Tuesday 20 November 2012

Maharashtra Chief Minister's Reply

Dear Justice Katju,

This is in response to your email message dated 19/11/2012 in the matter of arrest of Ms. Shaheen Dhada and Ms. Rini Srinivasan residents of Palgarh, District Thane by the Police on 18/11/2012.

Inspector General of Police, Konkan Range has been advised to enquire in to the matter. He has been asked to submit his report within two days as regards the nature of offence, and the circumstances leading to the arrest of the above persons.

The State Government has taken the matter in all seriousness and strict action will be taken against the defaulting personnel, in case a default is established in the enquiry.

According to the first information received from the Home Department, a complaint was lodged by the local residents of the Palgarh in the police station regarding the comments of Ms. Shaheen Dhada on the Facebook.The local police station arrested Ms. Dhada and Ms. Srinivasan after registering an offence u/s 295 A of the IPC, and 66 A of the Information Technology Act. They were later released on bail.

In a later incidence of vandalising the hospital of a relative of Ms. Shaheen Dhada, the police has arrested nine persons. 

Appropriate action against the persons responsible for the arrest of the girls will be taken upon getting the enquiry reports of the Inspector General of Police, Konkan Range.

With Regards, 

Yours sincerely,

(Prithviraj Chavan)

Chief Minister Maharashtra

Date : 20/11/2012  

Justice Markandey Katju,
Press Council Of India,
Soochna Bhavan,
8, CGO Complex
Lodhi Road, New Delhi 


  1. Hope the matter will not be diluted till justice is done. Chief Minister should ensure that the political people shouldnt use their influence and play with the laws.

    1. Mr Katju,

      Thank you for taking up the initiative.

      Just one question-

      I dont understand how everyone attains enlightenment when something wrong happens in MH. Serious criminal incidents take place in other states.. but people like to create hype.. why?

    2. Right thinking people are always responding to the wherever wrongs happen. No sectarian views please

    3. so no freedom of speech here?

  2. We really appreciate your stand on this matter Justice Markandey Katju sir. Satyamev Jayate

  3. Appreciate the prompt reply by CM Maharashtra. Even SC if WP is filed seek report from police after issuing notice. CM has given utmost respect and acted swiftly.

  4. thank u sir ..on behalf of the FB / Twitter users...u saved many...in TN also before one month same kind of vindicative action taken by TN police against 6 tweeters ...if u can help v will provide more information ...jokinjey

  5. Thanks for taking it up Sir. This matter is now not just important to the two girls or his Uncle. This will come in discussions and might deter people from speaking altogether.
    There has to be a law for restricting defamatory speech no doubt, but it has to be clearly identified what defamation, hate speech is.

    If one just spends a little time on social networking sites, they will see such filthy, abusive, non-provocative posts that the need for some regulation will be realized.

    These issues have to be taken up by people who are established in society and have an influence on the influential.

    Thanks once again !

    1. Government regulating so many medias and easily suppresses voice of the mass. Internet is the only source left where you get the true informattion. It should not be regulated

    2. Government regulating so many medias and easily suppresses voice of the mass. Internet is the only source left where you get the true informattion. It should not be regulated

  6. //He has been asked to submit his report within two days as regards the nature of offence// I'd like to die in shame than live in a country where a chief minister even considers it an offence for a citizen to voice his/her opinion freely. It might seem like a sweeping statement but I wouldn't be surprised if the Shiv Sena goons are left free at the cost of police officers that seems to have worked in haste AFTER being intimidated by these goons.

    The police officers must be brought to book in any circumstances but those who intimidated them should not be left to "rule" Mumbai thinking they're above law and humanity..

  7. Yes Mr. CM, the Sun will rise in the east tomorrow. Thank you for the reassurance.

  8. A coherent and prompt response to a legitimate complaint.

    Maybe there's hope after all that Maharashtra might be turning civilized!

  9. I must thank Justice Katju for taking up this matter, seriously, and making sure action is taken. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra too needs to be appreciated for his prompt and assuring reply. I hope this event set a right precedence and henceforth, under the name of misusing freedom of speech, innocent people shouldn't be harassed.

