Tuesday, 2 June 2015


A fb message received from a Shia lady, and my reply. I have deleted her name.

Dear sir plz xpress yr views on Shia Muslims....
As Shias r d biggest victim of Sunni's terrorism....whether its Iraq,Saudi, Taliban  Pakistan... or any other
country. Now, ISI..!!!!!
In fact, by killing d innocent people they r destroying d decent image of religion...and Islam is for all Muslims including Shias
What a bigger problem for Shias at international level!!!!!

My reply :
I have repeatedly said that for peace and prosperity there must be religious tolerance and secularism.
 Secularism does not mean that one cannot practice his/her religion. Secularism means that religion is one's private affair, unconnected with the state, which will have no religion, and that everyone will be free to practise and profess whatever one wants.

 Muslims believe that there is only one god ( Allah ) and are against idol worship, while Hindus have many gods ( some say 33 crore, or 330 million ) and do idol worship. Are Hindus breaking the heads or chopping off the limbs of Muslims by doing so ?

Similarly, Ahmedis allegedly do not regard Prophet Mohammed as the last prophet. Are they breaking the heads or chopping off the limbs of orthodox Muslims by this belief ?

 Shias do not accept Abu Bakr, Omar and Usman as genuine Khalifas (which Sunnis do ) but only Ali. Are they breaking the heads or chopping off the limbs of Sunnis by their belief ?

 Everyone should be entitled to believe whatever he/she wants, and practise and profess whichever religion he/she wants. This is particularly important in our sub continent which has so much diversity.

This was the policy of Suleh-e-Kul ( Universal Toleration of all Religions and sects ) declared by the great Emperor Akbar, whom I regard as the real ' Father of the Nation', and who ( along with Ashoka ) was the greatest ruler the world has ever seen, being 200 years ahead of his times.

And this is the only policy which will lead our country to peace and prosperity.


  1. Sir, 33 Crore Devta are not there, only 33 types (33 Koti Devta) (these thirty-three (supporting devta) sustain the world). I apologize for correcting a learned man like you. I hope you will not mind it and forgive me.

  2. Justice Katju sir,
    Please give me the names of authors who have written, in English, unbiassed accounts of Akbar and Ashoka. Names of the authors and names of the books.