Tuesday 29 January 2013

Our National Aim

            The Indian Constitution, 1950 following the British model, created a system of parliamentary democracy.
            Upto 1947, when India became independent, it was still a largely feudal, agricultural country. The British policy was to keep us largely unindustrialized, since an industrial India, with its cheap labour, could become a powerful rival to British industry.
            The Indian Constitution was based on Western models. We borrowed parliamentary democracy and an independent judiciary from England, federalism and the fundamental rights from the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution, the Directive Principles of State Policy from the Irish Constitution, etc. Thus we borrowed a modern Constitution from Western models, and transplanted it from above on our largely backward, feudal society.
            Democracy is a feature of an industrial, not feudal, society. But the intention of our Founding Fathers (Pandit Nehru and his colleagues) was that democracy and other modern principles e.g. freedom of speech, freedom of religion, liberty, equality etc. and modern institutions e.g. Parliament, independent judiciary, etc would pull our backward, feudal society into the modern age. They set up a heavy industrial base (which the British had prohibited), and consequently India became partially industrialized and made some progress since 1947 e.g. we produced a large pool of engineers, technicians, scientists, doctors etc., women got education, etc.
            However, mid way after 1947 our democracy was hijacked by the feudals, and caste and religious vote banks, which could be craftily manipulated by many of our politicians to serve their selfish ends, emerged and became the normal feature in elections and other activities in most parts of India. Everyone knows that in most parts of India people vote on caste and religious lines, instead of seeing the merits of the candidate. It is for this reason that many persons with criminal background have often been elected. Democracy was never meant to be run in this manner, and this has blocked our progress. Hence fundamental social and political changes are now required.
            The unfortunate truth is that most of our people are still intellectually very backward, full of casteism, communalism and superstitions. ‘Honour’ killing, dowry deaths, female foeticide, etc are prevalent in large parts of India. Child malnutrition at 48% is far higher than in the poorest sub Saharan countries of Africa such as Somalia and Ethiopia. The Arjun Sengupta Report states that 77% Indians live on less than Rs. 25 per day. A. U.N. Report estimated that 2.1 million Indian children die before reaching the age of 5 years, that is, 4 every minute.
            In recent decades India has witnessed the greatest agricultural crisis in world history (see articles by P. Sainath). Millions of farmers have left their villages (because they lost their livelihoods for a variety of reasons) and migrated to cities in search of jobs which were not there. Hence they ended up as domestic servants, street hawkers, beggars, criminals or prostitutes (it is estimated there are some 20 million prostitutes in India). 2,50,000 farmers in Vidarbha and other areas committed suicide in the last 15 years, an average of 47 per day (which is still continuing).
            Unemployment is massive in India, even postgraduates seeking a peon’s job. Healthcare for the masses is abysmal, the 80% poor people in India can hardly afford doctors or medicines, and hence they resort to quacks. Education is in shambles.  
            Our national aim must be to make India a modern, powerful, secular, highly industrialized country, in which all its people (and not just a handful, as is the case today) get decent lives, and the great social evils like poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, skyrocketing prices, lack of healthcare and good education, etc which are widespread today in India are abolished forever, and our people are rid of backward and feudal ideas like casteism, communalism and superstitions, which are replaced by modern scientific and rational thinking. How is this to be achieved? To my mind this can be achieved by the struggles of the people using their creativity.
            All patriotic people in India must strive for this goal, and join in this great historical task, which will no doubt call for great sacrifices, and will probably require a long, painful and sustained struggle for about 20 years or so, but if we do not do this we will be cursed by our descendants for having betrayed the nation.    


  1. but to be frank which politician can think beyond his chair?

    To lead a nation, you need a vision, you need to be impartial and should think of India and Indians.......

    He should not have family ( or no family members should be in politics), then only you can be corrupt free.......

    Guess who i am talking about..........

    Jai Hind....

    Bharath Matha Ki Jai

    PS: Note : We need to re write the constitution, this is unfortunately an outdated (with all due respect to Mr. Ambedkar)

    1. no family is private life, and this philosophy of no family member in politics is wrong, it should be no inefficient family member should be introduced into politics. Because if u put a blanket ban on 1 per family in politics then we lose many leaders. Because a family can have more than one brilliant leaders. And also the generalisation of no family no corruption is wrong... Many indian politicians who are honest have families...

    2. The bachelor rulers have ruled well.....with out favoritism, and they do not need to amass the wealth for their child, grand child and grand grand child.......!!!

