Sunday 5 February 2012

Justice Katju


  1. Dear Justice Katju,
    I liked your letter to the two students - the spirit and the content, and your speech on Sanskrit as a scientific language. I'm a Christian by faith but have read the origins of Rig Veda and am proud of our Scientific and Cultural heritage. I keep recommeding Michael Woods "The Story of India" to my friends on facebook for a better perspective of our past - most of which is resonated in your article on Sanskrit.

    I believe it is people like you bring better creditibility to these articles than a few right wing writers who distort the truth.

  2. Dear justice,
    Few weeks back I read your article in the Hindu news paper says ' india is country of immigration' like US, our is very old compare to Us. It gives me a thought the world people's are my brother,s and sisters. I follow your articles lead to humanism.

    I will take your words , writings to social forum.
    Hariharan doha