Tuesday 25 November 2014

At a meeting in the Calcutta Town Hall held on 15.9.1933 to honour him on his 57th birthday, the great Bengali writer Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyaya said :
 " I am forever indebted to the deprived, ordinary people who give this world everything they have, but receive nothing in return, to the weak and oppressed people whose tears nobody bothers to witness, and to the endlessly tormented, distressed and helpless people who do not have even a moment to think that despite there being everything they have nothing.
  They made me start to speak. They inspired me to take up their case and plead for them. I have witnessed endless injustice to these people, unfair, intolerable injustice.
  it is true that springs do come to this world for some, with their sweet smelling breeze,perfumed with newly bloomed flowers, and spiced with cuckoo's songs. But such good things remained well outside the sphere where my sight remained imprisoned "

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