Wednesday 9 January 2013

The Age of Transition

We are presently in India living in a transitional period of our history, the transition being from feudal agricultural society to modern industrial society.
A transitional period is a period of great turbulence and turmoil, as a study of the history of Europe from the 17th to the 19th century, when Europe was passing through its own transition, reveals. During this period in Europe there was great turbulence, wars, social churning, chaos, revolutions, intellectual ferment,etc. There were theories of Voltaire, Rousseau, the Encyclopaedists, etc which were advanced. It was only after going through this fire that modern society emerged in Europe. India is presently going through this fire. We are going through a very painful period in our history.

In our Shastras it is mentioned that there are four yugas- Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug and Kaliyug. After Kaliyug there is a period known as pralaya, after which Satyug again starts. This pralaya can be regarded as the transition period of turbulence and turmoil, and India is going through this period, after which there will again be a age of prosperity (Satyug) for our country. Kaliyug and Pralaya have been described in the sixth chapter of Vishnupuran, which strikingly bears resemblance to what is happening in India today. For example, there is mention therein :

1) In Kaliyug the powerful will rule over everybody, whether he is a good man or bad man.

2)In Kaliyug whatever nonsense anyone will say will be regarded as Shastras (a learned discourse)

3) In Kaliyug wives will leave husbands who are poor, and only the rich people will be the husbands of women.

4) In Kaliyug people will go only after money and not after knowledge.

5) In Kaliyug people will not help even their near and dear ones.

6) In Kaliyug many people will commit suicide (In recent years 250,000 farmers have committed suicide).

7) In Kaliyug the kings will not protect their subjects, but instead will take away their subjects property in the name of taxation.

8)In Kaliyug the weak will become slaves.

9) In Kaliyug many children will die at an early age. (Today many children in India die because of malnutrition, cold, etc)

10) In Kaliyug foolishness (Paakhand) will grow.(Today in India most people are casteist and communal, and believe in superstitions like astrology).

As regards pralaya it is mentioned that in this period there will be no water, because of which people will die. (Today there is great water shortage in large parts of India). Various other descriptions of pralaya are also given in Vishnupurana

We should not give a literal interpretation to all that is mentioned in the sixth chapter of Vishnupurana, but it certainly gives an idea about the great turbulence and turmoil which takes place in a period of transition.It shows that our ancestors, who had great vision, had a dynamic,not static , understanding of history.

I urge all patriotic and modern minded people of India, particularly the youth, to come forward and help the country in this difficult transitional period.


  1. It has been this Kaliyug in play since the advent of man.

  2. Respected Justice Kutju, I always thought that the mention about the four Yugas, the Pralaya etc., relate to the Planet Earth;your write-up makes it appear that ' they ' relate to India , Bharat...Will you clarify , Please...Mawley.

    1. it is our SAGES who had divided the time in 4 EPOCH and what are the characteristic of each period. Also, how VEDIC people will behave in each YUG is also described clearly. RISHI MARKANDEYA ( not the justice, he shares his name with this GREAT SAGE OF BHARAT) had given the discourse of KALIYUG to YUDDHISTHAR. And whatever the VENERATED RISHI told to YUDDHISHTHARA, the events are occuring in that pattern.

  3. Loved the way you spoke in our college few days back (people's medical college) im a big fan...remember perfectly about you speaking on this topic...

  4. Sir, on the one hand you take Shastra for your defense and on the other, you ridicule superstition. I'm confused.

  5. The reason I hate Shastras and Religious Texts - They propagate the concept of kingship. That people shall be governed by someone else (often they use God as scapegoat), that they are not free to make their own decision !

    The day when the mind becomes free of fear, of slavery, that will be the start of satyug, and a brave new world shall begin.

    And BTW, you are simply awesome! you are kind of a 'Judiciary Rock Star' to me !

  6. Respected Sir,
    I completely agree with you, but sir, can u please elaborate on the part how can youth of this country can bring about a transitional change..

  7. Justice Katju,
    I still struggle to understand what is with you regarding astrology. You do not have problem quoting and interpreting lines from vishnupuran. Although you do not mean literal sense of it, I get your point when you quote from ancient texts etc. Why not astrology in the same sense? All beliefs are not superstitions. Why do you not think the planets that are far away may not affect us? May be we do not have the technology yet to quantify or measure those effects.
    Until 100 years back nobody would have believed that such a thing called virus would exist. Going by your logic anybody that has thought or conceived an idea about such a small thing might have been a supersitious guy.
    By the way how did our ancestors come up with such precise calanders thousands of years back with exact time of surya and chandra grahanas?
    Please do not dismiss ideas just because they are not proven yet either by experiment or by western science...else all or most of our vedas (ayur, dhanur etc would be catogerised as humbug aswell...
    my two cents

  8. Point #2 above appropriately describes your blogs.

  9. 3) In Kaliyug wives will leave husbands who are poor, and only the rich people will be the husbands of women.

    In Kaliyug wives will file 498A cases/DV Act for money, blackmailing, extortion.

    Case will go for 10 years.

    Books like NCERT/SCERT will have names of Nisha Sharma. The husband Munish Dalal will be hunted down by everyone.

    Finally after 10 years of torture, brutality and jail on the husband, it will be foind to be FALSE!!! And media who glorified Nisha Sharma for 10 years, Govt. which wrote books on her will be nowhere to be seen.

    Glorification in the Hindu - (2003)

    Books are written in her name!!! Children read her, Govt. gave her prizes, she was called Rani Jhansi and so on ...

    Now: 10 years later (Mar, 2012)

    And as Abala Nari can not be punished for false 498A, disposable husband has to run from pillar to post!!! (Jan, 2013)


    1. Nisha Sharma case was a dowry case. Not even 498A!

  10. In Kaliyug, unqualified becomes judges and pretend to know everything.

  11. In Kaliyug, wisdom is not Katju's forte.


  12. is a joke.. you say that the 90% Indians are superstitious and foolish. After reading this now I understood that you also joined us......kaliyug........!!!!

    1. He pretended to be outside this 90% all along while he was at the very nucleus of it.

      Aniket Alam

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  16. Many will learn and many will follow . what is important is learning and then applying that knowledge . Without learning no one can succeed and nobody ever has succeeded , sadly majority youth today , is more indulged in thinking about their next beer bottle than public service . however , there are many like minded responsible section of youth who will not only concur with your view but shall carry it into effect . :)

  17. You write well Mr. Katju but the example doesnot link to the sayings, may be you are trying to say something good out of such example. But i strongly disagree on the pick up of the examples.

  18. Sir,
    You have fabricated the current period of transition very well vide reference of vishnupuran, however i beleive, one very persuasive factor of transition being the influence of westernization, i would like to clarify that i am not a orthodox indian who condemns westernization but rather i being an Indian sincerely believe that our culture and great traditions offer to us such wise knowledge and practice which if promoted then serious misery's of our nation can be resolved. Being a youth i too enjoy high western musics in disco and pub's which makes my rhythm high however the peace which i get while i visit allahabad or kashi gives me immense spiritual peace. Therefore sir on behalf of the youth of india i would like to request you to please share your view on current influence of westernization over contemporary Indian society.

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