Tuesday 2 April 2013

‘The Court of Last Resort’

‘The Court of Last Resort’

It has been felt for quite some time that injustice is being done to a large number of people who have been languishing in jail either as under trials whose cases have not been heard for several years, or who have unjustly remained incarcerated, either because:
      (1)  The police have fabricated evidence against them, or
      (2)  For want of proper legal assistance, or
     (3)  Who have had to spend many years in jail and ultimately found innocent by the court.

Many of such persons in jail belong to minorities who have been accused only on suspicion and on pre-conceived notions that all persons of that community are terrorists. Whenever a bomb blast or such other terrorist event occurs, the police often is unable to trace out the real culprit, and yet it has to show that it has solved the crime. Consequently very often the police rushes to implicate and charge a large number of youths of that minority community on mere suspicion, whose bail application is very often rejected and consequently they have to spend several years in jail. In such matters either the police often fabricates evidence against them to justify their acts and secure conviction, or the cases result in acquittal of innocent accused persons after they have spent several years in jail. A classic case is of that of a young boy Aamir who was 17 years of age when arrested, and who spent 14 years in jail after which he was found innocent.

In the 6th April 2013 issue of Tehelka there is an excellent article by Shoma Chaudhry entitled , ‘The Fight for Muslims is fundamental for the survival of Democracy’. In this article she has stated that over the past few years TEHELKA journalists have documented hundreds of stories of innocent Muslims languishing in jail after being brutally tortured on flimsy or false charges. Each case hides hair raising stories about prejudice, incompetence and deliberate malafide, and also mentions stories of pain, destroyed lives and hollowed futures.

Shoma writes that innocent Muslims have been jailed with impunity in India over the past decade because it was easy to jail them. Within hours of any terror attack, a bunch of Muslim boys would be arrested, and their names aired in the media as ‘Masterminds’. Their guilt was assumed, it did not need to be proved.

Since 2001 a terrible maxim had seeped into the Indian mainstream: All Muslims may not be terrorist, but all terrorists are Muslims. It did not matter if you caught the wrong ones. Everyone only wanted the illusion of security and “action taken”. Those who raised hard questions were scorned as ‘anti-national’.

In my interview with Karan Thapar on ‘Devil’s Advocate’ I said that within hours of a terrorist attack in India many media channels start showing that an email or SMS has been received from ‘Indian Mujahideen’ or ‘Jaish-e-Muhammad’ or ‘Harkat-ul-Jihad’, or some other organization having a Muslim name, claiming responsibility. Now an email or SMS can be sent by any mischievous person. But by showing this on TV screens, and the next day in print, subtle message is sent that all Muslims are terrorists, and thus the entire community is demonized.

All this is triggering new cycles of hate and revenge. Despair turns citizens into perpetrators, from the hunted to the hunter. Young men who have spent long years in jail cannot find jobs or houses to rent even when acquitted, their families are ostracized, and sisters find themselves unmarriageable because their brothers have been branded as terrorists.

Unless this cycle of hate is now reversed we are heading for terrible times, for injustice breeds hatred and violence

Criminal investigation is a science, but unfortunately in our country the police usually is not trained in scientific investigation nor does it have the equipment for the same. If we read the stories of Sherlock Holmes, we see how Holmes investigates a crime by promptly going on the spot and studying the finger prints, blood stains, soil, ashes, handwriting etc. before coming to a scientific conclusion. In recent times it has been shown on Discovery Channel etc. how the American police investigates a crime. The police reach the spot and collects the traces of the material there including blood stains, fingerprints, ashes, fibres, etc. The finger prints are fed into a computer which is connected to a national computer network, which can often lead to the discovery of the criminal. The blood stains etc. are taken to a laboratory where they are tested for DNA etc. Even a few microscopic fibres can lead to the discovery of the culprit by testing them in a laboratory and thus finding out his identity.

