Friday 25 September 2015

My vision of the future

Often people have accused me of being negative, of criticizing everyone and everything, while proposing no positive alternative. So let me state my positive ideas :

As I have repeatedly said, a crisis is building up in India, due to massive poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, lack of healthcare and good education, price rise, etc and there seems to be no solution to our problems within the present system. All our state institutions--Parliament, the executive, the judiciary, etc seem to have collapsed and become hollow and empty shells, and so the solution to our problems lie outside the system, which means a revolution. But what will be done after this revolution ? Let me present my broad outlines

 1. We must have political leaders who are genuinely patriotic and who work for the welfare of the people

 These leaders will be men( and women ) who have no special privileges, no secret foreign bank accounts. They will be men and women of the highest integrity, for without that they would be like most of our present politicians, who indulge in empty talk about helping the poor but instead amass fortunes for themselves or their families.

One of my ideals for such leaders is Robespierre, the great leader in the French Revolution of 1789 ( see my blog 'Robespierre 'on my blog ' )

Nobody ever questioned Robespierre's personal integrity, whereas the financial integrity of some of his colleagues in the Revolution like Danton was always suspect. Robespierre never benefited personally in any way by being one of the leaders of the French Revolution. When he died he left behind him hardly any assets.

 His secretary, Pierre Villiers, has written in his Memoirs " Several times I have known him to refuse offers of money that required from him no return, not even thanks, and if sometimes I allowed myself to insist on his accepting, he abused me " .

People will accept the leadership of such leaders if the leaders suffer the same privations which the ordinary people are suffering. People will accept sufferings if they know that their leaders are suffering personally the same way as themselves, eating the same simple food, and living the same kind of difficult lives which they are enduring.

Who will be these leaders and where will they come from I do not know. But surely despite all the corruption, selfishness, low ethics, and stupidity all around us today there are some patriotic, modern minded  and honest people among us

2. These leaders must set up a 4 year or 5 year national scientific plan for reconstructing the economy and raising the standard of living of the masses. This must of course be done with the help of top level scientists, engineers and managers. The plan will include setting up thousands of industries, high standard educational institutions, technical institutes and healthcare centres free of cost for the masses all over India. Where will the capital for this come from ? The biggest capital is the power of organizing the masses. The masses will voluntarily and enthusiastically give their labour once they realize that their leaders are dedicated people who genuinely wish to abolish poverty, unemployment, etc and are aiming at raising the standard of living of the masses.

 Private enterprize will have a place in this plan, for individual initiative will be needed, but it will have a subordinate role, and cannot be allowed to override the welfare of the masses

3. But if thousands of industries are set up how will the goods they manufacture be sold ? At present people are too poor and do not have the purchasing power. So we will have to raise the purchasing power of the masses. How will that be done ?

 It will be done in this way : the government will fix the prices of most commodities, and then steadily reduce their prices, say by 5-10% every 2 years or so. In this way the worker will be able to steadily buy more goods with the same wage because prices are falling, and so his real wage is going up ( wages are relative to the price index ). In this way the market will keep steadily expanding, and simultaneously industrial ( and agricultural ) production can be stepped up, and the increased goods produced will be absorbed in the indigenous market, instead of there being  overproduction and a glut.

 We have to mainly depend on our own indigenous market for stability, because dependence on foreign markets is very precarious, as they may be cut off by some other country, or there may be a recession in the country to which we sell our goods, causing our own export industries to close down. No doubt we must have some exports ( to earn foreign exchange for buying some machinery which may not be produced indigenously, and which may be required for our plans,), but that should be much less than supplying our domestic market.

