Saturday, 16 March 2013

Many journalists wanted to interview me about my personal life and background, but I always refused. I never kept a diary, and I will never write my memoirs. Sometime back a journalist of Hindi Tehelka magazine wanted to interview me about my life, but I refused. It seems the journalist then contacted some people in my home town Allahabad and published a long article on me, which can also be seen on the website It mentions about my work as a school teacher in a village for 2 years in the late 1960s (where my salary was Rs. 120 per month) after I obtained my law degree I never mentioned this to anyone, and had no intention to do so but what I learnt in the village was of immense use to me in later life as I came to know of the realities in rural India where over 70% of Indians live

Read the tehelka story here .


  1. Dear Sir, thank you very much you are doing great work...I salute you...keep it up...

  2. Well I guess not journalists but the PCI chairman post should need better qualifications than you have with journalism and journalistic ethics.

  3. does the story present a correct picture of you sir?

  4. Dear Justice Katju,

    You seem to oppose verdicts of the very court where you served and are not enjoying the fruits in immense measure after your retirement. Are you trying to subvert justice system now or did you do so while you were serving the highest court of India. One of the 2 must be true.

    Sanju is a good man - No doubt. However, he faltered by siding with the terror modules that led to genocide like conditions in 1993. In a country like the US, Sanju would have been behind bars for 200 hundred years. Here the system let's him go scot free for 2 decades. And when law does catch up with him and gives him a lenient sentence, Justice Katju is seen batting for 'Memon and co.".

    Reason for alarm, Justice Katju.

    Vijay Kaul