Saturday 2 March 2013

The truth about Pakistan

Dekho mujhe jo deeda-e-ibrat nigah ho,
 Meri suno jo gosh-e-naseehat niyosh hai.
– Mirza Ghalib

According to reports, Pakistani cities - Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, etc - are rapidly becoming killing fields, with bomb blasts and gun firing a regular occurrence, and ethnic violence between Sunnis and Shias, and persecution of minorities escalating. Nobody knows that when he steps out into the streets of these cities whether or not he will return alive. A beautiful metropolitan city like Karachi is becoming, if it has not already become, a Jurassic Park.
Mr Shamshad Ahmed, in his article, entitled “May You Live Long, Katju!”, published in TheNation on February 26, 2013, has said that the present situation in Pakistan is due to “a failure of governance, not of the nationhood.” I respectfully beg to differ.
In my opinion, the present violent strifes and disturbances in Pakistan are the logical and inevitable result of creating a theocratic state in this subcontinent and, hence, the only solution is the reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh under a strong, secular, modern minded government, which does not tolerate religious extremism and bigotry, whether Hindu or Muslim, and crushes it with an iron hand.
To explain my point, I have to delve into history. As explained in my article, “What is India”, in my blog: (as well as in the video on the website:, India (in which I include Pakistan) is broadly a country of immigrants like North America. The ancestors of 92 to 93 percent people living today in our subcontinent were not the original inhabitants here, but came from outside, mainly from the northwest (the original inhabitants being the pre-Dravidian tribals). People migrate from uncomfortable areas to comfortable areas, and India was a paradise for agriculture, with level land, fertile soil, plenty of water for irrigation, etc. Why should anyone living in India migrate to say, Afghanistan, which is cold, mountainous  covered with snow for several months in a year , and very uncomfortable? Hence for thousands of years people have been pouring into India, mainly from North West. It is for this reason that India has so much diversity - so many religions, castes, languages, ethnic groups, etc because each group of immigrants brought their own language, religion and customs.
Hence, the only policy that can work in our subcontinent is secularism and equal respect to all communities and sects. This was the policy of the great Emperor Akbar, whom I regard (along with Ashoka) as the greatest ruler the world has ever seen. At a time when the Europeans were massacring each other in the name of religion (Catholics massacring Protestants and vice versa), Akbar, who was far ahead of his times, declared his policy of Suleh-e-Kul, i.e. universal toleration of all religions, and it is because of this policy that the Mughal Empire lasted so long. It was Emperor Akbar who laid the foundation on which the Indian nation is still standing, his policy being continued by Jawaharlal Nehru and his colleagues who gave India a secular constitution.
Up to 1857, there were no communal problems in India; all communal riots and animosity began after 1857. No doubt even before 1857, there were differences between Hindus and Muslims, the Hindus going to temples and the Muslims going to mosques, but there was no animosity. In fact, the Hindus and Muslims used to help each other; Hindus used to participate in Eid celebrations, and Muslims in Holi and Diwali. The Muslim rulers like the Mughals, Nawab of Awadh and Murshidabad, Tipu Sultan, etc were totally secular; they organised Ramlilas, participated in Holi, Diwali, etc. Ghalib’s affectionate letters to his Hindu friends like Munshi Shiv Naraln Aram, Har Gopal Tofta, etc attest to the affection between Hindus and Muslims at that time
In 1857, the ‘Great Mutiny’ broke out in which the Hindus and Muslims jointly fought against the British. This shocked the British government so much that after suppressing the Mutiny, they decided to start the policy of divide and rule (see online “History in the Service of Imperialism” by B.N. Pande). All communal riots began after 1857, artificially engineered by the British authorities. The British collector would secretly call the Hindu Pandit, pay him money, and tell him to speak against Muslims, and similarly he would secretly call the Maulvi, pay him money, and tell him to speak against Hindus. This communal poison was injected into our body politic year after year and decade after decade.
In 1909, the ‘Minto-Morley Reforms’ introduced separate electorates for Hindus and Muslims. The idea was propagated that Hindi is the language of Hindus, while Urdu of Muslims (although Urdu was the common language of all educated people, whether Hindu, Muslim or Sikh up to 1947). All this vicious propaganda resulted in the partition of 1947, which created a fake, artificial theocratic nation called Pakistan.
Nation states arose in Europe around the 15th century because of the rise of modern industry. Modern industry, unlike feudal handicraft industry, requires a big market for its goods and a large area from where it can get raw materials.
The creation of a state based on religion destroys the very basis of a nation, because it cuts off industries from markets and raw materials. British imperialism created India as a big administrative unit. The British policy was to prohibit the growth of heavy industry in India; otherwise, the Indian industry, with its cheap labour, would have become a powerful rival to British industry.
When the British left India, they divided us so that we may remain backward and weak, and not emerge as a modern powerful industrial state (for which we have all the potential). This was the real reason for creating Pakistan.
I submit that Pakistan was doomed from its very inception; firstly, because there is such tremendous diversity in our subcontinent that only secularism can work here and secondly, because a modern nation cannot be based on religion (because this will cut it off from its markets and raw materials).
Mr Shamshad Ahmed has written in an email to me that I should try to bring the two countries closer, instead of challenging the very raison d’etre of Pakistan. I replied that I do not believe that there are two nations, there is only one nation, that is India, and Pakistan is part of India. Pakistan was created in pursuance of the wicked British policy of divide and rule and the bogus Two Nation Theory, whose whole aim was to make Hindus and Muslims fight with each other. I am confident that with time people, both in India and Pakistan, will realise the truth in what I am saying, and India and Pakistan will reunite under a strong, secular government that deals with religious extremism, whether Hindu or Muslim, with an iron hand.
Secularism does not mean that one cannot practice his religion. It means that religion is a private affair, unconnected with the state that will have no religion.
When I meet my Pakistani friends (and I have lots of them), we speak in Hindustani, we look like each other, and feel no difference between ourselves. We were befooled by the Britishers into thinking that we are enemies, but how much longer must we remain befooled? How much longer must blood flow in religious violence in Quetta, Karachi, Gujarat, Kashmir etc.
Mr Shamshad Ahmed wrote in his email to me that he doubted whether any Pakistani newspaper would publish my article challenging the very existence of Pakistan. I replied that I did not care whether it would be published or not, but I will not deviate from what I believe is the truth. In Sanskrit, there is a saying, “Satyamev Jayate”, which means “truth ultimately triumphs”. And as Nietzsche said in “Thus Spake Zarathustra”: “What matter about thyself, Zarathustra! Say thy word and break into pieces!”