4. Simultaneously with fulfilling the national plan, a powerful cultural drive must be launched by our leaders to combat feudal and backward ideas and practices such as casteism, communalism and superstitions, and spread scientific and rational ideas to every nook and corner of the country. This requires a great deal of patient persuasion over a long period, maybe decades, because it is more difficult to change the minds of people than change physical things. At present most of our people are steeped in casteism, communalism and superstitions which they have inherited over the centuries. To change their minds and habits of thinking is an enormous task. I have often said that 90% of our people are fools. That was of course not to denigrate or demoralize them, but to state harsh realities. It is the patriotic duty of the 10% enlightened section of our countrymen to patiently educate the 90%, spread scientific ideas among the masses, and uplift their mental level so that they too become part of enlightened India.

 These are only my broad general ideas, and I do not claim that they are perfect. I welcome any criticism, provided it is in polite language


  1. Part 1
    Katju sir,
    1. I want to convey my polite criticism on your future visions. I am not thorough in English like you. So my English language may not be understandable by you easily. Even though my genuine words, they are coming up from my inner mind, they might understand anybody as per my genuine thought. It is my hope.
    Sir, I first come to your 1st point. You wrote that, "We must have political leaders who are genuinely patriotic and who work for the welfare of the people". But Sir, world is going fast towards inter nation or global. Anybody, never be stopped it permanently, so we need genuine inter nationalists, who are love the global people equally like Mahavera, Butha, Jesus etc. If patriots came to power, they will divide the world in worst conditions. Even though in the transmission period from nationalism to inter nationalism, we need patriots who are coordinating with the powerful internationalists. But near about future or one or more generations no such leaders or inter nationalists risen. Because our world people’s average standard is below our expectations.
    ( As per your word “I have often said that 90% of our people are fools”. Just like you, Our honorable prime minister Modi, Expected future prime minister Ragul etc. are will be thinks like you. Not only that, Beyond you, they may think that 95% of our people are fools”. But they never express their inner mind’s words openly like you. Because they understand the social realities and patiently waiting to capture political power and then they implement all their economical, social, political, cultural, philosophical plans for the society by anybody. Beyond that they fulfill their personal aspirations, desires at any way at any cost. In my opinion it is not wrong. Because all are human beings like us. If their mind and body is very health, then only, their administration will be health. Modi and Ragul are best examples for my concept. But the persons like you and me are giving comments on them, because we have not any desire to come power or we are unable to come power by using any strategy. This is the different between them and us.)
    So, Sir your present vision or idea is not practicable in the present or in near future society. It is a Utopian.

  2. PART 2
    2. Sir, Regarding in your second vision, most of the matters in your concept is very logic based on truths and science. But in my opinion, in this matter, you in good faith or well wish, you are hurriedly going wrong bath in curiosity. Why? In our times a government or ruling classes can only do anything, that is to make a new project or make any changes in any projects based on any independent genius sociologists, jurists, economists, scientists, technologists and experts in logic and administration like you. Sir, you think it will happen in our present society?, definitely not sir. But when you were sitting as a judge of the honorable Supreme Court, persons like me made any suit before you, you may delivered directions to the government, that will be make enthusing and some impacts on the social interested persons. Nothing done beyond this.
    Next as per your imagination, person like Robes pierre sited on the P.M Chair of our India, never he brought radical changes in our country. If your dream came to be true, persons like Robes Pierre, Lenin, Stalin must be sited on the chief chairs of U.S.A, U.N.O, Russian Federations, China, Australia, Canada, England, Germany, France, North Korea, Pakistan, India etc. Then only your utopian, but good faith or plan for people’s development will be taken for trial practice. Is it possible in near future? Please decide.

