Wednesday 24 May 2017

Secularism in India
While India claims to be a secular country, with a secular Constitution, the truth is that the vast majority of Hindus are communal, and so are the vast majority of Muslims ( though they may not say so openly ).One proof of this is that when Muslims are lynched or attacked in India only a minority of Hindus are horrified at this, while the vast majority
are indifferent, and many even approve of this as ' putting the Muslims in their place '. The same attitude would be of most Muslims in Pakistan when some atrocity is committed on Hindus there
Secularism is a modern value which arose in Western Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries with the growth of modern industry. But India is still backward,  semi feudal, and only partially industrialized.
After Independence the Congress party was in power for several decades. It professed secularism, but this was really for getting the Muslim vote bank in elections. Now with the BJP in power even the fig leaf of secularism has been removed.
Dark days are ahead for India

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