Friday, 22 March 2013

Sanjay Dutt

I have read the views of those criticizing me for appealing to the Governor of Maharashtra to pardon Sanjay Dutt under Article 161 of the Constitution. While I respect the right of every one to hold his view, I have this to say in response :
(1) I have never sought popularity, and I have often expressed views which I knew would make me very unpopular. I regard populism as a form of vulgarity, and will say what my conscience tells me.
(2) My reasons for appealing for Sanjay Dutt's pardon are given in my letter to the Governor, and hence I am not repeating the same.


  1. Whether you sought popularity or not Mr Katju,that's not the point here.The reasons for appealing for Sanjay Dutt's pardon are shocking and people just don't expect such immature and passionate views from a very learned and a former SC judge ,like you.
    Your reasons if really applied on whole such cases,can really wreak havoc for the Indian criminal justice system.
    We know that,you are a man of conviction and steadfast resolute Mr. Katju,but this time you have got things completely wrong sir.

    1. DEFINATELY BRO....katju has certainly took all of us by surprise...apex court of the country says that he should be punished and then u come with that he should be pardoned.....u have insulted the whole judicial system of the country.....

    2. A lot of people are upset with you mr Katju for appealing to Governer of Maharashtra for pardoning Sanju baba.
      I am not upset with you.
      I am actually very happy that you are only a chairman of press council and fortunately for a lot of us has retired from the judiciary.
      Imagine what would have happened if you were still serving as a judge.
      Sanju baba would be scott free, celebrating with Haneef Kadawala, Sameer Hingora and calling Dawood bhai.

      Most of us are fortunate enough and we don’t have to visit a court, and I hope and pray, we will NEVER have to, looking at the state of judiciary and its ex-officials like Mr Katju.
      Our perception about a Judge in the court is from Hindi movies where the Judge says the same GHISA PITA dialoge - “TAMAAM SABOOT AUR BAYANAT ….” Etc etc
      It led us to believe that judges make a decision based on evidences.
      If you look at his arguments for the appeal for Sanju baba, they are shocking to say the least.
      Argument 1 – Its been 20 years.
      Mr Katju should be ASHAMED that such an important case has taken 20 years to deliver a judgement, since he seems to think he was an important part of Indian Judiciary system.
      He creates a feel that Sanju was “tortured” since he had to go to the court many times, and had to get permission from the courts.
      That must be a pain mr Katju.

      Argument 2 – Sanju baba has already gone to court for 18 months. So he should be pardoned for the balance jail term.
      Mr Katju if I borrow Rs 10 lac from you, can I pay you only 2 lacs and will you forget the balance amount ?
      I’d love to borrow money from you.

      Argument 3 – Sanju baba is married and has two young kids.

      So ?
      Mr Katju what your point ?

      Have you ever thought how many kids were orphaned by the blasts in 93 ?
      I know it will be hard for you Mr Katju, but THINK.

      Argument 4
      Sanju baba is not a terrorist, he had no involvement with blasts.

      Mr Katju you are now arguing like the lawyer hired my Custom Officer mr Thapa in blast case.
      His lawyer argued that his client (mr Thapa) can be sued for corruption but not as a terrorist.
      According to the argument, Mr Thapa was “cheated” by Dawood and gang that they were bringing in Gold and not RDX.
      You wont be able to understand mr Katju what common people think about lawyers and judges.
      You are disgusting.

      Argument 5
      Sanju baba’s parent were socially responsible.

      Mr Katju they obviously didn’t believe in KARMA
      Sr Dutt, created this monster Behrampada to “protect” his constituency.
      He would have never imagined this would bite his son back.
      People he helped, provided arms to his son.
      And Sr Dutt had to seek help from Balasaheb to get Sanju baba on bail.
      So he compromised his principles and sought help from what you label as “NON- SECULAR” people ?

      Argument 6
      Sanju baba remided of Gandhiji.

      OMG. Mr Katju when kids in 5th standard have to go for a movie, they make better arguments than this.
      You need to grow up Mr katju.

      I can understand what you are probably going through Mr Katju.
      You were in a cacoon where you believed that people are scared of you, respect you etc etc.
      And no one cares.
      You still think CM of Maharashtra should respond to you in few hours ?
      You are soooo naïve Mr Katju.
      Having worked in judiciary Mr Katju, you should know how much time it takes to get a reply from any govt office.

      You probably have a weekly quota to fire letters to CMs and Governers every week.
      Writing a letter to a governer and expecting some action is like expecting Chairman of Press council to behave in a logical manner.
      It’s a long shot Mr katju.

      I feel sorry for you and Rakhi Sawant, who behave in same fashion when Media deprives them of publicity.

    3. Anand,

      Yes we should really be thankful to god that Katju does not hold any important office. Otherwise gangsters and rapists will be roaming free.

    4. Mr. Anand,loved your point by point rebuttal of Mr. Katju's arguments.
      The most appalling thing to us is that having been a former judge of the highest court in the land,he has made such arguments.He has tried to discredit the judgement of the court he once held.It's like betraying on the part of your very own court.
      More than anything else it seems like it's a gimmick on part of Mr. Katju to remain in media space.He fires every week one or two letters to CMs and Governers of different states.Looks like he has still not been able to get over his "Hey-i-am-a-judge" kinda attitude.
      Mr. Katju ,people will be a lot happy ,if you exercise a bit of caution from your side.Being in public glare is a good thing,but the excess of it will bring pain.And i am very sure you will certainly not like to go through the travails of that.

    5. Rakesh Ji,

      When we were in schools, our text books used to carry a pledge. One of the basic principles of justice was there will be no bias - for or against.
      But this man seems to argue that if your parents did something good, you should be let scot free.

      He also argues that, Sanja baba only carried a weapon.
      he was not a terrorist.
      Even someone like George Bush (Probably the human being with the lowest IQ) understands that, anyone who "harbours" a terrorist is a terrorist.

      Katju stoops lower than Bush.

      Ab kya batayen ?

    6. Anand Ji,thanks for enlightening me on the IQ part of former US president George Bush:):)
      But to me Mr. Katju sound more like a self professed gyani Mahatma.His constant referrals to Kaifi,Ghalib,Kazi Nazrul islam,then the Voltaire, Rousseau sounds high on Rhetoric and low on substance.It sounds like a conscious attempt on the part of Mr. Katju to project himself like an enlightened soul,which certainly he has not shown in this letter.
      It's time Mr. Katju accept that this letter was his mistake. After all,to err is human and we all err.

      But sorry Anand Ji,Katju ji toh Superhuman hai. Galtiyan unse kaise ho sakti hai?? Isliye toh ye letter diya hai unhono to prove that he hasn't err.

      Well Mr. Katju,that's stubbornness not certainly the characteristics of an enlightened one.

    7. From Faking News . com

      Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who is facing various court cases like hit-and-run and blackbuck poaching case, has decided to get married and have kids as soon as possible.
      He took this decision after Justice Katju wrote to Maharashtra governor requesting him to pardon Sanjay Dutt, who has been sentenced to five years in jail by the Supreme Court of India.
      In his letter, Katju pointed out that Sanjay Dut was married and had got little children, hence he should be pardoned.

      Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt have a lot in common apart from Bigg Boss
      “Salman had always feared that he might get a stringent punishment in one of the cases, but he saw a ray of hope when Katju wrote that letter. He went through the letter to find out what all it needs to be eligible for being pardoned despite a SC ruling,” a close aide of Salman told Faking News.
      Katju has listed six points why Sanjay Dutt should be pardoned, and Salman found that he fulfilled five out of those six criteria.
      The first reason cited by Katju was that the incident was old and Sanjay Dutt had suffered a lot during the period, such as going to court often and facing professional problems. Salman too had been doing the rounds of courts and thinks he has suffered a lot.
      The second reason cited by Katju pointed out that Sanjay Dutt had already spent some time in jail. Ditto with Salman Khan.
      In his fourth point, Katju argues that Sanjay Dutt was not a terrorist; similarly Salman Khan was not a drunk truck driver killing people or an illegal poacher making bucks by killing bucks.
      The fifth point put forward by Katju argued that Sanjay Dutt’s parents were good people and had done a lot for the society. Salman scored even here as his father Salim Khan had written the story and dialogs of wonderful movies like Sholay, which helped the Indian society grow and mature.
      The sixth and final point mentioned by Justice Katju hinted towards the movie Lage Raho Munnabhai starring Sanjay Dutt, which revived the memory and the message of Gandhiji.
      “Well, even Salman Bhai has done movies like Dabangg, which spreads the message of victory of good over evil, and socially responsible movies like Bodyguard, which spreads the message of equality between people despite a person doing menial job – something even Gandhiji said,” the close aide of Salman Khan argued why Sallu bhai was similar to Sanju baba.
      “The only point not matching is the third one, where Katju cites Sanjay Dutt being married and having children. Bhai will soon marry and solve this problem,” the aide confirmed.

    8. By taking up the case of untenable Sanjay Dutt,Katju has met his waterloo.... From now on whatever he says will be seen from a completely different angle... He has simply wasted his popularity... Is he vying to be a competitor in the next edition of big boss?
      I still have respect for him, but i doubt if the public has

    9. @ Anand its not Mr. Katju who needs to grow. I fear its you who needs it badly. Mr. Katju has voiced his opinion for which he has every right to do so. And not to mention he has raised very legitimate points while they have to looked upon cumulatively.

      I feel you all should make constructive comments...

      common guys you don need to criticize for the purpose of criticizing.!

  2. Its quite appalling that people like you once adorned the highest court of this land. Anyway ours is a Banana Republic, as the fameous damad once said.

  3. Sir
    U continue what u think fit ignore those communal and hypocrat people.

    1. Mr Hedayatullah,

      Sorry, but this is not being hypocrite. Can you imagine what a common man will go through if he is caught in possession of AK-47. And i am not trying to shade it communal, but just for a while, even in our most weird dream if we take you being in possession of such a weapon. We all know what this case would have snowballed into. Life of not only the individual, but family and relatives would become hell.
      AK-47 possession is not a joke, Mr Dutt was 33 when he did it, and it is not comprehensible that he was not aware of what he was doing. Being a family of rich, famous, political class, friendship with all badas and chotas of Mumbai, it would be naive of us to give him clean chit.
      Of course, today 20 years later, he must be a changed man, especially through his screen characters. But, this does not absolve him of the crime he did, whosoever he be.

      Our SC has convicted him, with least possible punishment and recommending him for amnesty is disrespecting law & disregarding many such youths languishing in Jails for minor crimes or no crimes or just for being suspected security threats.

  4. Sir
    U continue what u think fit ignore those communal and hypocrat people.

    1. Good God, Sanjay Dutt is Hindu else God know what would you have blamed us of!!
      People don't become communal when they seek equality of Law. It appears you are the one who has a communal mindset and a hypocrat just like Mr Katju for getting time to support someone has been proved guilty but too busy to help any innocent victim.

    2. Mr. Hedayatullah..I want to say one think "sick mentality" what the hell communalism came here, we are talking about a criminal, where the religion came here.... seriously you people need to change your mentality and start thinking beyond religion... there is a world beyond religion and communalism..

  5. Dear Mr. Katju, With all respect, I think the reasons that you gave for granting Sanjay Dutt pardon were ridiculous. I agree with the views Mr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav has expressed above. However, I would like to congratulate you for putting up your views in the public domain as it needs a lot of courage to do something like that.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes Mr. Raju,decision making is a thankless job. When you make a good decision,you are hardly appreciated.But,when you end up making a wrong one,the whole world is after you.
      Having said that,I still feel Mr. Katju himself has to blame this time for such an irrational backing of Sanjay Dutt. He was implicated in possessing an AK-56. He can't be all that innocent.

  6. Dear Mr. Katju,

    Actually, I don't understand still why would you go public with your views like this..How many such cases have happened before and you appealed to governor?? I don't understand when you say he has suffered a lot !! Is Sanjay Dutt the first of this kind?
    @ hedayatullah - I don't think people are making communal comments..

  7. Dear Mr Katju, I am a nobody to criticize someone of your stature. I believe you must have studied and analyzed the whole scenario from a neutral perspective and must have some purpose unlike us(common masses) before composing the letter or posting the same to the blog. I want to ask why only pardon Sanjay Dutt and why not anything for others? Since yesterday I have been obssessed about why 20 yrs passed for ending such a serious case of 'BOMBING'? What can/should be done for convicts who are spending their life in jail for duration well above their punishment just because of slow court hearings?

  8. Mr. Katju I read your appeal about sanjay dutt. it is shocking , you are making appeal for sanjay but have never made appeal to any poor convict, not only that, thousands of people who are innocent , languishing behind bar, their conviction is upheld by judges of supreme court including you , only because oral evidence was against them. I can prove it. I challenge you, if you deny, to let me re-investigate the cases in which conviction has been upheld by you. I personally have knowledge about many cases where no proper appeal was heard and order of conviction was upheld. Better do something for those who actually deserve sympathy . spending approximately 30 moths ( after remission ) is not difficult and sanjay dutt should do it as repentance of wrong he committed.

  9. Mr. Katju, with utmost respect,
    I fully empathise with you for the hardship of decision making any and all Justice undergoes while decision making, since I too had such toughest role in Quality Assurance Dept. in my starting career as Engineer. Its a multi dimensional and multi modal functioning of brain which brings the same pain as body experiences after healthy exercise.
    I always believed/practiced that "Ethicality must prevail over everything including legality". Dharma and aapad-dharma are forms of ethicality while decision making/implementing.
    Presently, India and Indians are practising very low standards of behaviour/demeanor in personal and social life. This is evident from india's leaders' personal conduct among all 4 pillars of democracy.
    While political leaders are forgetting Late. Lal Bahadur Shastry, Late Vallabh bhai Patel, Late. Subhash chandra Bose, Late Indiraji, Judiciary too is forgetting Ram shastry prabhune, King Vikramaditya, King Shri Ram who have laid down principles of life by their own conduct/behaviour/demeanor.