      Power is a honey pot (NOT POISON as described by Mr. Rahul Baba) , who ever puts hand in it, he will lick it....

      This may the reason why the earlier have written about that----No family......

      But finally earlier politics was for social service, now it is business.... that is why we are in this state.....

    3. Can I have some names of so called bachelor rulers(leaders)... Moreover how many bachelor leaders we saw in this approx 70yrs of independence. Family is not always the reason for corruption dear... My parents are the live examples before me and there are many such parents in both govt services and politicians. Don't link family(a personal matter) with political efficiency or corruption...

  2. Lori Geiger ( Nashville,TN)29 January 2013 at 12:57

    Homogenous countries make progress as is evident by the success of US , EU . Countries like India , Pakistan will continue to remain 3rd world in the forseeable future unless they are further divided .

    The only way for India to make progress is for it to be divided into a number of states based on community,caste & religion .

    1. Sir can you please elaborate on this, i never understand how one can compare India with developed countries and that too US that got independence in 1780s and a capitalist country. And i think EU is not a country but a group of countries and just a group nothing more. India on the other side is culturally completely different and our past is also different from those countries. How much truth is there in this argument of asking India to align on western lines. Already we are divided by caste, creed, sex, religion. Some cant even bear a person in his neighborhood who is from other caste/religion. If what you say happens and India is further divided on basis you gave then there will be no India remaining, every person will become a state and there will be some 1.2billion states in India

    2. Lori Geiger ( Nashville,TN)30 January 2013 at 20:00

      India too is a group of countries just like the EU .There are various caste & community fault lines in India and people associate themselves with these identities . Therefore , India should willingly dissolve itself and emerge as a number of separate countries that comprise people of certain caste & community only . This will ensure development .

      If India fails to dissolve itself it's fate too will be similar to the Moslem world that is now on the verge of a collapse .

    3. @lori: there is nothing wrong with differences in people. diversity in a country contributes to different strengths that together contribute to the progress of the country. instead of giving into petty politics and dividing people on the basis of their differences, people must be educated to be inclusive. that is the only way to sustain long term progress. dont be narrow minded

    4. You are contradicting what you said before, you said EU was a homogenous group and now you say India is like EU with various castes and communities... there is no point in your argument. Please give some viable solutions, whats this India must dissolve. haha its funny... and u talked about Muslim world... no world is homogenous dear, we have different castes in every religion, even in Christianity we have some divisions... And to clarify US and EU developed because they had a long history of industrial revolution and benefited a lot based on colonialism and also long history of progressive thoughts and not because there are 100 or more states or they are divided into states based on communities or on some other basis... you are not even narrow minded you are a typical person, i dont find words to describe your mindset...

  3. Yes, this is what even envisioned by our former prez Abdul Kalam for making Developed India by 2020.
    Politics should be transformed and should be free from caste-based ideologies. India is known for secularism. If people of India upholds preambular values, we stand next to none in developed and progressive society.

    Thank you sir making good write up and arousing nationalism in all Indians.
    Everyone shall make contribution towards Mother India, then only our vision of Developed India would come true and it is not very far if we act sooner.

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    1. wow really? you hear something you don't like and immediately proceed to remove the post. how mature!

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  7. Sir, this is what i always think. We must put a sustained effort for a long period to change Indian system. But in reality this doesnt happen, every one wants the solution in a jiffy. They can't wait even for a day. Even the most learned persons and recent corruption crusaders want everything to be solved through a bill which never succeeds(my personal opinion). I will be thankful to you sir, if i can get to see some excerpt by you on the possibilities of success/failure or merits/demerits of the jan lokpal bill. It will be useful to me academic wise also. Thank you sir.

  8. We are progressing towards industrialization but I think of one of the fact which Government and we all are ignoring is the heterogeneous development in the country. There are huge job and livelihood opportunities in metro cities while the rest areas lack them badly. Not even rural areas ,most of the big non metro cities are not able to provide the people of its places , a good job opportunity.
    This leads to the migration of bulk of mass into the metro cities which have its own consequences and bad effects like handling mass crowd in these cities while on the other hand our villages - our culture preservators are going to be empty. Even in my town , most of the guys of my age are in metro cities because of their job.

    If Government can provide a mechanism to ensure development homogenously , most of the problems will automatically solved.