All this is usually absent in our police set up and yet the police has to show that it has solved the crime, otherwise the investigating officer fears suspension for incompetence. Consequently  he either implicates people on suspicion or resorts to the time honoured method of torture or third degree methods to obtain a confession.

All this is leading to injustice on a large scale. We are not blaming the courts for this because they are handicapped due to the enormous burden of litigation for which cases linger on for years and years. Also, unfortunately nowadays the real eye witnesses are afraid to give evidence out of fear of threats or harassment, and hence the police often fabricates evidence.

The result of all this is that in our country gross injustice is often done, particularly to minorities, and the time has now come when this great wrong must be set right. Our country is a country of great diversity and therefore no community must be made to feel that it is being selectively victimised.

This being the situation it has been decided by a group of people headed by Justice Markandey Katju, former Judge, Supreme Court of India, and the eminent lawyer Mr. Majeed Memon, the film producer and social activist Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, Mr. Asif Azmi and other like-minded people to setup an organisation called ‘The Court of Last Resort’.

The concept of this idea has come from an organisation founded way back in 1948 by the eminent American criminal lawyer Erle Stanley Gardner, who later wrote the Perry Mason novels. In his book ‘The Court of Last Resort’, Erle Stanley Gardner mentions about the organisation which he set up consisting  mainly of lawyers, who took up cases of persons whom they thought  were wrongly accused or unjustly convicted. The organisation which we are starting in India will bear the same name ‘The Court of Last Resort’ and have its headquarters in New Delhi, with Justice Katju as its patron and will have state units in all states of India. Such state units will be authorised to appoint district units.

‘The Court of Last Resort’ will have the following objects:

(1)  To ask the concerned authorities in various states about details of prisoners languishing in jails, particularly those who have been in jail for long periods, including both under trials and convicts. The R.T.I. Act can be used in this connection.
(2)  To examine the cases of persons, whether of our own accord, or on the representation of someone, and find out whether there has been injustice in their case, either by the delay in holding the trial, or by a wrong conviction, and do the needful in this connection, including applying for bail.
(3)  To apply for pardon, respite, suspension or reduction of sentence   to the President or Governor as the case may be.
(4)  To create awareness in the public about this gross injustice which is being done to a large number of people.
(5)  To educate the police about this state of affairs and change its mentality.
(6)  To approach the other concerned authorities with the aim of rectifying this injustice to a large section of people.
(7)  To do such other acts as may be necessary for this purpose.
The organisation appeals to the like-minded people among the public, particularly to lawyers, retired judges, academicians, students, social activists, professionals, media persons , etc. to help and get associated with this enterprise.

The formal inauguration of this body will be done through a press conference in the near future.

It is made clear that this is being  done for no personal benefit to any of us but purely because of our sincere desire that justice should be done to everybody, and no section of society is made to feel that it is being discriminated against.


  1. Correct 100% agree

  2. You are nothing but a pimp of celebrities who can afford to stuff money in your mouth to get your loud mouth going on and on.... I am ashamed that idiots like you reached upto the supreme court judge level..I have now lost respect for these judges if they have people like you amongst them..If you want publicity then go to "Big Boss" and do your drama..don't mess with country's judicial system which gave you bread and butter all these years.. Your face needs to be blackened by Mumbai Blast victims who are witnessing daily debates about sanjay dutt and this terrorist woman Kazi..YOU MORON..

    1. With all due respect, no body actually cares what you think or who you respect. People like you breed hatred, you are not nationalist, but your thinking is more on line of jingoism (i bet you don't know the meaning, so google it). Person who you are calling a moron is retired judge of supreme court and trust me, if you are a moron you wont reach there. Talking about morons, i think you are one because of following reasons
      a) you are just abusing some one mindlessly without any credible proof or evidence;
      b) people like you are anna hazare fan's who are patriotic or nationalist for a season, and with change of season you people fizzle out; more like you buy a shirt you get bored you discard it;
      c) think of one thing you have done for this country, i again bet you wont be able to think beyond joining a protest or lighting a candle or a dharna. Your really think all these things make any difference? think again its a waste of time, but then again how does it matter i am sure you are jobless;
      d) you portray yourself as aam aadmi, do you even know what a aam aadmi is. The first and basic requirement aam aadmi is reasonable common man. your comments unfortunately does not reflect reason or logic, it reflects .......well nothing but your stupid logic (read stupidity).