  3. PART 3
    3. Sir, regarding your third point, I am searching very nice words to express my firm views. My views may give hurts to you, because most of the leftists after hearing my words they are avoiding me, but they are unable to give proper response. Actually economical maters and issues are very important. Once upon a time people like u in India and all other under developed countries, suggested their best option or best alternative must be socialism, guided by Soviet Union and other socialist countries. After socialist countries set back in economics, our world’s best alternative is disappeared. The main cause of our present worlds all crises are based on that. Many people may not accept it. But it is true. You may accept it.
    Actually now our world is not governed by the old imperialists. They changed them as a Neo- Imperialists by observing the essence of Marist economics and people welfare plans. Cause of that the Neo- Imperialists waived their free economy in all basic, essential and high worth full sectors. That is they transformed from their capitalist free economy to the Marxists planned economy in all essential products and sectors by evolution. So there is no over production in all major sectors and products, like wise there is no heavy shortage in any essential products. So there is no high and sudden price rice or down and closure of factories, drop out of employees in large scale, compare to the old imperialist stage. But prices are gradually increased according with the wage rise and purchasing power of the people. In this matter we must know one thing, the Neo imperialists allow free economy in some sections like agriculture, hand crafts etc in certain end to purchase raw materials in low cost and to utilize the rural folks man power in maximum capacity. If any problem raises on that fields the ruling class give so many subsidies, waiving of loan, interest, other free supports etc.
    Also drop outs from any industry or any traditional field etc were accommodated in the enlarging service industry. Others are feed and served by social welfare schemes in a little way and creating focus scenes for their nearest future by varied political parties and leaders. So revolution in old style or new style is impossible now.
    4. Sir, in fourth point of your future vision also impossible now. Your understandings about the common people are correct. Your and all progressive thinkers, activists idea are also to change the 90% people’s mind set. You suggest that by spreading scientific and rational ideas to every nook and corner. It is good. But who do this in vastly. Can be do this by any individual, or any N.G.O. or any social body in vast. Never can be done like the above parties. Then who will do this. The government only does this. If you become P.M. and majority M.Ps are like you then only practicable or leaders like Robes pierre, Lenin, Stalin spontaneously evolved or raised from our people. Is it possible? No. But Sir, you can do one thing try to create persons like Arvind Hejrival and support them in your level best. No other way to the persons like you and me.
    Finally Sir, If your desire are done fast, revolution is the only way, yes scientific, technology and logic revolutions are under going fast. Without any other options all orthodox ruling classes, governments, religions castes etc. supporting it and try to use the results of that revolutions themselves. But nature never allows it. So the desires of people like you will be fruitful gradually.

  4. What you are talking about is very close to formation of socialist state,but probably we have crossed that level of being immature.India is not self sufficient in terms of technology and energy and it will need foreign exchange.Only capitalist economy can bring this.The so called socialist and planned economy does not encourage innovation and competition which is hindrance towards any great Idea.The disparity in society will remain as more able persons will earn more in all the fields.We are already a socialist,communist,leftist probably politically casteist corrupt country(look at our reservation policy,MNREGA programme) then i fail to understand what kind of state you are expecting.What kind of good thing you expect from illiterates and half-literates.People today are very clever as they have lot of information in Hand.They know how leaders deceive/ed their fellow citizens.So they will not become the part of any revolution like you have mentioned except when the situation really bites them.Society based on equality is almost Utopia.Communists could not,then how can we.

  5. Generally it is assumed that a person works either under some fear or necessity. After the freedom India achieved, the people had got the freedom to do anything they liked. Fear of maintaining the law and order was put aside. Some of the political leaders grabbed the chairs and the illiterate people stood victimized. Those who had some awareness were made puppet through some honours and/or put aside. To maintain their chairs, the political leaders did their best to keep the people backward as much as possible and for the sake of development, they had been given lolly-pops from time to time creating some petty leaders. The old generation of the politicians expired and the next one learnt the methods without improving the education and judiciary system to meet the aspirations. In course of time the divergence and differences due to personal interests grew up defeating the national interests to the larger extent. What we are seeing in India is due to the result of all such indifference. We need now a strong hand to make us an Indian first by changing our education system and revamping our judiciary. Once a convicted leader like Lalu Prasad or Om Prakash Chautala had been hanged on a crossing, the message would have gone to the society what the corruption is required to be treated with. We have declared ourselves secular in our Constitution but still we are following appeasement policy. We are more interested in our votes than the development of the industry and agriculture. What we exactly need in national interest is lost in the power politics. That is required to be eliminated to demolish the emergence of the leaders like Arvind Kejriwal and Udhav.