Sunday 2 November 2014

Dr. Peter Patel

Yesterday I met Dr. Patel, an England based specialist in disaster management and disaster disease, in Delhi.
Dr. Patel ( born 1949 ) has lived in England for over 40 years, and has a non profit organization, consisting of doctors, para medics, and even specialists in non medical fields in England, which is specialized in disaster management and disaster disease. The organization has done excellent work in various parts of the world in connection with earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc.
 I had met Dr. Patel earlier in Nepal where I had gone recently. He had come there in connection with some relief work there. Since the natural calamity in J&K had happened recently, I requested him to come to India and help in the relief work in J&K. He readily agreed.
 Dr. Patel leaves for Srinagar on the 4th November, and will be back in Delhi on the 7th, and will leave for England on 9th night. He is bearing all his travel, hotel accomodation, etc expenses himself. I have spoken to some people I know in Srinagar ( e.g. Mr. Kaloo, President of the J&K Press Association and Editor/Publisher of 'Mirror of Kashmir', mobile number 09419005276) who will be in touch with him there and help him in assessing the situation. He will examine the possibilities of helping the people of J&K, and shall then later bring his team there.
  At my request Dr. Patel has agreed to set up a centre for disaster management and disaster disease in Delhi ( there are already centres in Pune, Chennai and Ahmedabad ). The centre, which will have trainers from England coming at their own expense, will train local people in disaster management and disaster disease, so that the trainees will then help in disaster relief work whenever there is a natural calamity anywhere in India. It will need all the help possible from the public


  1. It is a very thoughtful deed from your side Your Honour. It would be very beneficial at times in need since natural calamities are quite common in India. And surely the public would support you 100% for such philanthropic initiatives.

  2. That will be a grt servuce !!