    If you do not chase populism in life this seeking pardon to the "proved criminal" is an act of populism, I felt. I'm absolutely sorry if it hurts you anyway.
    Best Wishes.

  10. Dear Justice Katju,
    Coming from you, it was a great surprise to see you recommending Sanjay Dutt's case for pardon!
    A person who was found in possession of AK-56 Assault Rifle which
    is the most popular weapon with terrorists even today, can't be all that innocent.
    I had agreed to your statement that 95% Indians are idiots. I thought you belonged to 5% that were not!
    After your taking up case of Sanjay Dutt, I am not so sure where you do belong.
    A totally misplaced sense of righteousness of your taking up the case of Sanjay Dutt for pardon! No Sir. He must undergo 3.5 years in jail!
    If you plead for his mercy, you would be one person most eligible to be punished for defamation of judiciary.

  11. Mr.Katju,with respect,
    Sir,you appealed to governor of maharastra to pardon Sanjay dutt.sir i want to ask you a question ,had it been some common man without a stature of sanjay dutt,would you have gone for the same action.Hopefully not,then why in this case.I wish you to introspect.

  12. saying things contrary to popular view is OK
    But it has a time and place
    you are just playing the contrarian for the sake of it, without any proper logic, and meaningful end. you have turned from a smart guy into a stupid person

  13. I don't understand why people are comparing Justice Katju on this and then criticizing his past role as justice.
    All of working class knows and should know how to do our work without any personal bias/belief in office.

    Also he is well within his right to send this petition which is personal and this action can't be used to attack his role in office.

    1. Well, that's not exactly the case...
      Laws are not that clear, officials/decision makers need to use their discretion.
      In India, We don't see many powerful people getting punishment for their crimes. When Mr Katju seems to be biased then it does raise a question in common people's mind, he could have been the one making the decision.
      Law must be equal for all!

  14. Explanation by Mr. Katzu is even more brazen than his letter to Governor. Despite severe criticism from his own fanboys, he still thinks he can present his views/opinions (as he claims) regardless the time and place. God save this country from this type of hypocrites.

  15. Now we understand why you (Mr Katju) say the 90% indians are fool because you are a big fool and some of us appoint you on such important post (Press Council of India chief).

  16. Sir,

    I appreciate for your own view and taking initiative when whole india is silent is really need of an hour.

    Let peopel appreciate or critise, request keep doing the good work

    I am with you

    Basawaraj Patil

    1. Man, these people have their own ulterior motives and interests for their acts. So they fall under the 10% category (According to Katju standards). Even Mr Katju earned a plum post after his retirement.

      If you got some dividends, then its O.K, you too fall in the 10% category, otherwise I would say you are the foolest among the whole Homo-sapiens..!

    2. Mr Basavraj,
      Justice Katju has no reason to propose pardon for a person who was found with an assault rifle (AK-56). He knew what it was and what it could do. Even today, AK-47 is a very popular weapon with terrorists all over the world. Yesterday, in a midnight raid on a hotel in Jama Masjid area, some more AK-47 were found.
      'Justice' Katju is aware of this but still has decided to plead mercy for a merciless criminal like Sanjay Dutt.
      God save our motherland from such people with ill-placed righteousness!

  17. I don't understand why people like you seek pardon for criminals. And why on earth do people get tortured without prosecution and sentencing - the likes of Pragya Thakur. If you have evidence, prosecute and sentence them. If you do not, leave them. But what have you done about those cases, Katju? Why this pandering to people who are found guilty by courts? Do something about people who are not.

  18. what about the babri masjid case? why they are not punished?

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  20. Mr.Katju...

    With due respect to you as senior citizen..
    Can you plz tell me with which logic you want to pardon sanjay..there is a men called yusuf nalwala who is friend of sanjay dutt..his only crime is helped him to destroy that AK-56......guess he should be free..why dont you ask for him to be freed..

  21. I never expected someone of the stature of Justice Katju to make a mockery of Indian democracy and Justice system.

    To all your honesty and innocence with which you are requesting amnesty for Sanjay Dutt, makes you only a media and popularity hungry.
    Taking a call on this issue you seem to be blown away by MunnaBhai character and very innocently try to disregard all criminal aspect of man who was in possession of AK-47, a nine caliber gun, has a history of drug addiction, had a deep hobnobbing with masters of Underworld.

    This is a case of convicted criminal and he must serve the justice meted out to him. If there something you ought have to do, please do for those who are tortured and are suffering for years without much evidence and court conviction or wrongly framed.

    Why do not you make an application regarding many such young man who also have a family, kids and lot more responsibility than a Super Rich & well connected Sanjay Dutt, but languishing in jails for minor crimes???

    There would be hundreds of Muslim youths forced into jails, without any crimes, on preventive and speculatory grounds, they too have a family. And if our court takes 20 years to serve Justice, a majority of convicted people will have a persona change or would leave the world for much better.

    You proved it, how the law works for the Rich in this country and whatever be the stage, the powerful people in judiciary and executive will help them find a way to have amnesty and get away.

    Most unfortunate, whole India never knew about this law, now with Mr Katju endorsing it for Rich, powerful and famous, we all know they have one more way to escape punishment.
    Not because this could have been used in hundreds of genuine cases and common citizens of India.

    Thank you Mr Katju, you have well shown a way to Criminals and Corrupts of our country. Thanks for leading us.

  22. Your Lordship,
    With all due respect I just wanted to say this is the most atrocious thing that could ever come from a Judge.
    Are you saying you can do any crime and get away with it if You start behaving like a holy man afterwards.
    "His parents Sunil Dutt and Nargis worked for the good of society and the nation. Sunil Dutt and Nargis often went to border areas to give moral support to our brave jawans and did other social work for society".
    Seriously ! if my parents have done good does it absolve my criminal liability ?
    "Sanjay in this period of 20 years has through his film revived the memory of Mahatma Gandhi and the message of Gandhiji, the father of the nation".
    This doesn't even make sense.That too coming from a person of your position
    Guilty should be punished for the offense he committed.
    I had great respect for your views but now I think I'am never going read this blog complete madness.

  23. The only are doing all well known to public sir,
    Tell me from which seat you are contesting election..i can assure you ..will loose by more than 5lac votes means will loose security also..

  24. Mr. Katju,

    In your passionate appeal you have cited various grounds for pardoning a criminal who was sentenced after long gap of 20 years.

    May I remind you that same person was found conversing with gangster Abu-Salem in 2001 giving him minute internal details of film industry.

    Here is a link from Time magazine to refresh your memory.,9171,361780,00.html

    This was good 8 years after 1993 so by no stretch of imagination I can consider this an act of reformed person.

    Mr. Katju is it just age or your have really forgotten the basic premises of why crime justice system and punishments exist ?

    I am really thankful that you are no longer there on Supreme Court bench else you might have issued a dictate under contempt laws by now.


  25. Mr Katju:

    By your logic doing tons of good gives someone a licence to do wrong.

    That does not give any sense of justice.


