Saturday 6 December 2014

The Great Void in India

I am sick. Not physically, but because there is a total void in the country. India has become directionless. No one is talking sense. I try watching T.V.but give up after 5 minutes of watching nonsense.The less said about the media the better. And the less said about our politicians even still better.

  I have read world history for over half a century. I have read about the great deeds of great men all over the world. How I wish there were such giants in my country India today. I would like to be a simple soldier under their command. But what we really have are pygmies and charlatans.

  Sometimes all this makes me very depressed. but then I say to myself, i have a duty to my country, and I have to fulfill my duty, come what may. After all, I have only one life to live, and I am already 69. So the remaining years must be dedicated to the service of my country

  I am not a great man, whatever some people may think. There are great men in our country, but they are totally self effacing, and prefer to remain anonymous.  Some of them will be undoubtedly leading the country towards our goal of a modern, highly prosperous India.
 But in all likelihood I will not be in this world to see that happy day.


  1. Hon'ble and Respected Justice Katju,

    We need your time and thoughts/opinion from time to time. I know that we all are in this world for some time but we do our duties till the last minute of our lives. We really need you. I have been really following you for the past two years by someway.We all know that you have always been exemplary wherever you lived/worked. Your opinion,thoughts are required for us our societies,people anyhow related to Judiciary or Judicial System.

    Thanks for understanding our emotions.

  2. "There are great men in our country, but they are totally self effacing, and prefer to remain anonymous." You said it right. But why? Because they realize the following well:

    "Better to keep your mouth shut (and be anonymous) when ignorant men and women keep talking ( and try to become the leaders!). Ignorant people seldom realize their ignorance and their own weaknesses but try always to project them as superiors due to their inferiority complexes. They might listen to you, if they are scared of your power "
    And that is what happens in a democracy with a majority of immature people!