Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Press Note

Press Note
By Justice Markandey Katju
Chairman, Press Council of India

                                                         Dated 6.3.2013

   Re: False implication of Muslims in cases of Bomb Blasts, etc.

       I have today received the following letter of Mr. Wajahat Habibullah, Chairman, National Commission for Minorities, New Delhi:

“D.O. No. M/AP/302/19/2013                                          March 01, 2013

Dear Mr. Justice Katju,

     The terrorist blast in Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad on the evening on February 21, 2013 resulting in the death of innocent citizens and injury to many more has given rise to much discussion in the press and the media.  However, the National Commission for Minorities has noted with concern that even before completion of investigation and on the basis of what appears unfounded conjecture the media appears to have targeted a particular community, which seems unfortunately, also to be reciprocated in the statements of some who are in positions of authority.  Sh. B. Raman of the Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai has stated in an article in the Magazine Outlook recently that it seems to have become the trend that ïf there is terror, it has to be a Muslim.  If he is a Muslim, he has to be from the IM (Indian Mujahideen).  If it is the IM, it must have acted at the instance of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).  That seems to be the thinking reflex of the police and the agencies.

        You will agree that such a trend needs to be discouraged.  Fortunately, we have had some voices, even though scattered, raised in the media against such practice.  The Commission is therefore, approaching you to consider advising those in the media responsible for supervising release of news that they exercise restraint in reporting matters of this nature, which in the present case have brought much grief to a large section of Indian citizens, expressed in the article by Inscribe, a copy of which is attached”.

      In this connection my view is as follows:

      Bomb blasts and other terrorist activities often occur in our country.  The particular persons who have committed such heinous crimes should correctly be identified, prosecuted and when found guilty, given harsh punishment.  However, in my opinion often innocent Muslims are arrested and incarcerated in prison for several years in this connection.

     To find out the real culprits requires scientific investigation.  Unfortunately, in most parts of our country, the police is neither trained in scientific investigations, nor has the equipment for this purpose.

       In Western countries, as can be seen on Discovery Channel etc, when a crime takes place, the police reach the spot and look for finger prints, ashes, blood stains, fibres, etc. These are then sent to a laboratory. The finger prints are fed into a computer which is connected to a national network, and this often enables the police to find out the criminal antecedents of the suspects.  The blood stains etc. are tested in a laboratory using DNA and other tests.  Even minute fibres are investigated to find out the source of the clothes of the assailant.  It is only by this scientific investigation that a conclusion can be reached about the indentify of the culprit and the events that took place.  For example, in the well known   Green    River serial killer case, the serial killer, Gary Ridgway, was identified about 20 years after his crimes by DNA tests of the semen found on the  exhumed bodies of the women whom he had killed. 

      However, in our country most police personnel neither have training in scientific investigation nor the equipment for this purpose, and yet they have to solve the crime, otherwise they may be suspended.

     Since an impression has been created in some quarters that most Muslims are terrorists, the police often arrest some Muslims merely on suspicions.  Once such a Muslim is arrested it is difficult for him to get bail because when he applies for bail, the Public Prosecutor tells the court that the accused is a terrorist, and consequently bail is almost always refused.  The person often remains in jail for several years, and even if he ultimately  found innocent nobody can restore so many years of his life spent in jail.  The recent case of Amir who was arrested when he was 17 years old and kept for 14 years in jail until he was found innocent by the Court, illustrates the gross injustice which is often done to Muslims in India.  There are a large number of such cases of false implication of Muslims in bomb blast cases.  

       Shortly, after I become Chairman of the Press Council of India I gave an interview to Mr. Karan Thapar in his serial “Devil’s Advocate” I stated that within a hour or so of a bomb blast many TV channels start showing on their screens that an e-mail or sms has been received from the Indian Mujahidin, Jaish-e- Mohammed, Harkatuljibad-e-Islam or some other organisations having a Muslim name, claiming responsibility.  I said in that interview that this was irresponsible on the part of the Media because any mischievous person can send such an e-mail or sms, and it is not even necessary that the sender is a Muslim.  By showing this on the TV screens a message is conveyed to the viewers, even if by insinuation, that all Muslims are terrorists and bomb throwers.  This promotes communalism in our society and hatred against Muslims. The truth is that 99% people of all communities, whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain or Parsee are good. I said this also in my first interaction with the media.