      Well for the abovementioned reasons i think i made my point quite clear that you sir, again with all due respect is a moron and not Justice Katju. If you dont agree with my logic and my reasons, you actually prove my point.

    2. This is no Aam Aadmi here, this is the virus affected bekaar aadmi who has nothing better to do but spread hatred, abuse righteous people, and put a spanner in the working and development of our country.

      Their kind have to be weeded out to bring our nation back to its glory.

      I see this virus highly active on all Media and Social sites and blogs. Abusive Misleading and Destructive, since the last few years now.

    3. What a reply Janardan Bhakar.

      Kudus to you.

    4. What a reply from Mr. Janardan Bhakar Hats off, no doubt about honesty of Honorable Jastice Marnadey Katju.

      “This is called transform the nation”

    5. Spot on Mr Janardan Bhakar.
      This Aam Aadmi stuff is simply full of people who change their mindset with every changing season. Their notions are not endorsed with pragmatic reasonable thinking, rather full of matter strong enough to hinder the working of our system.

    6. Few idiots cannot decide who is intelligent and who is not? All you above idiots have one same problem. First I think India media is one big reason it has created hatred amongst masses. You can see the difference in the communities. First India media is not monitored and accountable means law does not take its course of action if they reported wrong. In UK and other developed nations you can take media to court and close their media houses if they failed to prove their claim. Now Indian media focuses mostly on paid news and articles. Currently please notice on web portal and newspaper you see an article on Modi praise done by BJP, Rahul Gandhi development praise is funded by Congress. They are pouring huge money for their PR. Please see carefully. Second also some of the stakeholders in media houses are corporate house and individuals sitting in USA and Europe.
      For example media will show terrorism happening in Pakistan and Afghanistan because of polarized society, radicalization, extremism done by fanatics but they will not report USA drone attack is killing 80% of innocents which in turn is radicalizing the society in these trouble state because funding is done by USA. It is the reason India media house like politicians follow crony capitalism policy and I rate India media third class, third grade just like Indian constitutional structure where there is no accountability. The bomb blast in India might have done by West, right wing parties, even Islamic fanatics but to serve the interest of their bosses and larger section, the blame always goes on muslims. Indian media is really 80% responsible for the communal hatred in society. Had someone put india media accountable or punishment we wouldn't have reach this stage

  3. Respected Sir,

    I would be delighted to be a small part i this huge and noble effort of yours!

  4. The venture is worthy.
    It surprises me why a country that claims to democratic rule and law like India should fret and fume at the sight of each report of the Amnesty International.
    I wish the “Court of Last Resort” all success and sustainable will to confront the many eternal and pervading dangers in a democracy.
    Your lamentation against the stymieing of the hapless among the minority will surely see many vociferous and frenzied braying for your eclipse.

  5. Sir, very noble thought...may this become a great institution for centuries to come...poor people who do not get justice or are framed will have hope

  6. Hello, I welcome this move, but I have a request which in my opinion is fair.
    Why have a court of last resort for only minorities? Why undertrials of majority community not eligible for justice through this arm? Why are we bringing the same differentiation that this organisation is expected to remove? Ponder and think if making it exclusive to minorities is right?


    1. Nowhere has the author written that this court would solely work for the minorities. the reason why it looks skewed towards minorities( read muslims) is that they are the ones who will be benefited more than any other community if this court strives for the good of those illegitimately languishing in jails for years. I really hope that the panel would also come to rescue those from the majority; for if it doesn't, it will smack of favouritism.