  10. Thank you Justice Katju for the initiative. I wish the girls sue the Govt and the police for arresting them wrongly.

  11. Thanks for taking the initiative for these girls..really appreciate it

  12. Respected Justice Markandey Katjuji, Thanks for taking up the issue of arrest of 2 ladies about their facebook post. First of all we appreciate the freedom of speech issue you have taken up and hopefully it will be debated well and some concrete decision about IT Law 66A and its misuse will be curtailed.
    There was no bandh called by any political party and the closure of many cities of Maharashtra was a spontanious act of business community. reasons can be many but it was a closure which was complete but can't be labelled as a bandh.
    We may or may not agree with politics practiced by shri Balasaheb Thakre but certainly he has a place in hearts of people of Maharashtra which cannot be denied. Any death which is rediculed is not in good spirit. Here to compare Shri Thackrey with thousands who die everyday was insensitive and immature comment. If that was so lacs of people would not have come for his funeral despite all odds. He was given apt last respects from people of all walks of life and also different Religions in their own ways. When this was happening a comment belittling him could have triggered violence. However the lady in question was given an opportunity to opolige which she refused initially. Later what happened is known to all.
    Legal status of issue is one part but emotions involved during a death and funeral is another part which cannot be handled with insensitive remarks.
    In upholding the freedom of speech we should also consider the larger well being of all concerned. Therefore my request would be to handle the matter in a way that our Systems are corrrected as well as our all concerned parties are sensitised. We sincerely hope the 2 ladies do not suffer any colateral damages for life as well as the concerned Police officers who deemed fit to arrest them are also not victimised for their decision which could be wrong in the yes of law but forced as per ciscumstances on them.
    We will appreciate if we look deeper and handle the issue without loss to anyone. A request with sincere hope that our bonds are strengthened by the outcome.
    Ravi P Malhotra

    1. what a Hippocratic comment you have made. If tomorrow god forbid Shree Vajpeyee dies, should dilli or any other city for that matter be called off. I don't care how many people have a soft corner for Mr. Bal Thackrey, but I am most certainly sure that in this country there are more people who either hate him for his dirty politics don't care about him at all. Then why have a Bandh. And please let me clarify your facts here, it was not the decision by the public, but an appeal by the shiv sena, and it was because of their reputation of fear in the past that the business people decided to call off the bandh. So, truly it was fear.

      and after everything said and done, shiv sena says that they must be congratulated that everything was without violence. Are they trying to say that they somewhat blessed us or aisaan kiya hai.

      One more thing, is the state honor cremation wraped in the tricolor and given a 21 riffle solute justified to such a person who believed in adopting hitler's tactics, dictatorship, fascism, and above all hated by most of the Indians for his remarks of outsiders and all his life acted totally against the constitution to say the least. Mumbai government is a coward and so is mumbai police to deny anything that thackrey family demands, and that fear not respect and that is the truth

      Rohan Nim

    2. Dear Rohan, I appreciate your point of view. Ensuring peaceful movement of unprecedented crowds was a well managed affair by Maharashtra Government and Mumbai Police. We also appreciate role played by many organisations which came forward and helped people with food and water. There is always a lesson in every such historic event. Our views may differ but my appeal was for overall amity.
      Ravi P Malhotra

    3. Awesome reply..!! I support your statement. Liking or disliking someone is a person's personal point of view and is nowhere stated to be a crime by the law. All of us are free to speak our minds out. This act is a sheer instance of the dirty politics. It is because the political leaders get their business running by provoking people in the name of caste, creed, religion and regional bases that situations like these are being witnessed today. I believe that all the criminals would be set free in future if only we keep analyzing their sentiments. A thief goes and steals when his family and he is hungry. So does the government let him free? No. I agree that many people support Mr. Thackrey for his views and actions but that doesn't make the other person a criminal if he/she does not share your point of view!

      Hippocracy and Diplomacy at it's height! :/

    4. Now, what about the comments made by individuals in their living room, over the telephone, in street corners, bus stops, tea shops and local trains. How do you arrest them all? When a man (that too a public figure) dies the society speaks/ discusses all known facts/ stories about that person or it may even be venting off their anger against that person. It is left to the public how it feels for/ about that person on his death. The public cannot be dictated on how to feel about a person who has spent so long a time in the public domain.

    5. Mr. Ravi P Malhotra, Are you for real? I refuse to believe my nation has people like you! :O

      Also hope you know the meaning of "hurting religious sentiments".. The very fact that you choose to side with goons makes your "arguments" worthless!