  9. All your blogs have only one theme - list the problems in India. How about a blog that lists practical things that can be done - both short therm and long term solutions - that will improve our situation. And please refrain from your stereotypical finger pointing that the people are the problem. Yes, people's mentality is a part of the problem. While people need to change, this alone will amount to nothing unless the there is political will.

    1. Hii... I have a small point in your conclusion... who are politicians... are they not people... ?? When one says people must change they include politicians.... We have a bad habit of pointing out at our system and making it responsible for everything and anything, but we forget the fact that that system is made of we people not some other divine thing... So people's mindset need to change means everyone in the country, the whole 1.2+billion of our country

    2. Hi. Yes, you are absolutely right. Perhaps, I should clarify. Things will automatically change for the good when people change. But this takes time. I hope to see such a change in my lifetime. But political will is required to bring about change in the short term. For e.g. - the case of rape - while the best solution is that people realize that rape is wrong and refrain from such activity, what do we do until all are on board? Shouldn't there be an EFFICIENT government agency that can be approached to make things right?
      Also, there will always be wrong-doers. But unless there is timely punishment for their crimes, there will be no fear of retribution. So more and more people break the law as per their whims because they know they can get away with it... which is sort of, what's going on in our country now.
      PS: thanks for replying!

    3. You are not clear in your views, let me clear it first that legislature has no role in the working of judiciary and judiciary has its own set of rules. Our judicial system works on the principal that let 100 wrong doers go free but no innocent person must be punished. This is what is the reason for delays, not political will. Let me accommodate your view, there will be a strict law even capital punishment included but we should not forget that there should be a trial before punishment and that trial is sole prerogative of judiciary... So it will be false proposal if the govt introduces a law which gives capital punishment for a rapist cos the final call is with the judiciary...
      Again coming to politics... If we say they are inefficient then stop sending them, find out whose the best candidate in your constituency and vote him, ask others to vote him... Its not like we are campaigning for that particular person or party by asking others to vote, but we are campaigning for our bright future. We send them there by voting/not voting in elections and we say that they are inefficient... is this correct....??

    4. You are unnecessarily nitpicking my comment. The delays in the judicial process that occur, in the name of ensuring that no innocent person is punished, is utterly ridiculous. Not suggesting a fast-track court for everything thing, but there needs to be some common sense. All I am suggesting that that there be an efficient implementation of all laws that already exist. Peace. I am out of here.

    5. Hmm leave it am not against you. I just tried to make some points out of your comments that's it. By the way am also the one who wants faster adjudication of cases... We have the same aim but are defining different ways to achieve them that's it...

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    1. hey if you dont mind can you mail your comments to me which are being deleted by the author...

    2. I just want to know the other side of the argument from your views... that's y am asking u to mail me those comments...

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  12. Justice Katju - Your spiel is utter rubbish. Your job is to protect press freedoms - http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/India-drops-to-140th-rank-in-press-freedom-lowest-since-2002/articleshow/18257904.cms

    India has dropped further to rank 140 on press freedoms - what are you doing about this other than lecturing the press ??

  13. malnutrition and poverty are the common words in a rigmaroles of politicians and of news articles in newspaper. We haven't realized the communal forces yet. Various politicians are still making hate speeches and dividing the people on the basis of religion purely. What about the various articles enshrined in the Indian Constitution of India? All are beibg bashed day by day. Your article deserves a pat sit. Great piece of writing.

  14. malnutrition and poverty are the common words in a rigmaroles of politicians and of news articles in newspaper. We haven't realized the communal forces yet. Various politicians are still making hate speeches and dividing the people on the basis of religion purely. What about the various articles enshrined in the Indian Constitution of India? All are beibg bashed day by day. Your article deserves a pat sit. Great piece of writing.

  15. malnutrition and poverty are the common words in a rigmaroles of politicians and of news articles in newspaper. We haven't realized the communal forces yet. Various politicians are still making hate speeches and dividing the people on the basis of religion purely. What about the various articles enshrined in the Indian Constitution of India? All are beibg bashed day by day. Your article deserves a pat sit. Great piece of writing.

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  17. i want to know reason why everybody is talking about Gujarat and Mr. Modi.Not only at national level but also at international arena he is being appreciated for his governance and development.In any leader's regime there may be some unforgettable incidents.Is it right to blame him altogether? Don't you think that for country like India , where corruption have gone beyond all limits,inflation is high and unemployment is every where dynamic leader like Mr. Modi could be suitable.Who can drive young generation to next level while other old orthodox Indian leaders are trapped in corruption and other vote bank policies instead of giving some hope.

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