Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Hindus and Muslims must be made to fight
Hindus and Muslims
Get this firmly into your heads.
You will be made to fight with each other, though there is no natural enmity between you. It has been artificially created, and by cunning propaganda communal hatred has been injected into your minds by powerful vested interests.since a long time. 
Why was this done ? Because if you unite, no power on earth can prevent India ( which includes Pakistan and Bangladesh ) from emerging within 10 years or so as a highly developed, highly prosperous country, with all its citizens enjoying a high standard of living.
But if that happens, what will happen to the economies of the developed countries ? With your cheap labour you will be able to sell goods manufactured in India at one half, or perhaps even one third, the price of the goods manufactured by developed countries, because Indian labour is cheap, whereas labour of developed countries is expensive, and cost of labour is a big chunk of the total cost of production. Who, then, will buy goods made by the developed countries ?
So you must be made to fight with each other

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