Monday 29 July 2013

To The Indian Youth

I read an article in a newspaper recently in which it was said that only the Indian youth can change the country. My own view is as follows :

It is true that generally youth have more idealism than older people, and therefore they can do much for the country. However there are two caveats :

(1) All youth do not have the same thinking. While some have scientific, analytical, modern minds, others are superficial, and some even reactionary. While some are patriotic, others are selfish and think only for themselves. So to lump all youth together in the same category would not be correct.

(2) An old person can be young mentally, and conversely, a physically young person can be old mentally. So it is not just one's physical condition which makes a person young, it has more to do with his mind.

 Indian youth must develop the scientific temper, they must rationally analyse and discuss social and public issues before forming an opinion, which I regret many do not do.

 It is science which is the solution to the country's real problems,massive poverty, unemployment, price rise, corruption, lack of healthcare and good education for the masses, etc. Unless we spread science to every nook and corner of our country and get rid of backward feudal ideas and practices like casteism, communalism and superstitions (like astrology and faith in 'Babas'), we can never solve our massive problems

 By science I do not mean Physics, Chemistry, Biology alone. I mean the entire scientific outlook. By being modern I do not mean wearing a nice shirt or tie or suit, or a pretty sari or jeans or skirt. By being modern I mean developing a modern mind, which means a rational mind, a scientific mind, an analytical mind, a questioning mind.

Our ancestors were great because they questioned everything, like the ancient Greeks (see the works of Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta, Bhaskar, Charak, Sushrut, Panini, Patanjali, etc). These works were all in Sanskrit, and Sanskrit was the language of freethinkers who questioned everything (it was wrongly depicted as a language of rituals and chanting mantras alone).

Today our country is facing massive problems, as mentioned above. Our youth can play a great historical role in solving these problems and making India prosperous with everyone having a decent life, but for that our youth must develop logical, scientific and questioning minds.

 I am confident that they will do their patriotic duty to the country.


  1. I agree from your point of view, But I have great reservation on the front of science..because I am failing to understand what science you referring to. In my opinion more important and significant thing would be a clean and honest mind. Ability to appreciate and disagree with grace,common sense which has very less among us these days,respect for elders and educationist, emotional bondage and true pain for the society we live in. With all science and no such behavior pattern it set to doomed. Our behavior says we need somebody on our head with iron rod to behave like this.
    I do not know how much I am correct but surely like your views on my understanding.

  2. dear sir your caveat no 1 is not restricted to youth only it is present everywhere in elderly or in women or in a private employee or a Govt employee or a self employed one. why, then, you hve singled out youth only..

    i hope you realize this that evils are present everywhere, in every age, in every gender..

  3. Indian Youth want ur PCI website updated and with RTI links,Can you do it Sir?

  4. When you keep spouting missionary propaganda that India is a land of immigrants, the youth will REJECT YOU, because your opinion is based on a religious agenda of foreign rule, which you present as fact. Genetic history has destroyed any notion of your theory that india is a land of immigrants. The youth want to know their roots, and history which will give them the drive to progress, develop and prosper. IT WILL NOT BE YOU WHO LEADS THIS MOVEMENT, it will be you who lights the spark against those who continue to push colonial missionary ideology as the identity of Dharmic Youth.

    UNTIL you write a post about how wrong you where about the historical genetic history of india, your posts are all meaningless and void.


    As I have mentioned in detail in my article ‘What is India’, India is broadly a country of immigrants, like North America. Probably 92-93 % people living in India today are descendants of immigrants, who came mainly from the North West, looking for a comfortable region to settle down.


    1)Metspalu, Gyaneshwer Chaubey et al, American Journal of Human Genetics, Dec. 2011)

    Genetic study finds no evidence for Aryan Migration Theory--On the contrary, South Indians migrated to north and South Asians migrated into Eurasia

    The study is comprehensive, unlike previous studies of human genome and is unique, because it focuses on large number of populations in South Asia, and India.

    Haplotype diversity associated with dark green ancestry is greatest in the south of the Indian subcontinent, indicating that the alleles underlying it most likely arose there and spread northwards.

    2)''except for Africans, all humans have ancestors in the North-West of the Indian peninsula. In particular, one migration started around 50,000 BP towards the Middle East and Western Europe: “indeed, nearly all Europeans — and by extension, many Americans — can trace their ancestors to only four mtDNA lines, which appeared between 10,000 and 50,000 years ago and originated from South Asia.”

    -LluĂ­s Quintana-Murci,,Stephen Oppenheimer

    3)''All Indians have the same DNA structure. No foreign genes or DNA has entered the Indian mainstream in the last 60,000 years''

    -American Journal of Human Genetics, 2011.