    6. Dear Malhotra:

      Do you even realize that your initial statement is negating from the later part or in other words the statement was hypocritical in nature.

      In a way you had congratulated Justice Katju for supporting the rights on freedom of speech but in other way, you do not support the girl who spoke her mind, her freedom of speech. It tell me that you are confused and don't know which idea would you like to support.

      Why should the "lady in question" apologize? You mean to speak her mind. Irrespective of how much insensitive her comments were but it was hers and she was sharing with her friends. We all do that in our daily lives. We talk about different things and subjects, our likes and dislikes. That does not mean that I should be arrested for disapproving or disliking a person.

      Bal Thakeray was not a national figure, he was not a national leader and neither was he a politician holding office, yet his body was draped in national flag. Don't we have guidelines for that. So, why should I be forced to oblige to things which is/was/are spoken by Shiv Sena.

      This case should serve as an example to both people and the authorities where the thin red line is and where they should not cross. This is about educating the personnel and the officers about the law of the book, it's powers and it's limitations.

      I would advise you to clear your ideas before you arrive at conclusion!

  13. sir, it is nice to see u takin cudgels 4 the freedom of speech, but looks like the whole excerice has gone futile, wid what i understand the girl has been psycological scard n still living under the fear of guilt., further she has decided to quit facebook forever, this is a dangerous trend but sadly its the reality that stares india with each passing day our freedom 2 live in india the land of great men is being lost, but hope people like you, mahesh bhatt, rahul bose, gul panag, shashi tharoor n pritish nandy should hold a debate n thwart such modern evils plaguein indian society.

  14. Thanks for acting against effort to contain freedom of speech in our democratic country. I was advised by my parents to leave facebook and twitter . I showed them your letter which convinced them . I don't understand why such draconian laws are still there. We should fight them down.

  15. Thanks for acting against effort to contain freedom of speech in our democratic country. I was advised by my parents to leave facebook and twitter . I showed them your letter which convinced them . I don't understand why such draconian laws are still there. We should fight them down.

  16. डरता हूँ अगर लाइक किया या सहमती जताई तो कहीं जेल न जाना पड़ जाये और फेसबुक पर झूट क्यों बोलूं वेसे ही दिनभर झूट बोलना पड़ता है... श्री मान जस्टिस काटजू, शुक्र है आप जसे महानुभाव इस गरीब देश में मोजूद हैं...

  17. Thank you Justice Katju for coming forward and seeking answers for such unfortuenate and undemocratic acts.I hope and pray you to stay safe and continue raising your voice against injustice !!!

  18. The poor policemen were under pressure. The main culprit was the magistrate. A well trained judicial magistrate! But nobody is questioning the magistrates conduct!

    1. It seems like you know everything inside out. Why don't you narrate the whole story to us? ;)

    2. So - You would like to say that when Police is under pressure.. You would allow yourself to get arrested for doing no wrong??

      THIS IS BS.

  19. I hope a just action is taken, and let everyone know we are a true democracy indeed.

  20. Kudos to you sustained effort Sir.

  21. Respected Justice Katju sir,your action regarding this case will deter this kind of arbitrary arrests in future.No politicians or any respected leaders have ever issued a atatement to protect the intrests of those arrested girls.It is only you ,who have voluntarily taken the issue to fight for the justice of girls.Let the truth wins and the victims get justice.

  22. In a country where most of them claims themselves to be spokesperson for good causes..Only one in Billion stands for something wrong..Is this the end of democracy or a silver lining that still few people like You are their to make us believe that democracy still is not only a word in Our Constitution

  23. I tweeted on 19th November in supportive of arrested two girls & to make respect for our Law of Land and Constitution of India...

  24. high regard for you sir.

  25. Dear Justice Katju,

    Thank you for assuring the young people of this country that they can speak their minds. We need more of your ilk to enjoy the freedoms some of our forefathers fought to give us. Deepest Regards and Respect.

  26. Respected sir,

    My sincere thanks for your timely intervention to uphold the freedom of expression in India.

    Ko. Sugumaran, Puducherry.

