Friday 17 August 2012

The Last Word: Was Mamata right to claim judgements can be bought?

Justice Katju,Soli Sorabjee,Vinod Mehta and Sunanda K on a Panel Discussion with Karan Thappar on Mamata Banarjee's Comments on Judiciary.


  1. Hon'ble Mr.Justice Markandey Katju:

    I strongly oppose and object to Smt.Mamata Banerjee's comment on the judiciary. She is the Chief Minister of a state and under oath to serve the people as per the Constitutional mandate. If she had a complaint against any member of the judiciary, it was her duty to make an appropriate legal measure against such abuse. First question is, whether she had taken any such step, and if not, why? Was it not her constitutional duty to take appropriate legal action? If she had failed in discharging this mandatory obligation, would it not legal and proper to throw her out from the position she she holds by virtue of the Constitution? There is a growing tendency to tell any nonsense against the members of the judiciary and spread canards against the judges by the members of the executive as well as legislature. This has to be stopped forthwith and the Hon'ble Supreme Court alone has the power to put things straight. Please do not expect the babus and the tainted politicians who get elected to legislature through the inherent loopholes of our people's representation act would do anything positive and good to empower the judiciary. I am extremely sad to note that neither the Bar Council of India nor any responsible bodies of the legal fraternity came out in public and protested against such verbal onslaught against our own institution. We have to defend the institution from malicious attacks. Judge bashing by public servants should not be tolerated any more. These are my strong personal views and I hold by them.

    With respectful regards,
    Yours faithfully,

    Adv.Anilkumar Kappillil
    Advocate, Kerala High Court, Ernakulam, Cochin.

    1. Mr Anil Kumar,
      Your comment is constitutionally heavy.
      I do not have constitutional evidence but only a gut feeling that you are one of the biggest brokers of justice.
      If you ever have a time, and I am also not occupied, I will show you how justice is bought in India from Munsif Majistrate to 'Your Honours' at Apex level