Monday 18 March 2013

The Big Picture - Should journalists have minimum qualifications?

Justice Markandey Katju (Chairman, Press Council of India) ; 
H K Dua (MP, Rajya Sabha and former Editor of major English newspapers) ; 
Majid Memon (Senior Advocate) ;
Alok Mehta (Former Editor of several leading Hindi newspapers and magazines) ; 
Vinod Sharma (Political Editor of Hindustan Times)

Anchor: Girish Nikam


  1. Dear Sir,

    What are your views on the non-return of the Italian marines?
    What went wrong?
    Who is to blame?
    What should be done now?

    S. Gopal

  2. Committees are an eyewash. Unnecessarily raising issues when we know that there will be no result.

    1. You can't ignore it to saying that "Unnecessarily raising issues"

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  4. Journalism like other professions is an art that can be excelled at only if sufficient or at least a basic bare education is imparted. Yes indeed there are people who have excelled in the field without being qualified. It can be the case of intrinsic brilliance or flair like a person naturally deft with the surgeons knife , as a physician or even an automobile mechanic.
    However I would agree to the idea of a minimum qualification for being an accredited journalist. If someone chose to recruit a person who has no basic qualification, well, so be it. Like the vast number of legislators who are aliens in the matters of knowledge and educational qualification, they too can push the society to the brink it is already moving to.

  5. Hello Justice Katju

    Your blogs are enlightening and I would agree with you with regards to the basic qualifications that journalists should have even though the main qualification of being unbiased and just reporting on events is difficult to practice in the field.

    Best wishes
    T. Panjor