            As stated by Mr. Wajahat Habibullah in his letter, even before the police investigation is completed a section of the media announces that the Indian   Mujahidin  is responsible for the Hyderabad bomb blast on 21.2.2013.

           I have repeatedly stated in my articles and TV appearances that this is a country of tremendous diversity and hence the only way to keep it united and take it on the path of progress is secularism and giving equal respect to all communities and sections of society.  Hence promoting or fanning communal hatred is an anti national act.

          It is indeed unfortunate that in recent years an impression has been sought to be created by certain communal elements that all Muslims are terrorists, and Muslims are often discriminated in our country in getting jobs, bank loans, houses on rent etc as mentioned in the Sachar Committee Report.

          I, therefore appeal to the people of India, and particularly to the Media, to avoid doing anything which may fan or promote communal hatred and animosity, and exercise restraint in reporting cases of bomb blasts and other terrorist activities.


  1. We also support that no innocent shud be prosecuted in any case but why it is only for muslims or minorities.It shud be applicable for all irrespective of religion.Criminal has no religion and no innocents be punished or persecuted.In this regard it is also to be noted that the alleged accused arrested jailed and detained on Malegaon samjhauta blast be taken into consideration.Dont be supporter of a particular religion it provokes all people who believes that Hindus are being persecuted by govt intentionally and maliciously.As a justice you need to write a letter to CBI NIA and all agencies ATS of Maharashtra to file charge sheet on all the cases pending since 2007-08 and the so called Hindus accused are tried and punished if proved guilty.Why they are detained so long without trial and bail.Please don't differentiate btw hindu and muslims it would have a wrong precedent and create a wide rift among them.

    1. I agree that all religion should be respected. But relating bomb blast to terror activities are linked with some imaginary muslim organisation. First justice system in India is weak. Law and order situation is joke. Delayed justice system, loopholes in law needs to be addressed here. We muslims specially educated one's have high regards with Indian people. India is rich in culture and tradition. 90% of muslims are good and 90% hindus are good. These 10 people exist in both sides who is creating rift. Second unnecessarily a muslim name is linked with terror activities. You tell about these terror activities happened because of muslims
      1) First world war ( 1 crore people killed, muslims did?)
      2) Second world war (6 crore people died muslims did?)
      3) Hollocaust (German nazi killed 4 million (40 lakhs jewish to clean their society from jews muslim did)
      4) In iraq, 6 lakhs civilians including women and children killed by usa and uk force 80% were innocents muslim did?
      5) Pakistan drone attacks kills 70% innocents 40 thousand killed
      6) Afghanistan 5 lakhs killed 4 lakhs were civilians, women and kids and some small time militants
      7) in Cambodia khymer rouge a dictator killed 4 million a genocide because based on suspicion those people were supporting to form another government, muslims did?)

      When you know now because america is attack from al qaeda this islamic terrorism movement they created. if you study history you will know. dont link any religion with terror