    1. Thanks to your silly plea for mercy for a criminal, you have shown a way to every politician to escape the punishment! This is because almost every Goverrnor is a political appointee and pressure can be brought on such people from various powerful politician.
      I thin you are presiding over the last rites of Indian judiciary. What a poetic justice that a retired Supreme Court judge be doing it!Do you think it is public service? No, Sir!
      Please review your stand. It is still not too late to retract a mistake.

  26. Mr. Katju

    Have you ever thought that had Sanjay Dutt informed police about the nefarious plans of Dawood Company then 257 people would have lived their full life and more than 650 injured would have lead a healthy life. Crores of property loss wouldn't have occured.
    A criminal if guilty after committing the crime can't be termed as innocent. His repentance won't make the things good as it was before 12 march 1993.
    You are an eminent judge. You very well know why 'black cloth' is tied accross the 'idol of justice'. Let me remind you its because court treats everyone as equal, no matter if the culprit is an actor or a politician.
    Sanjay Dutt's father reputation and his family can't be termed as a reason for granting pardon. If it is so then all the culprits should be granted pardon on the same grounds.
    Please treat him as a human being who did a crime in real life and not as an actor who promoted 'gandhigiri' in real life.

  27. While Justice Katju has several angularities and has never been a circumspect person, when it comes to public reactions, it should be known that his clemency plea to the Hon'ble Governor did nowhere compare Sanjay Dutt to Mahatma Gandhi. He wrote, "Sanjay in this period of 20 years has through his film revived the memory of Mahatma Gandhi and the message of Gandhiji, the father of the nation." This is one of the 6 "extenuating circumstances" cited by him in support of his petition under Article 161 of the Constitution. It is the Hon'ble Governor's prerogative to accept or reject the petition. Personally, it won't affect me either ways. Neither Sanjay Dutt is a great soul or has done any yeoman service to India nor is he a henious criminal and traitor. At best, he enacted a role well in a movie directed well with a well conceived story that redirected thoughts to Gandhi. But then, there are many who don't admire Gandhi. If someone is disappointed that the Hon'ble SC didn't give maximum sentence, I am fine and if someone like Justice Katju wants to make an appeal under Art. 161, I see nothing wrong. He wrote it in his personal capacity, expressing his personal understanding.
    Finally, like him or hate him – but he remains one of the few old school judges who are not afraid to break the mould. His landmark judgements in support of rights of women (D. Velusamy vs D. Patchaiammal), rights of under trial (Md Sukur Ali Vs State of Assam), protection to religious minorities, sympathy for suicide attempters rather than punishment are only a few of the notable ones. He also has a long record of making mercy petitions. He even made one to Pakistan Govt. for Gopal Dass and Pakistan actually granted it! He made another to release Pakistani scientist Khalil Chisty. So Sanjay Dutt is just another one. Whatever he is or thinks, he is neither the dumbest nor the least concerned Indian I know.And he is reputed to have been one of the fastest disposer of cases in his courts.

    1. संजय बहादुर साहाब,
      आप क्या कह रहे हैं ये आपको तो समझमें आ रहा है? एक दिग्दर्शकने मुन्नाभाई नामकी दो फिल्में बनायी. बहुत अच्छी फिल्में थी! मगर उसमे सबसे अच्छे रोल निभाये थे अर्शद वारसी साहाबने और बोमन इरानी साहाबने! संजय का रोल कोईभी तीसरी श्रेणीका अभिनेताभी कर सकता था! अगर तारीफ करनीही है तो वो दिग्दर्शकसाहाबकी और अर्शद वारसी और बोमन इरानी साहाबकी! संजय दत्तकी नहीं!
      संजय दयाके लायक बिल्कुल नहीं है! उसे साढेतीन साल जेलमें बितानेही चाहिये!

    2. Dear Sanjay,

      Katju is a retired judge and presently holding an office too. Let us agree that he is entitled to express personal views and opinions despite his past and current position. ...
      Hope you remember Delhi gang rape in December and flood comments afterwards. Many, including women, had opined that the way girls dress is provocative. Do you think they have right to express their opinion? If so why media and elite branded them as sexist, gender-biased, anarchic, male chauvinism etc etc?

  28. It's true that justice should be tampered with mercy, but should not be abolished with sympathy.

  29. If you have the time, please go through this debate that happened on the Times Now:

    I just could not agree less with Arnab Ray that if this has to happen with Sanjay Dutt, maybe we can just close 20% of the cases in the country because a lot of them do get a family and have parents working for a noble cause. However, with due respect, sir, there is nothing bigger than the law, and I, somehow, get this feeling that the impression of his father being a kind man is being abused by asking for a mercy.

    It's everybody's right to ask for a mercy, but I'll be highly dejected at the governance (and not the judiciary) if a mercy is indeed given to him.

  30. Hello Sir,

    I have a question, if Sanjay Dutt would been a common man, then would you have seeked the same for him?If the answer is yes, then many people who require justice and are pending for years and years. How about we helping them as well?

    What is has done is wrong. He was in posession or arms without a license and that too not a ordinary pistol or a revolver but a assault rifle. Will a common be pardoned if he posesses any arms will be helping him in the same way?

    Please don't get me wrong here all I want to stress here is Law is above All.

  31. Mr. Katju you have drawn parallels between the Nanavati case and this case. But you deliberately failed to mention that because of Nanavati case the jury system was abolished in India. Justice can be hard and sometimes cruel also. Judgements are based on hard facts,not on popular sentiments. With all due respect to the excellency the pardon granted to Nanavati was wrong. Nanavati should have served his sentence for killing a fellow human being. Because of this pardon the jury system was abolished in India.
    Here Sanjay Dutt was caught with an automatic assault rifle and hand granades, not some desi katta. He is lucky to escape with the lightest sentence available. Had any ordinary citizen of India been given this kind of sentence your heart would not have boiled and you would not have appealed to his excellency for mercy. Twisting the facts from history is a weapon availabe to people well versed in law.

  32. I am still waiting for your courageous appeal to Indian Government on behalf of Indian Husbands.

  33. The man is criminally insane. Whoever made this man a judge should be prosecuted for gross negligence of duty!

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  36. Now we know why Sanjay Dutt was let off in TADA case! I am providing you with a link and is hoping that you will read the same with open mind!

  37. Also last night in NDTV you were boasting that you have last watched a movie when you were in your twenties! How then you can appeal the Governer that " Sanjay in this period of 20 years has through his film revived the memory of Mahatma Gandhi and the message of Gandhiji, the father of the nation."? How even without watching the Sanjay Dutt movie you are swearing that he has revived the memory of Mahata Gandhi?? Explain!! You have not even read the Supreme Court judgment on Sanjay Dutt otherwise you would have known that he he was not charged with the possessin of one AK 47 only!!

    1. If this is not enough to show that you act recklessly then nothing will ever make you see reason!

    2. एक दिग्दर्शकने मुन्नाभाई नामकी दो फिल्में बनायी. बहुत अच्छी फिल्में थी! मगर उसमे सबसे अच्छे रोल निभाये थे अर्शद वारसी साहाबने और बोमन इरानी साहाबने! संजय का रोल कोईभी तीसरी श्रेणीका अभिनेताभी कर सकता था! अगर तारीफ करनीही है तो वो दिग्दर्शकसाहाबकी और अर्शद वारसी और बोमन इरानी साहाबकी! संजय दत्तकी नहीं!
      संजय दयाके लायक बिल्कुल नहीं है! उसे साढेतीन साल जेलमें बितानेही चाहिये!