( Published in The Nation on March 02, 2013 )

Correspondence with Mr. Shamshad Ahmed and Editor of 'The Nation':
1. Email to Editor of The Nation
Dear Sir,
 I am a retired judge of the Supreme Court of India and, presently, am the Chairman of the Press Council of India. I understand that you are the publisher/editor of the newspaper TheNation. I read online an article in your esteemed newspaper entitled “May You Live Long, Katju!” by Mr Shamshad Ahmed, former Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, criticising my views expressed in a speech given by me some time back in a function in New Delhi. In that speech, I said that Pakistan is a fake and artificial country created by the British and their agents in pursuance of the wicked British policy of divide and rule and the bogus Two Nation Theory (i.e. Hindus and Muslims are two nations). In reality, there is no such thing as Pakistan; there is Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and North West Frontier Province, all of which are really part of India. The purpose of partitioning the country and creating Pakistan was to make Hindus and Muslims keep fighting with each other even after the British withdraw from the subcontinent so that India (of which I regard Pakistan as a part) may remain weak. When I meet my Pakistani friends, we talk in Hindustani and we feel no different from each other. In my opinion, India and Pakistan will reunite in the next 20 years or so under a strong secular modern minded government, which will not tolerate religious extremism, whether Hindu or Muslim, and crush it with an iron hand. I would like to send you my rejoinder to Mr Shamshad Ahmed's article, if you are willing to publish it. I know it may require courage to publish my article, but the time has come when the truth must be told to people. 
Justice Katju

 2. Email to Mr. Shamshad Ahmed (former Foreign Secretary of Pakistan) :
Dear Mr Shamshad Ahmed, 
I read your article in TheNation (February 26th issue) on my views about Pakistan being a fake and artificial nation created by the British on the basis of the bogus Two Nation Theory in pursuance of their wicked policy of divide and rule. I would like to write and get published my rejoinder. In my opinion, India and Pakistan are really one nation temporarily divided, but which is bound to reunite in the next 20 years or so under a strong, secular modern minded government, which does not tolerate religious extremism and bigotry, whether Hindu or Muslim, and crushes it with an iron hand. Unfortunately, I do not have the email ID of TheNation to whom I would like to send my article. Could you please send it to me? Could you also ask the editor and let me know whether the newspaper would be willing to publish my rejoinder? I would be obliged. 
Regards, Justice Katju 