  27. Dear cm sir i know ur nt going to vîew these comments bcoz u would b busy to manage the things.bt u shud nt forget that those who wr alwys busy to disrespect ipc 66a they are blaming to these innocent gals .who ll tell us abt right of these gals.why mumbai police arrestted them at night dat was also against da law.
    At the time of writing this comment i am in fear dat if some one does nt like my view they cud charge me wid wrong aligation.i m writing bcôz it belongs to mr katju.

  28. Please read this: http://ronakshah.name/i-dont-care-i-am-what-i-am-i-speak-my-mind-india-is-a-free-country-is-shiv-sena-pramukh-uddhav-thackeray-listening/

  29. the letter of kajtu made maharastra chief minister to take the action... but now we will see how impact it will make... will there be proper inquiry or it was just a formality to get rid off the matter.....

  30. To those who insist, it was in the larger interest of the country that the women were arrested, I invite you to watch the following


  31. Respected Sir,
    Please don't kill our hopes.Being a law student I understand the spirit of our constitution. Please help those innocent girls. I respect you and I admire you. I hope our freedom of speech and expression will find a firm stand for those girls.

    1. Well done Shikha, we need youth like you. We have to understand the liberty of the individuals. Let the power of democracy be enjoyed by the last man of this country. No body is bigger or smaller than none. We are all equal citizen, be it President, PM, CM or those girls.

    2. Not all citizens are equal... some are more equal than others. In the past few years I have not seen a single politician or anyone in public life ever show by action that they deem themselves as equal.

  32. Great work by Justice Katju on a matter which would have otherwise possibly turned communal.

  33. Thanks Justice to persist with this! Looking forward to your advice to the IT ministry to fix the vague wording of the IT act that promotes anti-constitutional confinement with no reason.

  34. Now, what about the comments made by individuals in their living room, over the telephone, in street corners, bus stops, tea shops and local trains. How do you arrest them all? When a man (that too a public figure) dies the society speaks/ discusses all known facts/ stories about that person or it may even be venting off their anger against that person. It is left to the public how it feels for/ about that person on his death. The public cannot be dictated on how to feel about a person who has spent so long a time in the public domain.

  35. It's nice to see that the CM of Maharastra has taken this matter seriously and have shown courtesy to reply Mr. Katju. Hope this type of incident never happen again and govt. of india, specially the Information and Technology Ministry, will amend the IT act soon.


  36. All applauds for justice Katju. It is fortunate that we have peoples like him and his move reaffirms the point that there exist a certain sector who beleive that Law should remain supreme and so the constitution of India, to which more than a billion people have faith.

    I urge all fellow indians to put efforts in enuring results to the point raised by Justice Katju.

  37. Thank you sir. I became very much outraged when I first saw this news in yahoo website. In a democratic country such as India, freedom of speech plays a very vital role. In fact, it is built in our constitution that one has every right to criticize ruling or opposition party so a voter can make a firm decision. The case booked against the girl was that she went against religious views. She never said anything about religion in status of hers. She just merely pointed out that such kind of a massive breakdown was not necessary. Also the girl mentioned that "we do not even maintain a few minutes of silence for great leaders like Bhagat Singh and Netaji Subash Chandra Bose whereas the death of a current politicians shut the whole state down" which was profoundly true. Vandalism is at its high peak supported by people who abuse their power. Your letter questions each one of them sir. Shame on people who abuse their powers. Only after reading your letter I was convinced.

    Thank you so much for your efforts sir. Its an honor to even write in your blog.

    Tarun Mohandas

  38. Dear Dr. Katju:

    Thank you for your support in speaking up and for your help in upholding our basic rights.

    May god bless you with long and healthy life to show us direction in future!

  39. Thank you sir for standing up for those innocent girl. I respect u sir just wish all our politicians n people in power were like you standing for what is right .May Allah bless you n your family

  40. Hats off Mr Katju. At these times, you are the only hope who can raise the voice against the Facist forces of our country. These Facist forces could have have been nipped in the bud, had successive governments would have taken stern action, each time these vandals and goons of Shiv Sena broke the law and indulged in strong arm tactics.

    Best regards,

    Masood Zaidi

  41. Sir.. Thank you for taking up and fighting for this issue. You have been doing great job as a citizen of this country. We the younger generation of this country have lot to learn from you.

