Monday, 3 August 2015

Hanging of Yakub Memon

I had raised my voice against hanging of Yakub Memon

Some people thought I am defending terrorism. That is not so. Those who committed the Mumbai bomb blasts and other such dastardly crimes should certainly be hanged. My point, however is : have the real culprits been correctly identified and punished ?

 The truth in India is that our police is not trained in scientific investigation, nor does it have the scientific equipment for doing so. So it usually cannot catch the real culprits.

 Criminal investigation is a science. If one reads the stories of Sherlock Holmes one sees how Holmes investigates a crime scientifically. He goes to the spot, studies the finger prints, ashes, blood stains, etc and then solves the crime. Similarly, if one sees on Discovery the Amercan police solves a crime, by going to the spot and gathering the material like finger prints, blood stains, fibres, etc, and then takes this material to a laboratory where analysis of this material is done with scientific methods e.g. D.N.A. tests, feeding the fingerprints into a national computer network, etc it can often trace out the real criminal. Often from a single fibre ( of a coat or other dress ) found on the spot or in a car it can identify the real culprit.

 In India, however, the police is neither trained in scientific investigation, nor does it have the equipment for doing so, and yet it is under pressure to solve the crime. So what does it do in bomb blast or other terrorist acts ? It catches half a dozen persons, often of the minority community ( for Muslims have been demonized as terrorists having nothing to do but throw bombs ), and then fabricates evidence against them. Usually this evidence is ' confessions ' and some ' recoveries ', and this is often accepted by some of our populist judges who want to show they are tough on terror and want to send a message against it. This is what seems to have been done done in the cases of Yakub Memon, Afzal Guru, etc. I have read the judgments of the Courts in these cases carefully and they are based on confessions and recoveries..

 Everyone knows how such ' confessions ' are obtained in our country-- by torture. And torture is such a terrible thing that one will confess to everything under torture. Joan of Arc confessed to be a witch under torture. And as regards so called ' recoveries ', usually they are planted by the police.
 In this way everybody is happy. The police get off the pressure, and the public is satisfied that the perpetrators have been punished. But is this the way to solve a crime ? The real perpetrators are rarely caught. That is my point.


  1. Yakub Wife Says" Whole family gone to Dubai to celebrate EID". While Yakub Says" Tiger advised us bcos of Mumbai Riots" Who is right?

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  3. I do not know if Yakub deserved the deth penalty or not, but I know for certain that some innocents get punished and the criminals go scot free in our justice system. The reasons are as rightly brought out by Justice Katju. We need to fix that rather than cry Hindu-Muslim every time.

  4. It is true that Yakub was given all the opportunities to defend himself before execution as shown by the media. But he never asked for any scientific investigation, nor the judicial system encouraged for further investigation on such lines. Many times, I found that the trial courts had been following the lines of action what the Prosecution provided. If the process of investigation is more deeply analysed as suggested, I hope many alleged persons may get real justice. In one case, I alongwith my whole family was victimised for a long period of four years on fake allegations and at last I had to compromise with the complainant since under his influence, the prosecution did not afford to undertake the investigation properly and my applications even for providing the copies of evidences were repeatedly turned down by the trial court. We need immediate review of our system before it is put aside by the frustrated people.

  5. Once we tried to be scientific in criminal case in Telgi Stamp paper scam by doing brain mapping on Abdul karim Telgi and whole country knows what came out i.e our top politician Sharad Pawar and Chagan Bhujbal name. And thereafter entire political class understood no more science in criminal investigation.

  6. We are far too behind in respect of scientific investigations. The labs are not well equipped and installed with state of the art instrumentation and yet we call it a developed country. The main problem lies in the corruption on massive scale here. The money that is meant for the development is stolen away by high profile corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. That is the very reason we are stuck in the age-old mud and nothing is going to change here until untra honest leaders get selected and veer our nation to right direction. Look at the colossal irrigation scams in maharashtra since 1984. The Center has sent around 74k for various irrigation projects and not a single project is complete till date and the farmers are suffering from the same fate. You must right on this scam too.

  7. I am shocked to read a retired Judicial doubting sitting judicial pronounce. What an ordinary citizen will think? Horrible.

  8. All that Justice Katju REVEALS is making all the Indians uneasy ! More so who are against his views ( and him personally ) as well as those who subscribe to his views ( due to the feeling of helplessnass ) !!

  9. All that Justice Katju REVEALS is making all the Indians uneasy ! More so who are against his views ( and him personally ) as well as those who subscribe to his views ( due to the feeling of helplessnass ) !!

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