3. Mr. Shamshad Ahmed's Reply:
 Dear Justice Katju,
 I just saw your message. Let me tell you, difference of outlook on nationhood aside, I am one of your admirers. I was telling this to Shahid Malik, who is a good friend of mine. In my view, you will serve your 'cause' well by focusing more on bringing the two countries closer on their outstanding issues. On my part, like several of my Indian counterparts, I remain engaged with them on Track Two for reducing India-Pakistan tensions and helping them resolve their outstanding problems. I am proud of co-authoring the 'Composite Dialogue' with my Indian counterpart Salman Haider in June 1997, a process that in my view must continue purposefully to bring the two estranged countries together.  I am not sure if TheNation will publish your article. The media freedom is only a farce, not only in our countries, but also in West's champions of free press. I have been sending articles critical of American global policies and overbearing power-based agenda to Western newspapers. None was accepted. Even The New York Times and Washington Post are allergic to anyone else writing against American policies. More than anyone else, you know better the reality of 'free media' today. With more and more corporate conglomerates owning the news outlets, the media is becoming a commercial enterprise. They print what sells. This is the story all around. I am not sure any newspaper in Pakistan will print anything questioning Pakistan's raison d'etre. But you may try. Here is their email address. Do let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. My best regards and good wishes to you.  

4. Email to Mr.Shamshad Ahmed :
 Dear Shamshad Sahib, 
Thank you for your email. There is no question of bringing two countries together when there is, in fact, a single country, India. Pakistan is a fake country, artificially created by the British in pursuance of their nefarious policy of divide and rule and the bogus Two Nation Theory. Pakistan is, in fact, a part of India, and we will be reunited, maybe in 20 years or so, under a strong, secular, modern minded government, which does not tolerate religious extremism, whether Hindu or Muslim, and crushes it with an iron hand. Your 'Quaid' was just a British agent, who was shamelessly furthering the wicked British divide and rule policy. The whole game of the British was that even after they withdraw from India (and Pakistan is part of India), our country should remain weak, for which it was necessary to divide us on religious lines and make us keep fighting with each other. It is time someone spoke the truth and, perhaps, it is for me to bell the cat. When I meet my Pakistani friends, we speak in Hindustani, we look like each other and feel no difference between ourselves. We were befooled by the Britishers into thinking that we are each others’ enemies, but how much longer must we remain befooled? I do not care whether my article (which I am working on) is published or not, but I will not deviate from what I believe is the truth. In Sanskrit, there is a saying: “Satyamev Jayate”, which means “ultimately truth wins”. 
Justice Katju


  1. Sir, your article, The truth about Pakistan” is passionate. It is encouraging and signs of enlightenment in Pakistan that the article was published by the press there.
    However, as I once commented in a post of yours on the identical subject, the feasibility of an unified India ( pre- Indepence) is a mirage and will be more fascinating to the heart than the brain.
    The poison of religious bigotry and intolerance as well as fanaticism has entrenched every where and that will rule the roost. More over to expect the tribal areas of NWFP to be one with the greater India is impossible and a dangerous proposition. The area is still in the dark ages!
    However the idea though impossible in the present context may blossom in another generation- hopefully!
    Finally Pakistan’s present state amplifies well the flawed theory of a nation created on theocracy and parochialism.
    They are paying for their blunders and appeasement of religious bigots

  2. Chandra. S. Gandhuri,

    I guess you have to certainly be enlightened. I suggest you read some serious reading , learn history and then comment such brusquely and naive.


    1. You seem to be very well read. Please suggest me some serious reading to learn history so that I will not be naive.

      Mediocre Mallu Thayoli

    2. Cowardice what else to asperse anonymously.Have a name. a face a father , an address, a culture, and above all be a man. This forum is for such people dear anonymous.

    3. Do you want my details? Here we go: My name is M. Mallu Thayoli. Thayoli is my family name. My father's name is Lungi Thayoli. He is a full-time alocoholic and a part-time driver in the Gulf. My mother is a Chechi Patti. She is a full-time nurse in the Gulf. My brother is a well read man, particularly in History and he works in fashion industry in Kerala (don't assume this as a Pornography industry). In "Gods own country" we also have fashion industry.

