Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Press Note

PR/17/2012-2013                                                              13th March, 2013
                                                            Press Note/ Order
In addition and modification to the order passed by me yesterday (12th March, 2013) constituting a Committee for recommending qualifications for journalists, I pass the following order:-

1)     A large number of institutions and departments of journalism have mushroomed in our country, many of which are wholly unsatisfactory, neither having proper teaching staff nor proper infrastructure etc.  Hence there is dire and pressing need for supervision and regulation of these institutions and departments.

Section 13 of the Press Council Act states that it is the duty of the Press Council of India to maintain and improve standards of journalism. In my opinion this broad power would include power in the Press Council  to supervise and regulate institutions and departments of journalisms in the country.

Hence the Committee constituted by me yesterday shall, in addition to its mandate of recommending qualifications for journalists, shall also recommend in what manner the Press Council can supervise and regulate the functioning of the institutions and departments of journalism in India so that high standards of imparting knowledge in journalism are maintained.

2)     Apart from the members of the Committee appointed by me yesterday, Shri Gurinder Singh, Member, Press Council of India, Shri Rajeev Ranjan Nag, Member, Press Council of India and Shri Sunit Tandon, Director General , IIMC are also appointed as members of the Committee.  The convenor Shri Shravan Kumar Garg is authorised to co-opt such other persons as members of the Committee as he deems necessary.

All authorities and persons concerned are requested to extend all support and help to the Committee which it may require.

                                                                                                             (Justice Markandey Katju)

Copy to:
1)     Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting
2)     Chief Secretaries of all State Governments
3)     As per standard mailing list.




  1. PCI should also ensure that journalism is free from political and bureaucratic pressure.

  2. Freedom in press comes with responsabilities. Like in USA media, the drone strike is killing many civilians in Pakistan and Syreia . The CIA has said it was accurate and only targeted towards militants. The end result after an enquiry stated 80% of the drone killing in Pakistan were innocent civilians like women, kids, old people and small time militants not Al Qaeda. The USA press condemn it and brought it to notice of people even though it was against their own government so that innocent lives are not lost in some third world country. This is freedom in press in USA

    At the same time as soon as even a gas cylinder burst out in India, the news channel flashes news about linkage with Indian Mujahiddin, ISI and LET. Except for these three names, they don't have any name and directly without substantial proof start debate whether we should attack Pakistan and actually in real with their non stop nonsense create hatred between hindu and muslims. So India media people are not of that category and class that you give them free hand. Unless you monitor these people, they will work to divide the nation than unite.

  3. Very good steps taken by you, need to stop producing journalist like dipak chourasia...

    1. Deepak chourisiya is still bearable but look at Arnab gunda goswami.. have you seen anywhere in the world debate going this way? how does panel tolerate his interference?

  4. Good decision for the improvement of journalism also look in to the matter of paid news

  5. The PCI also ensure about the practices done by Reporters . It is mandatory to mention here that some government teachers are working as regular press reporters ,They are playing with the future of children as well as the profession of journalism .
    PCI must ensure about it before it could be a national issue.