Tuesday 18 August 2015


I simply cannot understand why the Union Govt. is not granting the entirely justified demand of ex servicemen of one rank one pension

If there is some difficulty in granting it the govt. should come out in the open, and mention the exact difficulty. But concealing this under a veil of bureaucratic secrecy, and beating up old servicemen on 14th August was surely not the method of dealing with the situation.

 The Govt. should realize that they are playing with fire, and a Cromwell may suddenly appear with his troops. After all, power grows out of the barrel of a gun


  1. Whenever quotes in Hindi are given I should like an English translation to follow. Kindly oblige.

  2. Very true- the government should come out with their difficulty openly if they have any. Let the people of India understand what is what. As an informed Indian citizen, even I could not get the full idea about this OROP that the ex-servicemen are demanding. Servicemen are also government servants and when they demand it, natural justice would be that other government servants could also demand the same if they find it better than their present pension system. As per the current practice pensions are fixed on the basis of the basic pay of the person at the time of retirement. Obviously, a person retired in the 1990's would have a lower basic pay than one who is retiring now. Making it same on the basis of the rank or grade, would definitely cause some problems and it is not so easy as one may think. I too feel that the govt should come out with the facts before things go out of its control!

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  4. The defence pensioners who served our nation and did not even took care of their lives,families,career and everything just for India nad Indians. They dont need or want anything but they want just the respect and a good life with dignity. But the kind of action and behaviour Delhi Ploce demonstrated with the defence pensioners on the 14th Aug. 2015, its really shamefull and proves that whatever we know about the Police and the Police system in India is correct. They dragged those defence pensioners, they misbehaved with them. How ridicuous is this? This action demonstrated by Delhi Police is a kind of ANTINATIONAL ACTIVITY and the accused Antinationalists should be punished.

    I am also a son of a retired Defence person and I can not see and tollerate this at all.

    In regards to Mr. MOdi, I would like to quate one popular saying here- ANT SAMAY JAB ATA HAI, PEHLE VIVEK MAR JATA HAI.

    God Bless to Mr. Modi!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi All, Govt of India is pretending to be unaware of this OROP issue and not taking this very seriously. In short, our PM Hon'ble PM Mr. Narendra Modi seems very much ignorant to this OROP issue by any XYZ reason.
    However, this is my honest advice to Mr. Modi and the Govt. of India being a bonafied and honest citizen of India is not to ignore this issue or take this issue lightly. We all have heard and read about the surprising and disapointing incidents in some other nations in past in the similaral/almost similar situations.
    I wouold recommend Govt. of India to immediately direct their ministers to be patient and not to pass any stupid comments on this issue as they are not competent to handle this OROP issue. Also, Police should be directed not to misbehave with the agitators sitting at Jantar Mantar or anywhere in India. They should be directed to stay aways from those veterans as the local and civil Police can not stand anywhere in front of those veterans.
    I am sure, he Govt. of India would certainly understand what exactly the situation is and would take care all the precautions.