      Cowardice, asperse anonymously: Too difficult words for a mediocre mallu thayoli to understand.

      By the way did you manage to find a reading list on Indian history for me?

      Mediocre Mallu Thayoli

  3. I understand that the subject of Tippu's religious tolerance is controversial.He is accused of bigotry and intolerance as well as being attributed with secular credentials.
    I would suggest people who comment reveal their names and not state comments anonymously. Gives much more respect.

    1. As Anil Kurup is a genuine name.

      Lungi Thayoli

    2. You demand respect while commenting in a blog. Then how much respect people should expect when their properties had been damaged, relatives killed and a person in the name of Katju spreads lies ignoring the truth? The problem should be looked at its face value instead of deviating. Katju chose to never say a word about Salman Khushid's threats against Kejriwal, not about scams of the government, not about other law and order issues, not about plight of women in a certain minority community, not about uniform civil code. it is not good for a country to have a man like this in a responsible position uttering lies without knowing history. As a former justice, he did not speak of all the above law and order related matters at all, why?

    3. First. again I implore have the decency to reveal your name. Whispering behind curtains and doors tells about your weakness.
      I'm not endorsing Justice Katju or saying he is infallible. But let us use this forum for constructive debates and discussions and not vituperation when we dislike a comment or opinion. That is absolute intolerance. isn't it?
      If you have a point of disagreement express it civilised and respectably . Disrobe a comment with reason and substance.

    4. I request everyone to read online "History in the service of Imperialism' by B.N. Pande

    5. anilkurup4 March 2013 12:03
      >First. again I implore have the decency to reveal your name.
      My name is Mallu Thayoli. Am I decent enough now?

      >Whispering behind curtains and doors tells about your weakness.
      While 10% of you lot scream, the 90% of us could only whisper! If your screaming makes you strong, then so be it. Funny that you don't talk/dispute/contest the substance of my responses, though they may be annoying.

      >I'm not endorsing Justice Katju or saying he is infallible.
      No, the only place where you differed (not strongly though) was when Katju responded to his previous judgement on the rapist women being FORCED to live with her RAPISTS, OFCOURSE with a HEFTY COMPENSATION of 50K to the DELIGHT of the victim. I am sure THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

      You are a YES BOY, may be you were brought up that way. You are not alone in this. Many of my friends (90% in Katju's parlance) don't question one way or the other. They meekly accept you (not because you are correct, but because they dont want to offend you). You just endorse whatever he says, however idiotic that may have sounded. You just respond right, left and centre to his posts agreeing to everything he says. I even wonder whether it is Katju responding to himself with your name. Whenever I read your response, I immediately get the feeling that you desperately wait to postively respond to his posts (ofcourse with the help Thesaurus and without name calling).

      >But let us use this forum for constructive debates and discussions and not vituperation when we dislike a comment or opinion. That is absolute intolerance. isn't it?
      I agree that we can be more constructive and less vituperative in discussing our views. Given that Katju has already decided 90% of us are idiots (with only 10% of you folks have intelligence), what is the scope for dialogue. Somewhere, you suggested him to ignore the trolls (not the exact words, but the thrust of your response). Also Katju deletes many of the comments that are critical of him. This is absolutely intolerance, not what we say. If you say "there is fire," you expect people to respond to you. If you are in public domain, you have to accept that you are subject to criticism. You cannot live in a glass-house any more on information highway.

      >If you have a point of disagreement express it civilised and respectably.

      >Disrobe a comment with reason and substance.
      I don't see reason and substance in any of the comments prasising him. They are all probably congress supporters, because his comments often benefit them. They only place where I see reasoned substances are where he is being criticised. As for civility, don't tell me that I cannot call idiot someome who says 90% of Indians are idiots.