  38. The judge who acquitted Sanjay Dutt for charges under TADA must have done so for some extraneous considerations!! Even the defense counsel was worried about the fate of case in supreme court but surprisingly (or as we all know conveniently) the supreme court turned a blind eye to this!!
    Watch the following video:!

    1. The State files appeal against acquittal in even a case of petty theft but in Sanjay's case no appeal was filed and the supreme court has not uttered one single line on this!! You should be more concerned about this aspect of the case but you are batting for Sanjay Dutt!!

  39. Did i see Justice Katju, the champion of morality, hobnobbing with the Sahara group, whose mysterious millions have left a nation bewildered?

  40. Sir,
    I admire your forthright observations even if they attract brick bats. Certainly the commentators on your blog have the right to express.
    However your points justifying and making the case for mercy to Dutt is not extenuating in my opinion. Dutt was guilty of an offence and why should mercy or pardon be invoked? He was an adult with sensibilities and power of judgement to realize the grave mistake he did when he possessed the assault weapon illegally. Perhaps he did that during his wayward days and his poor father the late Dutt sr may have agonised and anguished in plenty.

    There are other many cases where pardon, mercy etc are more relevant. There are other convicts who are the sole earning members of their family and who have little children as Dutt has.
    Emotional oneupmanship must not be applied here.
    |The real sufferers in this case will be the Bollywood producers who have invested money in movies with Dutt and they may have to wait til;l he finishes his term.

    the same yardsticks that you have pleaded here may be used by others to argue mercy for rapists and abominable felons too. What would you say?

  41. Justice Katju, i am really saddened & deeply agonised by your recommendation and strongly feel you are no more in correct state of mind to lead a distinguished forum like PCI anymore.
    Your actions have not only put Judiciary system in poor light but it also brought to the fore the nexus of Super rich, politically connected people, who can get together to twist the Indian Law for their benefit.

    No body cares for Common man and poor Indian, not even someone as respected as Justice Katju for sure. Law can be said just and equal for every citizen when it is equivalent for all including every non-descript citizen of the country.
    There are many poor people in India who suffer, who have children , parents , family but Justice Katju is not interested in them. The only reason could be Justice eyeing more plum posts or eyeing a role in Bollywood.
    Else why he takes the side of a convicted man who stores AK-47, 20 Handgrenades, 200 shells and this criminal Sanjay Dutt atleast definitely knew so much of illegal ammunition had arrived in Mumbai. Why did not he played a role of good citizen then???

    You need to answer Justice, because by taking the side of criminal, you have demeaned every honest citizen of this country.
    I am very sorry to say this, but

    1. You are right. People are now questioning the intelligence of judges and rightly so because most of them have done law after failing in all competitive examinations! The hard truth is that law in India is the last career option and we are left with people like katju!

  42. I very well agree with your view that you would not vouch for someone with the underlying basis such as popularity. But it begs me to point out that would your Honour, then, keep a track of each and every case where a person might be convicted but should have been actually pardoned presuming that your Honour is such a pioneer of humanitarian justice? (*sarcasm intended*)

    (Of course your Honour wouldn't reply to this. Or if so chooses to might give stray examples citing the case of Sarabjit Singh.)

  43. Your Lordship,

    It was surprising for me to know your views on the present subject matter. we never expected that a legal luminary like you can be so biased in your thoughts. I agree with the idea that the endeavor of criminal justice system should be reformation and not retribution, but at the same time basic premise of criminal justice system also says that a crime shall not go unpunished. There is no ambiguity in the fact that Mr. Dutt committed a crime and was convicted, just because of the fact that he showed signs of reform he shall be pardoned is neither digestible nor acceptable. Your Lordship might be aware that there are umpteen number of instances where an accused does not even see the light of trial for years and rot in jail ( I would like to draw attention of Your Lordship that an accused in not a convict).

    With all due respect, I would also like to draw Your Lordship's attention to the fact that if the same crime would have been committed by a common man having no political patronage or support of rich and famous people of Bollywood or otherwise, he/she would have never got a chance to come out of jail for even a single day, despite all his/her's good behavior, repentant or transformation.

    I would like to ask a very simple question that can there be two separate parameters of justice? Has the Goddess of Justice taken off her blinds and started judging people on the basis of his/her financial, social, political status?

    You Lordship, a common man of this country starts feeling helpless when a legal luminary like you shows favoritism an call a criminal, a kid (I must clarify that the kid was in his 30's when he committed the said crime). I would also like to draw attention of Your Lordship to the fact that it would be unfair to apply Austinian ideas on one set of people and apply Durkheim's concept on other set of people. If the Goddess of Justice has some how thrown off her blinds and started favoring the rich, powerful people of this country, then the day is not far away when the Common Man would be forced to say "To Hell with this Justice". It is my earnest request that Your Lordship should not make a common man feel more helpless by saying "If you don't have bread, eat cake".
    Common Man.


  45. After the highest-court supreme court has decided, we all should accept the decision as Final. It has taken the Law-process 20-years to reach the decision. nobody can supercede justice, and free sanjay dutt thus undoing the law-process of 20-years. As former supreme-court judge, we expect sri katju to ask everyone for laws/courts to be followed. Why bring in emotional issues like Munnabhai films- how is that relevant to 1993 bombings. The decision of court is supreme- we shouldn't be allowing politicians to override the laws. There will no "FULL STOP" in any case, if we keep going in circles.

  46. I had a great respect for views expressed by you before but not now on this issue. let me explain you what may be the implications for this view. In a society especially like India where not many are educated know laws and process of criminal justice system and their legitimacy. they just see a decision or a judgement or a view expressed by others and if it satisfies their conscience they accept it or revolt against it. say a policy decision of govt....a judgement of court ....a view expressed by a person whom they trust. 90 % people may be fools not to understand all legal proceedings but they can understand whether justice happened or not...and by your view and recommendation you are reversing justice given by court according to common people....if at all sanjay is pardoned it will give incentive to others that by becoming an elite in this country you can evade punishments....can mislead people that they can escape law or even if get convicted they can still will lead to disorder where everyone somehow would like to become elite elite elite.....that's it what ever may be the means know who will suffer abiding citizens ....this country now needs a guide who can remove that elite feeling ...Gandhi shown it before independence ...we need someone now....someone should tell people that real elites are one who will live in heart not in luxury in time and inspired generations not by owning BMW's ....spread their knowledge and fight ignorance not make business out of who is true elite whom Indians will keep safely and comfortably in their hearts....true elite for whom they can sacrifice their lives....not for elite like sanjay's , salmans , ambani's , politicians , bureaucrats ,who make films for business for profit...make policies for profit...administer this country for profit.... if elitism prevails any longer ....revolution will be at the corner....long live free india

  47. Mr Katju, your frequent need to be a news maker, with little real impact on the going ons in Indian lives, and your ardor to use your PCI post to put yourself in the public discourse is quite unparalleled. I'm not sure whether your duties in the council require you to comment on everything making news, if so it may be time to review the responsibilities of this position or rather your place in it.

