Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Reality of India


You have a population of 1.32 billion people, while France has about 66 million and U.K. has about 65 million. Thus your population is about 20 times larger than France or U.K. and perhaps your land area is also 20 times larger.

But France and U.K. are permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, while India is not. You have been begging for a permanent seat even without veto rights, but you have been rebuffed for even that. 
And you know why ? It is not because of the colour of your skin but because your country is poor. Nobody respects the poor. When China was a poor, semi colonial country, the Westerners called the Chinese a ' yellow race ' and looted and exploited it. Today China is a powerful, highly industrialized country, and now nobody dare call the Chinese ' yellow '.

And do you know why you are poor ? It is because most of you are mentally backward, full of casteism, communalism and unscientific thinking and mindsets.

Unless you destroy your backwardness you will never be able to emerge as a modern industrial giant, like China, for which you have all the potential, with your huge pool of engineers, technicians, scientists, etc and immense natural resources. Instead, you will be looked down upon and kicked around by the developed countries.

So when I am harsh in criticizing your backwardness, it is not to demoralize or denigrade you, but to make you aware of the true reality, so that you may start your struggle to make India a highly developed, highly industrialized prosperous nation in which all our people are getting decent lives, and a high standard of living

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