Wednesday 25 June 2014

My favourite Rahim doha

Rahim is one of the greatest Hindi poets. My favourite doha(couplet) of Rahim is the following:
"'Deen sabhan ko lakhat hain, deenahi lakhay na koi
Jo Rahim deenahi lakhay deenbandhu sam hoi''

Which means
"The poor seek help from everyone, but nobody helps the poor.
The person who helps the poor is like a deenbandhu (i.e. God)''

In Hindi literature, the word 'deenbandhu' (which literally means friend of the poor) is often used to refer to God, because God is supposed to take care of the poor.

In my opinion, Swami Prabhudas is a deenbandhu. He told me many years ago that the people of Uttarakhand are mostly very poor. If someone here falls ill, he usually collects some money(by borrowing from relatives or friends) and goes to Delhi for medical treatment. On the way he is often looted, and dies without returning to his village in Uttarakhand.

Hence, Swamiji decided to build a huge hospital for giving free medical treatment to the poor people of Uttarakhand. The 400 bed hospital is complete and operational, with OPDs, operation theatres etc., and there are often doctors who come from foreign countries to work here(although there is also a permanent staff who are paid good salaries, given residential apartments etc.). Swamiji, who is himself a highly qualified doctor keeps a personal eye on everything which goes on in the hospital. Swamiji has already started work on increasing the size of the hospital for having 800 beds for patients.

Swamiji is truly a deenbandhu.

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