    I want to see each and every person of this country being treated equally irrespective of caste, color, gender, status or anything for that matter. That is when we are truly a kind of nation which our great leaders of pre-independence wanted it to be.

    We have lost many great leaders of our country during our freedom struggle and the political leaders of today are no match to those GREAT people.

    Leaders like Netaji, Tilak and others were like Himalayan mountain but political leaders of today are like garbage collected everyday in our cities. If they die there is no loss for the country in anyway.

  42. Dear Mr Katju,

    You seems to be notable lawyer/judge, can you make changes in section 498 A ?? In that case also many innocent husbands their families suffer if someone misuse the law.

  43. Ai Ai Ai, so the CM has send a letter which one way or the other is just a way of obtaining time to pull the curtains over the issue or let the people directly involved in this drama to escape, and don't forget that the Shiv Sena personal send to destroy the hospital that is owned by a relative of one of the accused girls were given bail.

    How exactly does this system work? A party not responsible for the actions of it's workers and supporters has not only failed morally but also in terms of, let's say, good house keeping!

    Are there any laws by which a party can be banned for bad demeanour?

  44. I appreciate Mr. Katju’s interest in the said matter. In fact I am moved by the backing of the entire nation e, especially in a country where the percentage of undertrials is 64.7% as per NCRB Report 2011. She seems to be very special girl.
    I am glad we live in the age of Face book where one can just sit at home and type whatever one feels and the same can be accessible to the entire world.
    Back in 1991 when a national leader, Mr. Rajeev Gandhi was assassinated a million people came on street for his funeral. His funeral was conducted on a Saturday. I wonder how many shops had to be closed on a working day. I wonder whether invitations were handed out to people to join the funeral or whether the party declared bandh. Most importantly, there was no Face Book to give us the freedom to express our grievances, fear, anger. There was no platform.
    The same holds true at the time when the city came to a stand still for the funeral of Mahatma Gandhi , Lokmanya Tilak ,Dr Ambedakar or Indira Gandhi.

    On 18th November 2012, I witnessed a huge outpour of people for a political leader. I have never seen such a site. Nearly 20 Lakh people were on the streets of Mumbai to say good bye to their Godfather; Balasaheb Thackrey. He was 86 years old, retired in 2006, who commanded this kind of popularity. It really does not matter whether who liked or did not like Balasaheb Thackrey , whether one agreed to his political ideology or not. From petty man on street to Amitabh Bachan , L.K Advani to Anil Ambani everyone attended his funeral. The sheer crowd was an answer to everything.
    Such things happen once in a lifetime and I truly believe no existing political leader will command this kind of crowd. However, this poor girl seemed to have a problem with the city being closed. As I mentioned earlier, if Face Book would have existed earlier I’m sure people would have had the opportunity to share their feelings. Feelings, of being annoyed with Mahatma Gandhi’s funeral too because the shops were closed.
    The girl and people backing her seem oblivious to the sentiments of people who came on the street. She is oblivious to the fact that Balasaheb Thackrey is not an ordinary person. She is oblivious to the fact that Mumbai Police did an exemplary job of maintaining order and peace in a city like Bombay. All she cares about Mumbai being closed.
    I do not know the facts of this case because media cannot be the fact provider or judge of anything. However, I went through her comment on the face book. Obviously vandalizing the hospital is not an answer; but backing whatever this girl has written just shows how shallow the thoughts are.
    Freedom of expression comes with responsibility. Balasaheb Thackrey was not an ordinary man and 18th November was the biggest proof. Freedom of expression does not mean, making reckless allegations/comments. Freedom of expression includes healthy, honest and respectful criticism .


  45. Not a single person thought of complimenting the State and the Police Force. 20 lakh people on street and no incidence of violence or stampede. Unfortunately it is not as easy as commenting on Face Book. This police machinery carried the responsibility of 20lakh people that day.
    If this comment would have been out, when the crowd was on street, what ruckus would it have created? Who would have been responsible? Members of Face book or people backing her comment? However her comment is not categorized as an exception to freedom of speech and treated as breach of security /public order or incitement to an offence.
    This girl compares Balasaheb Thackrey to thousands of ordinary people who die everyday; only shows her sheer ignorance of the man’s power. Reiterating, it is not about whether we liked him or not. Look at the crowd. One can’t buy / coerce such huge crowd.
    It is the job of the police to collect evidence and Court’s job to interpret whether she was right in writing such a comment. Whether the same can be categorized under freedom of speech or her arrest had backing of law under Indian Penal Code? Media is not a Court. However it is disappointing to know that so called well read matured people who have held high offices have no understanding the mass mentality in such times. They have no understanding of the repercussion such kind of comments would have in such times.
    Pratiti Naphade

  46. Really an great effort by Justice Katju. Hope truth will prevail and the guilty will be punished. There is nothing wrong in those girls comments. There is no need for any city to be shut down just because some popular leader died. Will the whole India stand still if a national leader dies?

