Wednesday 24 October 2012

Press Statement

It is deeply regrettable that certain politicians are of late becoming increasingly intolerant towards the media, and are not behaving in a manner which is expected of them in a democracy.

The latest instance of such  undemocratic behaviour is the alleged statement of a senior politician that he will break the camera of a journalist when asked about some allegations against him. Before that there was a statement of a Chief Minister of a certain state that a section of the media is doing dadagiri and spreading negative canards about the state government. Earlier, in some states some political workers (evidently at the orders of their leaders ) had physically assaulted media people. and even vandalized the office of a leading newspaper in Mumbai.

Politicians must realize that in a democracy people have a right to criticize them, and the media has a right to enquire about the activities of politicians and inform the public about it. In a democracy it is the people who are supreme, and politicians are only servants of the people. Since people are the masters in a democracy they have a right to know how their servants (which includes politicians, Judges, bureaucrats, policemen, etc ) are functioning, and it is often through the media that they know about this. The media thus acts as an agent of the people for giving them information about their servants.

Intolerant behaviour by politicians has no place in a democracy. If something untrue is published about a politician he has certainly a right to get his rejoinder published, but losing one's balance or giving an ugly display of temper  is just not acceptable in a democracy


  1. But sir, is there anything that could be done against such politicians except condemning their act.

  2. Sir,

    You had said you would use the "Danda" on the media if they didnt behave, why not use it on the politicos who are not behaving


  3. my lord, today's politicians deserve mouth tapping, we must play a role on it

  4. I think there is a need for reforms in election procedure , anybody having criminal cases pending against him which is punishable with imprisonment for more than 7 years should be disqualified from entering in election for any democratic post or any offence involving moral turpitude .

    However , other political candidates in order to ensure their win will misuse such law to gain advantage and eliminate adversaries , so I say Sessions Judge must be put incharge to see if prima facie the accused is guilty and prosecution have evidence against him , in such a case it should also send an intimation to electoral commission to disqualify that candidate pending the trail . I know judiciary is supposed to stay clear of political matters or executive , but its also duty of judiciary to see the functions are discharged by other two wings in good faith for benefit of citizens .

    I know I will be called upon on the basis of check and balance theory and limited separation of power as followed in Indian constitution . However , there is need for stricter code of conduct for legislature . Any body of government heading towards tyranny be it Judiciary , Legislature or Executive must be curtailed by other two .

    There is also a need for adequate representation of all of the sections of society , like people from scientific community should also hold representation in Lok Sabha . I am not generalizing but i am from UP , I hardly see any politician who is not biased religious bigot and uneducated drop out .

    However , not all hope is lost , there are good people in legislature too however small they maybe , there is need for them to become majority .

  5. Abhijit Somvanshi30 October 2012 at 10:14

    Why have you gone into a rabbit hole when media is being exposed for blackmailing industralists and extracting money?

  6. Satyam bruyaat priyam bruyaannabruyaat asatyam priyaha/ priyechanavritam bruyaat esha dharma sanaatana//

    Speak truth in such a way that it should be pleasing to others. Never speak truth, which is unpleasant to others. Never speak untruth, which might be pleasant. This is the path of eternal morality, sanatana dharma.

  7. yes politicians hav done so much wrong but there is media to scrutinize them but who is there to check media in this age of information who will ensure quality of it , do we let politicians regulate them selves then why media regulate them selves .freedom of speech is not absolute