  7. The article and the formation of organisation is timely and must be applauded. There is not an iota of doubt that our police in trying to show on TV that they have solved the case within few days produce the accused before the cameras in muffled faces. It is also true that there is very high religious biasedness in our investigating agencies personnel. As far as scientific investigation is concerned, it seems that our country is far away on that path. A well known example is that the police itself got the mattress burnt in case of Arushi murder episode which if sent to laboratory in time would have helped in solving the mystery. Simply put, even if samples are sent to laboratories it is anybody's guess in how much time they will send their report. Then that scientist may seek several adjournments before trial judge to appear as witness during trial and in the meanwhile the person languishes in jail. At least an effort be made to start recording of evidence of witness by video conferencing to expedite trial by the judge.

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  10. I would like say thanks for you initiative for help of innocent muslim. Pls post your blog in Hindi also.

  11. Justice Katju Sir,

    Please count me in, I have been following your tweets and your writings and believe you are a wise man with a conscience. A rarity in India today.

    God bless you,



  12. This is truely a needed initiative at the given hour:
    Demands for justice to "innocent" youth from the community came as all the nine Muslim youth, accused of involvement in 2006 Malegaon bomb blasts, were released from jail after five years of incarceration when no evidence was found against them.

    Last month, Bangalore-based journalist Muthi-ur-Rehman Siddiqui and DRDO scientist Aijaz Ahmed Mirza, who were arrested by the Bangalore Police in an alleged terror plot, were released on bail after the NIA failed to file charges against them.

  13. This is truly a needed initiative at the given hour:
    Demands for justice to "innocent" youth from the community came as all the nine Muslim youth, accused of involvement in 2006 Malegaon bomb blasts, were released from jail after five years of incarceration when no evidence was found against them.

    Last month, Bangalore-based journalist Muthi-ur-Rehman Siddiqui and DRDO scientist Aijaz Ahmed Mirza, who were arrested by the Bangalore Police in an alleged terror plot, were released on bail after the NIA failed to file charges against them.

    The preamble presented for the constitution of the group is complete to understand the situation. And injustice to minorities or any person from any class or background should not be tolerated. We should fight for zero tolerance in such cases where the architect or ‘mastermind’ in uniform/system should be made accountable and punished. At the same time, our system should invest in training and equipments for investigating terror cases where the real culprits are brought to justice. When these both aspects are balanced to a practical degree will we hope to see true Justice. However, the existence of such force will deter miscarriage of justice as the system will know that there are people watching them.

  14. Great Intiative! Go ahead, I support your views. and like to work with people with same ideololgy

  15. Dear Justice Katju,

    When you supported Sanjay Dutt, I felt sorry for lacs of other prisoners who did not get your support and so the right justice. And there was always doubt in my mind that you only take up those cases that are in media( may not be of celebrity though).

    But now your this initiative has really cleared the air. Now it is clear your really want to give justice to each and every citizen of india.

    This was something that only someone of your calibers can make it successful. (I still have doubt regarding your Pak-ind coming together, but will comment on it some other day)

    I always felt every body can contribute to the society. And its not necessary for every one to open school or orphanage to support the society. Field in which you are expert can be used to support /help the society.

    You have set the rooad for every one. May all those pity prisoners who are suffering in our jails get justice thourgh court of last resort.

    One Suggestion: Please include Ms. Kabir Bedi in this initiative. She is expert in prisoners/prison field. She could be of really great help to you.

    May you live 200 years Mr Katju and show our country right path and direction of prosper.

    Words are not enough to explain our gratitude towards your noble initiative.

    May god bless you.


  16. Dear Sir,

    It seems to be a great idea. But why is it so , that we have a habit of copying everything from other countries. I would like to mention here that even all the great provisions of the constitution has been taken from various other constitutions of the world. But, that was not mindless borrowing.

