Wednesday 13 January 2016

Be careful with Babas

The arrest and chargesheeting of Kiku Sharda for mimicking Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh sends a clear signal to all in the country : do not mimick or criticize any Baba ( Godmen ), dead or alive,  lest you find yourselves behind bars for 'hurting the religious sentiments' of their followers.

 So do not mimick or criticize the following :
1.Satya Sai Baba
2.Radhe Ma
3.Asaram Bapu
4. Sri Sri Ravishankar
5.Swami Ramdev
6.Nirmal Baba
7.Swami Nityanand
9. Handia Baba
10. Deoraha Baba
11.Nimkauri Baba
12. Computer Baba
13. Pilot Baba
15. Anandmayi Ma
16. Dhirendra Brahmachari
17. Chandraswami
18. Balti Baba

 There are obviously many more which could be added in the list, but presently these are the ones who come to my mind.
 And of course, apart from these are also the Babas who sit in the Indian judiciary, about whom also you have to be careful
Hari Om

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