  48. This article shows how dumb this INJUSTICE katju is!
    It's a shame that a retitred Supreme Court Judge is so ignorant of the correct provisions.

  49. "Justice" Katju, please read the link below to know how the AK-56 Assault Rifle came in Sanjay's possession!
    Don't ever try to defend unworthy, hard-core criminals like Sanjay Dutt. Let him enjoy 3.5 years in jail.

  50. New definition of democracy: A government by the politicians, of the politicians and (only) for politicians. If Maharashtra Governor agrees to pardon Sanjay Dutt, no politician will ever be punished!
    Do you understand "Justice" Katju? Don't spoil the name of SC justices.

  51. If your do not seek popularity, then please write private letters to Governors and do not publicise them in every other newspaper and your blog. Is this a view in national interest? Is this for protection of freedom of press which is your statutory duty? Then, what is the need to be the first to file the application even before the accused himself could file it, even before his lawyer could advise him to do so, even before his family could do so? Are you an advocate appearing for him? If not, then write private letters on such issues if you dont want to be criticised for seeking 'popularity'. The only other explanation is 'Attention Deficiency Syndrome' - some people have it - in fact one of my friends has it and he starts dancing at public places just so that people may notice him. I am sure it is not the decision of his 'conscience'.

    1. I am not in favour of any undeserved leniency for Sanjay Dutt, but your whole 'attention deficit disorder' point totally nullified your arguments and makes you sound like a complete third class duffer. Nothing personal.

  52. Can you send a letter to the Governor for this 71 year old lady also ?

  53. Justice Katju,
    I read your letter to the Governor of Maharastra. With all due respect to you I am amazed how a person of your stature can write such poorly drafted letter to a Governor !!! Even a 10th Std student could have googled and written a better letter than this. I am still wondering whether this letter was drafted by you or your peon.
    Do u really think the ideals and thoughts of Gandhiji were forgotten and had Sanjay Dutt not been there, they would have never been 'revived'. Is Gandhi so weak in modern times to find a savior in Sanjay Dutt??
    Your other points of mercy appeal are so weak that it would put to shame even the most mediocre minds.
    Portia did say that 'justice should be tempered with mercy. But it never meant to tamper justice and pamper babas.
    Like millions I hold you in very high esteem. But your such 'appeals'for criminals has seriously dented your image.We all make mistakes.We are certainly not infallible like Vedas. I request you to kindly introspect and find out whether you made a mistake in writing to the Governor or not.You must also introspect whether you are misusing your position as Chairman, Press Council of India.

    1. Mr. Haider have some respect for a person who has merely voiced his opinion.
      Have tolerance... grow up..!!

  54. I entirely agree with you that a mercy petition has to be given for Sanjay Dutt. When murderers , assassins and terrorists are entitled to mercy why not him ?
    How come no one raised this voice of protest when the killers of Rajiv , duly sentenced , were being recommended for mercy ?
    There was even a cry for mercy for Afzal Guru and even Kasab......if hanging can be commuted to a life sentence why not a 5 year term to 18 months. ...what is being asked is far less than a death sentence commutation.
    Just because he is a celebrity does not mean you use him to set an example snd showcase our strict and impartial standard of justice.......
    Please continue to battle for him.

  55. I entirely agree with you that a mercy petition has to be given for Sanjay Dutt. When murderers , assassins and terrorists are entitled to mercy why not him ?
    How come no one raised this voice of protest when the killers of Rajiv , duly sentenced , were being recommended for mercy ?
    There was even a cry for mercy for Afzal Guru and even Kasab......if hanging can be commuted to a life sentence why not a 5 year term to 18 months. ...what is being asked is far less than a death sentence commutation.
    Just because he is a celebrity does not mean you use him to set an example snd showcase our strict and impartial standard of justice.......
    Please continue to battle for him.

    1. It is Supreme court's prerogative. Just because he is a celebrity, we don't need to condone his serious crime of keeping an assault rifle like AK-56. There is no case to come to his "rescue" except to get some free publicity by showing how XYZ is "different"!

  56. Sir,
    I am not sure if you do read the comments posted by people here, though I really feel that an enthusiastic blogger, as you are, must read them. Before I make any opinion based on your earlier posts, this letter to governor, or the allegation about your pro-Congress inclinations, I sincerely urge you to read this news item and reply earnestly in your next blog post.

  57. आज कल संजय दत्त पर प्रायोजित चर्चा का दौर शुरू है..अब जा कर लग रहा है वोह मानव नही महामानव है ..बार बार उसके द्वारा 20 साल तक जहेनि तौर पर सजा भुगतने का जिक्र काजू बदाम चबाने वाले लोग कर रहे है ..20 साल मै उसे शोउरात इज्जत पैसा दुसरे की बिवी (मान्यता ) मिली ..क्या वोह इसका हकदार था ? जो हत्यार उसके पास मिला वोह एक हिस्सा था इस्तेमाल किये जाने वाले हत्यारोन्का अगर संजय हिम्मत दिखता तो वोह रोख सकता था 93 का ब्लास्ट वोह कातील है हजारो लोगो का ..अमेरिका मै जब बुश राष्ट्रपती थे उनकी लडकी शराब पिके गाडी चला रही थी..ब्रिटन के पोलीस उसे हवालात ले गये और 2 घंटे उससे जवाब तलब किया और हम हिंदुस्तान मै एक अपराधी के लिये माफी की मांग कर रहे है अगर काजू को इतनी फिक्र है संजय के बच्चो के लिये तो शादी कर ले मान्यता से आम के आम गुटली के दाम ..सजा सिर्फ सजा नही होती ..सजा के कारण लोग अपराध करणे से डरते है ..जब संजय आपने मासूम बच्चे के आंख मे देखेगा तो उसे उसेक अपराध और जुर्म का अहसास होगा और केवल केवल सजा येह अहसास दिला सकती है संजय खुश किस्मत है वोह हिंदुस्तान मै पैदा हुवा अगर अमेरिका मै पैदा होता तो इस अपराध के लिये उसे 20 साल पहेले फांसी मिल जाती ..वोह जिंदा है उसके लिये सबसे बडी माफी यही है .

  58. Mr. Katju,
    let the family of Sanjay dutt, plead for pardon.
    You have no business of abusing the criminal justice system, when SC in its wisdom awarded the punishment, befitting the crime. Pl note, AK 56's, Grenades are not defense weapons, they are assault weapons. None of the fundamental rights of Sanjay Dutt was impinged in the 20 years, compared to the undertrials languishing in our jail.

    respectfully, suggest you to quit the PCI position to pursue your sympathy for the rich and famous.

    If you can make Sanjay Dutt condemn publicly his cronies involved in the 93 and subsequent blasts, that would be an indication that he is indeed reformed.

