Friday 31 July 2015

Guru Purnima

 Today, 31st July, is Guru Purnima

My advice to youth is : while ordinarily respect should be given to gurus, one must not blindly accept whatever they teach. You should also study the subject and use your own head and critically examine whether what the guru has taught is correct.

 While many teachers in our schools, colleges, universities and Institutes are indeed learned and competent, others are not, and were probably appointed for extraneous considerations. Such incompetent teachers treat teaching as any other job for filling their stomachs. Many of them hardly know their subject, so what will they teach ? In fact they may do do great harm to students.

 I remember when I was a student of philosophy  in Allahabad University ( from 1963-1965 ) my teachers taught me that the difference between the 6 classical systems of Indian philosophy, or shatdarshan,  viz. Nyaya, Vaisheshik, Sankhya, Yoga, Purva Mimansa and Uttar Mimansa ( Vedanta ), and the 3 non classical ones, viz. Buddhism, Jainism and Charvak, was that the former rely on the authority of the Vedas while the latter do not.

 But when I had passed out of the University and did my ''svadhyaya'' I came to know that what my teachers had taught me was not correct.. The first 4 of the 6 classical systems, viz. Nyaya, Vaisheshik, Sankhya and Yoga, do not rely on the authority of the Vedas. It is only the last two, viz. Purva Mimansa and Uttar Mimansa which rely on the authority of the Vedas, the Purva Mimansa, placing emphasis on the Brahman part of the Vedas ( which lay down the method of performing the various Vedic yagyas ), while the Uttar Mimansa ( or Vedanta ) placing emphasis on the Upanishad part of the Vedas.

 I may also add that when I was a Judge in Allahabad High Court ( 1991-2004) several cases came before me of Principals or teachers in schools or colleges in U.P. facing criminal charges of having embezzled the school or college building funds, scholarship funds, etc. Many teachers hardly come to their institution for teaching, while drawing their full salary from there, and spend most of their time running coaching classes at home or elsewhere.charging heavy fees. Only students who attend the coaching class will be given good marks.
 Can such teachers be respected ?

Thursday 30 July 2015

Petition against Indian Parliament

I had filed a writ petition under Article 32 of the Constitution before the Supreme Court challenging the resolutions of both Houses of Parliament condemning me for my statements against Gandhi and Subhas Chandra Bose. I had in my blog ( see ) called Gandhi objectively a British agent, and Bose a Japanese agent.

 The writ petition is listed for admission hearing on Monday, 3rd August at serial number 9 in Court number 3, the Judges being Justices Thakur, Gopala Gowda and Bhanumathi. My senior lawyer is Mr. Gopal Subramaniam, former Solicitor General of India, and my advocate on record is Mr.Shadan Farasat ( mobile 9818009824 ). Shadan holds a degree of Master in Law from Harvard University.

 The main points in my petition are (1) natural justice requires that no one should be condemned unheard, but the resolutions of Parliament were hurriedly passed without giving me a hearing (2) I have the right to express my views as freedom of speech is a fundamental right.guaranteed by Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution, and (3) the resolutions affect my reputation, which has been held by the Supreme Court to be part of Article 21 of the Constitution.

 Let us see what happens.

Indian society has been largely communalized.

Indian society has been largely communalized. My guess is that today 80-90% Hindus are communal ( i.e.anti Muslim ) and 80-90% Muslims are also communal.

 I am informed that the communal virus has even spread to many parts of rural India.

 In the Yakub Memon episode the Hindus largely wanted him hanged, while Muslims wanted him not hanged.

  I was of the opinion that the evidence against him was very weak, and hence his conviction was wrong, This no doubt has made me very unpopular among most Hindus, who constitute about 80% of our population. So I am isolated from the majority of my own countrymen.

 But that does not matter. I am not a popularity seeker. One is often isolated in life when one takes an unpopular stand, as I have often done.. The important thing is that the stand should be correct.

Hang him for his bad verses

Living in a crowd of buffoons, is extremely dangerous. The crowd has a mob mentality, like the Roman mob in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and is often bloodthirsty .
 When Mark Antony incited the mob against Caesar’s murderers, the mob went around seeking them ( see Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'Act 3 Scene 3 )
They caught hold of a poet called Cinna, who was different from Cinna the conspirator, and although he kept protesting that he was Cinna the poet, and not Cinna the conspirator, they lynched him saying, “Hang him for his bad verses.”

Third Citizen
Your name, sir, truly.
Truly, my name is Cinna.
First Citizen
Tear him to pieces; he's a conspirator.
I am Cinna the poet, I am Cinna the poet.
Fourth Citizen
Tear him for his bad verses, tear him for his bad verses.
I am not Cinna the conspirator.
Fourth Citizen
It is no matter, his name's Cinna; pluck but his
name out of his heart, and turn him going.
Third Citizen
Tear him, tear him! Come, brands ho! fire-brands:
to Brutus', to Cassius'; burn all: some to Decius'
house, and some to Casca's; some to Ligarius': away, go!

Tuesday 28 July 2015

Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

 Dr. Kalam, who died yesterday, set the highest standards of public life in India.
When he was President of India, he insisted on paying from his own pocket the travel, food and other expenses of his relatives and friends who stayed in Rashtrapati Bhawan, since they were his private guests.

  Whenever a name was recommended to him for appointment of a Judge of the Supreme Court or High Court he would get a secret enquiry made about the person, and if anything adverse was found he would return the file to the government with his objections. He also returned some bills passed by Parliament which he thought were unconstitutional.

 This made him unpopular with the UPA government, which refused to give him a second term as President, and instead chose Pratibha Patil, who was a rubber stamp.

 When I was Chief Justice of Madras High Court I went to Rameshwarm, his home town. I visited his home, and was received by his elder brother. The house was a simple cottage of a few rooms, with no ornamentation whatsoever. I thought that if it would have been another President, the house would have become a palace by now.

 Even after retirement he continued teaching students, which was his passion.
 He was Chief Guest at the Pongal-Sankranti Day which was a function organized a few years ago at my residence, whose picture you can see on my facebook page

Monday 27 July 2015

Have no hope for Yakub Memon

Many people are pinning hope in some relief to Yakub Memon by the Supreme Court today, but I have no such hope. The petition will certainly be dismissed by the Supreme Court.
 The President of India has already rejected his  mercy petition earlier ,and will almost certainly reject it again, if any is filed.

 So Yakub Memon, whom I believe to be innocent ( for the reasons given in my earlier posts ), is almost certain to be hanged on 30th July.

 In the communalized atmosphere prevailing in the country today, the bloodlust in a large section of the majority community against the minority, is very strong

Difference between Owaisi and me

A fb comment on my last post, and my response :

Abdul Salam : Katju sab the person who first raised voice about this issue is #Hyderabadi, take u r chudees back.......

Markandey Katju Has Owaisi ever raised his voice protesting against atrocities on Hindus e.g. Kashmiri Pandits, or minorities in Pakistan ? He only protests against atrocities on Muslims in India, obviously with the Muslim vote bank in mind, whereas I protest against atrocities on  everyone,'Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, etc, even those in Pakistan, e.g. Ahmedis, Shias, Christians, Hindus, etc.

