Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Kulbhushan Jadhav
I have a hunch that the Pakistani authorities will hang Kulbhushan Jadhav.
The reason why I think so is that the Pakistan was created so that there should be hatred between Hindus and Muslims. If there is no hatred the very purpose of Partition and creating Pakistan will be lost.
So in my opinion the decision to hang Jadhav was taken by the Pakistan authorities after cool deliberation since hanging him is bound to considerably increase hatred of Muslims in India, and there may then soon be attacks on Muslims and mosques in many parts of India. These will of course be described as 'spontaneous' by the Indian Govt., just as attacks on Jews during 'Kristallnacht' in November 1938 in Germany were described as 'spontaneous' by the Nazis.
These attacks on Muslims and mosques in India will inevitably result in 'spontaneous' attacks on the small Hindu community in Pakistan ( and possibly even Bangladesh ) and on Hindu temples.
There will then be further 'spontaneous' attacks on Muslims and mosques in India, and retaliatory 'spontaneous' attacks on Hindus and their temples. in Pakistan.
Whether this sequence of events will at all happen, and if it does, how long will this see saw go on, and whether this heightened tension will escalate into a war between India and Pakistan, is yet to be seen.

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