Thursday 17 September 2015

Subhas Chandra Bose sold his soul twice

 While most Bengalis have abused me for my views about Subhas Chandra Bose, I was very happy to receive an email from some Bengalis  who have supported me. This proves that there are rational Bengalis too.

  Bose was patriotic in his youth, having resigned from the ICS to serve the nation. However, he later on became over ambitious, and when Gandhi ousted him from the Presidentship of Congress he went berserk. He went to Germany and hobnobbed with Hitler and Himmler, those mass murderers  ( Bose's photos with them can be seen on Youtube ), and tried to become a Nazi collaborator, offering to raise an army of captured Indian soldiers to fight along with the Nazis, and when that did not work, he became a collaborator of the Japanese fascists.

 Thus, like Faust, Bose sold his soul to a Mephistopheles. In fact he sold it twice, first to the Nazis, and then to the Japanese fascist imperialists..

Tathagata Gupta <>
7:15 PM (15 hours ago)

 Dear Mr. Katju,
 We saw the debate you had with Arnab Goswami on Times Now, and we had some points to make regarding the show. Before we begin, we shall make our stand clear. We are not going to judge who should apologize to whom or who produced the correct facts or who gave his personal opinion. We are just going to analyze the 42 minutes video that we saw on YouTube this morning.

1) Arnab Goswami constantly interrupted you and asked you to produce facts and not your personal opinion. Now, in history or politics or war, apart from objective facts (like when did India gain independence, who was India’s first prime minister), one cannot say anything conclusive about subjective issues (like why did India gain independence, why did Germany lost the World War II). Answers to subjective questions are prone to personal biases. Contrast this with a scientific fact. In science, when we say that event A is a fact, we can prove or disprove that by reproducing event A. For example, when we say that the sun rises in the east is a fact, we can test it. If tomorrow the sun still rises in the east, the statement is proved or if we see that the sun has risen in any other direction than east, it is disproved. In other words, scientific “facts” are falsifiable. But when you make a subjective historical statement, you cannot verify it. For example, X might argue that India got independence due to Ghandhiji and Netaji, and Y might argue that Britain was forced to give India independence due to World War II and mounting pressures from USA. Now, X or Y cannot prove his/her point in a way a scientific statement can be proved. This a crucial difference between natural science and social science. Theories of social science are not falsifiable.
What this means is this: The “facts” that Arnab Goswami and other panelists there, were producing, are, ultimately, opinions of some people. Arnab Goswami constantly quoted from Attlee’s and Ambedkar’s books. What he quoted from these books were Attlee’s and Ambedkar’s opinions, and not facts. This is a common tactic of mediocre and shallow people. They think if they read some line in a book, it must definitely be true and the book is the “source” of the “fact”. At this point, I should say, you made a tactical mistake, as you did not give name of any book. It is true that to gain knowledge or to analyze history you do not need to remember the book you studied from. But to argue with shallow mediocre people you need to know their practices.

2) The second point begins when we bring the other panelists into the picture. The other three panelists and Arnab Goswami formed a team and took turns in mocking and abusing you. Not even a single one of them showed any interest to listen to your arguments. And as for their arguments, they were hilarious. Anuj Dhar’s theory was that Japan would not attack India because it is the land of Buddha. In the last part of the show, Ardhendu Bose said “Jai Hind” and “Kadam Kadam Badaye jaa” originated from Azad Hind Fauj. Chandra Kumar Bose said Jana Gana Mana was approved as India’s national anthem in 1942 in presence of Netaji. Now all these things had no connection with the topic of the debate and the other three panelists had stopped being logical and were driven by emotion.

In conclusion, I have to say this. In the whole debate, the only person who was being logical and had an open mind was you. Arnab Goswami had to make drama to make the show interesting so that he becomes rich. The Bose duo had to safeguard their Bose legacy. Mr. Dhar had to support the books he had written otherwise people will call him a fool. It was only you, who did not have anything to gain or safeguard. On the contrary, you risked your dignity and honour. So do not feel down or be demoralized. As long as rationality prevails, no honest thought will ever go unheard.

We will be happy if you share this message on Facebook, so that people can distinguish between rational and irrational. By the way, we are a group of Bengali students studying physics in JNU, New Delhi. So all Bengalis are not alike.

                 Have a nice day.
                 Tathagata Gupta
                 Protyush Nandi
                 Anandamay Das Bhowmik


  1. During War time, aligning with enemy's enemy must not be equate with "Selling soul".
    Congress party must not have supported British, and let them ravaged.
    Britisher left as their post WW-2 crumbled economy was not able to afford the cost of managing continuous revolt from Royal Indian Navy, which was seething due to cost cutting. Then Indian soldiers were also furious by trial of INA soldiers in red fort. We were not taught 1946 Indian Royal Mutiny to keep Congress sole freedom giver.
    I am quoting Wiki here -

    After the Second World War, three officers of the Indian National Army (INA), General Shah Nawaz Khan, Colonel Prem Sahgal and Colonel Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon were put on trial at the Red Fort in Delhi for "waging war against the King Emperor", i.e., the British sovereign personifying British rule. The three defendants were defended at the trial by Jawaharlal Nehru, Bhulabhai Desai and others. Outside the fort, the trials inspired protests and discontent among the Indian population, many of whom came to view the defendants as revolutionaries who had fought for their country.