I am not in politics, so I have no vote bank in mind. I want that no one should be oppressed, and everyone should be allowed to live with dignity and honour, whatever his religion, race, caste, colour, language or region

Choodis will remain with Owaisi until he sits on dharna before the residence of the CM of Telangana demanding that Abdul Qadeer be pardoned. But I know he will not, because he is a dramabaz and ''politisstitute''

Sunday 26 July 2015

Yakub Memon- Begunahon ka lahu piyo, izn-e-aam hai

I believe there has been gross travesty of justice in the case of Yakub Memon.

I have carefully studied the judgment of the Court. The evidence on which he has been found guilty is very weak. This evidence is (1) retracted confession of the co-accused, and (2) alleged recoveries.

 As regards the first, everyone knows how 'confessions' are obtained by the police in our country--by torture. And torture is such a terrible thing that one will confess to anything under torture. Joan of Arc confessed to be a witch under torture. Moreover, in this case, the alleged 'çonfession' was retracted.

 As regards 'recoveries', anyone having even the slighted knowledge of the working of the police knows that such alleged recoveries are often planted. The truth is that our police usually cannot nab the real culprits because it is not trained in scientific investigation, and yet it has to solve the crime. So the best thing to do in terrorist cases is to implicate half a dozen Muslims, since it is well known that Muslims have nothing else to do except throw bombs.

 As regards the judiciary, I fear it is becoming increasingly populist. Many judges want to show to the public that they are 'tough on terror', never mind if innocent people are convicted and hanged...

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Outsourcing judicial powers

In para 110 of its judgment in BCCI vs. Cricket Association of Bihar, C.A. 4235/2014 decided on 22.1.2015, the Supreme Court gave power to a 3 member commission appointed by it consisting of retired judges headed  by Justice Lodha, former CJI, to impose punishments on IPL cricket teams and persons associated with IPL.  Accordingly, the Commission, after an enquiry, imposed punishments.

 The power to impose punishment is with the court. Can the court outsource this judicial power to another body, e.g. a commission appointed by it ? If this is legally permissible, then why can not every judicial function be outsourced ? I have grave doubts whether such outsourcing is valid.
 This is a crucial jurisprudential question which needs to be considered.

The monsoon session of the Indian Parliament is approaching.

The 'Hon'ble' members of Parliament cannot unite on any issue in the House, except one : condemning me for my 'outrageous' statements, as they did  regarding my statement on Gandhi in March. So may I make a humble suggestion to them.

I have made a large number of 'outrageous' statements over the past few months, on Gandhi ( British agent ), Subhas Chandra Bose ( Japanese agent ), Tagore ( British stooge ), Syed Ahmed Khan and Madan Mohan Malviya, ( both serving British policy of divide and rule, and so British agents ) Amartya Sen ( mediocre, highly overpraised ), beef ban ( stupid, reactionary step for vote bank politics ), The Court of Last Resort being the need of the hour ( thousands of innocents are wrongly in Indian jails ),  Pakistan is a fake country, most politicians in India ( which would obviously include most 'Hon'ble' MPs ) should be shot for having looted the country, etc, etc.

  So in the monsoon session let the 'Hon'ble' MPs decide the agenda beforehand : all the items should be condemning me.

There will be no turmoil,  no jostling and shouting, no rushing to the well of the House, no ten members speaking simultaneously, no disruptions or adjournments by the Chair. No one will be able to criticize the members as being a set of unruly, indisciplined hooligans. Everything will proceed smoothly and unanimously. There will be no complaint that the public money is being wasted.
as no business is transacted in the Houses.

 Everyone will then say, like Mark Antony speaking at Caesar's funeral, " And sure, they are 'Hon'ble' members "

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Urdu is recovering in strange ways

In my previous post I quoted the following sher of Ghalib :
" Hum wahan hain jahan se humko bhi
  Kuch hamari khabar naheen aati "

On this there was this comment and my reply thereto :

 Zhunzharrao Killedaar This line was written on the toilet walls of Central Rly Stn.

Markandey Katju Then Ghalib has penetrated even toilets. Urdu is making a recovery in India, though in strange ways

Zhunzharrao Killedaar hahahahaha Splendid..... super Sarcasm Award goes to MK... hahahaha. Good One sir

Tagore and I

Instead of the hollow and high sounding but empty and meaningless rhetoric and shibboleths in Tagore's poem, here is a poem I have composed which has real meaning for the Indian masses :

" Where children are not hungry and malnourished
  Where no one is poor, and everyone enjoys a high standard of living
  Where no one is unemployed
  Where healthcare, good education and housing are available freely to everyone
  Where scientific thinking is widespread, and superstition has disappeared
  Where there is no discrimination against women, dalits, minorities or any section of Indian society
 Where industry has become massive and is used for the benefit of the masses, not just to enrich a handful of people
   Where social security is provided to the old, sick and disabled
  Where more and more people are able to devote their time to genuinely creative scientific and artistic work
Where there is genuine democracy in society, and not just caste and religious vote banks to be cunningly manipulated and exploited by selfish, crafty politicians
Into that heaven of freedom, let my country awake "

A sad fb message.

 The sender has permitted me to mention his name :

Faim Patel
Jul 13th, 8:37pm
Dear Mr. Katju,

Referring to your plea to have Roza one day by non Muslim. Want to share one fact of my village.  My friend is Hindu his grandmother used to fast for Ramadan that too for a whole month. I remember one day Shivaratri and Roza on same day. That day in the morning and evening she had food that allowed for Shivaratri. The other side of story,  in my Village Holi burn in front my house despite being a Muslim. Whenever there is urs it begins from Hanuman temple. When I was a kid never felt insecure as Muslim with all Hindu friends. My closest friend is Brahmin, and I used to eat at his home daily. Still we all are very good friend he don't mind if I order nonveg for me though he never eat it but do share table with me. Sometimes himself he arrange for party with nonveg but never eat that.

Though things are bit same in village but there was some differences as well few years back and no need to mention it's because of Politics. Still more than 90% friends are Hindu. We are very comfirtable, we discuss even religion openly. But one thing what I observed is trust among communities is deteriorating. If this is not stopped soon it will destroy our country. When I got a job offer from Singapore after my studies I refused, and chose to stay back. After 10 years things so changed, now I am going to Singapore happily for a job. Think of never coming back, but still my village my town my country will be forever in my heart. Sad part is that it's no more the same before 15 years. Country is paying someone's greed and ambitions.

Another 'honest' AAP MLA

After Tomar,here is another 'honest' AAP  MLA chosen by that Imandari ka Masiha Arvind Kejriwal. Let us see how many more are standing in the queue waiting to be exposed :

Hindus observe one day roza

Hindus observe one day roza. A large number of such fb messages have come to me

A fb message

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your initiative of Roza for a day. I and my 72 years old grandmother are observing Roza today as a mark of respect for our Muslim brothers. It is easier for me since I am an atheist but for my grandmother who is a devout Hindu and a Hindu priest herself, it is a big step towards accepting a secular lifestyle. I think India can change in this way soon. Thank you.
- Puneet Khatavkar

Markandey Katju
Jul 13th, 5:53pm
Nice to hear this. Can I post this on my fb page with your name ?

Puneet Khatavkar
Jul 13th, 5:53pm
Yeah. That would be fine.

Pakistan and Kashmir

In a turnaround, Pakistan on Monday asserted that talks cannot take place without Kashmir being on the agenda, barely three days after the two countries agreed to re-engage.

Going back to its oft-repeated stand, Pakistan Prime Minister’s Adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz made it clear “no dialogue will take place with India unless Kashmir issue is included in the agenda.”

