Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Our National Aim

Our national aim must be to make India a modern, powerful, secular, highly industrialized state in which all its people (and not just a handful, as is the case today) get decent lives, and the great social evils like poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, skyrocketing prices, lack of healthcare, good education etc which are today widespread in India are abolished forever, and our people get rid of backward and feudal ideas like casteism, communalism, and superstitions, replacing them with scientific and rational mindsets. All my efforts are directed to that one single goal, and I invite all my patriotic countrymen to join in this great, historical task, which will no doubt call for great sacrifices, and will require a long struggle of maybe 20 years (and in all probability I will not see the day of its successful conclusion as I am 67 years old), but if we do not perform this historical task we will be cursed by our descendants for having betrayed the nation


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  2. Justice Katju, Just direct your efforts in running the Press Council effectively, which you are chairing. I have not seen any change in the way press works, in fact it has worsened. Why dont you work towards curbing paid media, what did you do to the threatening letter sent by Mukesh Ambani to all the news channel. Why are you so silent on that? Mukesh Ambani threatens media channels and he gets away with that. Who is Mukesh Ambani to issue directive of covering or not covering certain events. You dont speak on that. Is this how you should function.

    1. When Justice Katju wrote a letter to Prime Minister to bring in Electronic Media under Press Council all the news channels said is trying to dictate media. Check Your facts before commenting.

    2. Mr. Anonymous 22 January 2013 08:52 Check your facts and think(which must be difficult for you to do) before posting comments. Ambani's notice has been sent to the news channels(electronic media) not news papers(print media).

    3. Anonymous22 January 2013 08:5228 January 2013 at 11:08

      Mr/Miss Anonymous 25 January 2013 18:38, I didn't realised that I fall under the 90% as defined by Katju. My mistake. You must definitely be under the enlightened 10%. How come Katju comments under everything under the sun but is silent on something which connects back to Congress or Politico-Corporate nexus. Let me clarify that I am not pro-BJP (which O enlightened lord you would deduce right away). Other than Katju's sermons, I do not find him doing anything. I dont think majority of this country takes him seriously.


  3. Manmohan Singh is 80 & PM !

    Rahul Gandhi 42 & Prince of Youth !

    Advani was 81 in 2009 when running for PM !

    Why 67 is old? You have already cross the av. life of Indian - 65. You have crossed it.

    But, very Unfortunately Men in India die 4/5 earlier than women and when compared with Urban women Rural Men die 8 years earlier. And no one talks of that.

    But still, May God be there you live more. I may not agree with all your views, but still want senior citizens stay and live. And hope the media which is hysteric on women's rights & rights & rights (and all men as rapists) also sometimes talk of senior citizens!

  4. I think if you can ensure free press,without any control from Buisness houses you will do a great service to the country.

  5. Posterity is sure to judge us and curse us for all that we are up to today. I wonder when people say,"be proud to be an Indian".
    It is the country that must feel proud about its citizens. And for that what have we done ?

  6. Your article 'Our National Aim' is very good. Really this should be aim of all of Indians.

    Great Thouts

  7. you have presented the situation which can be changed in that time frame. Sir you have very vast knowledge about the politics and what is happening in our society around us. Like Mr. Kejriwal you could have been part of any party and make a way for others. Why didn't you join any political party rather you opted for being a Chairman of Press Council Of India would be good as no good is seen till now in thw working of various news agencies? you could be benchmark for others. But at the same time like everyone did you also thought of your career. After completing your time in supreme court I think you should have joined any poliical party or go for public work where you.could aware public about their rights. Most common problem in our country is to change the.mind towards the welfare. No one is for me but constitution gives me right that everything is for you. It was unethical from.Govt side that students from Hindi medium schools have to struggle for jobs if we compare with those from English medium students. The.differnce has already been created at the grass root level. Why not all the schools have been instructed to follow up convent pattern so as to educate children about the supreme court where you are not allowed to speak Hindi even single word? Many whys are running in the hearts of every citizen of India. But cobstitution makes us powerless as all for politicians even though we have elected them. You are right Sir we are culprit we select such candidates who have criminal background. Do you think we have other options?