  47. Mr. Katju I feel you need basics right,
    Fine I am commenting against you on this blog as my fundamental right by constitution of India. Hon. Dr. Ambedkar has given me this right and my comment follows, ...
    u call journos as fools, who are u???
    u support Shaheen is she an elected representative?
    Tommorrow one will provoke anything on facebook under name of right to speech.
    If she was so offended by bandh on Sunday esp. she would have apporached you to file a suit.
    U wrote a letter to our Honourable CM who is doing great job questioning his intentions. why the hell u interfere in Maharashtra, CM is our elected representative and so are all political leaders, Mobism is increasing day by day and so you are supporting it. If have guts go to people and demand votes.
    If Bureaucracy has to be blamed, same goes to judiciary and media.
    You have hyped this matter for personal intentions and not for supporting shaheen.
    If she is right so is Police as a part of Judiciary.
    Actions should be taken on all to hurt sentiments of each sections of society. So should we do cock fights or motivate youth towards development and cultural exchange.
    Now challenge my statements and write to CM.
    In Maharashtra I will support Our Polticos, Judiciary, People etc.

    1. Absolutely agree with you. Good Job!- Pratiti Naphade

    2. u talk abt ur sentiments due to FB status of someone n what about the sentiments of the ppl (majority) who accepted bandh due to fear.. ?

  48. Thank you sir...

  49. I Agree with Mr. Chief Minister. We should remember the words of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.'s of the United States Supreme Court who said;
    "The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic".

    Any kind of a free speech, which is luckily to cause public outrage, as in this case, should not be procted.
    Narinder Sharma


  51. Is this all we can expect from the CM of our State!? Media reports and speculation tell us more than this.

  52. The girls were made to apologize? For freedom of expression ?? I as citizen of India, I am under a constant fear that someone would arrest for my view on something?

  53. your immediate action will be highly appreciated.....sir.

  54. Now the Violation of IT Act can be seen as Fake Profiles. Is it comes under"66C Punishment for identity theft
    Whoever, fraudulently or dishonestly make use of the electronic signature, password or any other unique identification feature of any other person, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine which may extend to rupees one lakh."

  55. Dear Katju Sir

    Your one letter to a newspaper killed more than 100 people... Please have a look into the matter and save us and our children, who are going to be without food in next few days...

    Sir, We are the employees with Song & Drama Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, and we are facing suspension since 6 months, our fault is that we opened the corruptions of Crores and 17 wrong appointments by our Director, L. R. Vishvanath, against whom more than 50 complaints of corruption and CVC inquiries are pending. We got support from a newspaper named NEWSHONE, but an Unconstitutional letter from your office refrain them to publish all corruption (copy of your notice and newspaper's reply is annexed with this mail).

    Sir, your notice snatched our support and that Director manipulatively got an order from the Minister of State, Min. of I&B (order is annexed and letter to the minister before passing that order is also annexed)...

    Sir, please help us we are not only afraid but loose our jobs and we have no other source for our bread butter...

    After your notice we lost all hopes, and how your office notice is illegal you may see the answer of that newspaper to your notice...

    Sir, Secretary and Joint Secretary today on saturday opened the ministry office and before leaving to Geneva preparing our death warrant, because they are running this corruption racket...

    Sir, now you are not justice for us but you are our GOD... Hajoor, Apko hamarey bachchon ka wasta ! and please dont support these corrupt people, minister is also unable to stop them, his illegal order is also annexed with this email...

    Sir all corruption documents are annexed with this email...

    Sir, please see this video to understand the nature of Joint Secretary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9PtHZYXhrI & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdW1n7WtAJk

    Sir, a hard copy of this email also sent to your home...


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