I think the Indian Government should, instead of being on the defensive about Kashmir, tell the Pakistan representatives that in fact Pakistan is a fake, artificial country created by the British on the basis of the bogus two nation theory, and the whole purpose of its creation as a theological state was that there should be no peace in the sub continent, and Hindus and Muslims would keep fighting each other. This ensures that India ( of which Pakistan is really a part ) does not emerge as another China, i.e. a modern industrial giant, of which it has all the potential.
 So it is high time that whenever the Pakistani representatives start mentioning Kashmir, they should be told by the Indian government representatives of my theory, and suggest to them to wind up Pakistan as a fake country, and reunite with India ( of which it is really a part ) under a secular government. That will automatically solve the Kashmir problem too.

Monday 13 July 2015

The Court of Last Resort

The Court of Last Resort will be set up shortly in India with me as its head, and with its headquarters in Delhi.
 To explain the idea I am reposting a blog

‘The Court of Last Resort’

I have felt for quite some time that injustice is being done to a large number of people in India who have been languishing in jail either as undertrials whose cases have not been heard for several years, or who have unjustly remained incarcerated, either because:

(1) The police appear to have fabricated evidence against them, e.g. Sadhvi Pragya

(2) For want of proper legal assistance

(3) Who have had to spend many years in jail and ultimately found innocent by the court, e.g. Amir

(4) Who have already spent long periods in jail, and deserve to be released on humanitarian grounds e.g. Abdul Qadir in Hyderabad

 (5) Whose conviction appears to be on the basis of weak evidence, and hence they deserve to be pardoned e.g. Devinderpal Singh Bhullar, Zaibunnisa Kazi, etc

Many of such persons in jail belong to minorities who have been accused only on suspicion and on pre-conceived notions that all persons of that community are terrorists. Whenever a bomb blast or such other terrorist event occurs, our police, not being trained in scientific criminal investigation, is usually unable to trace out the real culprit, and yet it has to show that it has solved the crime. Consequently very often it rushes to implicate and charge a large number of youths of that minority community on mere suspicion, whose bail application is very often rejected as the public prosecutor says that the accused is a terrorist.

Consequently the accused have often to spend several years in jail, though many of them are ultimately found innocent by the Court.

 In such matters either the police often fabricates evidence against them to justify their acts and secure conviction, or the cases result in acquittal of the innocent accused persons after they have spent several years in jail. A classic case is of that of a young boy Aamir who was 17 years of age when arrested, and who spent 14 years in jail after which he was found innocent. How will these 14 years of his life be restored ?

In the 6th April 2013 issue of a national weekly there is an excellent article entitled, ‘The Fight for Muslims is fundamental for the survival of Democracy’. In this article it is stated that over the past few years  journalists of this weekly have documented hundreds of stories of innocent Muslims languishing in jail after being brutally tortured on flimsy or false charges. Each case hides hair raising stories about prejudice, incompetence and deliberate malafide, and also mentions stories of pain, destroyed lives and hollowed futures.

The weekly journal wrote that innocent Muslims have been often jailed with impunity in India over the past decade because it was easy to jail them. Within hours of any terror attack, a bunch of Muslim boys would be arrested, and their names aired in the media as ‘Masterminds’. Their guilt was assumed, it did not need to be proved.

Since 2001 a terrible maxim had seeped into the Indian mainstream: All Muslims may not be terrorist, but all terrorists are Muslims. It did not matter if you caught the wrong ones. Everyone only wanted the illusion of security and “action taken”. Those who raised hard questions were scorned as ‘anti-national’.

In my interview with Karan Thapar on ‘Devil’s Advocate’ I said that within hours of a terrorist attack in India many media channels start showing that an email or SMS has been received from ‘Indian Mujahideen’ or ‘Jaish-e-Muhammad’ or ‘Harkat-ul-Jihad’, or some other organization having a Muslim name, claiming responsibility. Now an email or SMS can be sent by any mischievous person. But by showing this on TV screens, and the next day in print, a subtle message is sent that all Muslims are terrorists, and thus the entire community is demonized.

All this is triggering new cycles of hate and revenge. Despair turns citizens into perpetrators, from the hunted to the hunter. Young men who have spent long years in jail cannot find jobs or houses to rent even when acquitted, their families are ostracized, and sisters find themselves unmarriageable because their brothers have been branded as terrorists.

Unless this cycle of hate is now reversed we are heading for terrible times, for injustice breeds hatred and violence

Criminal investigation is a science, but unfortunately in our country the police usually is not trained in scientific investigation nor does it have the equipment for the same. If we read the stories of Sherlock Holmes, we see how Holmes investigates a crime by promptly going on the spot and studying the finger prints, blood stains, soil, ashes, handwriting etc. before coming to a scientific conclusion. In recent times it has been shown on Discovery Channel etc. how the American police investigates a crime. The police reach the spot and collects the traces of the material there including blood stains, fingerprints, ashes, fibres, etc. The finger prints are fed into a computer which is connected to a national computer network, which can often lead to the discovery of the criminal. The blood stains etc. are taken to a laboratory where they are tested for DNA etc. Even a few microscopic fibres can lead to the discovery of the culprit by testing them in a laboratory and thus finding out his identity.

All this is usually absent in our police set up and yet the police has to show that it has solved the crime, otherwise the investigating officer fears suspension for incompetence. Consequently  he either implicates people on suspicion or resorts to the time honoured method of torture or third degree methods to obtain a confession.

All this is leading to injustice on a large scale. I am not blaming the courts for this because they are handicapped due to the enormous burden of litigation for which cases linger on for years and years. Also, unfortunately nowadays the real eye witnesses are afraid to give evidence out of fear of threats or harassment, and hence the police often fabricates evidence.

The result of all this is that in our country gross injustice is often done to many persons, and the time has now come when this great wrong must be set right. Our country is a country of great diversity and therefore no community must be made to feel that it is being selectively victimised.

This being the situation it has been decided by a group of people headed by me to set up an organisation called ‘The Court of Last Resort’.

The concept of this idea has come from an organisation founded way back in 1948 by the eminent American criminal lawyer Erle Stanley Gardner, who later wrote the Perry Mason novels. In his book ‘The Court of Last Resort’, Erle Stanley Gardner mentions about the organisation which he set up consisting  mainly of lawyers, who took up cases of persons whom they thought  were wrongly accused or unjustly convicted ( see also in this connection on Youtube episodes of real life stories under the title ' The Court of Last Resort ' ). The organisation which we are starting in India will bear the same name ‘The Court of Last Resort’ and have its headquarters in New Delhi, and will have state units in all states of India. Such state units could be authorised to appoint district units.

‘The Court of Last Resort’ will have the following objects:

(1) To ask the concerned authorities in various states about details of prisoners languishing in jails, particularly those who have been in jail for long periods, including both under trials and convicts. The R.T.I. Act can be used in this connection.

(2) To examine the cases of persons, whether of our own accord, or on the representation of someone, and find out whether there has been injustice in their case, either by the delay in holding the trial, or by a wrong conviction, and do the needful in this connection, including applying for bail.

(3) To apply for pardon, respite, suspension or reduction of sentence   to the President or Governor as the case may be.

(4) To create awareness in the public about this gross injustice which is being done to a large number of people.

(5) To educate the police about this state of affairs and change its mentality.

(6) To approach the other concerned authorities with the aim of rectifying this injustice to a large section of people.