  8. A very good article sir.I appreciate ur views and vision of a modern,secular and industrialized India.

  9. Thank you sir for explaining our national aim. Inshallah! we will carry your vision. First I will start with my home, where I will teach my children tolerance, love and peace. May Almighty gives you long & healthy life.

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  11. http://www.mediacrooks.com/2012/04/indias-worst-journalists-2012.html#.UP6uSSciYnQ

  12. Lori Geiger ( Nashville,TN)22 January 2013 at 21:04

    The only way for India to make progress is for it to be divided into a number of states based on community,caste & religion .

    Homogenous countries make progress as is evident by the success of US , EU . Countries like India , Pakistan will continue to remain 3rd world in the forseeable future unless they are further divided .

    1. of-course not, first of all, you cannot divide India on basis of anything, India is too heterogeneous, and I believe that is a strength (unlike what it seems today, as the naive population is being used for political agenda), but the majority of well educated population has now risen above it. Secondly, you clearly overlooked/missed the fact that the formation of Pakistan was based on the principle of achieving religious homogeneity, and you can see where it took them !

      The progress of US and EU has nothing to do with homogeneity, it is the Industrial revolution that took them where they are !!! and even in EU, you must be knowing that many countries are not successful !

  13. Nidhi Razdan and Katju are of equal intellect. They both are experts on every subject. We are blessed that we are born in this period.

    1. t. Writing about those 2 biased individuals shows that it suits you even if it is against humanity, or you are an idiot.

    2. you took my remark too seriously!! it was a sarcastic remark!!

  14. Your effort is good! Without political parties we can't do anything. We have many political parties in India , with your ideas thought goal will reach thro. Left parties namely CPM. What is your opinion on each political parties?

  15. We had enough of politicians, left, right and centre. India today needs people like you to lead. We should clean India first. Only a cleaner India be can be modern, powerful

  16. Please watch this interview of Rahul Pandita in Newslaundry and disseminate it far and wide so that every infidel should know what fate awaits them at the hands of the fiddlers if they are not careful. Ha s this coward thing Katju ever talked about the horrible fate that has befallen his Pandit community and their womenfolk at the hands of those savage adherents of the religion of 'peace'? Busy as the creature is, playing to the Nadir Shah loving gallery that so infests depraved Delhi and often talking absolute mendacious and laughable bilge like Gujarat's social indices are worse than Somalia, yes you read it right Somalia, this great man, the knower of all things, perhaps has not the time to do so? Whoever made thin man a judge should be exiled away to the gulags of Siberia, manacled and all!

    1. Clear signs of lunacy!!!You need physchiatric assistance.

    2. @Anonymousbecile.... for far too long us Gujus have taken all the insults and abuse hurled at us on the chin. Now, we have decided to give back as good as we take and at times with compound interest. Is that well understood? Goodh! Now this man Katju says that Gujarat's social indices are worse than Somalia's. Such a man, who disseminates such nonsense, is worthy of nothing but utmost contempt and disdain and that is exactly how I have treated him and will continue to treat him and others of his degenerate ilk. Can't get us politically so continue to spew goebbelsian mendacity in the hope that it will stick.
      As for your highness in need of physiatrics assistance, sure, with so many diseased rodents who infest and scar my motherland's civilised landscape, any sane person will end up in need of a shrink and that too an in-house one!
      Now, has your majesty made himself absolutely clear? Better!

  17. Here is the interview...http://www.newslaundry.com/2013/01/nl-interviews-rahul-pandita/

  18. I know providing women safe environment against rape and exploitation can't be one of our national aims, but how could you forget 'farmer suicides' which has always appeared along with the ones you have identified for the umpteenth time above. Is that no more appealing to you?

  19. Another copy and paste job. Paragraphs become articles. Katju is really getting good at that.