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(A Concept Note)

India has a very rich composite cultural heritage. There is a harmonious blend of art, religion and philosophy in the India cultural. Indian culture is actually an outcome of the continuous fusion of different cultures.  This culture, which is epitomised in Ganja Jamuni heritage of India is also named as “Urdu-Sanskrit Culture” by Justice Markandey Katju. The Indian Heritage Caravan is designed to uphold and promote the secular and plural cultural heritage of India.


LANGUAGE has many uses—a means of communication, an instrument of transmitting knowledge, an expression of cultural and creative urges of a community. Urdu clearly is the language of the cultured and the elite yet ‘Hindustani’ is the only language to find a distinct flavour with the masses and is a part of the popular culture also.

Urdu is not just the mother tongue of a large number of people but its literature and poetry is loved beyond all religious and ethnic pretensions by a very large section of the Indian population. In fact, Urdu’s canvas is bigger than this. It is widely read, written and spoken not just in the sub-continent, but in the Middle East, American, South Asian & European countries as well.

Urdu literature and poetry has a very rich and varied cultural heritage and has been instrumental in playing a pivotal role in the freedom struggle. Poems like “Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamare Dil Mein Hai & Saare Jahan Se Achcha Hindustan Hamara still have the same capability to resonate the feeling of patriotism among the masses.  Stories like Kafan, Balidan, Namak Ka Darogha of Prem Chand and Toba Tek Singh,  Thanda Gosht of Sa’adat Hasan Manto have stood the test of time both in their relevance and from their contemporariness. Urdu geets and ghazals are used commonly in Bollywood films. Besides, Urdu Mushairas and Sham-e-Ghazal are also very popular because of their immediacy… and the instant response that the poets and singers receive for their creations. The interaction with the audience and their constant “Waah! Waah” keep the atmosphere electric.

Beside, Urdu is generally epitomised with the composite culture of India i.e. Ganga Jamni Tahzeeb. By promoting Urdu’s cultural heritage, we aim to promote the basic soul of our composite culture. Therefore, we are planning take top contemporary Urdu writers, poets, playwrights, Ghazal signers and the experts of different creative forms of Urdu literature and culture to the different parts of the country and abroad with the to showcase their cultural performances and promote their valuable thoughts and ideas.

“Urdu Heritage Carvan” is basically an idea to associate masses with this the indigenous cultural heritage of Urdu. We also aim to remove the misconception about this language that it is a foreign language and is a language of Muslims alone. In fact, before 1947 Urdu was the common language of a large part of the educated people in India.

We have distributed our tour plan into 3 phases. Initially, we will hold conferences and live performances in four historical cities of the country i.e. Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Lucknow.

As we move on to the next phases, we will ensure that the canvas of our mission enlarges to the level of cultural exchange with diverse cultures prevailing in different parts of India and abroad.  In the third phase, we will take our performers to some SAARC and Middle Eastern countries to showcase the rich cultural heritage of India and also to achieve better cultural exchange with those countries.

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  1. Dear Sir ,
    I am very happy to read this article (CARVA) in fact concept note will have much appreciated by all intellectual persons, this is asset for me but being a one of the person in this CARAVA,I would like to mentioned of my for language is concern Urdu was automatically promoted by its very natural way, because after attack of Mohammad bin kasim and later on, those immigrants came in India they have lifted their impact such as language, religion and instituted the concept by way of administration. They have planned how India shall have been administered. their original language was Arbi which fractured manner came an existence as used a Urdu language near about 1000 of years we all Indian was administered by Mugal destiny as well as Deli Saltnat which was administered by Arbic king, wherefore widely effected in territory of India and the people of India .
    In fact I don’t know who has established the culture but it is true that those person or group of person fonder pillar of Indian culture the man or group of man was foresighted and have vision, why I am saying so because one of the concept develop by our culture was very important which was tolerance power and acceptability for all religion not only we have accepted we have diluted so many value to whole humanity for whole world.
    Whenever we all analyze our civilization very few of civilization which can be counted on our finger such as Babilon, Mishr, Mesopotamia, Asirian, Sindh Sabhyta, why I am putting the civilization because the nature of civilization was common ,when deeply studies about all civilization, we all will be found the basic concept was same such as way of life in terms of human existence, it was same in each of one. Right from erraction of society all most was same, but after establishment of east India company the company. We all Indian have been seen out of his territorial geography and from very established language Urdu and all language became transpire in English, in fact our original language Sanskrit was suppressed by all administered who was in the power they ignored that very lyrical language, hence our whole history and concept which was original came and end. I am not going in the controversy that our forefather came from where? But what I have opted from my culture that was very rich. So for as plural culture heritage of India is concerned, I have come on conclusion that you have not seen the street 90% muslims wearing the cloth and adopting the life style which is similar to Taliban.we have no option to not advocating ganga jamuni tahjeeb .we all respect. Our culture and all literature which is in Sanskrit script much acceptable in the world because our tendency approach of life and great philosophy based upon our flexible religion, so we are much better in terms of all parameters of the life and society at for as language is concern all language not only express their emotion but by way of language we can seen each sphere of life. Before independence it was compulsion to all Indian for recite in the mainstream because India was administered by the crown it was sociological phenomenal impact because they don’t know one new communicational language which was the English language. We all don’t know about English after gap of communication, The hindu muslim shikh all come together and develop the mixed language right from Munsi Prem Chand and so on, because the interaction of the britishers they have develop a new thought. You realize any country facing the war automatically the unanimity came and exits. I can say that by way of Urdu language a new culture has been develop in the society for balancing social equilibrium hence promote your old vadic sanscriti and discussed about how to improve

  2. Sir I have read your one article regarding bagvad geeta in the published in S.C.C. journal in the year of have analyze all the shlokaa in very well manner.
    Sir I personally welcome in this public platform, by grace of god you have posses very expellant analytical power. Your roaring voice like a lion. So I am requesting you that encourage the people of India from your valuable thought and roaring voice
    Your Since
    Ravi Shankar Pandey

  3. Kindly find the report penned by me on Urdu Heritage Carvan..."A Caravan for restoring Urdu’s glory by Justice (Retd) Markandey Katju".

    The story is published in and

  4. Lovely article and an amazing effort. Absolutely splendid. I would love to be a part of the 'Urdu Heritage Caravan'.


    Geetanjali Kaul.