Tuesday 11 April 2017

Undeclared Emergency in Tamilnadu
An Emergency was declared under Article 352 of the Constitution by the President of India on recommendation of the then Indian Govt. in 1975, in which the fundamental rights like the freedom of speech guaranteed by Article 19(1)(a), freedom to assemble peacefully and without arms, Article 19(1)(b), etc were suspended, and a large number of people arrested.
A similar Emergency seems to have become the order of the day in the state of Tamilnadu, though it is an undeclared one.
Anyone wanting to protest peacefully and without arms regarding issues like the plight of Tamilnadu farmers, setting up of hydrocarbon projects, etc is immediately arrested by the police. I have received numerous facebook messages regarding this. One of such fb messages is reproduced below :
" Hello sir ... We r pretty much interested to start protest ... But as soon as v start protest , police directly arrest us and start to put some cases on us... Even when v try to get permission legally , police officials doesn't give permission for us ... V didn't even asked for hunger strike ... V have just requested for silent strike ... So what is the legal action I can do now ?."
Here is another fb message :
" Sir.. tn youngsters are crying. We can't see our farmers nude protest. We are ready to give our support to farmers. But we haven't permission for protest in chennai. No one help to us. Plz sir do something to us. We won't new india. We want only our agriculture. Plz help us sir plz "
And here is yet another :
" Dear Sir , Tamilnadu police is not allowing people to do protest for saving the farmers. They are not allowing if the people are protesting in peaceful way also .Please provide some suggestions for us in your page so that everyone will get some clarification . Thanks for your support "
And another :
" Dear sir I am normal village youth from deep down of Tamilnadu ... as you know the current situation of tamil farmers. we need a solution ... we need your guidance.. even though no media is ready to support them .. for the past 25 days they are protesting in the India's capital with skulls of suicides, but no one care for them... even TN government is busy with R.K nagar and Koovathoor resort.. and also they are arresting youths who wish to protest peacefully ... ஒரு கைவிடப்பட்ட தமிழ் விவசாயின் சார்பாக உங்கள் உதவியை நாடுகின்றேன் ... ஹிந்தி அறிய தமிழன் சார்பாக வேண்டுகின்றேன் ."

  Here is another fb message :
 " There is an unofficial 144 in whole tamilnadu. Wherever more than 4 peoples go together police starting enquiring and starting to threat us to go home. After some scolding they started to beat us. The situation is more severe than emergency in tamilnadu. The number of false cases are filed in the name of students."
I can quote many more messages which I received
Does Part III of the Indian Constitution ( the Fundamental Rights ) not apply in Tamilnadu ?
This facebook post may be treated as a letter petition and filed by someone as such before the Supreme Court or Madras High Court.

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