(7) To do such other acts as may be necessary for this purpose, including rehabilitating such innocent persons who were incarcerated for long periods on false and flimsy charges

We may also consider whether we should also take up other activities, e.g. supporting honest judges, bureaucrats and police officers

The organisation appeals to the like-minded people among the public, particularly to lawyers, retired judges, academicians, students, social activists, professionals, media persons, etc. to help and get associated with this enterprise

It is made clear that this is being  done for no personal benefit to anybody but purely because of a sincere desire that justice should be done to everybody, and no section of society is made to feel that it is being discriminated against.
 It is also made clear that the ' Court of Last Resort' will not really be a Court in the judicial sense but only an investigative and justice seeking body whose aim will be to secure justice for all.
 To begin with, we may consider taking up the cases of Sadhvi Pragya, Abdul Qadir, Bhullar and Zaibunnisa Kazi who are in jail.
 We will proceed slowly in building up this organization, and we must carefully screen those whom we admit as our members. This is because some people may want to join us for making money by utilizing our goodwill.
We will need funds for a secretariat and office, and for hiring some lawyers ( though I will personally appeal to them to do the cases we refer to them pro bono or on concessional fees ). I see no difficulty in getting funds from public spirited persons, but every rupee must be meticulously accounted for, so that no one can lift a finger against us. Also, no law must be violated.
 There are thousands of persons in Indian jails who should be free, and other injustices which need to be rectified.
 The Court of Last Resort is the need of the hour

Friday 10 July 2015

The coming Bihar elections

Although I have a poor opinion of the AAP. I had predicted their overwhelming victory in the February, 2015 Delhi Assembly elections, and I was proved right.

 Now I predict an overwhelming victory for the JDU-RJD alliance in the coming Bihar Assembly elections to be held when the term of the present Assembly expires in November 2015. This is despite the fact that I have called the alliance unprincipled. Let me give my reasons.

 In most ( though not all ) states in India, including Bihar, voting is done broadly on the basis of caste and religion, as vote banks.

  The exception to this is when there is a wave, when voting cuts through caste and religious barriers. For example, the 'Garibi hatao' slogan created a wave in favour of Indira Gandhi. Similarly, on the assassination of Indira Gandhi, there was a sympathy wave in favour of Congress.

 In the May 2014 Lok Sabha elections, there was a ' Modi wave '. This was for two reasons, a positive and a negative. The positive factor was the 'vikas' slogan given by Modi, which created an impression that million of jobs will be created. This attracted the Indian youth, whose voting age had been reduced to 18 years, and they voted en masse for Modi, cutting through caste and religious lines. The negative factor was the disgust the Indian people felt towards th\e Congress when scam after scam was exposed.

 Within nine months of May 2014 this wave had totally dissipated, as the jobs were not there, and the Indian youth realized that they had been taken for a ride and left in the lurch. So in the February 2015 Delhi Assembly elections, the same BJP which had won all 7 Lok Sabha Delhi seats, was almost wiped out.

 Now let us come to Bihar.

In the May 2014 Lok Sabha elections BJP won almost all Lok Sabha seats. But, as I had said earlier, that was because there was a Modi wave. Now there is none. So voting will now be done on the traditional caste and religious basis.

 The upper castes ( brahmins, bhumihars, rajputs, kayasthas, etc ) will broadly vote for BJP. But they are collectively only 17-18% of the population. Since Ram Bilas Paswan and Manjhi have allied themselves to BJP, another 7-8% SC votes can be added to that. So the tally reaches a maximum of 25-26%.

 On the other hand, the RJD-JDU alliance, coupled with the 17-18% Muslims who will vote solidly against BJP ( thanks to love jihad, ghar wapasi, beef ban, and the vitriolic speeches of Mahant Adityanath and Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti ), is almost sure to get about 75% to 80% of the 243 seats in the Bihar Assembly, in view of the caste and religious combination in their favour

 A chart of the caste population in Bihar is given below :

Social engineering and alliance formation

Both the alliances- BJP led NDA alliance and Nitish Kumar-led alliance are trying social engineering. On 7 June 2015, Lalu Prasad Yadav announced RJD alliance with JD(U) for the elections. On 11 June 2015,Jitan Ram Manjhi announced his party Hindustani Awam Morcha alliance with BJP for the elections. In April 2015, Bihar chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced decision to include few more castes including Teli caste in list of Extremely Backward Class in Bihar In July 2015, Nitish Kumar announced 50 percent quota for OBC, EBC and SC/STs in all government contracts up to Rs 15 lakh. On 3 July 2015, BJP announced its seventh Morcha, called BJP OBC Morcha, keeping in mind the Bihar polls.

Castes of Bihar
Caste Population (%)
OBC/EBC 51% ( Yadavs -14%, Kurmis -4%, Koeris -8%,[32]
,( EBCs - 24% -includes Kushwaha-4%, Teli-3.2%)
Mahadalits* 10%
Dalits 6% (Paswans/Dusadh -4%)
Muslims 16.5%
Forward caste 15% (Bhumihar -6%, Brahmin-5%, Rajputs- 3%, Kayasth- 1%)
Adivasis(STs) 1.3%
Others 1% (include Christians,Sikhs,Jains)

As per, 2011 Census of India , Scheduled Castes constitute 16% of Bihar's 104 million population. The census identified 21 of 23 Dalit sub-castes as Mahadalits. They include Musahar, Bhuiyan, Dom, Chamar, Dhobi and Nat. Paswan caste was left out of the Mahadalit category. Adivasis (Scheduled Tribes) constitute around 1.3% of Bihar population. Tribals include Gond, Santhal and Tharu communities in Bihar.

Extremely Backward Class (EBCs) are also sometimes referred to as Most Backward Class(MBCs).

Don't fall a prey to agent provocateurs

A whatsup message has triggered communal tension in Moradabad.

Instead of getting worked up about it, Muslims should ignore such deliberately provocative acts, which are the work of hired agent provocateurs who mischievously want to incite communal riots.

 In British times such agent provocateurs used to play loud music in front of mosques during prayer time to disturb it, or throw carcasses of cows at night in Hindu temples, and write on its wall ' Allaho Akbar ' so that Hindus may think it is the work of Muslims.

The same game is now being played, but with modern devices. Hindus and Muslims should see through this wicked design and expose such rascals. But by getting worked up, they play into the hands of these rascals, and stupidly do precisely that which these  agent provocateur scoundrels want them to do.

Learn English and Hindi

The Allahabad High Court celebrates Hindi Diwas every year on 14th September. When I was a Judge there the office bearers of the High Court Bar Association would come to meet me and request me to attend.

 I would tell them that it is better I do not attend because I will say things which some people may not like, and then there will be a controversy. But they would press me to come.

When I went to the function I heard some speakers say " Angrezi dasi hai " ( English is a slave girl ), or Angrezi hatao ( abolish English ). When my turn came to speak I said that English is a window to much of modern knowledge, so how can we do without it ? I would also say that in fact English should be spread further, and your children's future depends on learning English. Don't you care for your childrens' future ? I would add that Hindi is my mother tongue too, and I love it, but that does mean that I should behave like a fool.

At present we in India cannot do without English. That is because all scientific knowledge today is in English. If one goes to any engineering college in India he will find all the books are in English. So also in Medical Colleges or scientific institutes. For progress of our country knowledge of modern science is absolutely essential. So how can we do without English ?

Moreover it is not only for learning science that knowledge of English is necessary. If one goes to a lawyer's office he will find all the books in his library are in English. Most of the history and biography books are in English.