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  9. For those who wish to know the meaning of an urdu sher/ghazal/etc put at the start of this article by Respected Mr.Katju, this is the link :

  10. Divide and rule has been the tactics and strategy of vicious through out history, past and present and may be in future too. The day typical indian minds divided me and my mother and when my mother is killed by socially refined evils in India, I decided not to have differences based on caste,creed, colour, religion etc.
    Natural Justice has destroyed seemingly invincible / unbeatable but errant individual, groups, mobs, Tzars, kingdoms, parties and organisations. Rabhan (read Ravan) was virtually unbeatable even by all Navagrahas, Gods, Demons etc. but had lost anything and everything under this sun and moon. Such is the "Divine Justice".
    Best of the Best Judge of any country can not claim that he/she has done the absolute justice with the deserving one. The sin of corner cutting or not going an extra mile may also lie with the justice.
    If a criminal commits a crime/excess upon a victim and if the judge do not give justice to the victim in his life time, doesn't the whole judiciary share sin? And won't the sin would exponentially grow if the criminal / excess commiter is from their own fraternity of judiciary or advocates?
    This country was, is and will forever be ruled by Gods, Allah, Shri Ram, etc

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  14. India and Pakistan can never unite at least for the next 50 years. Pakistan is become more extreme, the society has become more polarised, radicalised and with such radical thoughts people have extreme views which do not relate to religion. Also India is struggling to maintain its own 456 princely states. We have extreme poverty in majority of states, whereas only 4 or 5 states that is Maharashtra, Gujrat, Karnataka, Chattishgarh and Tamil Nadu have become industrialised specially Maharashtra and Gujrat have actually progressed, few in transitional phase and the other states have struggled with communism and lack of support from local government. Unlike USA, where all states have progressed and well developed but in India except for few metro cities other cities are extremely poor and backward.

  15. Also about poverty and hunger people have said it is worst in Pakistan, but here is my analysis. During my stay in Canada, I met few Pakistan people and kashmiri they said their poor standard of living is better than India's poor. Like in Mumbai, living near gutter, travelling in mumbai local train even worst than wild animals. Now about statistics in Pakistan there is tax to GDP ratio is 3 to 4% because people in Pakistan believe in Zakaat (charity in islam) system where rich directly donates 13% of his wealth to poor, madrasas, NGO's and directly to people. During floods in Pak, the zakaat response was overwhelming In India tax to GDP ratio is 18% and here donation done mostly are to temples donation box like it is shown in OH my God movie than directly to people. So the poor in India have highest mortality rate, hunger index is higher, disease, child malnutrition rate like 33% of gujrat people live in slums and are live in unhygienic conditions modi talks about industrial development. I feel India has gone backwards and only few tiny elites have prospered rest are in doldrums with highest inflation, corruption, poor governance and almost no futuristic leader in congress

  16. India was almost poor if not the poorest country. One thing I found till late 90's that India was richest country in culture, values, morals, relationship with rich customer and culture which kept the family and society united. Since mid 2000 I have never seen any country loosing its moral values, people becoming isolated, increased communal activities with regional parties like MNS and MIM breeding on hatred. The media only sensationalise news and is prime reason for this falling of moral standard. Today a prostitute porn star Sunny Leone is given red carpet by few moronic bollywood people and her news updated by media with great interest. In real media has social obligations towards society so kids of future don't become sunny leone. You see that Oxford graduate gundaa Arnab Goswami conducts debate? In real it is the actual work culture of Indian metro specially mumbai. Unless drastic steps are taken by Katju this society is doomed to fall at very rapid rate both economically and value wise

    1. Any reason to claim prostitution is immoral? Or you think your cultural prejudice is the Absolute Universal standard?

      Moral Reasoning is based on Empathy (and not Culture or Religion. If a Culture or Religion says Slavery is okay, it does not become so). Basic idea is "What I wouldn't want to be done to myself, I must not do to others" (Basic Principle of "Western" Values).

      It is injustice to dictate others against their will. Consistently, you can not be dictated against yours.

      Therefore, Prostitution, by itself, (Unless forced upon the person involved) is not Immoral.

  17. In my final post I would like to point India's media, TV channels and movies role to disengage youth from the roots of Indian culture. PTI Chairman Imran Khan on youtube video title "Imran anti India" said a beautiful thing about Indian elites. Imran Said " I am completely against what is currently happening in India, their movies and ad words are talking a different language (west values and mannerisms), and the public in general are talking a different language and in reality both are completely divorced. In real they are blindly following west, taking bad stuff from there and leaving good and connecting it to Indian values and culture and completely disconnected to Indian culture and strong values. The result is high divorce rates, more nuclear family, breaking relationships, social ignorance, people going away from their identity and religion. The Indian media adds more stuff by false reporting and spreading negativity amongst people through sensationalise news. Like "Rape in Gudgaon every week" with breaking news now every person would view gurgaon as rape capital and criminal scene. Similar they have spoiled muslims name relating all terrorist attacks to some imaginary muslim organisation before even an investigation starts. I for certainly feel India as a country is not going in right direction. We need a very strong person like Imran Khan who at least has strong vision for India. People say about Modi but I doubt his integrity since he only attacks Congress leaving other corrupt parties like Shiv Sena, BSP, SSP, RD, NCP, RJD who are equally corrupt like Congress even BJP. I am afraid to say he is not upright honest like Imran Khan

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. What Justic Katju said is very true:So much investment from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on defence when people die out of hunger and malnutrition. I would love to live in United India.

  20. British ruled us by deviding, two nation theory is a bogus as well a biggest failure. Only purpose it served is western interest which want to keep India poor always. How can a country like India spend so much on defence when millions dont have proper schools to study. All that creation of India and Pakistan is serving is Russian, British and American economy through arms purchase. What is important for us now is toilets in every ones home, decent education for every one, enough food and nutrition.All this can happen when we really think and understand the way world economy is running. Are India and Pakistan are serving their people ? Not really, our governments are serving their western babus. How can we be proud of parliments from India and pakistan, when they cannot find solutions for their people. Instead, when corruption issues are raised, simply they create events featuring India and Pakistan tension to divert peoples anger. I live in Spain and one of my friend said that it is the same in Spain as well, when a serious issue is raised by people, their politicians artificially create an issue with Morocco and divert peoples mood and focus. People remained poor through such ideas in India and Pakistan.

    1. Please don't compare Spain with third world India which is a banana republic. Crony Capitalism and corruption is way of living for politicians. Life comes cheaply for poor in India. Spain has some law and order as well as politicians listen to people in those countries. Biggest problem of India is population explosion. However rich Indian becomes, are they in position to give unemployment insurance and security to people who are out of work like it happened in west. The reason is nobody including Modi talks about population control. We don't have resources. Unless you implement a policy like China, there is no way going forward because we are exploding and the lower end and middle end are suffering. In this scenario you want to add Pakistan and Bangladesh population the other two poorest nation. It is better if we have better relations like USA and Canada than being united and have free trade zones and open the border.

  21. Your views, am sure, go along with majority of the people of both the countries which they are unwittingly/deliberately being reluctant to air.

    A very nice article to expose the unheeded truth Mr.Katju..!!

  22. If not anything, this unified nation's cricket, hockey and wrestling team would have been indomitable. Jokes apart, what has been done cannot be redeemed so it is better to manage the present case scenario in a better and more subtle way. Relegion cannot feed the hungry nor can it improve the standard of living of any poor fellow, hence it is no issue on which wars should be faught. But, I agree that if the two countries join hands and hearts then there would be incredible growth in future for certain.

  23. How come Mr. Anonymous hasn't popped up yet? Kya miliye aise logon se jinaki fitarat chhupee rahe, nakali chehara saamne aaye asali surat chhupi rahe!
    This ---- seems (a studied guess) to be from Indian Opposition (RSS+BJP) school of thought.

    1. Anonymity ko samjhe ni sr aap. Tagdi cheez hai. Especially abhi ke mahol me.

  24. How many lacs / lakhs of people lost life during "Ram Mandir" movement? How many more crores orphans created? Who is responsible and who else shares the sins? Will Shri Ram, GOD, Allah will ever condone their crimes or of them who have, individually or collectively delayed the justice?
    The wrath of Divine Justice will eradicate any and all criminals of any nature of cadre. If the culprits could evade the natural / divine justice, their sons, grand sons, great grand sons will be forced to pay / robbed by GODS, ALLAH, SHRI RAM, on this very earth. Such is the divine justice.

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. @PPR only ignorance gets you away from tolerance. Lets be sensible in contributing towards constructive comments.

  27. After having lived half a century, my outlook is more of that of a cynic. I would like Mr. Katju's dream to come true but ultimately consider it utopian. More often - than not - it is the rotten who rule, camouflaging their corruption with platitudes to blind the voting public. - and I am not just saying it is in Indian politics - it is the human condition all over the world.

    1. Chalo kuch toofaani karte hai.. Sudharte hai ise..

  28. MR Katju should understand that many secular and well meaning Indians thought partition will be good for India. Even thouroguhly modern and secular man like Baba (BR, or Dr BR Ambedkar), most prominent among our constitution's founding father wrote that Muslims and HIndus won't get along. BEcause for HIndus, reforms means getting rid of old religious structures and superstitions, while among Muslims, reforms means getting back to the old version of religion as it was prevalent in Arabia during 7-8th century. He rightly predicted that Afghanistan will be centre of the great game for the next century as it was in the preceding one, also thought the troubles there will not spill in India, if there was a buffer state like Pakistan in between. Even Quaid mentioned somewhere that Indians would be thankful to Pakistanis for keeping India safe from the turmoil on the western borders of Pakistan. IT is true that Afghanis were non violent under Badshah Khan but foregin powers would have vitiated that environment anyway, if they were clever enough and erstwhile Indians gullible enough to be divided by them.

  29. Mr. Katju,
    The view of that there was only one nation, India, is undoubtedly true. But much time has passed since partition so again uniting these 3 nations (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) won't be an easy task, next to impossible. We had 4 wars with Pakistan and Bangladesh was result of 1971 war. The rivalry and hatred is very deep within hearts of public(mass).
    Also when we are suffering from a lots of separatists movement in our country itself, there is no point in uniting a completely failed nation.
    In this article you have completely blamed British for dividing India. But the history of partition blames all the Indian leaders too, be it Nehru, Gandhi or Jinnah. Both Congress and Muslim League were responsible for this partition to happen.
    Pakistan failed because it was only Jinnah who was a central figure in Pakistan and when he died just a year later, it was all chaotic. Pakistan was a country which was formed without any focus on social issues or development in future.

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  32. Mr Katju,

    Non Muslims and Orthodox Muslims (Shia and Sunni) are two separate nations. B.R Amberdkar was not afraid to say so. So shouldn't we.

    The two Nation withing India is self evident by existence of Muslim Personal Board in our Pseudo Secular Country India. If we are one nation, why are we not following one law?

    No amount of sugar coating and "common enemy finding" is going to wish away this inconvenient truth.

    With innacurate understanding the root of the divide, you might end up misinforming impressionable people of India who take your words for granted; and thus convincing them that the reason for the divide is only fictional - a creation of "West".

    I'd end by quoting what our founding father clearly understood -

    "..Among the tenets one that calls for notice is the tenet of Islam which says that in a country which is not under Muslim rule wherever there is a conflict between Muslim law and the law of the land, the former must prevail over the latter and a Muslim will be justified in obeying the Muslim law and defying the law of the land."

    - B.R Ambedkar

  33. The truth about Pakistan is that, it is a peace full country but the enemies of it, wants to be let down if you can't agree get flights to islamabad you will see the real story of Pakistan by visiting capital of Pakistan.

  34. Dear Justice Katju,
    Probably you'are the first judge who publicly write and speak. It's nice.I wish to tell you that there is no need to worry about our neighbor named pakistan, which has no values and only one theme to destroy india and ofcourse itself.If two countries would reunite, then i think you and me kind of people would have to hide somwhere or probably run, forget about writing blogs.
    I have a deep desire for one blog from you i.e. on "Reservation/Qouta system" which should be named as "Biased system". Our politician live their daily life by speaking about SC/ST/OBC reservation which ultimately is not bringing a single percent of growth. Recently I heard one Law of "qouta in promotion". Do you really believe that people who are below average or of less marks should be brought above eligible candidates? Do you ever wish to get operated by doctor having qualified with the help of reservation? Do you ever wish to fly in a plane being operated by a SC ST pilot having passed the exam with 33%. Don't you think that we need to reunite all under same umberella versus thinking about reuniting India and Pakistan. Does India still need SC ST OBC reservations???
    You said a person must dare to express their opinion. Could you express or write blog on "Reuniting Indians by removing SC ST OBC Qouta system"?

    Regards,Ashish Rana

  35. Finally there is another person in India who thinks about Unification. I am not alone, hope rest of all will realize and understand the need for the unification.

  36. Eek to katju saab ye comment delete na kiya karo.. Mai beakoof nai hun.

  37. Eek to katju saab ye comment delete na kiya karo.. Mai beakoof nai hun.

  38. Reply to Sameer Shaikh:
    Please don't compare Spain with third world India which is a banana republic- Well having lived in Spain-Its not far better than India in democratic values, in South of Spain votes are sold like in India.

