Friday 12 May 2017

Shashi Tharoor
In his book ' Era of Darkness ', Shashi Tharoor writes that British industrialization was based on looting India and other colonies.
But what is so original about this ?
Primitive accumulation of capital, on whose foundation British industrialization took place, was based on expropriation of the peasantry and looting of the colonies, as Marx had explained almost 150 years ago. So what is new in what Tharoor says.
Talking of return of the Kohinoor in his book shows the shallowness of Tharoor's mind.…/Primitive_accumulation_of_capita…
Tharoor says there is nothing wrong in democracy, only the manner in which it is practised--another of his platitudes.
He refuses to acknowledge the truth that Indian democracy is a farce, largely based on caste and communal vote banks, our state institutions have become largely hollow and empty shells, and the only way out for the Indian people from their massive poverty, unemployment, etc is by a revolution.
Tharoor is a totally superficial thinker pretending to be very original.
In Marxist economics and preceding theories,[1] the problem of primitive accumulation (also called previous accumulation, original accumulation) of capital concerns the origin of capital, and therefore of how class distinctions between possessors and non-possessors came to be.

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