Thursday 26 June 2014

Reservation to Marathas and Muslims by Maharashtra Government

I strongly protest against the decision of the Maharashtra government to give 16% reservation to Marathas, and 5% to Muslims in state government jobs and admission to educational institutions in Maharashtra. This is in addition to the 52% reservation already given to OBCs, thus making the total reservation to 73%.

This is nothing but crass, opportunistic vote bank politics, particularly since state elections are approaching in Maharashtra.

The Supreme Court in Indira Sawhney's case permitted a maximum of 50% reservation, but some politicians do not seem to care for tha law of the land. Also, should meritorious general category people leave Maharashtra? Does the Maharashtra government think that merit is nothing, and all that is relevant is how to win the elections? I can only say that I am sorry for the future of Maharashtra


  1. Then what the remedy

  2. Then what is the remedy? The question is fascinating.

    The pathetic attempt of the Congress govt will be thrown out by the courts. It is opportunism and hideous.

  3. Mr. Katju,

    I wanted to know is it possible to raise the reservation more than 50% by law? Cant Open category people go to courts for this?

  4. If the community (maratha and muslims) are backward enough or to be more precise have became backwards after 'positive discrimination ' against sc st and obc but 'negative discrimination' against them by the ploy of reservation politics after the independence.

  5. So people who are opposing maratha and muslim reservation should have opposed long ago when these communities were being deprived of opportunities of education and jobs. And this is precisely why they are ruined today and deserve reservation