. and to divide the people on communal lines, and blame minorities for the problems, as Jews were blamed by the Nazis. One may recall that fascist regimes came to power in Germany and Italy in the 1920s and 1930s because of massive unemployment and soaring inflation in those countries and the consequent popular agitations.

6. These steps, however, will prove ineffective after a short time as people realize that food and jobs are more important to them than building Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Then harsh measures will be employed by the Government ( kadwi dawa ) to maintain its power, in other words, some kind of Emergency which we witnessed from 1975-1977, in which all civil liberties, freedom of speech and of the press, and all vestiges of democracy will be totally suppressed.

7. What form this fascist rule will take is difficult to predict, but to my mind fascism is inevitably coming in India

Sunday 19 March 2017

The Reality of India


You have a population of 1.32 billion people, while France has about 66 million and U.K. has about 65 million. Thus your population is about 20 times larger than France or U.K. and perhaps your land area is also 20 times larger.

But France and U.K. are permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, while India is not. You have been begging for a permanent seat even without veto rights, but you have been rebuffed for even that. 
And you know why ? It is not because of the colour of your skin but because your country is poor. Nobody respects the poor. When China was a poor, semi colonial country, the Westerners called the Chinese a ' yellow race ' and looted and exploited it. Today China is a powerful, highly industrialized country, and now nobody dare call the Chinese ' yellow '.

And do you know why you are poor ? It is because most of you are mentally backward, full of casteism, communalism and unscientific thinking and mindsets.

Unless you destroy your backwardness you will never be able to emerge as a modern industrial giant, like China, for which you have all the potential, with your huge pool of engineers, technicians, scientists, etc and immense natural resources. Instead, you will be looked down upon and kicked around by the developed countries.

So when I am harsh in criticizing your backwardness, it is not to demoralize or denigrade you, but to make you aware of the true reality, so that you may start your struggle to make India a highly developed, highly industrialized prosperous nation in which all our people are getting decent lives, and a high standard of living

Muslims, get rid of these blood sucking leeches on your body

In view of the recent political developments in India, bad days seem to be ahead for Indian Muslims.
A large part of the blame for this must rest on most Muslim political leaders and most Maulanas/Muftis in India, who for their own vested interests have been, like leeches, sucking the blood of the innocent but gullible Muslim masses for a long time.

Consider just one example. In 1985 the Indian Supreme Court gave the Shahbano judgment that a Muslim man must give maintenance to his divorced wife. One would have expected every reasonable person to have supported this progressive, humanitarian judgment. In almost every country in the world a husband has to give maintenance to his divorced wife if she is unable to maintain herself. But no, almost all Maulanas and Muslim political leaders ( except perhaps Arif Mohd. Khan ) raised a hue and cry, and vehemently denounced the judgment as being in conflict with sharia law, and ultimately the Rajiv Gandhi Congress govt. got the judgment legislatively nullified, as he was told that otherwise Congress would lose the Muslim vote bank.

Take another example, the practice of triple talaq is clearly inhuman and retrograde, because by triple talaq a Sunni Muslim husband can simply throw out his wife ( with her children, if any ) for no rhyme or reason, and without going to Court. Yet the All India Muslim Personal Board, which includes many arch reactionary Maulanas and other like minded arch reactionaries, has in its affidavit before the Supreme Court strongly opposed its abolition.

In fact the entire sharia law is outdated, and needs to be abolished. After all, a law is usually a reflection of existing social customs in a society at a particular stage of its historical development, and so when society changes, the law too must change. How can a law made in the 7th or 8th century in Arabia be relevant or applicable in India in the 21st century ? It is like applying Manusmriti to Hindus today. And to say that if sharia is abolished Islam will be abolished is nonsense. Almost the entire old ( uncodified ) Hindu law was abolished in 1955 and 1956 by the Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Succession Act, etc but Hinduism has not thereby been abolished.

In fact a uniform civil code would benefit Muslims by putting an end to the feudal, outdated sharia law, but the reactionary leeches, viz. most of the Indian Muslim political leaders and Maulanas will not permit this.

The practice of wearing burqa too must be banned, as it is a feudal, barbaric custom degrading to women, and it was banned in Turkey by the great Turkish leader Kemal Mustafa Ataturk in the 1920s.
It is now high time for Muslim society, particularly the Muslim youth, to get rid of these leeches, who for their own vested interests, have kept the Muslims backward and have been sucking their blood. Muslims should now demand abolition of sharia and burqa. Failure to do so now will only give a handle to the reactionaries among the majority Hindu community, and be disastrous for Indian Muslims. 
Indian Muslims, wake up before it is too late