  2. In a war enemies enemy is friend that can be the logic why Subash Chandra Bose joined hand with Hitler or Japan, That does not men that he was a tarter, rather British and subsequent Indian gov't tried to suppress the Truth . Now the new Gov't of India is trying to revel the real story British Govt is sponsoring few Perverted Ex official and politician of India to derail that effort .

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  4. I had seen you on Times Now more than one occasion, what failed your judgment to realize Arnab a presstitute only in the concluding part of the show. Beware going to the arnab show, you will be bitten.

  5. Subhas Chandra Bose was fighting a war. In war only strategies matter not soul. Just like in law only evidence matters.

    After Independence India was close ally of Soviet Union which according to US was criminal of human rights. It means all Indian leaders of that time sold their souls.

  6. Though I do not fully agree with you, yet I must acknowledge there are some valid points in your argument. Yet you have expressed an opinion, those who are worshipers like me would like to have a valid documentary evidence in support of your assertion. However, I must vehemently adore you for your courage in facing such opposition and brickbats for expressing your conviction. I simply thank you and wish your long life.

  7. Arnab was very right in stating that katju had only opinions and no facts . I am surprised to see the arguments of the bengalis who are studying physics at JNU who are saying that whatever facts arnab presented were only opinions . My friends if they were opinions only , then you must know that katju also has opinions so there is nothing to prove that Shri Subhash Chandra bose was a traitor. At least people like Ambedkar who have opined are well respected which is not the case with katju.

  8. Heartiest congratulations from a man supporting rationality to the Bengali thinkers of JNU for supporting rationality of Justice Markandey Katju and providing valuable arguments and logic in the matter.

  9. Heartiest congratulations from a man supporting rationality to the Bengali thinkers of JNU for supporting rationality of Justice Markandey Katju and providing valuable arguments and logic in the matter.

  10. Heartiest congratulations from a man supporting rationality to the Bengali thinkers of JNU for supporting rationality of Justice Markandey Katju and providing valuable arguments and logic in the matter.

  11. I cannot support your tirade against Bose, Gandhi, et al. To seek the support and aid of enemies' enemies has long been a political strategy for all sensible politicians and fighters for freedom or for national/country's interests, the world over. That way you cannot find fault with Bose. Prior to Bose also a bevy of Indian revolutionaries including Madam Cama, Champakaraman Pillai, Veerendranath Chattopadhyay (elder brother of Sarojini Naidu), even M.N. Roy sought and took German help for the cause of our national revolution or fight for freedom. Of course it was largely in the pre-Hitlerite times but the same logic will apply to post-Hitlerite times also. For example, Aung San, father of Aung San Sukyi, had also taken Japanese help and colloborated with them along with Bose, he held Bose in high esteem, but was wise enough to desert the Japanese once their fall started and switched over to the British (Allies') side. Even so, he was so friendly and respectful towards Bose and INA that he lifted the encirclement against INA forces and let go Bose out of Burma to other South East Asian countries in this later phase. Also you should not forget that Soviet Union itself entered into a Non-Aggression Pact with Hitlerite Germany in 1939 which was implemented for 2 years before the Nazi assault in 1941. Also Bose was always friendly and respectful toward Soviet Union and its achievements and he first tried his luck with Russia - but when he saw no prospects of Russia aiding him at that juncture, through Russia he went to Germany. When he could not get desired aid and measures from Hitler, with whom he was not that happy, he went to Japan where already the veteran revolutionary (of the Hardinge Bomb case 1911 fame) Rashbehari Bose was ready to welcome him with open arms and the entire Indian immigrants in East Asia were euphoric about Bose's arrival and welcomed him. Actually Bose was invited to head the already formed Indian National Army, then afflicted by internal dissensions, and show guiding light to the entire national liberation movement from East Asia. The Japanese were so respectful toward him and fully supported him and it would be a gross distortion of truth to say that he was a Japanese puppet. He also proved equal to the aspirations and hopes of the East Asian people and organized the INA in a record time and to a good fighting condition and let battles into the Eastern portion of India through Burma. His famous slogan: "Give me blood, I will give you freedom" still rings in the hearts of countless millions of the country. Also the slogan Jai Hind, popularized by him and the INA, has now become the rallying slogan for all Indians. He was the only intrepid leader of the Congress who never accepted partition nor communal divide and it is to the credit of INA and his leadership that not a single Muslim soldier or officer of INA deserted even though he was openly opposing Jinnah and partition. In my opinion you are driven by antiquated hate propaganda of Nehru and communist (old) circles. But please read the excellent work - "Bow of the Burning Gold" - by Prof. Hiren Mukherjee and I think, hope, that your eccentricities and madness on this account will subside and you will also begin to repent for your tirade against Bose and respect him. This I am writing without fully agreeing with or approving of Bose's political and ideological policies and measures.

    I should also point out to you that though Bose and INA did make a declaration of War against Allies - the British, French, etc. - they never made [refused to make] any declaration of war or even belligerent move against Soviet Russia though Japan was at a terrific war with Russia. - I.M. Sharma, Advocate and Editor, LAW ANIMATED WORLD, Hyderabad. Ph: 040 - 23300284

  12. I am asking this group of Bengali students at JNU (if you care to answer) Do you agree with what all Mr. Katju commented on Tagore? If you do never mind..but if you do not I must say you have a responsibility to speak up because you lined up your comments along with his. Also do you agree if he has the right to use language like "running dog" on Netaji in English expression even though if he finds some alternate meaning in different language?..Thanks