  59. An open letter to Mr Markandey Katju

  60. OB Van Politics of once almost worshipped J Katju_relevant quotes from SC judgment dtd 21/3/13 about Begum Zaibunisa Anwar Kazi,whose Daughter says Salem was coming to Begum Kazi's house as property dealer .She should be asked about how many property deals Salem has managed or even tried for Begum Kazi's family.Repeat offence is taken very seriously in law,in fact.
    (Reason) quote"It is indeed true that
    considering the role played by her in storing the weapons
    in her house or even for A-89 being also instrumental for
    taking the said weapons does create a strong suspicion of
    both of them being man of confidence of prime

    (Reason ) quote"(34) However, considering the repeated participation of A-
    119 in allowing absconding accused Anees Ibrahim to store
    the weapons at her house or with her, herself taking up the
    weapons in spite of knowing the purpose for which the
    same were sent by Anees, the evidence pertaining to
    second occasion clearly revealing that the weapons were 2
    AK-56 Rifles and the ammunition and thereby all the
    evidence establishing that the same being brought to India
    for commission of terrorists Act i.e. by and for the
    (Reason ) quote"(32)Now considering the period in which the
    relevant had occurred and the period after which the police
    had received the information, merely because evidence
    does not reveal of any material being found at the house of
    A-119 will not be a ground for discarding the said material
    in the confession of A-89. As a matter of fact, event the
    said material itself reveals that the said weapons were to
    be kept with her and were to be collected back by Abu
    Salem; non-finding of weapon with her clearly appears to
    be insignificant circumstance. "unquote

    (Reason ) quote"Retracted Confessions:

    38) It has been contended that since the confession of the
    appellant - Sanjay Dutt (A-117) has been retracted, hence, it
    is not trustworthy and it would not be safe to place reliance
    upon it. It is settled law that a voluntary and free
    confession, even if later retracted, can be relied upon."unquote

    (Reason ) -recorded on pages 40-41 in clause 21of judgment in criminal appeal no 1060 of 2007.Quote"Confessional Statement of Manzoor Ahmed Sayyed
    Ahmed (A-89)

    i) A-89 was a good friend of Abu Salem.
    ii) He owns a Maruti 1000 bearing No. MP 23 B-9264.
    iii) On 22/23rd January, 1993, A-89 met A-139. A-139 gave
    the keys of his car to A-41 who kept a black bag of
    weapons in it.
    iv) A-139 and A-89 then went to the first floor of 22 Mount
    Mary, Vidhyanchal Apts. They gave the bag to an old lady, viz., Zaibunisa Anwar Kazi (A-119) and told her
    that the arms were for the purpose of causing riots, and
    were sent by Anees Ibrahim - brother of Dawood
    v) A-119 looked at the contents of the bag and then kept
    it at her residence.
    vi) After 8 days, A-139 called A-89 again and together with
    A-40, they went to the residence of A-117 where he
    gave them a blue rexin bag and a carton.
    vii) Abu Salem and A-89 then went to the house of A-119
    and gave the carton and the bag to her. Abu Salem
    told A-119 to keep those weapons safely as they were
    to be used for orchestrating bomb blasts."unquote

    First such bomb blast must not be used by anyone for furthering ambitions of cheap politics or mishandling will bring situation like forgotten plight of Kashmiri Pandits even by J Katju because highlighting plights of Kashmiri Pandits will not make him Governor or Rajya Sabha MP and he must benevolently consider resigning in the name of unwritten propriety which he professed frequently in judgments in HC and SC, from present salaried post for not focussing in his job like former army chief,although projecting honest image.

    1. Sir, what are these numbers Viz. A-89 etc?

  61. The learned "Justice", though old, is younger than me. So I can't say his actions are out of senility setting in!
    So what is it? Is he bent upon providing all corrupt politicians with a loophole that will enable them to escape the punishment under law for all their wrong-doings and enable them to keep their ill-gotten wealth?
    The learned "Justice" should reconsider his position in this matter. Becuase "to err is human" but "to refuse to correct one's error is pure DEVIL"!

  62. To prove repeated( twice in 8 days,non-recovery circumstantially proves use in blasts) acceptance of hand granades and ammunition after listening that Anees Ibrahim Kaskar (friend of jewellery designer daughter,due to whom she didn't allegedly marry,owning 3 Cr flat even when father not alive )brother of Dawood sent explosives for bomb blasts,checking by opening bag by Bugum Kazi in presence of confessional statement of A-40 Hanif Kandawala,A-139-then absconder Abu Salem,A-119 Begum Zaibunnisa Kazi,A-117 Sanjay Dutt, all corroborating

    Dear Mr Justice,
    Mostrespectfully ,let me quote page 40-41 of Judgment in appeal by A-117 no 1060 of 2007-
    Quote"Confessional Statement of Manzoor Ahmed Sayyed
    Ahmed (A-89)
    Confessional statement of A-89 under Section 15 of
    TADA was duly recorded on 24.05.1993 (11:15 hrs.) and
    26.05.1993 (17:30 hrs.) by Shri Krishan Lal Bishnoi (PW-193)
    the then DCP, Zone III, Bombay. The said confession reveals
    as under:
    i) A-89 was a good friend of Abu Salem.
    ii) He owns a Maruti 1000 bearing No. MP 23 B-9264.
    iii) On 22/23rd January, 1993, A-89 met A-139. A-139 gave
    the keys of his car to A-41 who kept a black bag of
    weapons in it.
    iv) A-139 and A-89 then went to the first floor of 22 Mount
    Mary, Vidhyanchal Apts. They gave the bag to an oldlady, viz., Zaibunisa Anwar Kazi (A-119) and told her
    that the arms were for the purpose of causing riots, and
    were sent by Anees Ibrahim - brother of Dawood
    v) A-119 looked at the contents of the bag and then kept
    it at her residence.
    vi) After 8 days, A-139 called A-89 again and together with
    A-40, they went to the residence of A-117 where he
    gave them a blue rexin bag and a carton.
    vii) Abu Salem and A-89 then went to the house of A-119
    and gave the carton and the bag to her. Abu Salem
    told A-119 to keep those weapons safely as they were
    to be used for orchestrating bomb blasts..."unquote
    May kindly like to peruse for curative petition soas to pray for life imprisonment to Begum Kazi and also investigating role of her daughter living beyond means due to popularly alleged friendship with the prime conspirator Annes Bhai brother of Dawood Bhai..,

