Wednesday 26 November 2014


After 23 years in office, 20 years as a Judge ( 13 years as Judge of Allahabad High Court, then Acting Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court, Chief Justice of Madras and Delhi High Courts, and lastly as a Judge of the Supreme Court ) and 3 years as Chairman, Press Council of India, I am now a free man, and enjoying my freedom.

This gives me more time to write posts on Facebook. Each of these posts require tremendous effort in thinking and studying, which indeed I have been doing for over half a century, before the post is put up, for I want to present complex ideas in simple language which everyone can understand. People want to know about our country India ( see my article ' What is India ? ' and the other articles on facebook and on my blog), the problems it is facing, the direction in which we have to take it, etc.

So these posts are written in my blood ( figuratively speaking ). I dearly love my country, and wish to educate people and explain how we can make our country prosperous. So I pour my heart and soul ( and, of course, my brains) into these posts.

I know I will not be alive when India emerges as a modern highly industrialized and prosperous nation in which everyone gets a decent life ( because tremendous sacrifices over a long period of time are required before that objective is attained, and I am already an old man ), but my satisfaction will be that I made a humble, even if small, contribution to that end.

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