    2. Muslims must come to national mainstream from their self imposed exile. They must remove congress and all other parties like SP, BSP, RJD, LJP, DMK, NCP who champion their causes only on speech but done nothing for muslims.They had made Muslims as sacrificial goat in last 65 years of partition. Still they use them as vote banks but never cared to do anything for them. Duration of 65 years is not a joke or small time to achieve any goal if they would have initiated any fruitful action. They must be prepared to assimilate with Hindus who have accepted them as their brothers in development. No Muslims country had allowed so many facilities to Hindus in their country as a Hindu majority India has done so with the minority muslims.TV Films Theatre has maximum of Muslim faith actors and actresses. Our army is secular where Muslims and Christians get the same rank and file as of a Hindu. In administration they are in high pedestals. In education sectors they also created their name and fame by their highest quality. But still they think that they are minorities. If one thinks itself as negative they would remain negative. They need to get out of their shells and became partners in progress in India. Their motherland is India and they can’t go elsewhere and India also could not remain as a country without them. But they must have to abandon their negative attitude and relinquish vote bank mentality. They must come out of their self imposed exile and built a new India. If Muslims would think themselves as citizens of India they would progress and develop. They must have to remove their negative mentality and root out their low confidence. In many cases a few youths from Muslims clan get brainwashed by the propaganda by Pakistan Army, ISI and Dawood to wage war on India and kill innocents but they should think that they are doing more harm to their clan and religion. They are doing harm to India who has given them all and everything. It is their foremost duty to come out of their cocoons and built a super power India. Many Muslims were presidents of India in past like ZAKEER HUSSAIN,F.A.Ahmed,Dr.A.P.J.Abul Kalam as president of India. Many scientists are from Islam and many are in the fields of journalism.We are proud to have M.J.AKBER as a great editor. We are having DILLIP KUMAR, SHAHRUKH KHAN,SAKPATAUDI, SALMAN KHAN,WAHEEDA RAHMAN,MEENAKUMARi as actresses,actors.India is a mixture of hindu islam tahzib and all should vow to remove communalism from their minds. If Muslims would abdicate their so-professed anti Hindu stand they would be great achievers. CONGRESS, NCP, RJD, SP, BSP, TMC, LJP have used them as toilet papers.In Music,dance,songs Muslims have excelled.In handloom sector all they glitter but it is unfortunate that they are enamored with wahhabism in recent times and started distancing themselves from hindus.They are sacrificial goats of Congress and its allies.If they wouldnot change their attitude then there would be more polarization and unity of Hindus which would make them orphan abandoned and side tracked.we think and treat Muslims as assets of India but unfortunately some of them want 2 b liability to India.

    3. Majority of your post did make sense. Some I dont agree. You against stereo typed all muslims countries gives no freedom to hindu. First which muslims countries had babri and its perpetrators went scot free. Except for Pakistan, all muslim rulers like gadaffi and sadam faced its consequences but never any action taken against Kar Sevaks and even Indian army who killed so many innocents in kashmir based on suspicion under AFSPA. Second What is dubai and UAE and turkey two muslims countries where there is rule of law and all people live in harmony. Turkey, Albenia, Malaysia and so many muslim countries where indian goes and make their life. Indias biggest problem is its law and corruption and weak judicial system where you people demand hanging to Afzal Guru who was just conspirator but leave Modi a mass murderer scott free. Your Uma bhart said derogatory words against muslims and said she will do one more babri and you talk amalgamating. First create a society which has tolerance, good strong law, proper justice system where no partiality is done .. hindu muslims fight will die down......... i as muslim still feel 90% hindu are lovely people, hardworking, tolerant it is hardcore and right wing hindus we have problem who support mass murderer MOdi for PM, and do not take action against babri demolishers

    4. Sameer Shaikh,
      you comments and logic proves you belong to the 10% category that you mentioned.
      Before calling someone mass murderer you should have furnished any proof/judgement by court. You have joined the vicious chorus which prejudges someone even before someone is convicted.
      I could have argued on a lot of your comments. But, it is a waste of time. Because, the kind of people you are will never rely on logic and truth. Basically you are not good for the rest of 90% of your community also.

  2. I still remeber Katju ji during NDA rule they implemented POTA law (Prevention of Terrorism Act. Although it is debatable whether NDA had better governance than Congress but under BJP, Modi went scot free and whenever there was a bomb blast I remember Mumbai police only used to search muslim populated area like Mohd Ali Road, mahim, bhendi bazaar, bhiwandi, mumbra and used to pick many innocents muslim for interrogation based on suspicion, some were local small time goons and encounter specialist police officers use to take them in jungle and shoot them. Whereas if you study wikipedia it says RSS/BJP too were involved in many violence activities but none of their leaders even got arrested since nathuram ghodse where RSS supported that movement of assassination of Gandhi. Babri Masjid happened so many were kille, BJP and other right wing hindu movement created riots, shiv sena took active part and killed minorities and same kar sevaks in Godhra killed innocents. What happened to them none of their leaders were arrested. They arrest some small time activist to fool public. At one hand Owaisi goes to jail, but VHP togadia roams scott free. Bal Thackeray continuously spread venom against muslims and never went in jail for more than 1 day. A famous philosopher said wherever there is a weak judicial system and injustice , there will birth of rebellion movement.

  3. Rightly said Mr Katju. It is high time we check the influence and the propaganda of media in shaping up an investigation.