  63. आज संजय दत्त पहली बार मीडियाके सामने आये और उन्होने हाथ जोडके कहा: "मैं इतना कह सकता हूं कि मैंने दयाके लिये कोई अर्जी नहीं की है।" आगे बोले "यहॉं औरभी बहुत लोग हैं जो दयाके लिये अधिक पात्र हैं। मैं हाथ जोडके मीडियाको और मेरे देशवासियोंको कहना चाहता हूं कि जब मैं दयाके लिये बिनती नहीं कर रहा हूं तब इस मामलेमें बहस होनेकी कोई जरूरत नहीं है।" ये सब कहते-कहते वो रो पडे। वो आगे बोले "उनके मनमें सर्वोच्च न्यायालयके बारेमें सबसे ज्यादा आदर है और वो उनके दिये हुए सभी शर्तोंका पालन करेंगे। सर्वोच्च न्यायालयने मुझे वक्त दिया है और मैं उस वक्तके अनुसार जेलमें हाजिर हो जाऊंगा! मैं टूट चुका हूं और मेरे जीवनके बहुत कठिन समयसे गुजर रहा हूं। मैं मीडिया और समाजको बिनती करता हूं कि वो मुझे इन कुछ दिनोंके लिये चैनसे जीने दें।"
    ये सब बातें जब हमारे "जस्टिस" काटजूसाहबको बतायी गयी तब वो बोले कि वो फिरभी राज्यपालसे संजयके क्षमायाचनाके लिये शिफारिश करेंगे। ये सुनकर मुझे मेरी जवानीके दिनोंवाला ये शेर याद आया:
    गुल गयी, गुलशन गयी, गयी होठोंकी लाली
    अब तो उसका पीछा छोड, वो हो गयी बच्चेवाली।
    जब संजय दत्तने खुद कह दिया कि दयाके लिये वो अर्जी नहीं कर रहे हैं तो अभीभी ये "आशिक" लोग क्यों संजयका पीछा छोड नहीं रहे हैं?

  64. Ref inappropriate appeal for Pardon dtd 28/3/13,by Retd Justice Katju ignoring ammunition including 25 hand granades thrown on poors in Machhimar Jhoparpatti being recd by Sanjay Dutt(33 then and educated in best schools thus exposed to law reading regularly newspapers) in full active discussion as per enclosed confessions in
    Dear Mr President/Mr Prime Minister/Mr Home Minister
    Mostrespectfully ,I have to bring on record that 2 fit cases of life imprisonment has been benevolently turned into few years of detention by Hon'ble Supreme Court.In full knowledge of handgranades recorded as under by SC ,Justice Katju is belittling SC by saying Self-defence when Dutts already had 3 licences of weapons.
    Begum Kaji receives ammunitions twice in 8 days,after checking the bag,both times being told that they will be used in Bombay blasts.Retracted statement when taken under TADA act with due procedure giving 48 hrs of time is still admissible.Justice Katju misleading President and PM by writing "a Prohibited weapon"while Sanjay Dutt kept handgranades which were later barbarically thown on SCHEDULED CASTES of Machhimar colony.If educated men of 34 years could not understand 25 handgranades brought by gangsters to Mumbai and accepts those on phone call by Annes Ibrahim Kaskar,brother of Dawwod,only J Katju can recommend him pardon to become political executive soon.
    In case of Bugum Zaibunissa Anwar Kazi,who received handgranades etc with due checking by her twice in 8 days with full declaration of purpose of use in Bombay blasts,Life sentence is a fit case and CBI must be advised to file Curative petition for greater punishment to her.
    J Katju is doing OB van politics like Arvind Kejriwal by taking only cases which will bring him media attention.Letters of mine citing relevant confessions recorded in SC Judgments is chosen to be ignored by J Katju.Which is similarly unfortunate as he rushed to appeal to Governor ,who does not have powers in Arms Act.Now writing to President and to feign his ignorance of law sending copies to PM and HM and not to Governor.On lighter note,J Katju is danger to employment of similar politician practicing appeasement like Digvijay Singh.
    Letters written to J Katju follow with the request to dismiss him from salaried post for misleading President and PM by selective citations and causing instability in state by belittling SC sitting in salaried position and hurting sentiments of majority community thus demanding the impossible to cause rift between 2 communities.
    high regards,
    Navien Maxwell

    257 people were reduced to a heap of mangled limbs and charred torsos.
    2007-03-24 ,

    Maria told Sanjay to tell his father the truth, and Sanjay conceded that he had been in possession of an assault rifle and some ammunition that he had got from Anees Ibrahim. Sunil Dutt wanted to know the reason why. He was not prepared for the answer: “Because I have Muslim blood in my veins. I could not bear what was happening in the city.” A crestfallen Sunil Dutt left the police headquarters. It was a moment almost worse than the shock of the previous day.

  66. It seems to be your strong supporter of terrorist organization from Pakistan. Because don’t forget this 1993 blast were planned by ISI chief and they took help of Dauood Ibrahim Kaskar. And Sanjay Dutt was close friend of Dauood Ibrahim. They met in Dubai and Sanjay gave his possible help for Mumbai Bomb Blast. These stories were known by every citizen of our country and you don’t know that it is more shocking and unbelievable. You are not only insulting my country but you are insulting Supreme Court and people of this country.
    It is shameful that you were the Supreme court Judge. I would like to put question in front of you “why don’t you feel the pain of our countryman’s. Someone who lost their families “.
    I lost my village friend in the 1993 Bomb Blast. If anybody kills your family member then only you will feel the real pain.
    Please stop all Non- Sense. Country and Patriotism is more important than our law. Why we create law to protect the peoples not criminals.
    Vitthal Khot

  67. "सत्यम् ब्रूयात्"से शुरू होनेवाला पूरा श्लोक है:
    सत्यम् ब्रूयात प्रियम् ब्रूयात,
    सत्यंमपि अप्रियं न ब्रूयात!
    यहां पर "जस्टिस" काटजू साहबका तत्व लगता है:
    "सत्यम् ब्रूयात्, (जो सोनियाजी को प्रियम् वही) ब्रूयात्.
    सत्यमपि (जो सोनियाजीको अप्रियम् वो कभीभी) न ब्रूयात्।
    क्या जमाना आ गया!

  68. "जस्टिस" काटजू साहबने इस्तेमाल किया हुआ पूरा श्लोक ऐसा है:
    सत्यम्ब्रूयात्प्रियम्ब्रूयान्न ब्रूयात्सत्यमप्रियम .
    अप्रियस्य च पथ्यस्य वक्ता श्रोता च दुर्लभ:..
    अप्रिय सुनानेवाला और सुननेवाला बहुत दुर्लभ होते हैं, इस लिये सत्य बोलिये और (जो सोनिया-जीको प्रिय हो वही) बोलिये। "न ब्रूयात् सत्यम् अप्रियम्" याने कि जो सत्य हो मगर सोनिया-जीको अप्रिय हो वह नही बोलना चाहिये।
    ऐसा न करनेसे राज्यसभामें या राज्यपालके रूपमे "मेहेरबानी" नहीं होगी।

  69. ना ना करते रिव्ह्यूकी अर्जी कर बैठे।
    (ना ना करते प्यार तुम्हीसे कर बैठे।)
    क्या जमाना आ गया। रोते-रोते, प्रियाका सहारा लेते-लेते जो फैसला दुनियाको सुनाया वो "हवा" हो गया?
    कुछ नहीं! नाटक बहुत हो गया। संजयको सजा भुगतनीही चाहिये।

  70. Shekhar Gupta of Indian Express ended his article "National Interest: General Musharraf (deluded) with "The week's favourite internet/ SMS joke is that he need not worry. Justice Markandey Katju will soon appeal, seeking mercy for him. Chances are, even the good judge may not forgive him: at least for his stupidities, delusions and lack of intellect, if not for his sins of commission. - See more at: