Friday 22 January 2016

Declassifying Netaji files

I am afraid that living 70 years in India has totally corrupted my mind, so that I have become absolutely cynical, and see only wicked designs everywhere.

 So I regard all this exercise of declassifying the Netaji files as pure humbug ( the man himself I regard as a Japanese stooge, as I have mentioned in my earlier posts ), but directed to one sole aim : how to benefit from it politically in the coming West Bengal Assembly elections scheduled for May/June this year.

 Mamata Bannerji declassified the state files in September last year, thinking that that will benefit her politically as "Netaji' is an icon in Bengal, while the BJP Central Govt. is declassifying them from tomorrow.

 I checked up on the net, and found that 70% people in West Bengal are Hindus, and 27% are Muslims. Mamata counts on the Muslim vote bank, but clearly that is not enough. She must also have a section of the Hindu votes.

 On the other hand, if BJP can gather together most of the Hindu votes ( Muslims will obviously not vote for them ) they can win a majority for the first time in history.

 Malda has begun a process of polarization and communal hatred, but it must be taken further, and declassification of Netaji files may help
Hari Om

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