I further said :

अगर तुम्हारे बच्चे अंग्रेजी नहीं सीखेंगे तो सम्भावना यही है कि वह हल चलाने लायक रह जायेंगे

But I have also appealed to Tamilians and others from non Hindi speaking states to learn Hindi because it has become our defacto, even if not dejure, all India language ( see my blogs ' An appeal to learn Hindi ', ' Think rationally about learning Hindi ', and ' Why all Indians should learn Hindi ? ' on ).

I am against imposition of Hindi, but it is in the own interest of Tamilians and others to learn Hindi ( for the reasons given in my blogs ).

Thursday 9 July 2015

The Jana Gana Mana controversy

A controversy is going on whether Tagore wrote ' Jana Gana Mana ' in honour of the British King George the Fifth who visited India in 1911. In this connection I had supported this view in my fb post and blog, giving my reasons.

Those who wish to refute me should point out the flaws in my reasoning. You cannot demolish a reasoned argument by mere assertions without giving reasons. So I am reproducing my post, and invite reasoned comments :

The British stooge Tagore and the National Anthem

There is a controversy as to whether the Indian National Anthem 'Jana Gana Mana ' was written by Rabindra Nath Tagore ( see my blogs ' Tagore ' and ' Tagore and Sharad Chandra ' on ) in praise of God, or as sycophancy in praise of the British King George the Fifth.

In my opinion the evidence is strongly in favour of the second view.
To explain, let me first quote the Engish translation of the song :

" Victory to thee, O ruler of the minds of the people,
O Dispenser of India's destiny.
Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sindh,
Gujarat and Maratha,
Of the Dravida, Odisha and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
mingles in the music of Yamuna and Ganges and is
chanted by the waves of the Indian Sea.
We get up with your blessed name on our lips
We pray for your auspicious blessings
Thou dispenser of India's destiny.
Victory, victory, victory to thee."

Now a few things must be noted about this song :

1.The song was composed at precisely the time of the visit of the British King George the Fifth and Queen Mary in December, 1911

2.The poem does not indicate any love for the Motherland.

3. The ' Adhinayak ' ( Lord or Ruler ) is being hailed. Who was the ruler of India in 1911 ? It  was the British, headed by their King-Emperor.

4. Who was the ' Bharat Bhagya Vidhata ' ( dispenser of India's destiny) at that time ? It was none but the British , since they were ruling India in 1911.

5.The song was sung for the first time in India on the second day of the Calcutta Conference of the Congress Party in December 1911. This Conference was held specially to give a loyal welcome to King George the Fifth, and to thank him for annulling the Partition of Bengal in 1905.

6. The agenda of the second day of the Calcutta Conference , in which the song was sung, was specially reserved for giving a loyal welcome to George the Fifth, and a resolution was adopted unanimously that day welcoming and expressing loyalty to the Emperor and Empress.

7. It was only as late as in 1937, when he wanted to show himself as a patriot, that Tagore denied that he had written the song to honour the British King

 The above facts almost conclusively prove that ' Jana Gana Mana ' was composed and sung as an act of sycophancy to the British King.

   And we have proudly adopted this song as our national anthem !
 Jai Ho !
Posted by Justice Markandey Katju at Monday, April 20, 2015

Hamid Mir

Hamid Mir is an eminent Pakistani journalist, who often appears as a host on GEO T.V. and has an outstanding reputation for his bravery, and for maintaining very high standards of journalistic ethics and commitment to freedom of the press. For that he was often banned by the Pakistan authorities, and penalized in various ways, but nothing could break his spirit.
 On coming to know of the intention to keep one day roza on 4th July  by NRI Hindus in California and several Hindus in India to express our respect and solidarity with our Muslim brethren, he tweeted in our support :

" Ex Judge of Indian SC @mkatju appealed to non Muslims to observe one day symbolic fast on 4th July as a mark of solidarity with Muslims. "

 After the roza and iftaar at Saratoga, California in which Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims participated, he sent me an email congratulating all of us. I have taken his permission to post it on facebook :

Hamid Mir
To Markandey Katju Jul 8 at 3:56 PM
My Dear Markandey Katju sahib,


Congrats on your fasting in Ramzan. Many conservative Hindus from India and Muslims from Pakistan criticized me for promoting your noble cause but a lot of people appreciated your initiative.

Please pay my regards to all those who were with you in the mission of promoting religious harmony through symbolic fasting.


Hamid Mir

Markandey Katju

To Hamid Mir Jul 8 at 4:54 PM

Thank you Hamid Saheb. You are a brave man, and I am one of your admirers.
 Do I have your permission to post your email on my facebook page
 Justice Katju

 I am sending  links showing the iftaar in Saratoga, California, which I attended. It was organized by NRI Hindus, Santosh Addagulla, Satya Bathula, Prabhat Sharma at the residence of Syed Ali, President and CEO of a multi billion dollar company Cavium, and the hostess was his gracious wife Shaista. They are from Hyderabad in Telangana.

A Day For Religious Harmony - Iftar


A Day For Religious Harmony - Iftar
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Hamid Mir
To Markandey Katju Today at 2:23 AM
Yes sir you can
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A delightful fb message

A short while back I was delighted to get a fb message from a grandson ( nawasa ) of the Shahr Qazi of Allahabad, inviting me to Allahabad for Eid.
The fb message and my reply are as follows :

Syed Mohd Shafquat
Jul 8th, 4:51pm
Hello sir how r u
Sir mai Allahabad k shahar qazi SYED MAQBOOL HUSSAIN ka nawasa hu sir aap s request ki plzz eid m tashreef laiye aap ki bhot meharbaani hogi....aap k reply ka besabri s intezaar rahega

Markandey Katju
Jul 8th, 5:28pm
I have great respect for your grandfather. In fact I have posted a blog on him ( see on ). I used to see him often when I was a lawyer in the High Court. He had the highest integrity. Presently I am in America, and so will not be able to accept your invitation. But whenever I am in Allahabad I will certainly come to meet him. I am informed he has become very old. Please convey him my regards and send me an email on

 I had to regretfully decline his very kind invitation, but I sent him my blog, which was posted a long time back, and is given below :

The Shahar Qazi of Allahabad
Syed Maqbool Hasan has been the Shahar Qazi in Allahabad for over half a century.
Although he is also the Imam ( head priest) of Jama Masjid in Allahabad, he has never taken any money from the funds of Jama Masjid. He earned his livelihood as an ordinary stamp vendor in Allahabad High Court. When I was a lawyer there ( 1970-1991) I used to see him sitting at the bottom of the stairs below the Bar Association Library, selling stamps. He wore a simple kurta pyjama, and on looking at him one could never make out that he is the Shahar Qazi.
Until he agrees, Eid cannot be declared in Allahabad. Since for declaring Eid 2 respectable Muslims must state that they have sighted the moon, he rigorously cross examines the persons claiming that they have seen the moon, and he also strictly applies the parameters required before declaring Eid. His integrity is of such a high order that everyone in Allahabad accepts his verdict.
Because of old age ( he must be now in his late 80s ) he has now retired, but before that he was coming to the High Court on a bicycle every working day.
In the 1986 communal riots in Allahabad he refused to take any police security, although it was offered to him. He lived a simple life, and put all the money he earned in educating his children. Today one of his sons is in U.S.A. and the other children are also well settled, some in business, and others in other vocations.

