Tuesday 5 January 2016

Sheikh Nimr al Nimr

If I were in Saudi Arabia, I would certainly be sentenced to death, like the 56 year old Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al Nimr who was executed on 2nd January this year.

I have often pointed out that Islam came into the world as a great liberating force, because of its great message of equality, and therefore it spread from Spain to Indonesia, as it was willingly accepted by the downtrodden.

But what has it become in Saudi Arabia and those who follow its Wahabi and Salafi ( I see little difference between the two ) ideology, or those who support shariat law and burqa or hijab ? It has become a great enslaving force.

The latest example of this is the execution of Sheikh Nimr al Nimr.in Saudi Arabia.

What was his 'crime' ? He raised his voice against discrimination against Shias, a minority in Saudi Arabia, but always in a non violent manner. He said that if discrimination against Shias did not stop, Shias will secede from Saudi Arabia, but he never advocated any violence or organized any violence.

I have often said that it is no crime to advocate secession, provided one does not go further and commit violence or organize a violent organization or incite people to imminent violence ( see my judgment in the Supreme Court Sri Indra Das vs. State of Assam online ). So it is no crime for Sikhs to demand Khalistan or Kashmiris to demand azadi or the North Eastern people raising the same demand ( though I personally disapprove of it ), provided they go no further. After all, words break no bones. Scots often demand secession from U.K., and people of Quebec from Canada, but they are not treated as criminals for this.

I suggest Muslims all over the world should declare the Saudi state and its ruling family as anti Islamic devils

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