    4)''The genetics proves that castes grew directly out of tribe-like organizations during the formation of the Indian society, Impossible to distinguish between castes and tribes since their genetics proved they were not systematically different

    -Reconstructing Indian Population History 2009


    ‘We British Europeans are Aryans, and far more pure and genuine Aryans than the Hindus and no talk of the Hindus can alter our race, or make us any less or any different from what we are. It is the Hindus who have altered and deteriorated and not we. The Hindus have become the coffee dregs, while we have remained the cream of the Aryan Race. The Hindus are like the monkey who pretend to treat some men with contempt because they had the bare white skins without any fur! The Hindus have become a sooty, dingy-coloured earthen pot, by rubbing against black aborigines rather too freely, and he consequently pretends to despise the white porcelain bowl!’

    -ACL Carlleyle, Archaeological Survey of India 19th century.


    ''We are to teach false history, false astronomy, false medicine, because we find them in company with a false religion. The
    spirit of English literature, on the other hand, cannot but be
    favorable to the English connection. Familiarly acquainted with us by means of our literature, the Indian youth almost cease to regard us as foreigners. They become more English than Hindoos'' -Thomas Macaueleys, vision of Hindu Secular Education,


    UNTIL Katju reverses his opinion on the history of India by using scientific data instead of missionary agenda, then the youth have no reason to listen to him what so ever.

    1. Sir,

      We want to create awareness to all, how the peoples are suffering due to poverty and hunger.


  5. Wow ..!! Trivialised the solution of everything to science.. Will science feed a hungry man on the streets? Will science stop crimes committed in the society..? And your invocation of Sanskrit vaguely into this subject was just hilarious !!

    1. You have perhaps misunderstood Mr Katju. By science he does not merely means Physics, Chemistry etc. What Mr Katju means by the word science is sensible as opposed to nonsensical, rational as opposed to irrational. Yes science can feed a hungry man on street because science ie rational thinking would make the policy makers to make sensible policies, supported by simplistic and sensible laws and good administration which will result in no man hungry on the street.

    2. However KATJUs view on Indian history is chapter of out christian missionary propaganda.

      What person can talk about Indians and the future if their history is so distorted?

    3. A very low intell..this guy is science new economic methods too are included which can uplift a person from abject poverty

    4. "bmdriver"...stop being are unnecessarily wasting time of people. ur comments are completely out of context. STOP WASTING OUR TIME.

    5. "Trivialised the solution of everything to science.. Will science feed a hungry man on the streets?"

      Yes! In fact, it is already doing that. Droughts and famines were common occurrences in India in the British Era. The Green Revolution, an eminently scientific revolution based on the well thought out application of scientific principles, has already put paid to that horrific legacy for the the forseeable future, converting India into a country with surplus grain production. Weather prediction capabilities developed by Isro and the Met Dept. have been saving thousands of lives in the eastern coastal states in the annual cyclone season over the last few years.

      Justice Katju is very much on the mark in saying that a scientific approach to our problems is the only method we have at our disposable that has any chances of success.

  6. Sir,
    Not sure why are you so much after astrology. Leave it to a persons belief. Is'nt Jyotish sastra a Vedanga like ayurveda is? Going by your logic, other vedangas might as well be....

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  8. Sir,
    Sorry, but with due respect, This post seemed as a confused contradictory mix of John Nash Theory + Ayn Rand philosophy, till i reached last line of the blog. I, a part of this young generation, do honor your advise & acting likewise. But I don't recognize any nation, I m trying to be a part of A World, Border less.

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    I do NOT know if you are a supporter of the food security bill.
    But if you are against it—you must come on TV and speak strongly against it.

    I am sure you will NOT want our grandchildren to be slaves of the same man who ruled India till 1947, the owner of British East India Company.

    This is the time to flush political correctness down the toilet.
    Punch into Google search-


    capt ajit vadakayil

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  16. I agree with your views on youth of India but it would be wrong to ignore that the environment our elders in society provide us is mostly responsible for the personalities we develop. There are very few teachers who allow free thinking and questioning. In the name of efficiency the pursuit for knowledge is abandoned. Also the cut throat competition awaiting youth after education, the reactionary nature of social facts in India, injustice and inequality (although the law spreads myth of equality) does not allow us to grow mentally. Give us our rightful environment and we will perform as per your expectations.

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  21. Not sure why are you so much after astrology. Leave it to a persons belief. Is'nt Jyotish sastra a Vedanga like ayurveda is? Going by your logic, other vedangas might as well be...

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