Wednesday 8 July 2015

The Chinese Humpty Dumpty is having a great fall

I have always been of the view that the Chinese economy is bound to collapse, because it is totally export oriented, and the leaders care two hoots for the welfare of their own people. While the east coast is shining, there is massive poverty in the interior of China, as many people who have gone there have told me.

 To be stable, an economy must mainly depend and be based on the domestic market. This is because dependence on a foreign market is very precarious. The foreign market may be captured by another country, or there may be a recession in the foreign country, which causes sales there to drop, and this in turn results in closure of the domestic industries.

 The Chinese leaders had forgotten the welfare of their own people, and like Uncle Scrooge or Shylock were only interested in making dollars by exports of their products. Most of these leaders have become corrupt, and have been transferring their ill gotten gains abroad, usually by buying real estate in Western countries.
 But now the chickens have come home to roost.

Freedom of speech

Those who support Zaid Hamid's right of freedom of speech should know that no freedom can be absolute. Every freedom is subject to reasonable restrictions in the public interest.

 The classic example was given by Justice Holmes of the U.S. Supreme Court who said that one did not have the freedom to falsely shout ' fire ' in a crowded cinema hall, causing a stampede.

 Similarly, one does not have the freedom to spread communal hatred by inflammatory communal speeches.

 I dislike all communal people, whether Hindu or Muslim. If one sees Zaid Hamid speaking on Youtube, it is evident that he is a mischievous rascal who is always inciting hatred between Hindus and Muslims.

 I am not a supporter of the despotic Saudi govt. But I was happy Zaid Hamid has got what was long overdue

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Amartya Sen

Some people asked me my opinion of Amartya Sen.

 In my opinion he is a mediocre, highly overpraised person, with no original ideas. His book ' The Argumentative Indian ' is totally superficial, and a whole chapter is devoted to praising that British stooge Tagore.

 No doubt he got the Nobel Prize in Economics. But this needs to be explained.

Nobel Prizes are given in 6 subjects : Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Peace, Literature and Economics.

 Of these , the first 3 are given to deserving persons, but the other 3 have always been very controversial.

 Peace Prizes have often been given to war mongers, and of the 114 Literature Prizes given so far ( Nobel Prizes have been given annually since 1901 ), no one remembers the names of about 100 winners, as they were undeserving persons, while deserving persons e.g. Sharad Chandra Chattopadhyaya, Kazi Nazrul islam, Munshi Prem Chand, Faiz Ahmed Faiz,  Manto, etc never got it.
 As regards Economics, this subject is nowadays taught and studied  everywhere unscientifically. A world recession is going on ( see my article ' The World Economic Recession ' on ). Greece has collapsed economically, and the domino theory will probably apply here, Spain to go next, then Italy, etc. The world economy is all interlinked, and if one country collapses economically, others are sure to follow.

 The economists, who should be explaining this phenomenon scientifically, and suggesting solutions, are all stymied and nonplussed. They just cannot understand what is happening. And the reason for that is that Economics, which was treated scientifically by Adam Smith, Ricardo, etc, has been reduced into a mumbo jumbo and voodoo by many of its subsequent practitioners, including Amartya Sen.

Why the Court of Last Resort is necessary in India

The truth is that due to systematic Goebbelsian communal propaganda and brain washing since 1857, first by the British, and after 1947 by certain political vested interests, today most Hindus in India are communal and most Muslims are also communal. Since the policy of most state governments in India is to recruit very few Muslims into the police, most policemen are also largely communal, and treat many Muslims as terrorists.

  So whenever any bomb blast or other terrorist act takes place in India, the real culprits are rarely caught, and the the usual, time tested, course of action adopted by most policemen is to round up half a dozen or more Muslims and chargesheet them for the terrorist act.

  Criminal investigation is a science. If we read the stories of Sherlock Holmes we see how Holmes solves a crime scientifically. In modern times, we see on Discovery Channel how crimes are solved in America, by scientific methods, e.g. collecting fingerprints, blood, ash, fibres, etc and examining them in a laboratory with DNA tests etc. On the other hand, in India most policemen are not trained in scientific investigation, nor are provided the scientific equipment for this purpose. Yet they are required to solve the crime, otherwise they may be suspended for incompetence. So what does the daroga do in cases of terrorist acts ? He rounds up some Muslims, as Muslims have been branded by propaganda as terrorists. and chargesheets them. False evidence is procured for this purpose. Bail is usually denied as the public prosecutor says to the court that the accused is a terrorist.

 Often after 10 years or so the accused is found not guilty by the court, but who will restore so many years of his life spent in jail ? And who will give him a job now ? A typical case is of Amir who was 18 when arrested, and spent 14 years in jail, and was then acquitted, being found not guilty. There are several other such cases.

 There are thousands of persons in jail in India who should be set free, e.g. Devinderpal Singh Bhullar, Abdul Qadeer, Zaibunnisa Qazi, etc. But who will do this ? Our judicial system has become unreliable and ineffective. The governments are apathetic and indifferent to human suffering ( unless it gets them some votes in elections ).

 So the time has come to set up the Court of Last Resort ( see the concept in my blog ' The Court of Last Resort ' on ). This will be one of my top priorities on returning to India.

Indian Democracy

 Indian History tells us that there were 565 Monarchs/Rajas in this country before Independence i.e. before 1947.  Now we have, in view of the hefty salaries and other official perks given below, 795 king like M.Ps. in Parliament, and 4121 Raja like M.L.As. in the States (According to Google). According to them a M.P. gets a hefty salary and allowances as below.  The case of the M.L.As should not be very different from M.Ps. as far as the remuneration is concerned.

Remuneration of an India.

Monthly salary 50000
Constituency Allowance 45000
Office Expenses 45000
Total per month 140000 DA 2000. 190 days
Total D.A. 380000
Total Air Travel 408000 34 days. Assuming 4 persons@3K 12000
Rail Travel 5000 Lump Sum.
Water 4000
Electricity 400000 50000units free.
Furniture 75000 Minimum assumption.
Telephone 90000 150000
Total House Rent 420000 House Rent 35000
Medical 40000
Total Allowance per month 151833.3
Total Annual Allowance 1822000

Table According to Google.

Cost of food in the canteen in the premises of Indian Parliament.:-
Fried Fish and Chips………………………………..Rs.25/=
Mutton Cutlet…………………………………………Rs.18/=
Mutton Curry………………………………………….Rs.20/=
Masala Dosa…………………………………………..Rs.6/=
According to Punjab Kesari dated 24th June,2015).

     The Annual Salary of a M.P.  is 151833 X 12 = 1821996 Plus Total Allowances of Rs.1822000 . So Total of Salary and Allowance comes to Rs.36,43,996/- We have 795 M.Ps. so 3643996 X 795 = 2,89,69,76,820/-…………………………………..(1)

     Taking the salary of the M.L.As almost similar to M.Ps we have 3643996 X 4121= 15016907516/-…….. …………………………………………………………………….……..(2)

    Now 1 + 2 = 2896976820 + 15016907516 = 17,91,38,84,336/-

    That is India is spending Rs.17,91,38,84,336/-per year on our M.Ps. and M.L.As.
E & O.E.