  4. Mr. Katju, I don't think any sane person will defer from you on the point that no partiality and laxity is allowed in a civilized society, especially when the matter is as serious as national security, but I am sure same can be said about partisan and lopsided views we see in the blog. There are some question which needs serious introspection.
    1: Why police, media (or the whole western world) have the impression that most terrorist activity is done by Muslims. What drives them to think so? Are they wrong in their perception? Does stats suggests otherwise?
    2: ATS has raised many doubst about involvement of RSS and other right wing activists in terrorist attack, yet after so many years not even a single case is registered. How come NIA, CBI, US and UN report say Samjhuata blast has a definite Pakistan hand, while our ATS finds involvement of right wing terrorist (though no proof provided in the court yet to substantiate the claim). Italian murders were sent home to celebrate Christmas and to cast their vote while Sadhvi Pragya was not given bail even when her father died? Why two set of rule?
    3: Muslims usually crib about their backwardness and demand special packages or reservation for the same but the point is why Muslims of UP, Bihar, WB (and other non BJP states) are most poor and backward? In all 3 states, Govt is decided by minority by mass voting? (left, SP and RJD favoured by muslims).
    4: Why so many riots is WB, UP, Rajasthan, Assam lately (none of the state is ruled by BJP)? NCP has full support of Muslims then why riots in Dhule? and it was not BJP but police which got involved with Muslims!!
    5: Any Idea how many Muslims have been killed so far in India since independence and who was the main ruling party in those states? (Gujarat constitutes not even 5% of all riots death and mostly it was congress which was the ruling party in those states)? Then why they blame only Modi and BJP for riots?
    6: Indian Muslims protest (and rightly so) when Muslims of Bangladesh, Burma or other country are killed (not by Hindu but by anyone).. then why don't they protest when Hindu are forcefully converted or killed in Pakistan/ Bangladesh or other country? (In fact I find complete silence on your part on issue of Christian conversion in India)
    There are two questions I would like to ask from Indian Muslims-
    1: Why can't they see how they are fooled since ages by political parties? Are they so naive or there is something more than what meets the eye?
    2- "Can Muslims keep country above religion?"

  5. We, the harassed Indians of India would love to see Habibullah calling for de-secularisation of police forces instead of pussyfooting on terror and further shackling the media. Habib is missing the real reason, by design or ignorance, in that police under political pressure catch Muslims some of whom are later termed innocent. If this is so it means the real Muslim perpetrators had been allowed to escape without incriminating the political harbourers.

    Now there is an attempt most insidious to confuse Muslim/Jihadi terror with Saffron terror. Is it the contention of Habibullah that Muslims have not used terror as part of Islam in a sort of spiritual awakening? Hindus don't believe religion as an end in itself [Sarva Dharman Parityajya Mam Ekam Shranam Vraja…Abandoning all DHARMAS and taking refuge in ‘Me’ alone ......such act noblest of all]. Islam is just the opposite of Hindu Dharma philosophy with terror inbuilt often leading to retaliation as happened when Islamic thugs burnt the train in Godhra. The whole Gujarat erupted, Modi or no Modi.

    The danger in Habibullah's pleading is to throw a meaningless smokescreen over the media after every blast that prima face is engineered from across the border which is dangerous if the media is curbed from reporting the tidbits of evidence that points towards the perpetrators. Will this not ultimately help the real culprits getting away with a soft divisive government thinking about the next election?"

    Has India gained in last three decades anything by reporting "one group of a particular community resorted to violence leading to 10 deaths." This sort of reporting has sharpened the division and helped culprits get away under the cover of anonymity. When such reporting takes place Hindus think Muslims killed 10 Hindus while the Muslims are incensed thinking that 10 Muslims could have been killed by Hindus. Why whitewash the truth and spread unnecessary suspicion? Why create the false fear that Muslims will hit the streets if truth is reported? Truly we are seeing “Asatyameva Jayate”?

    Sadly, in the name of secularism truth has been kicked out of Indian conscience. Let Habibullah understand this and let the people know when Muslims, albeit Jiahdis, are killing or even when Hindus are the culprits. Stop purveying the humbug that it hurts the sentiments when the intention is to eradicate Jihadi thuggery. Yes it hurts the sentiment if truth is given a decent gloss. Yes it will certainly hurt a religion that is born out of terror.

    1. Very Apt reply Mr. Vedam.. with many pertinent issues!!

    2. First learn the meaning of jihad? Jihad means struggle against injustice. Anna movement against corruption is also termed as jihad not only terror activities. First go out of India, see Europe and America there hindu and muslims, indian and pakistan leave peacefully. Why? because there is rule of law. In a country like india which is lawless country how can you expect social harmony. On daily basis Raj Thackeray openly dares to create ruckos and break laws and public clap. Same for MIM owaisi. First see in such weak democracy we are living where human life comes cheaply

  6. First before pointing fingers at Muslims, take a look at India's civil society,analyse the internal issued faced by all communities including Muslims
    1) In Indian constitution there is a saying " United we stand, divided we fall, in real India it is divided we stand and united we will fall. Here caste system still exist such as Low class, OBC, backward class, ambedkar's, dalist, untouchables, socially neglected and alienated like Maoist, backward muslims all are discriminated. With new division going on like Marathi manus,vote bank politics, RSS politics, OBC politics, separatist movement happened asking khalistan and kashmir when were we united? When people thought about country before thinking about religion.

    2)Second when did your RSS leaders/BJP/Bajrang dal were sentenced to jail or given death penalty. You created Babri and relate it to 1661 when some mughal emperor demolished ram mandir. In court they ask for clear substantial evidence was asked? Did RSS ever appologise for that?

    3) Now you relate to Pakistan and Bangladesh terrorism and conversion happening? Due to read news and watch TV news in Pak? How can you then blabber your dirty mouth. Imran Khan of PTI which may sweep the elections there said already Islam never allows forceful conversion. Each and every Pakistan have condemned Mumbai 26/11. Right now there is Tsunami is going in Pakistan for a change in Pakistan. You saw the movement to uproot terrorism and Talibans and Lashkar?

    4) Muslims crib about backwardness because they were neglected in business and corporate world to certain extent and kept backwards for political gain.

    5) Last Indian media is so cheap, third class and dirtier than gutter who 24/7 mostly report nonsense and follow western media trends like bollywood lost its originality and bringing western values where these elite speak one language and poor of india other and reality is divorced

    1. >if imran khan is today claiming for miniorities rights in pakistan,then you can imagine that how much time he will take to implemt his ideas in pakistan ...who knows he will win election or miniority which was almost 10 percent at the time of partion ,now it has become less than 1 percent.

      > pakistan is also condemning osama's act of 9/11,but where was osama found?pakistan has also denied about kargil but now they have accepted condemnation of pakistan can be understood from this fact.

      >if indian and western media are so cheap and third class then which media according to you is 1st class?is that pakistan's media?from your view about pakistan ,it seems that pakistani media and pakstani system is more inspiring for you...

    2. Osama was created by CIA. American funded the division of USSR. Millions of people came across globe to support USSR movement, one of them was multi billionaire Osama. The other groups created during kashmir movement struggle in Pakistan was supported by past regime and still current regime. In the name of kashmir these militant groups called mujahidin were supported and today after america invasion and drone these groups have turned their head on towards usa and pakistan. American drone is radicalising more people and extreme thinking. India as told by Pak and even slightly accepted by USA is in Afghan making afghan anti pak RAW is just doing the same way ISI do in Pak. RAW is not may be openly waging war like ISI but both are on proxy war
      Second Imran Khan is not ruling party how can you say he did nothing unless he come in power. And yes Pakistan media is better than India media you have to agree that in many ways when you analyse. Have you seen same clip repeating and repeating by hindi news channel it looks so cheap and third grade. The category of indian journalism makes everyone feel so irritating. Also without evidence they report nonsense sometimes. Instead of news DD was better. Media has now become business. Foreign investors pouring money, politicians, celebrities and advert people are pouring money. They just sensationalise news for TRP for that they have stooped down to lowest level. Like Arnab Goswami started behaving like Rakhi Sawant to create eye balls. Look how he interrupts and try to show he is smart but just making a fool of himself and his rowdy manner is for everyone to see. Had he been in usa or uk he would be kicked out of show and would be warned first by guest that let guest speak and behave as civilised person. Idiot person.

    3. Mr Sachchidanand Tiwari,

      First of all do you have any evidence that the Osama attacked WTC..? US said Osama only attacked WTC. But still they didnt provide proof to the world that Osama..when someone asked US simply said..Its top secret..