    The question is with your carrier of more than 30 years , you were unable to put such effective idea(atleast on paper, as of now) . One of the reason may be that being the part of an inefficient and ineffective courts ( which decides the case in average 15-20 years ).The other thing i would like to mention here is that sitting in New Delhi , one can't change anything and everything. 4 people asking for reports from various stakeholder is not a best approach . The power need to be transferred to the bottom of the pyramid , that is , to the Gram Sabha and District level Judiciary , which have to handle the case within a specific time period.

    Still bothered about efficiency in this new concept.(After all we have made so many great things on paper and are one of the poor implementaters).

    Regret for the inconvinience caused.But, as you are concerned about this country there are others like me also sailing on the same boat.

    Thanks & With Best Regards,
    Pankaj Tiwari

  17. Congratulations on re-inventing the wheel. :-)

    Civil Liberties organizations in India already perform this job and perform with a great deal of success.

    It would make more sense if these Civil Liberties organizations received greater support. There is after-all a great deal of strength in a collective.

    The biggest issue here is that this ideas is being patronized by a former a judge. There is a conflict in this. Organizations that are fighting for the rights of under-trials and prisoners should be free of judges and former members of the judiciary. They have been a part of system that has only made the problem worse.

    Second, keeping judges away will help maintain neutrality (suppose we want to take on the Supreme Court, how do we do it if a former judge is the patron?)

    My suggestion would be to work with Civil Liberties organizations that already have a standing in this area...e.g. PUCL

    These organizations already have lawyers that have dedicated their lives to causes such as fighting for justice for under-trials.

    1. While every like-minded & Conscientious Citizen of this great country will welcome the Spirit, the Concept of this kind of initiative, who else than very honourable & respected Justice Katju will know better, that such an institution would be Unconstitutional one.

      We all welcome the idea, and agree with this anonymous comment, that it's worth thinking about working with institutions like PULC & apolitical Human Rights NGOs, and make it more effective. Coming together in a United manner, creating a Strong Civil Society with Pluralistic Values.

      We all welcome this idea of Justice, and whole-heartedly support you with all good wishes & prayers

  18. I am all for "The Court of Last Resort".

    Brilliant Initiative. Kudos to Justice Katju.

  19. Another substandard piece. First of all "all terrorists are muslims" is a point-in-time statement that originated outside India - India knows not only Islamic but non-religious terrorism like Naxal-Maoism which keeps consuming lives. So stop making false pleas based on false bases. And eminent people like you have tried to rally behind false propaganda to equate movements that rose in defense of the society to those that seek to disintegrate the society. As if that is not enough, you propose this presumptuous scheme. You seem to have too much of free time and too little capability of interest in delivering your PCI responsibilities.

  20. An ideal society is judged by the fairness of the justice prevailing in the society and not by caste or religion. This is a right initiative in trying to bring back the focus on justice.

  21. This is really a brilliant idea to keep a check on police department who has now become an authoritarian in its conduct. This move should be welcomed by government as it will enrich the democracy by offering more participation of prudent and pragmatic people of the country to strengthen the status of an underprivileged section of society who are frequently being traumatized just because of some prejudice.

  22. We live in a society where retributive justice is the rule of the day, unfortunately this is the very same Motherland of the Mahatma. Restorative justice is seldom (or never ?) practiced. An eye for an eye makes us all go blind. Are we being told by our media friends that the otherness (by religion) are all enemies ?

  23. Stumbled upon this 'Open Letter' addressed to you Mr.Katju.
    If you care to respond on this blog?


  24. Okay sir, good effort - as long as it works ONLY for the truly 'innocent' ones.

    I am staunchly opposed to Islam, I believe it is the WORST kind of FASCIST , TOTALITARIAN ideology in the world. Completely opposed to freedom & liberty of any kind. Islam poisons the mind of muslims with nothing but hate; & has caused an unimaginable human rights violations & suffering throughout around the world - at an unimaginable scale.

