Monday 1 December 2014

The Aam Aadmi Party

 In some of the comments on my facebook posts some people have suggested that I join the Aam Admi party.

 I replied that in my opinion the Aam Admi Party and its leader, Mr. Kejriwal, have no scientific ideas for solving the massive socio- economic problems facing the country---massive poverty, unemployment, price rise, malnutrition, social discrimination, lack of healthcare, good education,etc

 I have no doubt that Mr. Kejriwal is an honest man. but being honest is not enough. One must also have scientific ideas for solving the gigantic problems before the nation, and I am afraid i do not find any in him.

 For that matter, I find none of the present political leaders of any political party in India having scientific ideas.

 Therefore it is a dismal picture for the country.

As the old Chinese adage says :
  " High unpredictable winds, and misfortunes are in the sky "


  1. WOW, I really want that AAP wins upcoming Delhi assembly election 2015. Let the Aam aadmi rule the india, kejriwal fir se.

  2. I think, Aam Aadmi Party is one of the best available options in Delhi Assembly Elections. People should give him a try. ElectionsPlanet.