Saturday 26 September 2015

India's quest for a permanent UNSC seat

India has been demanding a permanent seat in the U.N. Security Council since long. We have a population of 1250 million, while England with 62 million and France with 66 million have permanent seats. So our demand seems to be justified.

 But the truth is that we will not be given a permanent seat for many many years, however much we may shout and scream about it. Why ?

Some say that it is because of China. Others attribute it to Pakistan. The truth however is something else.

 The truth is that as long as we are a poor nation we will never be given a permanent seat in the U.N. Security.

 The way of the world is that the poor are never given respect. Does anyone give respect to a beggar ? The poor are only kicked around in the world, and as long as we remain poor we will be kicked around by the world community.

 The truth is that Westerners look down on Indians, not because the colour of our skin is black or brown, but because our country is poor. Of course the Westerners are too sophisticated, and so will not say so openly, but their conduct reveals it.

 When China and Japan were poor countries, their people were called 'yellow races ' by the Westerners. Today China and Japan are highly industrialized, powerful nations, and now nobody dares to call them that.

 So if we want respect in the world community and a permanent seat in the UNSC, we have to make India a powerful, highly industrialized and highly prosperous country with its people enjoying a high standard of living.. All patriotic people must think out ways and means of achieving that end.


  1. India is NOT qualified to UNSC;

  2. India will have enough time to edit their profile and to reach their target. Similarly all professionals can edit their professional profile with the help of professional resume writing service.

  3. Is India listening to Justice Katju's words of Wisdom?
    "Awake,Arise and Stop Not...."!

  4. Markanteya Katju and many like me desired that, India shall be accommodated in U.N.O Security council permanently. But without the acceptance of all the veto power holders in the security council, India never get that permanent seat.Are the veto power holding nations are the sole or major representation of world countries or majority world people. Can the said democracy loving nations and organizations including America and U.N.O ready to done a referendum among the world people about the permanent seat in U.N.O.Security council's permanent seat and veto power. They never accept it. Is it genuine democracy. Like this reasons, minority progressive people and nations trying to brought a new world order. It will not be fruitful in near future, if nations like India and North Korea are not become as super powers in economic, science, technology and army.. But this will be done definitely in future. Without shedding over blood of our world brotherhood, it would be done. It is wise or prudent or humanity to the rulers and the people.

  5. I agree with you in this matter.Power and wealth generate respect but our foolish politicians fool the citizens by patriotic slogans.

  6. Yes, we should work collectively to make India a rich nation, rich not only in terms of single indicator called GDP but also in healthcare, education, agriculture etc.
    Growth should be Inclusive!

  7. India will become a powerful country and eligible for a permanent UNSC seat as soon as all of its citizens work together keeping aside their own religions and ensure daily, some contribution to the national interests sincerely. Today, we need to get rid of the dirty politics, slow judiciary and corruption in the bureaucracy and that can be accomplished if we do have a strong master. Too much freedom has harmed us a lot.

  8. We petitioned UN to NOT endorse India's UNSC membership till Modi regime gives GUNS to all Dalit in India for their self-defense/resist oppression;