Sunday 30 November 2014

Shiva Shambho

Shiva Shambho
 यद्यपि बहुनाधीशे तथापि पठ पुत्र व्याकरणं
स्वजनः श्वजनो मा भूत , सकलं शकलं सकृच्छकृत
 This is a shloka in Sanskrit
A father is telling his son
 " O son, although you have studied a lot, still you must now learn grammar. If you study grammar, you will not pronounce ' svajan ' as ' shvajan ',  'sakalam 'as ' shakalam ' and ' sakrit ' as ' shakrit '.
In Sanskrit, ' svajan ' means one's own people, while ' shvajan 'means a dog. ' Sakal ' means total, while ' shakal ' means a piece. ' Sakrit' means once, while ' shakrit ' means excrement or shit.
   I often hear people saying jila, instead of zila, jaroor, instead of zaroor, jamaana instead of zamaana, gajal, instead of ghazal. Once in the Allahabad High Court a lawyer referred to a colleague of mine as Justice Reja, instead of Justice Reza.
  Once when I was a Judge in the Allahabad High Court, a lawyer appeared before me, and said he was moving a ' petisun ' ( pronouncing 'sha' as 'sa' ). I asked him whether he believed in Lord Shiva. He said yes. I then told him " Then say ' Shiva Shambho, Shiva Shambho, Shiva Shambho ' 100 times in the morning everyday before coming to Court ".
  When  such mispronunciation is done in my presence, I feel as if someone has hit me on the head with a stick

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