Saturday 26 October 2013

Protection to Minorities

Article 25 (1) of the Indian Constitution states: “Subject to public order, morality and health and to the other provisions of this Part, all persons  are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practice and propagate religion.”

I have always been a supporter of the rights of religious minorities in India, because I firmly believe that a mark of a civilized society is that minorities therein can live with dignity and respect.

 Christians are only about 2% of the 1.25 billion people in India. In January 2009 a case came up before a bench of the Supreme Court of which I was a member, in which the allegations were that Christians in Orissa were being persecuted by right wing Hindu groups. It was alleged that about 50,000 Christians had fled from their homes, some had been killed, their houses burnt, and they were living in camps or in the jungle.

          During the hearing of the case I remarked “We will not tolerate persecution of minorities. If the state government is unable to protect them it should resign. Article 25 of the Indian Constitution guarantees freedom of religion to all”.

          These oral observations had their effect, and the persecution of Christians in the State stopped, and compensation was awarded to those whose properties had been destroyed or damaged.

          When I was a Judge of the Allahabad High Court a case came before me pertaining to some village in U.P. In that village the majority consisted of Muslims, while the minority were Hindu Harijans. A Harijan girl was gang raped by some Muslim boys, who were prosecuted. I awarded the accused harsh punishment, holding that since Muslims were in the majority in that village it was their duty to see to it that Hindus could live with dignity and respect, but the accused did just the opposite.

 In India Hindus are a majority out of the total population, but they may be a minority in a specific area. It is the duty of the majority in every specific area to ensure that the minority lives with dignity and respect.  So it is not only Muslim and Christian minorities whom I have sought to protect, but also Hindus where they are in a minority in a particular area. 


  1. kaatju saab,

    since Justice Markandey Katju is the Chairman, Press Council of India--

    please read this--


    yesterday vinod kambli was attacked by hasbara -- stupid black indian thinks that the meaning of BULLY is BLACK INDIAN.

    each and every indian media ran the same story and the same words.


    capt ajit vaadkayil

  2. Rightly said sir..Institutions under the State became liberal,democratic and egalitarian after we got independence but we the people are yet to embrace tolerance, equality and democracy(not mobocracy) in ideology and practice of our every day life.

  3. Very strong observation Sir. What much of the people think that minority means muslim, majority means Hindu. And by taking this division dirty religious leaders are playing their game to fulfill their dream. But Sir, you have taken very right step to qualify the brain of those blind intellectuals. Need more persons like you to clean our society.


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  5. Sir, at a high level, yes, religious freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution of India. But, unlike faiths that originate in India (Sanatan Dharm, Sikh, Boudh, Jaina etc.), the Semetic faiths namely Christianity and Islam are proselytizing creeds, and insist that all the world must convert. They have organized Missionaries to convert everyone on the planet. Their religious goal is actually to end religious diversity in the world and enforce uniformity. Unfortunately, Asia, which has withstood the tough middle ages, is still not clear on how to deal with this problem. How can those who respect diversity and are tolerant, live together with those who are intolerant?

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