    Crony Capitalism and corruption is way of living for politicians-Not just restricted to India, Indeed true in every nation.

    Life comes cheaply for poor in India. Spain has some law and Politicians are not alone responsible for pathetic situation, people are also equally accounted.order as well as politicians listen to people in those countries-

    Biggest problem of India is population explosion. However rich Indian becomes, are they in position to give unemployment insurance and security to people who are out of work like it happened in west- WELL WEST HAS DEVELOPED BY BLOOD OF OTHERS WE ARE NOT, IF SOME ONE LOOT THE WHOLE WORLD WHICH IS THE CASE EVEN TODAY NO BIG DEAL TO HAVE DEVELOPMENT>

    The reason is nobody including Modi talks about population control. We don't have resources. Unless you implement a policy like China, there is no way going forward because we are exploding and the lower end and middle end are suffering. In this scenario you want to add Pakistan and Bangladesh population the other two poorest nation. It is better if we have better relations like USA and Canada than being united and have free trade zones and open the border.


  39. Sir,
    what an article,
    Sir what a tremendous truth you have said to all of us,
    same history i m hearing form my forefather, i thought they were
    fooling me (i used to thought this because as indian muslim youth the idea of such theory and such a romantic past between hindu and muslim was just a pretty lie.) but now i believe that was real truth. No matter what my country would offer me (unjustice and unfair treatment) i would remind all my friends about our past love that we had for each other.
    Because your writing inspire me,
    it inspire all of us to stand for what is right & truth.

    It reminds me a story that i would like to share
    Ek Jungle mein aag lagi
    saare janwar apni jaan bachaate hue bhagne lage

    ek choti si chidiya
    kareeb ke dariya se apni chonch mein paani bharkar
    aag ke upar udh kar, us aag pe apni chonch se paani fekne lagi,

    ek bandar usey ye kartey huye dekh raha tha.
    usne us chidiya se kaha

    ki ye kya bewaloofi wali harqat kar rahi ho
    bhala tumhare chullu bhar paani se kya honey wala hai.
    aag toh nahin bhujegi ulte shayad aag tumhe jala daale.

    chidiya ne jawab diya
    aaj jab allah ke farishte neeche ayeinge
    toh woh mera naam
    aag bhujaane wali fehrisht(list) mein likhengey
    naa ki aag lagane wale aur na ki aag se bhaagne wali fehrisht mein


  40. dear Justice Katju- i do not know if you have migrated from pakistan to india- we have done so- so we agree with you totally- but your bold proposal will not be accepted by the pakistan army or isi or kayani etc- you need to get the full support of all these people and nawaz sharif and najim sethi etc and then get indians to accept this proposal- a very tough sell- because even indians are not keen to get back the 180 million muslims into india- - you can try to go for a confederation model- of india, pkaistan, bangladesh, and all saarc states forming something like South Asia Federation with autonomous powers for all the 7 countries , leaving just finance, foreign trade, currency, and defence to the center. This way even the kashmir problem will be solved- let us hope the seeds you have planted will yield into a prosperous south asian region - regards

  41. Justice Katju, you speak like you have seen pre dravidians come to India from elsewhere, but tou don't even know how Nehru butchered the country by dividing it for his political ambitions, instead of conceding the whole country to the muslim league as per Fandhi's advice, which would have avoided partirion. You speak a blatant lie that the scumbag Nehru was a secular person like Akhbar. You must be paid by the Congress to do this false propaganda. And we all know Rajiv Gandhi watched as the Sikhs were massacred in 1984 to avenge the assasination of Indira Gandhi. Congress is secular? And they cowardly stopped even bringing up Godhra riots against Bjp after realizing it is not helping their election prospects with the Hindus. My ass is much more secular.

  42. So far i have seen this reunite dreams came from old generation from India only and not from Pakistan, you will not find any Pakistani had posted such blog and big surprise is in India people who dream for reunite, they were in power to do so during 1960 and 1971 war but lost the opportunity.
    And why we only talk about just Pakistan and Bangladesh, it's not only these countries are separated from United India, British had partitioned Afghanistan,Burma , Nepal , Bhutan , and Srilanka from United India much before Pakistan

  43. Informative and True post forever thanks for share. Daily Pakistani News Update