Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The BJP and the Nazis

The BJP has often been compared to the Nazis.
While it is true that there are some similarities, inasmuch as both were ( and are ) fascists, nevertheless there are some vital differences between the two.

The Nazis seized power in 1933 when Germany was already a highly industrialized country. So they used their technological might to aggressively grab country after country in Europe, first peacefully and then militarily, using the economic resources of each conquered country for further aggression, until they met their Waterloo at Stalingrad in 1942-43. But by 1945, when the Second World War ended, the Nazis were responsible for 50 million deaths, including 6 million Jews sent to gas chambers
On the other hand, India is a relatively backward country, only partially industrialized. Hence it does not have the technological strength to launch aggressive foreign wars. The fascism of BJP can therefore be a much weaker fascism than Hitler's.
BJP had come to power in 2014 on the slogan of 'vikas' i.e. development, due to which hundreds of millions, particularly the youth, voted for it, thinking that vikas meant that tens of millions of jobs will now be created.
But this slogan of vikas was a hoax, as Indians, who were taken for a ride and hoodwinked, have now realized.The Indian economy is stagnant , and jobs have become less ( 12 million youth are entering the Indian job market every year, while only 140, 000.jobs were created in 2016 in the organized sector of India's economy. )
India has massive poverty, child malnutrition, lack of healthcare and good education, etc.
All this is bound to lead to popular agitations against the govt. which will then blame the minorities for all problems, the way Hitler blamed the Jews. In other words, communal riots and communal incidents will be engineered through agent provocateurs, the 'beef' lynchings being latest examples. .
No doubt the Hindu majority will approve of this for some time, but this drama cannot go on forever. You can fool people for some time, but not all time. Ultimately even Hindus will realize that what is needed is jobs, healthcare, food, etc and not Ram Mandir or cow protection.
Then the day of reckoning for BJP will come in some way ( which cannot be presently predicted ).

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