    Before Independence there was only one Queen in the British Raj, sitting in England but now there are795 + 4121 i.e. 4916 Kings and Rajas in this country. We wanted the British to leave India as they were sending Indian Money to their country. It is another matter that Indians have huge amount of Indian Money in foreign countries now, which the present Government is trying to get back. Previously The British were sending the money outside and now the Indians themselves are doing so. Where is the difference between pre-independence India and the post-independence India? Previously there was a conclave of cars whenever a British Officer used to go on the Indian Roads. Now it is being flowed by the Indian M.Ps and M.L.As. Without prejudice to democracy, I observe that higher posts and promotions too,  in the government, were given to British in those days. Now we have various reservations obstructing appointments and promotions to the qualified, for government and private jobs. Where is the difference between the past and the present? We have the Police, the Army, Railway and the Administrative system set up by the British. What we can boast is that we have driven out the British from our country, have our own government and have an elected Parliament and the State Legislatures. Secondly with an enormous Burdon  on Indian exchequer, we have  proud, haughty, aristocratic, avaricious, M.Ps. and M.L.As. with prerogatives and privileges over the general population.  Is it really justified to call India A Poor Country? In view of the above such an expression is a misnomer.

     In view of the above, I am afraid, the innocent voters might start thinking for a change in the formation of the government and the governance for this country. May be the past, becomes the present of the future?

     NOTE: These figures do not include the money earned through various scams and the money spent on Members of Vidhan Parishads (Legislative Councils) of the States. While getting enormous money as salary, allowances and perks, they get such a cheap food in the canteen as mentioned above. Wish such a cheap food is made available to the common man – the Indian Voter.

The above article was written by a gentleman who permitted me to post it on fb

My point of 90% and Gen.V.K. Singh's point of 'presstitutes'

Dhoni's birthday, Shahid's wedding SRK's follower count, Amitabh Bachchan's 42nd wedding anniversary, Rani Mukherji at Venice, Minisha Lamba gets married,  Amir Khan takes a dig at Salman's bachelorhood, Kareena's films, Karishma's divorce, IPL, reality shows,etc etc.are trending in the face of poverty, farmer's suicide, child malnutrition, unemployment, lack of healthcare and good education for the masses etc.
Proves my point of 90%, and Gen. V.K Singh's point of 'presstitutes'

Sunday 5 July 2015

A Great fb message
A fb message to me. The sender has permitted me to mention his name

Shiraz Musa
Jul 4th, 5:43pm
A message to all Muslims.

As we can see, a booming response is pouring in for the initiative taken by respected Katju sir. Many Hindu brothers are taking part and are ready to fast for a day.

Its time for Muslims now to show solidarity towards our Hindu brethren by observing a fast on navratra.

I request all Muslims not to forget this gesture from Hindus and do observe fast on navratra.

It would be considered as "amanat me khayanat" if we dont fast on navratra.

Many thanks and love to all Hindu brother and sisters who became a part of this initiative. The world is still a lovely place to live in

Independence Day

4th July, Fremont, California
While I am observing roza today to express solidarity with my Muslim brethren, I cannot forget that 4th July is also Independence Day in America.

On this day the American Declaration of Independence was signed, which stated those immortal words " We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ".

 I am a great admirer of the American War of Independence ( 1775-1781 ), and of its leaders, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, etc. They were truly giants.

 If only we had had such a militant War of Independence against British rule under the leadership of Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Surya Sen ( Masterda ), Ashfaqulla, Ram Prasad Bismil, Khudiram Bose, Rajguru, Sukhdev, etc instead of that farcical drama called 'satyagrah' under that traitor Gandhi, India would not be in the miserable plight in which it finds itself today

 Long live the great American people ! Long live the great American War of Independence ! Long live George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Adams, etc

A 'Modification' in the slogan is required

Has Modiji become another Manmohan Singh ? Like the 3 monkeys, he sees no corruption, hears no corruption, and does not speak about any corruption.

 So the slogan ' Na khaoonga, na khanedoonga ' needs a slight 'Modification'.
It should now read ' Khud to nahi khaoonga, lekin khanewalon ke prati Manmohan Singh ban jaoonga '.

Fremont, California
 It is now about 2 p.m. California time. I have been on roza since 4 a.m. Iftaar is at 8.35 p.m.
 The iftaar has been organized by some Hindus. I spoke to some of them just now on telephone. They too have been on fast since 4 a.m. The iftaar is at the residence of a Muslim lady who lives here in the Bay Area. She is from Hyderabad, and works for secularism in India
There will be dates ( khajoor ), fruits, non vegetarian dishes, samosas, pakodas, fried rice, etc. My mouth is already watering at the prospect

Saturday 4 July 2015


Journalist covering VYAPAM scam dies suddenly and mysteriously
Moral of the story for journalists :
Don't cover scams, or at least not seriously
Remember what happened to Tehelka after the sting operation on Bangaru Laxman
Cover what you should cover :
Bollywood, lives of Kareena Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, etc, cricket, astrology, babas, cheap politics, etc
Don't take risks, behave responsibly, you have a family to support. and a lifestyle to maintain, etc
 And no harm in paid news, Radia tapes, etc
Hari Om !

Why do I keep one day roza ?

4.7.2015, Fremont, California
 It is 3.40 a.m. and I am about to do my sehri ( breakfast during Ramzan ).

 Why do I, a confirmed atheist, keep one day symbolic roza during every Ramzan, and appeal to non Muslims to do the same, while also appealing to non Hindus to keep one day Navratri fast ?

My answer : It is one dose of the antidote to the communal poison which was injected into us since 1857.

 I have already mentioned that communalism was injected into us by the British since 1857. after the Great Mutiny.

 By 1857 communalism had almost entirely disppeared in India. Hindus and Muslims lived peacefully like brothers, and helped each other in times of distress.The letters of Mirza Ghalib to his Hindu friends Hargopal Tofta, Shiv Narain Aram, etc attest to the great affection between the two communities upto 1857.

In 1857 the Great Mutiny broke out, in which Hindus and Muslims jointly fought against the British. After suppressing the Mutiny the British decided that the only way to control India was divide and rule ( see online  ' History in the Service of Imperialism ' by B.N. Pandey, and my article ' The Truth about Pakistan ' online and on ).

 After 1857 the British policy of divide and rule came from the British Govt. in  London to the British authorities in India. B.N. Pande's speech refers to many of such letters.

 All communal riots start after 1857. The British Collector would secretly call the Hindu Pandit, give him some money, and tell him to start speaking against Muslims, and similarly, he would call the Muslim Maulvi, give him money, and tell him to start speaking against Hindus.

Agent provocateurs were hired to incite communal hatred e.g. by playing loud music before mosques during namaz time, and throwing carcasses of cows at night in Hindu temples, and writing on the wall 'Allaho Akbar '..

 This poison was injected into our body politic year after year, decade after decade. In 1909 the Minto Morley 'Reforms' provided for separate electorates for Hindus and Muslims.

 These, and many other steps, aggravated by Gandhi and Jinnah, loyal stooges of the British, led inevitably to Partition in 1947.

 Even after 1947 certain wicked vested interests have been inciting communal hatred. among us.
 Now the time has come to administer the antidote.

 This antidote cannot be administered in one single injection. Several doses will be required, and over several years. The poison which has been systematically injected into us for 158 years will not be neutralized by a single shot. The antidote has to be administered again and again for over a decade.
 This symbolic one day roza by non Muslims, just like one day vrat by non Hindus, will be a dose of that antidote, though, as I have said, many doses will be required to get rid of the poison completely

Why do I keep one day roza ?

4.7.2015, Fremont, California
It is 3.40 a.m. and I am about to do my sehri.