      If we(India) said the same thing to the world..will the world accept?

      First try to reveal who did this

  7. Justice Katju is 100 % right.. 90% and 90% muslims are is in the blood

    INDIAN POLICE ACT 1861 must be removed and we should bring a new police law immediately to protect each and every Indian from any such act of violence by barbarians. We need a humanitarian police not an occupier police. The said act was formulated by British, the occupier of India in 1861, which is in vogue since last 151 years and never amended. It is meant to suppress Indian by their British masters but after 1947 all the British acts should have been changed. Now the act provides huge powers to police but not to general public. We need to emulate USA France law and implement such acts which provide help to any Indian or guest of India tourists all forms of help all over India. Now Delhi police must be placed under Delhi assembly and Delhi CM.The Home ministry shouldn't have the DP under its belt. The DP is a brutal force which is colonial in its attitude. The Home Ministry must dilute its powers on DP and Handover all the powers to CM of Delhi. The DP now wants to prosecute Zee TV for showing ordeals faced by the couple after rape and brutal acts of violence on them. It is a brutal inhuman act and both were lying naked on road after thrown away by the brutes from Bus but none cared to give them any help although hundreds passer by pass through the road out fear that police will implicate them for any crime. Delhi Police also did not act although three PCR vans passed on that road. As well they discussed in which police station jurisdiction the crime occurred. The mentality of DP is not only cruel but also barbaric. It is a mentality of an occupying force on India. We are living in a colonial regime ruled by a colonial police act shame on us we are saying ourselves as independent and our constitution allowed the acts to rule us. Actually a violent revolution needed to change the system and acts. The govt has formed many commissions from SARKARIA commission to Police commission and Electoral reforms but all the recommendations kept in deep freezer. Why the commissions are formed when the govt knows very well that they would never be implemented for their selfish ends.GOI has formed Commission to recommend reforms in Police ,PDS,State centre relations and the recommendations reports are submitted with cost of crores but the reports need to be implemented for betterment of lives.Let all the reports be discussed in parliament and if parliament found them effective let them be implemented. Why these reports are not finding light of day is shrouded in mystery. Now the Delhi rape case is a taboo for all.None wants to it to be discussed.DP wants to punish Zee TV for showing interview with the male colleague of raped girl saying identity is revealed but When Media exposed the identity of girl, political demands raised for naming anti rape law on her name, how the identity is not compromised or revealed? Truly DP is a occupying force and must be tamed by transfer of powers to state govt from central govt. Sheila Dixit is right on her demand to handover powers on her ministry to tame Delhi Police.Delhi police is a occupying force of Britishers.It behaved cruelly on BRD at RLM.It behaved badly on ANNA.Now it says PCR vans have no area region as they have to look whole delhi which is highly untrue and full of lies.TNSS correspondent shows that the DELHI POLICE 100 never works.The PCR vans never reaches in time.Auto rickshaw Drivers are rude crook unchallenged. Delhi Police is corrupt to core collecting hafta from auto wallas who taking them as rider.DP should be disbanded and handed over to Delhi Govt for better administration.

    1. Whatever you said does make sense. I appreciate that. It is secular. Treat everyone equal because all religion teaches one thing, being good human being and do good deeds

  9. Dear Sir,
    No doubt our media and police, without even going ahead by an inch, impose allegations about implication of Muslim youth in the crime. This is creating two type of loss to this nation. One- majority people think Muslims are terrorist and Minority feels that there is no place for themselves in the main stream of Nationhood. This is totally against the interest of our future. We should be absolutely impartial in dealing the matter of terrorism. Otherwise our future generation will be troubled by this whole trauma. Either Muslim youth or Hindu youth, we should accept that this the land of their forefather. No one should be targeted because of his religion or color. Only then and then, one can differentiate our land from the rest of communal anarchy of our neighborhood.
    Adv. Dinesh Sharma

  10. I have nothing much to say, just i feels that till we have caretakers & MENTOR like you in india everyone can live peacefully because we knew you are working for us.
    I lost my father when i was just 8 hence i knew well how to feels when u have no one to guard you. i want you to be our leader. we dont want leader like modi who is a murdrer but a wise person like you who is brave, secular,scientific in approach and smart.

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