    But the way the police functions in India is 'startling' & 'alarming' to say the least. When cases like the ones you mentioned come to the forefront, it boggles our mind - and shakes our notions of 'freedom' & 'democracy' in India. Are we truly free? Absolutely NOT!

    So as long as you work for truly deserving cases, my support is with you. Thank You!

  25. Dear Katju,

    Request you to kindly go through this open letter and work on some of these critical issues we face and get some solutions/closures on them.



  26. Someone may also take up the case for remission under Cr p c or otherwise of a convict with Sanjay Dutt who is now 83 years old. His name is Kersi Bapuji Adjania and has been sentenced for one year by the Hon'ble Supreme Court. His fault was he lent a helping hand in melting the AK-56 rifle in his workshop.

  27. Respected Justice Katju,

    We, at 'Conscience of the society' (www.conscienceofthesociety.com, a philosophic non-profit that stands for the cause of Reason, justice, individual dignity, and chiefly for that of a REINVENTED DEMOCRACY',) welcome your great initiative ! Till a case reaches a court of law, it is handled by the police. They are always under professional compulsion to see that the job they have taken-up succeeds. Hence, they do every thing to win. With the great, gigantic POWER-STATE behind them, the helpless citizen always falls a victim of their high-handedness. They always can threaten, black-mail and bring anyone into submission,especially whosoever are unfortunate to fall into in their eye of suspicion. This institutionalized set-up degenerates the great 'peoples form of government' ( democracy)into same category of old authoritarian governments, and throws the notion of FREEDOM under democracy, into the arena of a laughable joke !

    We wrote to supreme-court many times before( we attach copy of our such letters to your e.mail ID) about the injustice of JUSTICE BEING IN THE HANDS OF POLICE' till it is brought as a case before a court of law. This interim period is extremely detrimental to the CAUSE of citizen's freedom and liberty in a democratic country.

    Nobel prized author Albert Camus once quipped: ' An age could be called truly civilized only when it starts sending its criminals to mental asylums than to jails'. Yes Justice Katju, we earnestly hope that your exceptional initiative could end up in such attainment of true civilized status for our age !

    The real culprit here is the political POWER, the one EVIL fuel of the older regimes ( of Kings and his likes) that inception of democracy was supposed to end. Democracy, the governmental form of EQUAL MEN, has NO role for POWER, an EVIL that cripples, nullify, and destruct freedom ! Democracy and POWER are non-compatible elements, and opposite poles. As you have rightly observed in the blog above, it is what breeds counter activities such as terrorism, 'cycles of hate and revenge', 'and turns citizens into perpetrators, from the hunted to the hunter'.

    We appeal to you to concentrate on the root fundamental cause of the real problem mentioned above, ie. a truly 'reinvented democracy'.

  28. The initiative very good that will really help large number of innocents.
    Even more important is it will occupy Katju and spare the country from his regular neausense. Of course provided he is sincere about this cause.

    I doubt if Mahesh Bhatt can be relied upon. In some other news I read Playboy is setting up some parks in Goa beach. One may find him conducting auditions there.

    By raking up the cause of minorities the author disclosed his political ambitions.

    Shoma Chowadry? What credibility this lady has? Let us not forget that Katju himself wrote about ethics of journalists.
    How come her claims can be accepted on face value?

    Interestingly the article as well as Shoma's use non-specific counts like 'many', 'hundreds'.
    A quick search on internet tells that about 2.5 Lakh undertrials are in Indian jails.
    So what percentage this 'many' and 'hundreds' constitutes of 2.5 lakh?
    What about the religion of remaining undertrials?


