Thursday 5 June 2014

Science is the only solution for India's problems

Today our country is facing massive problems of poverty, unemployment, price rise, lack of healthcare, good education and decent housing for the masses, etc

To my mind, the solution to these problems is science. And by science I do not mean physics, chemistry, biology,etc alone. I mean the entire scientific outlook, the scientific analyses of our problems, and the scientific solutions to these problems, whether in the natural sciences or the social sciences.

When our country was on the scientific path it prospered. With the aid of science we had built mighty civilizations thousands of years ago when most people in Europe (except in Greece and Rome) were living in forests. We had made outstanding scientific discoveries, e.g. decimal system in mathematics, plastic surgery in medicine, etc. However we subsequently took to the unscientific path of superstitions and empty rituals, which has led us to disaster.

The way out therefore is to go back again to the scientific path shown by our ancestors, the path of Aryabhatta and Brahmagupta, Sushrut and Charak, Panini and Patanjali, Ramanujan and Raman.

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  3. i like and follow ur view and agree with u! I mean the entire scientific outlook for indian problem solution !

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