Why do I keep one day symbolic roza during every Ramzan, and appeal to non Muslims to do the same, while also appealing to non Hindus to keep one day Navratri fast ?

My answer : It is one dose of the antidote to the communal poison which was injected into us since 1857.

I have already mentioned that communalism was injected into us by the British since 1857. after the Great Mutiny.

By 1857 communalism had almost entirely disppeared in India. Hindus and Muslims lived peacefully like brothers, and helped each other in times of distress.The letters of Mirza Ghalib to his Hindu friends Hargopal Tofta, Shiv Narain Aram, etc attest to the great affection between the two communities upto 1857.

In 1857 the Great Mutiny took place, in which Hindus and Muslims jointly fought against the British. After suppressing the Mutiny the British decided that the only way to control India was divide and rule ( see online ' History in the Service of Imperialism ' by B.N. Pandey, and my article ' The Truth about Pakistan ' on ).

After 1857 the British policy of divide and rule came from the British Govt. in London to the British authorities in India, and B.N. Pande's speech refers to many of such letters.

All communal riots start after 1857. The British Collector would secretly call the Hindu Pandit, give him some money, and tell him to start speaking against Muslims, and similarly, he would call the Muslim Maulvi, give him money, and tell him to start speaking against Hindus.

Agent provocateurs were hired to incite communal hatred e.g. by playing loud music before mosques during namaz time, and throwing carcasses of cows at night in Hindu temples, and writing on the wall 'Allaho Akbar '..

This poison was injected into our body politic year after year, decade after decade. In 1909 the Minto Morley 'Reforms' provided for separate electorates for Hindus and Muslims.

These, and many other steps, aggravated by Gandhi and Jinnah, loyal stooges of the British, led inevitably to Partition in 1947.

Even after 1947 certain wicked vested interests have been inciting communal hatred. among us.
Now the time has come to administer the antidote.

This antidote cannot be administered in one single injection. Several doses will be required, and over several years. The poison which has been systematically injected into us for 158 years will not be neutralized by a single shot. The antidote has to be administered again and again for over a decade.

Zara mulk ke rehbaron ko bulao

Zara mulk ke rehbaron ko bulao
Yeh kooche yeh galiyan yeh manzar dikhao
Sanakhwan-e-taqdees-e-mashriq ko lao
Sanakhwan-e-taqdees-e-mashriq kahan hain ?  
   Sahir Ludhianvi

Friday 3 July 2015

The baby vulture eats human flesh

एक बार हिंदुस्तान में  एक गिद्द के बच्चे ने अपने बाप से कहा
 " पिताश्री, मुझे इंसान का गोश्त खाना है ". गिद्द  बच्चे के लिए सुअर का गोश्त ले आया ई
बच्चे ने कहा " मगर यह तो सुअर का गोश्त है " और यह कह कर खाने से इनकार कर दिया
तब गिद्द बच्चे के लिए गाय का गोश्त ले आया
बच्चे ने कहा " मगर यह तो गाय का गोश्त है " और यह कहकर खाने से इंकार कर दिया
तब गिद्द गया और सुअर के गोश्त को मस्जिद में, और गाय के गोश्त को मंदिर में रातों रात फेक आया
अगले दिन इंसानों की लाशें शहर में बिछ गयीं, और गिद्द के बच्चे ने कई हफ्ते जम के खाया
उसके बाद उसने अपने बाप से कहा " पिताश्री, इतनी सारी लाशें इतनी जल्दी  कैसे मिल गयीं ?"
गिद्द ने कहा " बेटा, यह हिंदुस्तान है, जैसा कि एक मनफिरे जज ने कहा था, यहां ९०%  लोग पागल होते हैं "

Rajiv Gandhi's killers should be freed

 Rajiv Gandhi's killers have been in jail for 24 years now. That is 6 years more than the time Dr. Manette spent in the Bastille ( see Dickens' ' A Tale of Two Cities ' ). I think they should be now pardoned and set free, like Abdul Qadeer who is in Hyderabad jail,  Devinderpal Singh Bhullar in Tihar jail, and Zaibunnisa Qazi, in Yeravda jail, for whom I have issued appeals for their pardon earlier ( see my blogs on )

 I am not justifying the assassination. But what business did Rajiv Gandhi have in sending the Indian army into Srilanka, causing the deaths of thousands of Tamilians, apart from 3000 of our soldiers ? Would that not have given rise to a strong sense of resentment among Tamilians ?

 Rajiv Gandhi's ordering massacre of Sikhs in 1984 after the assassination  of his mother ( see my blog ' The Sikh 'riots', 1984 on ), and saying ' Jab bada ped girta hai, to dharti hil jaati hai ' showed that he had a criminal bent.

In any case, enough is enough. The convicts should now be freed.

 If they are not, I am setting up a ' Court of Last Resort ' ( see my blog with that title ) on my return to India for attaining this objective, and for this I will appeal to the patriotic Indians for help.
 If the Government behaves callously and like a Kumbhakaran, we know how to awaken it.

Thursday 2 July 2015

Shameless AAP

This is the height of arrogance by Kejriwal and his chamchas. They are shamelessly spending public money for self promotion.

 When I called Kejriwal a Don Quixote, and his chamchas like Ashutosh as Sancho Panzas, I was furiously attacked by many people.. Now Delhiites are realizing that I was speaking the truth.
 Kejriwal will shamelessly stick to his gaddi till he is kicked out by the public

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Differences with Taslima Nasreen

I had differences with Taslima Nasreen on Twitter today, pursuant to my appeal to non Muslims to observe one day's roza on 4th July ( and to non Hindus to observe one day's fast during Navratri ).
 I admire Taslima for her bravery in highlighting the atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh in her novel ' Lajja '. Like her, I too am against atrocities on anyone, and like her, I too am an atheist.

 But with respect to her I wish to say that she has no scientific understanding of the social basis of religion.

In her tweet she says " Religion is anti women, anti science, anti human and anti progress "

 Even assuming that much of what she says is correct, what she overlooks are two things :

1. Most people in the world are very poor and live in such terrible and miserable conditions that were it not for religion they would go mad. Religion gives them the psychological support, without which they would go crazy or commit suicide.

 So we cannot abolish religion : it will disappear automatically when people get decent lives. Then they will have no need for religion or God.

2. Even for people who are not poor, e.g. businessmen, the chance factor is such an important factor that it gives rise to the belief in supernatural forces which control our lives.

For example, there may be losses in a business for various reasons beyond the control of the businessman. So he believes in some god and propitiates him, to avoid losses.

 The chance factor is still a very powerful factor in our lives. We plan something, but something else happens. So we believe that there is some supernatural force ( or forces ) controlling our lives.

 The truth is that the chance factor is still important because we are still at a very primitive stage of scientific development, as compared to the situation 100 years or 200 years hence, when science will have grown enormously. Then we will be able to largely control our lives, and what we plan will happen. And then there will be no need of god or other supernatural entities.

 Taslima, though a brave person, has no understanding of all this, and by her sometimes emotional intemperate remarks damages the great cause ( of women's emancipation and scientific thinking ) which she is fighting for.

 I have said that all religions are superstitions. But I have also said that I respect all religions. Some people find a contradiction here. I submit there is none.

 When I say I respect all religions, I mean that I respect the right of everyone to believe whatever he/she wants to believe, and therefore I am a strong supporter of religious freedom. But as for myself, I am a purely scientific person, and so have a materialistic belief