  29. Sherlock Holmes, Perry mason and Discovery channel... great ways of learning criminal investigation.
    Our police are ready for education trips to other countries :-)

    Why these are absent in our police? Even more critical question. Does our police really works for solving crimes?
    Majority of police force is spent in controlling traffic, providing security to festivals, functions, processions and personal security to all sorts of big shots including sitting and retired judges.
    Above all a police is not sure of consequences of arresting someone.
    Who are these police? How many of them really qualified? How many unqualified manage into police forces by various means both legal and illegal?

    In America judges dispose cases as quick as possible. They do not entertain adjournments on silly reasons.
    What happens in India? Judges take long vacations. They grant adjournment at drop of hat.
    They never insist disposing petty cases quickly.

    Interesting thing is Author has full belief in what Shoma says, but questions prudence of all other media both, Electronic and Print.
    It is a visible fact that most of Indian media is 'secular' to the core. Of course not that they believe in secularism, but to play along ruling establishment.
    They do not have choice but to report the names Indian Mujahideen or Jaish-e-Muhammad or LeT.
    The better way not to demonize the community would be rename those outfits. Say Bharth ki Aaatankvaadi, India ka Dushman etc.
    BTW, the other community did not show same resentment when none other than home minister of the country colored the terrorism. Nor the author condemned the same then.

  30. for the people by the people congrats for you are mission CLR
    You are doing a good job for a good cause.we are secular people of India salute you and we are with you
    Me akela hi chala tha janib manzil magar,
    Log sath ate gae aur karwan banta gea.

  31. Dear Mr. Katju,

    25 crore still minorities.This is for your consideration that since when India got independence there had been more that 5000 Riots between Hindu and Muslims the reason for every riot was by Your favorite minorities only.Why you blame System when it is made by you actually You are flavoring specific religion why are you not looking for Hindus in Pakistan? what have you done till now in your life time as justice for minorities of neighbor countries facing so many problem?

  32. Dear Mr. Katju,

    25 crore still minorities.This is for your consideration that since when India got independence there had been more that 5000 Riots between Hindu and Muslims the reason for every riot was by Your favorite minorities only.Why you blame System when it is made by you actually You are flavoring specific religion why are you not looking for Hindus in Pakistan? what have you done till now in your life time as justice for minorities of neighbor countries facing so many problem?

  33. Welcome to the "Fools of Last Resort" straight out of books! Next project 'Star Wars' under Master Yoda.

  34. Welcome to the "Fools of Last Resort" straight out of books! Next project 'Star Wars' under Master Yoda.

  35. What we need in present scenario is not another organization but efficiency in the present system. It won't be long before this organization too would get entangled in bureaucratic whims and legal ambiguity.

    As it is rightly said, the short path is easier to find, but difficult to take whereas longer path is difficult to get but easier to travel. The youth in our country needs to be truly "secular" and also work towards a common goal. It might be long, but will be good result in the future.

  36. Why I will say our Indian media is third class, third grade, rubbish, inferior quality material discussed and low quality debate takes place. In all the bomb blast investigation, what I really analyzed is police did not not found the culprit and concluded except police confessions, police made stories except 16/11 where they caught Kasab. I wish there would be an RTI to find our hardcore evidence and proof that can be proved in international court. Now police confessions can be made out by force and media without properly investigating the evidence target a particular community. No doubt we had Daood, underworld mafia's belonging to muslim community but there are criminals belonging to all communities. There are extremist and fanatics in all religion.
    I would still feel Indian media could have united people but because under freedom of speech act, they are blabbering nonsense but in west they are accountable here they are not accountable and responsible. I blame politicians for not making it accountable and liable for any damage to any community it posseses.

    1. Sir kindly seek De-recognition of BJP as Political Party to find solution of Soci-Religious Problems of India becoz this Party has become DEVDASI of Talibani RSS Purohits... https://www.facebook.com/notes/atul-k-mehta/de-recognition-of-bjp-as-political-party/10151538273518855 …

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  38. A need of the hour and it will be very helpful.

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  40. Sir, I would like to be part of this noble cause. Let's start this ASAP.